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Hong Kong-Base for U.S. Aggression'

TOKYO (AP) — China de­ manded Wednesday that Britain deny the United States the use of Hong Kong as "a base for their war of aggression against Viet Nam.” It accused the Brit­ ish of shielding U.S. operations 'in the Crown colony.

The United States has said it has used Hong Kong only as a place ' for rest and recreation

Ottawa Power Wide,

for military men on duty in Viet Nam. But this was swept aside by the Chinese in a note to Britain. * ★ .a. ' The Chinese government has noted that in recent months, as the government of the United States frantically escalates its war of aggression in Viet Nam, warships, planes, and military personnel of the U.S. aggressor

forces have increasingly fre­ quented Hong Kong and made extensive use of its as a base for their 'war preparations,” said the note broadcast by Pe­ king radio. .

★ ★

The note charged the United States had acquired "large quantities of military supplies and provisions in Hong Kong for their use in Viet Nam.”

Anglicans Set Rate For Giving

“All this shows clearly that Hong Kong is increasingly be­ ing used by the U.S. aggressor forces as a base bf operations for the U.S. war of aggression against Viet Nam,” the note added,

"Par from checking these frenzied activities of the U.S. aggressor forces in Hong Kong, the British , government has


All-Out War?


Red Chinese Hand Britain Warning ★ ★


tried in many ways to shield and justify them in an attempt to evade its own responsibility.” ★ ★ * ■ The note declared that if Brit­ ain allows Hong Kong "to be drawn into the whirlpool of the U.S. war of aggression it must hear full -responsibility for all the consequences arising there­ from.” —Continued on Page 3




Jets, Tanks Join Battle In Kashmir

B-52s Pound

KARACHI (Ah)—Pakistani forces swept Into Indian-held sectors of Kashmir Wednesday and fought a raging battle with Indian troops that con­ tinued into the night.


A -P&kistan g o vY r n ment ;esman said the Pakistanis .captured two posts while the VANCOUVER (CP) — Anglicans should be air force shot down four Indian dropping five per cent of their pay cheques into planes. the collection plate, the legislators of their church India claimed Pakistan atdecided Wednesday: v lth at least 3,000 troops up to 70 U.S.-made Patton BOMBAY (Al») — Reliflout Anglican national executives anks. An Indian spokesman in SAIGON I CPI—U.S. Air Force I have been charged with finding TORONTO (CP) — The gov­ New Delhi said 28 air force riots broke out Wednendny In B-52 jet bombers today pounded j ways to put the obligation ernment must have wide pow­ planes attacked the tanks, de­ Poona, headquarters of the a suspected Viet Cong area only | acbSss. ~ Indian army’s southern com­ ers to catch fraudulent taxpay­ stroying at least 10. 20 miles north-northwest of Sai­ mand. I The tithe works out to 51 a ers and the fact a few innocent gon, a U.S. military spokesman FIRST IN 18 YEARS Many mosques and Moslem I week per $1,000 a year of inpeople may have inadvertently reported. ! come. The 22nd general synod Never before in 18 years of houses were set afire by a become involved in the process, The area hit was in the Ho Bo | of the church agreed it should often Jhloody quarrelling had Hindus. Mobs crying “death should not deter such activity. & woods in Binh Duong province either' India or Pakistan used to Pakistan” fought police. be up to the parishioner to deJ. T. Thorson, retired president It was the 17th reported B-52 air power in combat roles. • cide, whether he would give on raid of the Viet Nam War. The of the Exchequer Court, said Neither had they used armor, on the basis of his gross income explosion of the, bombs shook Wednesday. a large scale. , or net income. windows in downtown Saigon. TAX CHEATERS It appeared the feuding na­ SANTO DOMINGO (UPI) •MONEY IS POWER' * * ♦ tions may be on the verge of "There is an absolute neces­ — The Organization of Ameri­ There has beeh a stepup in sity to have this procedure to can States^ is preparing for "Money is p o w e r,” said activity by B-52 bombers in re­ all-out wap in the long dispute catch tax cheaters." he said. the Installation Friday of pro­ Archdeacon T. P, Crosthwait cent weeks and it is expected over the Himalayan state di­ "Some innocent people have be­ visional vided by a United Nations president Hector of Toronto. "It releases power that this role will be further in­ ceasefire line into Indian and come involved, but they are Garcia-Godoy after both sides into the world for good or evil. creased. There were two raids few. Against this is the need in the bitter Dominican con­ Pakistani sections. "I'm sure when the Lord by the Guam-based bombers to catch fraudulent taxpayers flict argeed to peace terms. said 'ask and it shall lie given Tuesday night. In New York, UN Secretaryand the need to protect the General U Thant appealed to It (raw will be up to Garcia- to you* .be wasn't confining us In ground action, South VietIndia and Pakistan to atop whole of the public.” to i>rayer.M — Godoy to ready the ronntry jmese troops clashed with a shooting and pull back their Archdeacon Crosthwait said Viet Cong company 12 miles His comments were made for elections within nine Miss PNE is golden-haired Lene Graaten of troops across the ceasefire line during a wide-ranging exchange months, arrange for the sur­ The church doesn’t tell its peo­ south of Quang Ngai City early Thant said the ceasefire agree­ Coombs, who went into the competition represent­ on the need for broad search render of thousands of rebel ple how much they should be today. ment of 1949 had-Jbeen “re­ and seizure powers granted the weapons and plan for the with­ giving, so they put 25 cents or ing Parksville. Lene, a 5 foot, 7%-inch beauty bom Quang Ngai is 80 miles south MIAMI, Ha. I API — Hytrtduced to little consequenre.” government under the Income drawal of the inter-American 50 cents on the plate “when they of Da Nang and 330 miles north in Norway, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kris can» Belay, suddenly a mighty should be giving $20 or $25 ENDORSES PLEA Tax Act during the annual peace force. of Saigon. t e m pe a t. whirled westward Graaten. The new Miss PNE is a good speaker,., tal­ meeting of the taxation section Lay delegate D. C. Mackin­ U.S. Ambassador Arthur J. through the Atlantic -Wednes­ of the Canadian Bar Associa­ tosh of Toronto warned the ented painter and was valedictorian at Qualicum Goldberg, September president day. aiming it» 90-mile-aji-lmur tion. church is "shooting far too of the UN Security Council en­ Beaeh High School in June.-—(CP) lieak winds toward land. high and we won't get it,” but dorsed Thaht's plea in the hurricanes no one else among more than The fighting raged sbnui to pain Ml The %twr»cly-popumiles south of Srinagar. Kash­ It«r4 ATHENS (UPI) - king Con­ :MX) synod delegates agreed tad Turk island*. mir's summer, capital, siwl the o« the amthe astern tip of the stantine today summoned politi­ with him. Lt.-Col. D. S. Mitchel] of LERWICK, Shetland Isles prime target for the "Paknisnt TUkec-tl# long Re »smas chain cal leaders to another crown infiltrators" who. India claimed council session on the govern­ Sidney, B.C., said that with the (AP) — The Soviet tug Ramopened a guerrilla war Aug i ment crisis which has crippled promise of union between the binas towed the stricken Dan­ ___ Anglican Church and United ish freighter Birgitte Frellsen India then attacked at mas Greece for six weeks. The counwind* of cil’s iesrio^'"wrti^sd^' failed ’Church of Canada "laymen are safely Into Lerwick harbor the ceasefire line and nrrtipwM • JfljPA were c Wednesday^ several posts to make headway. I Continued on Page to io , Wednesday SIEZE TWO POUTS night, then , buffet Mayagusna A Pakistan spokesman said Id and just to the northwest to­ Architect Busy the attackers Wednesday were day l ighting Germans [Pakistani - Kashmir, forces Forecasters expected Betsy» —Names in the NeAvs, (backed by Pakistan troops He peak winds to climb to 100 said they seized the Indian miles an hour by morning Page 10 VANCOUVER (CPI—The An­ posts of Devaa and Chamb. The IJcyond Mayaguana on tbt * * * glican Church of Canada took air force claimed its victory storm*s course lay most of the over the Indian planes in the other Islands in the Bahamas the first step Wednesday night Cincinnati Reds Chamb area, saying they were chain and the southeastern toward permitting the remar­ Inch Into First trying to'cover a retreat of jhe coast of the United States riage of divorced persons. Indian army. —Page 14 The New Delhr\ spokesman Delegates to the 22nd General By FRASER KELLY * * ★ Swells of six to nine feet and Synod agreed to a proposal that dented the loss of Devaa and Colonist Ottawa Bureau would place applications for Chamb. He made no -mention pounding surf were forecast Victorian If ins remarriage before tribunals of any planes being shot down. throughout t h e southeastern OTTAWA—In less than a week the nation will Hus Hattie He said three Patton tanks Bahamas and along the north­ headed by bishops. ern coasts of Puerto Rico, know whether or not it will have an opportunity to were badly damaged. ' The new canon, if confirmed - —Page 18 One important question risSig Haiti and the Dominican Repub­ cast judgment on the Pearsoh. government. * by the next General Synod in * *• * out of the new battle was lic. 1967, would change the church’s The betting on Parliament Hill whether fighting would Ire lim­ e Entries Pile High interpretation of the marriage steadfastly maintaining that QUEBEC (CPI — Premier is that Prime Minister Pearson ited To'Kashmir or would erupt Schweitzer bond. the Prime Minister will decide Jin Fishing Contest Lesage said Wednesday lie will announce his decision Jijir or elsewhere along the more than It would affirm that the Chris­ against an election in spite of against a fall election the day 1.000 miles of tense - frontier —Page 39 Gravely 111 tian doctrine of life-long mar­ will be surprised If a federal his gift-giving tour of Western after Labor Day. separating the two big nations ★ U ★ riage can best be upheld by election is held this year. He Canada. The odds still favor an elecproviding for carefuly-defined expressed this view last Janu­ Yesterday Mr. Pearson re­ Revered physician-philosopher Page of the subcontinent. likely on Nov. 8—but they affirmed his pledge to an­ of Africa, Dr. Albert Schweit­ Bridge exceptions to the rule prohibit­ ary, he said, and nothing has 88 TWO-FRONT BATTLE? I te beginning to waver a little. 1 nounce his final decision by ing remarriage of Anglican di­ occurred since then to mak** It appeared certain the esti­ Comics 3? zer has beeh In a coma for him change his mind. Some ministerial aides are; next Wednesday. mated 5.000 guerrillas roaming vorcees. • OTTAWA (CP) — The bur­ 88 Indian-held parts of Kashmir But he added: "I would hope nearly a week in his jungle Crossword 13 ' would renew their attempts to eau of statistics* reported Io make an announcement be­ hospital at Lambarene, Ga^on, Financial News fore that.” fight a way into Srinagar and Wednesday ( anada’s popula* where a spokesman said he is Gardeit Notes Governor General Vanieq. is Social 2«. 2- ,29. 29 tton rose to 19,601.000 at July seriously 111. The 90 year-old Army was in, great danger of scheduled to arrive- in Ottawa 14. 15 having to fight on two fronts— 1, an increase of 333,000 from next Tuesday from Quebec City. Nobel Peace Prize winner suf­ Sport Theatres the mid year figure for 1964. fered a fall recently.—(AP) Continued on Page 2 Continnea on Page 10

Mosques Hit In Rioting



Tough Job Facin


Hurricane Betsy Cuts Loose

Islander New Miss PNE

Reds Save Danish Ship

Greeks Fail

Anglicans Approve Divorce


Now Fall Election Not So Certain

No Election Says Lesage

Canadians Increasing

Regional District Urged As Best Financing Plan

"More and more the pub­ lic identifies hospitals with government, and is reluc­ tant to dip into its own pocket.’’ This assessment by Dr, Mur­ ray Anderson, medical adminis­ trator of Royal Jubilee Hospital Is probably the essential rea­ son why a new formula must be found for financing Greater Vic­ toria hospitals. * * * • If government is needed to do the job. then what sort? Our hospitals serve the whole re­ gion from Sidney to Sooke, so a taxing agency ought logically to embrace the whole area.

Bill Stavdal Surveys OUR1 HOSPITALS *



Last of a Series

Such a government body would then have the power to] levy taxes on unorganized terri­ tories which have never been obliged to contribute: View ] -Royal, Colwood, Langford, Met-] chosin and Sooke. Together they contain about 15 pS* cent of Greater Victoria’s population and therefore utilizq 15 per cent of hospital Services. * * * The idea of an area-wide gov ernment for hospital services] isn't novel. Two concepts arc currently being debated - a hos-I pital improvement district anij the provincial government s new ] regional district system. ,A hospital improvement dis­ continued on Page 3

— JIMHUMx'Wi-lllUW

UN Effort Crumbles

Nine Canadian Officers

Powerless ‘Peace-Keepers’ Watch War By DAVE McINTOSH In the high mountain passes of Kashmir, nine Canadian Army officers are watching a plodding," 17 - year United Na­ tions peacekeeping effort crum­ ble under tank, artillery and machine-gun fire. * * * The UN established a mean­ dering ceasefire line in Kash­ mir after the 1947-18 lighting over it between India and Pa­ kistan following partition of the •Asian sub-continent into the two Commonwealth countries.

Canada agreed in January. 1948. to participate in an U-nation, 48-man UN observer mis­ sion in Kashmir, Sinoe then, nine Canadians have been living in that inhospitable territory to ob­ serve breaches of the ceasefire. \


During the summer there was an increasing number of inci­ dents. The breaches now have developed into battles which have drawn in entire infantry battalions, tanks and howitzers. Large - scale war appears im­ minent.

Prime Ministers Shastri of India and Pearson touched on • the subject of Kashmir during the former's visit to Canada in June * * •*„ But it is generally regarded In Ottawa as unsound to try to intervene in disputes between India and Pakistan Unless in­ vited to do so by both countries. Though there have been peri­ odic reports that Canada might be asked to mediate the Kash­ mir dispute, nothing has devel­

oped ' and, Ottawa informants say, Mr. Pearson isn't going to suggest that he act as a go-be­ tween.



There has apparently been no Canadian diplomatic initiative In the 'present circumstances but External Affairs Minister Martin and UN Secretary-Gen­ eral U Thant likely will discuss the issue during Mr. Thant's Ottawa visit Sept. 9 Canada has the largest coot i n g e n t of UN observers us Kashmir.






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Jtrict could Jie created to cover the whole capital region. Trustees'would be elected from across the area and could pass their own taxing bylaw. However. J. Everett Brown, deputy minister of municipal affairs, doesn't think such a sys­ tem will ever be set up'.’ “It (an area-wide hospital im­ provement district) would have no relationship to arty of the councils because It would be completely independent,” he ■aid in an interview recently. "This, I'm sure, the councils would never agree to in the first place. “You would have two elected bodies with the same powers.” •


hence I the nickname “minimetro.” The deputy minister thinks a good regional district ought to become responsible for plan­ ning, water, sewage and pos­ sibly garbage disposal, parks and hospitals. ’ * * * It might also look after public health, air pollution, policing and fire protection, though Mr. Brown sees the latter two as unnecessary now. Mr. Brown describes a re­ gional district as a multi-pur­ pose board combining the duties of single-purpose groups such as the Greater Victoria Water Board.

»■«« «ob>nW. vJwta Tt.un4.y, Sept. 2, 196$



The only other solution to Mr. Brown and the govern­ hospital financing, according to ment in general favor the re­ the deputy minister, is for all gional district system. The the municipalities and improve­ whole province has already been ment districts-12 in all—to tentatively divided into 21 re­ agree on how many mills to gional, districts plus two metro­ raise, then hold plebiscites. It politan ones: Victoria and Van­ ■would mean chaos, he predicts. couver. The first one is now “If the bylaW failed any being set up in the Comox place we'd all have to wait Valley—for hospitals. while It was worked out.” Mr. Brown calls a regional Of the regional 'districts district "a council of councils.” system Mr. Brown says: The councils of member muni­ "To lhe the concept is quite cipalities would appoint repre­ simple and clear. But I've dis­ sentatives from among them­ covered that there are still lurk­ selves and thus would retain ing reservations.” Indirect control over the re­ * . * ★ gional council. Unorganized ter­ The heads of Greater Vic­ ritories would elect their rep­ toria's m a J.or municipalities resentatives directly. have reservations about a reg­ ional district for hospitals, and * * * they're far from lurking. •< Before any regional district “We’re going to have to know Is set up, prospective member a great deal more before we go municipalities would lay down for i.t," says Victoria’s Mayor the terms of reference of the Wilson. “I'd like to know what regional district and the limits control the municipalities would of its taxing powers. have over either system. The system is much like met­ “Will they have any say on ropolitan government as prac­ where new hospitals are loca­ tised in Winnipeg and Toronto, ted?” he asked in an Interview.

His fear is that the B.C. Hos­ old pass-the-hat system Is out­ pital Insurance Service would dated. dictate hospital building policy. The Victoria and district Hos­ pitals Planning Council, which ★ ★ • ★ “I don’t think we've consoli­ was the first to say that the dated our thinking on whether system was outmoded, would the municipality should abro­ welcome either a hospital im­ provement district or a regional gate its right to contribute,” he district — anything that would added. t___ Flatly opposed to having hos­ get on with the job. pitals under a regional district Its members haven't pushed is Saanich’s Reeve Hugh Curtis. loudly for either because they "I don’t believe the people of feel such a decision is up to the this area want to give a large municipal councils. */ * amount of money through prop­ erty taxes,” he said In a recent What would hospitals cast un­ radio debate where Health Min­ der a regional district? There ister Martin was present. are now 36 hospital improve­ * * * ment districts in B.C., with an Like Mayor Wilson, he average levy of 1.9 mills. attacked the formula under J. Everett Brown points to which the government pays half Greater Victoria’s taxable of hospital construction costs, sessment of $270,000,000, mean­ the federal government contri­ ing one mill raises $270,000. Two butes $2,000 per bed, and theLjn'iiis would do it, he thinks. community must raise the rest, As the summer ends the capi­ now running about 40 per cent. tal region moves toward crea­ Mayor Wilson later called it tion of a regional district, but “an arbitrary forumla.” The not for hospitals. Parks, plan­ health minister says no change ning,’firecracker regulations is in sight. • ‘ sewer survey and study of the ★ ★ ★ Greater Victoria Water Act will Mayor Wilson and Reeve Cur­ likely be included in a plebiscite tis are joined by Oak Bay’s by most municipalities this fall. Reeve Alan Cox. He favors a * * * regional district for certain pur­ Should a regional district be poses, bOt not for hospitals. "I don't think hospitals should formed then hospital building be financed on a local level,” he could easily be Included in its said last week. “The govern­ terms of reference later on if ment is fat with sales tax the municipalities agree. Meantime the region wonders revenue.” "This Is one time It’s not go­ how it •”1 get more hospital ing to be done out of home taxa­ beds without an effective, fair way of raising the cash. tion.” Municipal councils have agr­ ★ ★ ★ Reeve A. C. Wurtele of Es­ eed on only one thing, and quimau has said he favors an that, ironically, a statement by inter-municipal committee to Health Minister Martin: “A highly unsatisfactory state discuss the problem, with per­ haps a plebiscite in each muni­ of affairs. cipality this fall. All four men agree feat the

Palmer Wins Award For Flowers The top award at the View Royal Garden Club summer parlor show Saturday was won by Mrs. J. C. Palmer for re­ ceiving the most points in all classes. A Special prize for having the best collection of annuals in the show went to Mrs. Nell Seaton, 114 Helmcken. Results of the show were: Winner!: Decorative arrangement!, miniature. Mrs. G. Porttogalft kitchen, Mra Portlngale; dining room. Mri. A. Kay: mantelpiece. Mm. J. H. Palmers; open. Mrs, H. E. Howard. General flowers, chrysanthemums (spray): Mrs. Meredith-Jones; three blooms. Mrs. W. Pember; mlchaelmas daisies
African Violets,

Mrs. Crulckshank; fuschlas, Mrs. E. G. Lord; house plant, Mrs. J. H. Palmer.

Jets, Tanks Join Battle one against regular units before them and guerrillas in their rear. In New Delhi, Prime Minister Shastri told newsmen the “Pak­ istanis have come in~Too d stAngth.” It Is a regular attack and we will certainly meet it.” TROOPS MASSING There were reports of troop* massing along the East Pakis­ tan frontier with India’s west Bengal state. The Indian spokesman also claimed Indian forces Wednes­ day occupied more posts on the Pakistani side of the ceasefire line south of Uri. At the United Nations in New Yrok, UN Secretary-Gen­ eral U Thant went into hurried conferences with members of the Security Councif on the fighting. He saw U.S. Ambas­ sador Arthur Goldberg and So­ viet Ambassador Platon Moro­ zov in quick succesakn. _ ? VULNERABLE SPOT The attack by Pakistan Wed­ nesday hit hidian forces in their most vulnerable spot — a narrow neck in southern Kash­ mir through which runs the only road linking India proper with Kashmir. India attacked across the ceasefire line, in August and oc­ cupied several army posts in Pakistan-held parts of Kashmir but this was the first Pakistani attack into the Indian-held sec­ tor of the divided Himalayan state. 7, As the Pakistani forces struck President Mohammed A y u b Khan went on the radio to tell his people that there is "a threat of war in Kashmir which is being forced on us by India.” ANGER GROWING In New Delhi, Shastri was re­ ported to have decided to pur­ sue India’s course in Kashmir regardless of whether he gets international support, There has been growing anger be­ cause the United States, Brit­ ain and other powers have not pubfiely condemned Pakistan. India claims Pakistan sent 1,000 armed guerrillas filtering into Indian-held Kashmir and that Indian attacks across the ceasefire line were absolutely necessary. This claim was ridiculed by Ayub, who said the so - caijed guerrillas were people in Indianheld Kashmir battling for free­ dom. INDIA HAS ODDS In any long drawn out con­ flict, militaiy odds would appear to favor India. India is a nation of 480,000,000, has 20 di­ visions in the field and nearly MANY SWEDES SAIL The Swedish merchant fleet now numbers 931 ships, with an ag­ gregate weight of 4,127,000 gross tons.

Your Good Health

Several Treatments Known For Boosting Man’s Fertility By JOSEPH MOLNER, MD Dear Dr. Molner: Please disCuss treatments to Increase fertility In men. Approximately how long does It take to build up the sperm count enough to cause pregnancy T My husband has only 80 per cent motility.— MRS. J. B. There are different causes; different treatments. Asking how long it will take to build up the sperm count is too difficult a question for any doctor to answer. The question is. how quickly, if at all, the patient will respond1 to treatment. MUMPS CAN HARM Mumps, whether In childhood or later, may (not necessarily will) destroy fertility. If both testes are affected, there Is no treatment to restore fertility. If only one is affected, fertility remains. Another cause tsundescended testes: unless this is -corrected early (by teen-age at

least) sperm production will be nil. A defect in the tube which conveys sperm from the testes is another possibility. Sometittles this can be corrected surgically. Insufficient thyroid activity may be involved. Use of proper hormones can be very helpful in such cases. Naturally, general health is important. ABSTINENCE HELPS Sometimes—In fact, frequent­ ly—a period of abstinence from sexual activity allows the sperm to increase In number. • The motility or activity of the sperm Is one thing. The number of sperm cells is another. Only one healthy sperm cell is re­ quired to cause pregnancy, if that cell reaches and penetrates an ovum. Yet nature arranged things so that millions of cells are released at one time. Theactivity are different factors, but if the sperm count is in­


creased, the chances of finding more active cells also is in­ creased. Hence the count is a good guide but isn't necessarily the whole story. The sperm count can vary, so don't rely on a single exam­ ination. Several counts should be made to be sure that a de­ ficiency really exists.


Ship Calendar HMCS

NAVY Saskatchewan.



Mackenzie. Grilse, return pm. Friday. CNAV Friday.

Kimberley ........ East Coast of Vancouver Creiw-ent Valley Island—Cloudy with a few sunny Kaslo Grand Foria ... periods. Little change in tem­ Kamloops ........ .. perature. Winds light, except F’enlirton _____ ___ northwest 15 in Georgia Strait. Vancaiver Prince Rupert . Wednesday's precipitation, nil. Prince Georste Fort «. Jcta .. Recorded high and low at Na­ iVhitehorse . ... ............... naimo. 72 and 47. Today’s fore­ Seattle P' inland ... cast -igh and low, 70 and 45. San Francisco .. L«» Anijelee ... Vest Coast of Vancouver Sp> 4cane . ........ Dsa nd—Cloudy with a few sunny CTilraupt York periods. Little change in. tem­ New Princeton __ perature. Winds northwest 15. Nflaml ........... ..... Photmix occasionally rising to 25. Fore­ Tax Ve^aa .... cast high and low at Estevan Hceiolulu ............ TIDES AT Point, 60 and 48.

Whltethroat returns • pm. — o MERCHANT TEMPERATURES Esquimau—Don Ramon. In for re­ Mm. Max Precip. pairs. 9L John * .................... « 55 ;dl Duncan Bay—Blanctiland. lumber tor Halifax Tm-f 4C - -...............



T«hJl»—Pcil. lumber tor UK. OtlauYi ........ — Albernl—Hal Ha lumber tor Formoaa: Tor into ..................... Bridgeport, lumber for Japan. North Bay ........... ......

P «rt Arthur ............. . Winnipeg The iSt* ........................ Rcgins ---------------S*.<4avtoon ........... . Prince Albert Nnrth Battlef'ini ........ Swift Current ............. Ready—In poet . Medicine Hal ............. Letbbndge ................. Racer—Torino patrol area. Calgary ------.... . St. Catbartnee—In port. Stonetown-On weather elation Papa. Bdnwntoo -


Cameell—In Cambridge Bey awaiting eaetbound ehlpptng. The ehlp received mail Wedneeday. Eatevan-Ceorgla Strait area. Sir James Dougina—Georgia Strait area.

aa 51 nN 48 39 42 4S 38 41 42 45 47 47 47 44

81 m )?» si 65 71 63 *) 7* 76 76 76 78 78 81 58

2'Y? 3.04 .34 .31

36 78 39 78 72 45 39 79 76 50 50 HO 66 51 55 50 45 63 46 65 36 49 67 53 78 53 56 69 m 74 46 54 71 88 79 73 42 7« *6 74 *4 69 n VltTORlA tparlflo Standard Time)

This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.


Associated Brotherhood of National Rugs of Iran •' ..... Presents a PUBLIC AUCTION OF

PERSIAN RUGS in detail lot without reserve prices — Approximate inventory $150,000 — Sizes from 2’x3’ to 12'x20’. Strictly the highest grades and qualities of: All Silk Kashan, Royal Hermans, Royal Sarouks, Ispahan, Jnlerwoven Silk Qupms, Kashan, Tabriz, Bonkhara. 'Ardebil, Shiraz, Henz, Runners, etc., etc. Plus a collec­ tion of rare anti unique pieces of Persian Rugs.









ITlme HLlTlme HLlTlme HtlTtme IH.M. FLIH.M. FL1H.M. FLIH.M,

Viewing Thursday all day from 9 a.m. up to time of Auction. Please Note: Mr. Naderallah, expert and lecturer of Persian rugs from the Iranian Rug Association will be in attendance at this promotional auction sale.

2 [02.17 3.2119.00 8.11_______ I______

J•ms.3» soiikoo sol___________

< OUT 2.8U5JM ............-I............ 5 105.34 1.T1H0 8.21 ............. I............ < IMLM I.StS.09 8.1US.1S 7.6 22.81 1

TIDES.AT rCI.rOHU HARBOR (Parifle Mandara lintel



Under the direct instruction oCfihe Iranian A.B.N.R. These valuable rugs were a selected part of those which were sent to North America fop exhibition in order to promote the market of Persian Rugs in this continent, and they were supposed to be auctioned In Toronto, after the exhibition was over, but due to certain reasons we have been instructed directly by the Iranian'A.B.N.R. to sell these unusual pieces in’Victoria individually by:

The Weather Sunny and cool. Winds north­ erly 15. Wednesday's precipita­ tion, nil. Sunshine, 9 hours, 48 minutes. Recorded high and low at Victoria. 69 and 53. Today’s forecast high and low, 64-68 and 45-50. Today's sunrise 6:32; sunset 7:53; moonrise 2:57; moonset 11:26.

One of Canada's 3 Great Whiskies


Dear Dr. Molner: What Is your opinion of all -the germi­ cidal mouthwashes? Sometimes the cause of bad breath Is from eating too much sweets and starches. Sugar ferments and this is the cause of bad breath. —M.F. , Are you asking me, or telling me? Mouthwashes can freshen the mouth, and remove some debris that causes odor. Rinsing your mouth with water will do some that. too. If you like mouthwastr.-useit,-butyoucan't getrid of all the germs in the mouth.

(Time H.5L 2 iW.« 3;
HL Time HL iTim* HL Tim* Hl Ft H M Ft Hi M. FtlH M Ft 1SIU.55~ 9.018.08-8.2 2L08~8.7 11)13.30 9.5:17.53 8.7 21.44 9 3 3.0114.37 1ft 0118.38 8.7 22.34 9 0 3 015.25 10.2 20 48 8.5 23.41 8.S 2.918.04 10.S21.32 8.2J_____


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* These Persian Rugs are of such high grades and qualities that A.B.N.R. did not have the intention intentic to sell them by auction.

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Red China Warns U.K.

1,000,000 men in -its land farces. Pakistan is a nation of 110,000,000, has eight divisions and about 200,000 men in its ground forces, i. But by virtue of its U.S. military aid, Pakistan ha* su­ perior equipment. In the view of neutral military experts, Pakistan . has the capacity to hit hard and .fast.

"The British government's Chi Minhlof North Viet Nam, support of aggression Is entirely China’s leaders said: “The Chi­ one of deliberate hostility to the nese people have made all necpeople of China and the whole Pssary preparations and are de­ world and is intolerable to the termined to1 fight shoulder to Chinese government and peo­ shoulder with the Vietnamese ple,” the note added. people to the Very end to de­ At about the same time as feat U.S. imperialist aggres­ the note was delivered to Brit­ sion.” ish Charge d’Affaires K. M. Wil- The note was signed by Mao forti in Peking, China once Tse-tung, China's leader, Presi­ more proclaimed its readiness dent Liu Shao-chi, Premier to fight if necessary in Viet Chou En-lal and Chu Teh, chair­ Nam. man of the National People’s In a message to President Ho Congress standing committee.


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Arctic Water Project Urged

Factories Woo Girls

WASHINGTON (UPI) - The into 33 states of the United U.S. Congress was asked Wed­ States.

nesday to take the first step toward realization of the big­ gest public works project in history—a $100,000,000,000 plan to tap Arctic water resources.

Quit Looking in Window

Sen. Frank Moes, D-Utah, in­ troduced a resolution requesting that an economic and engineer­ ing study be made by the end of-next year. The resolution also would re­ quest the President to refer the matter to the International joint commission and to invite Can­ ada to join In the study. The project, as originally pro­ posed by a Los Angeles en­ gineering firm, would include a vast network of canals and other waterworks stretching in­ to Alaska, across Canada, and

"It wojild be history’s biggest public works program,” Moss told the senate. “It would cost $100,000,000,000 and it would take 30 years to build.”

TORONTO (CP) — The Tele­ gram says the Royal Canadian BUDAPEST, Hungary (UP1) Mounted Police is making an —Factory booses have begun Investigation that could lead to the extradition from New York installing hairdressing salons of Hal Banks, former Canadian and beauty parlors In plants boas of the independent Sea­ here In an effort to attract farers International Union. "An RCMP official disclosed more women workers. * ,

today that the reason for seiz­ mg his appeal of a five-year ing SIU books In a raid last sentence for conspiring to as­ month was to investigate al­ sault a union rival in Montreal. "The RCMP would not dis­ leged shortages of funds," the newspaper says. f close the exact nature of the Banks,- fired by the govern­ allegation or the sum involved," ment-appointed board of thari- the newspaper says. time trustees,- fled Canada last >b-Hn dinlnnlst. Victoria Thursday, $apt. 2, 1945 year while oq $25,000 bail pend-

Air Controller Victim Of Homicide-Coroner VANCOUVER (CP) — The bludgeon staying of a depart­ ment of transport air controller was officially ruled homicide Wednesday. Coroner Glen McDonald said Nicholas Pierre Williamson, 28, died from blows to the head at

the hands ot a person or per­ sons unknown. The inquest was told three blows from a two-foot chunk of driftwood felled the man, who was found in a pool of blood Aug. 28 at the entrance to Stanley Park.

Apparently telling off trainer Eddy Asper while trying out his new home at Marineland of the Pacific near Los Angeles is Woofy the walrus. Pool has 18 windows underwater.—(AP)

Lucite’ doesn’t drip like ordinar i wall paint

Situation ‘Tense’

Smeltermen Carry Dynamite BELLEDUNE, N.B. (UPI) — The situation has become ‘ tense" at the huge smelter construction site in Belledune, N.B., where close to 1,500 men have walked out over a wage dispute. .

.4 The strikers claimed Wesnesday night that two of their men were injuried when a company truck, with a fomian in as a passenger, struck through the picket line. The men walked out last Satuflday when a settlement over a demand for a 28-cent an hour increase was not made. The increase would have given them an hourly rate of $1.60. Now they are demanding an Increase of 41-ceuts, which, will put them on the same scale as the Brunswick Smelting Com­ pany just north of Belledune. The workers are said to have dynamite In their possession and there are reports they plan to blow up what construction

Transport Board

‘Dominion’ Must Run CPR Told

The board clamped a freeze on the eancellatiop plan pending a series of public hearings at which the railway and commu­ nities along its transcontinental line will be given an opportun­ ity to air arguments for and against the proposed move. Hearings have been set for Winnipeg Sept. 27, Vancouver Oct 5, Calgary Oct. 12-13, Re­ gina Oct. 14-15, Ottawa Oct. 1920-21 and Port Arthur at a date still to be set. The board is reported to have received a flood of complaints, chiefly from Western Canada, since the CPR's announcement early in August that it planned to abandon the Dominion, its secondary transcontinental pas­ senger train.


has been done, because they claim the company says the job is six months ahead of schedule. The strikers added they “will stay out as long as necessary."

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AID PROMISED A report from the site said the United Steel Worked of America has promised the strikers at Belledune financial assistance. About 20 RCMP, with side arms and truncfyrons, are patrolling the trouble area.


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The entertainer - composer • pianist said here he’s thinking about running for Congress in Los Angeles’ 26th district, where Democratic incumbent James Roosevelt plans to re­ sign soon to become US. representative on the United Nations social and economic council.

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OTTAWA (CP) — The board of transport commis­ sioners Wednesday ordered the Canadian Pacific Rail­ way to call off its plans to discontinue the Dominion passenger train service Sept 7.



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Mr, Wilson Points a Finger

Enemies of Peace

Independent Newspaper The Organ of No Clique or Party’ “,
«m/ jnoratag except Monday by the Lid. at 301 Douglo Street. Victoria. B.C. Authorised aa second «!■>• mail by the Poet OUiea Department. Ottawa, and for pay­ ment of postage in cash. Member Audit Bureau of Circulations.

By ELISABETH BARKER I history ot the efforts to


cSSSet Peblbhla«



Nam, made by Britain and other nations, during the past six months, is deeply discouraging. Yet there Is room for hope.


raas *

Publisher and Editor-in-Chicf

Thursday, sefiembeb «, LX

‘Philanthropy’ tB

is a persistent feature of governments all across


the country to talk as though their disbursement of public funds were a gratuitous “giving away" out of the kindness of their hearts. Never a hint of the fact that they only return in the interest ot the tax­ payers what they have already collected from them.

On the one hand, ail these many efforts have been repelled with much the same bitter and unreasoning hostility by the Communist governments of Peking and Hanoi; on the other, the sincerity and persistence of all those who made the effort stand out clearly. They have in

nvene the Geneva Conference, Thts also aa rejected. In May, the British foreign secretary again raised the ques­ tion of negotiations with Mr. Gromyko, this time in Vienna — again without success. -

It was then clear that Russia was unwilling or unable to take any positive action to bring about negotiations.

In spite of Urie setback, the British government has repeat­ edly said It is ready for Joint common, an underlying unity ef action with Russia. Meanwhile, k has tried other methods. purpose and In April, Britain, acting alone, determination. The history of foe six months approached foe other members Is set out, hi foe form of docu­ of the Geneva Conference, askments and public statements, In tog their views on how to reach the British White Paper, pub­ a peaceful settlement. lished on Aug. 26, “On recent At the same time the former

exchanges concerning attempts foreign secretary, Mr. Gordon to promote a negotiated settle­ Walker, set out on a tour of Governments per se have no money of their own; ment of the conflict in Viet Asian capitals, in the hope of and moreover they are only entrusted temporarily Nam. finding a way forward. Peking Many countries have, played and—after slight hesitation— with the spending of the revenues that come out of their part in the search for Hanoi refused to receive him. business and private pockets.* peace. Britain and other Com­ The next initiative to which Prime Minister Pearson is the latest to cite his monwealth countries, 17 uncom­ Britain was involved was a Joint financial “benevolence” in this customary myopic mitted countries of Africa, Asia one. ’flie Commonwealth prime fashion, apparently because of pique that B.C.’s Socred and Europe, and India acting ministers, to London to June, government doesn't invite federal officials to the individually, have all been proposed that a mission of four involved. Commonwealth leaders should opening of projects partially financed out of federal The story told in the British visit the capitals concerned to coffers. His government deserves to be thanked for White Paper is therefore com­ explore possibilities for negotia­ its assistance, he says. plex. Many strands intertwine. tion. Many parallel attempts went on ' The mission itself defined The prime minister listed a, variety of federal simultaneously, or overlapped “ultimate objectives” which expenditures in B.C. during the past two years each other. were, in effect, a program for totalling some $250 million and covering health grants, “WHAT election campaign?” The White Paper is deliber­ a fair and. impartial settlement roads, fisheries, ship subsidies, works programs, and ately limited in time to the last The world gave the Common­ the like—all normal obligations of-the national gov­ six months, since, although the wealth Initiative a warm wel­ ernment—to show how good his administration has Irish Immigrants Geta Preference fighting In Viet Nam has been come. But Peking denounced been to this province. going on for over 20 years, it the mission as a “peace fraud.” was in February of this year Hanoi found a more evasivs Conveniently, of course, he failed to mention that it entered a new and much method of rejection. anything about the sums collected from the people more dangerous phase. —Next, a British junior min­ and industries of B.C. in the form of personal and This opened with the big con­ ister, Mr. Harold Davies, went whites criticized them tor. corporation taxes, customs and excise levies, sales By J. HALCBO FEBGISON from London JAMAICAN delegation, certed attacks by the Com­ to Hanoi to clear bp misunder­ one put it. “living like pigs.’ tax, et cetera—which in total far exceed the $250 composed of three gov­ automatically free Kensington or Kilbum. Many was useless for the immigrants munist Viet Cong forces on standings about the mission. He million for which the B.C. government has apparently ernment and two opposition land American barracks and in­ came away empty-handed. legislators, is touring the indus­ men. The case had contempo- of these were students or civil to point out that they did not stallations in South Viet Nam, not bent a sufficiently grateful knee in obeisance. Meanwhile, as the British tits on courses; others create foe alums but inherited trial areas of Britain and hav­ rary importance only because it The Bennett government can be assailed for the ing talks with the British affected a considerable number were doctors and nurses and them. Because foe buildings as well as on South Vietnamese White Paper records, other efforts were being made by other of Negroes then living here. It workers in service industries were left shabby outside by towns and villages. same assumption of benevolence when disbursing its government. (such as bus-conductors re­ racket-renting landlords, white These, in the American view,! countries. As early as February provincial revenues, but Mr. Pearson’s responsibilities Its purpose is, first, to assess did not affect those in the colo­ nies, who were not emancipated cruited in Barbados by London passers-by often failed to realize were made possible only by in­ 9, the Indian government ap­ are of national status and he should relate his govern­ the attitude and position of the Transport) who filled much Shat behind foe doors leading creased military aid and infil­ pealed for a new Geneva-type until 1834. ment's expenditures on the same level. When the thousands of Jamaican citizens conference. needed gaps in Britain's profes­ off foe grubby staircase foe tration from North Viet Nam. federal treasury spends money in this province it does who have settled in this coun­ Throughout the 19th century sional and labor force. Again, in April, foe Indian They were, therefore, answered the trickle of arrival^ continued, try, mostly since the end of the West Indians had often created so for the people of B.C. as Canadians, not as British president called for an end to last war, and secondly, to try mostly of seamen who married Others were dressed more clean and attractive homes in by United States' air attacks on hostilities in both parts ot Viet Columbians. This is so no matter what province to get the British government or settled duwn here, forming exotically, with big brimmed the most unpromising circum­ targets to North Viet Nam. invites the need of federal spending within its to modify the recent Common­ sizeable communities in Soon after, the Soviet Union Nam and policing of the bound­ hats or startling skirts; their stances. announced that it would take ary by an Afro-Asian force. boundaries. wealth Immigration Act, which tricts such as Bute Town (nick­ baggage was unpredictable, The British government’s an­ 'further measures’’ to strengthen Peking denounced this as a plot named Tiger Bay) in Cardiff. their syntax strange. They were Mr. Pearson it is who rightly enough .points to limits annual Jamaican Immi­ And, of course, Chinatown in less sure of themselves, gome swer to such things has been the the defence capability of North to use the Afro-Asian countries gration into Britain to 1,300. C o m m o nweal th Immigration the unity of Canadianism as the most vexing problem to serve United States aggres­ Jamaicans have hitherto form­ the Limehouse area of London silent and wide-eyed, some Act. But, as most of the British Viet Nam. of the country, although his own acts as prime noisy and boisterous. Many countries saw the danger sion against Viet Nam. ed the bulk of the immigrants became a part of British folk­ press has pointed out, it has They departed in groups to minister have done most to weaken the national signals and feared a wider war Earlier, to March, 17 nonfrom the West Indies, while In­ lore. If, of course, Chinese structure and create the extreme provincialism that dia and Pakistan have provided count as "colored immigrants the crumbling, overcrowded ter­ been no answer. Britain, in in Southeast Asia, perhaps lead­ aligned nations bad jointly urged spite of her present economic ing to a collision between great the need for negotiation without threatens confederation. He departs therefore from the bulk of those from Asia. Since the war there has l>een a raced houses of dingy working troubles, still has potentially preconditions. Peking spokes­ the national credo when he regards federal expendi­ Now no single country in the great influx of Chinese from class areas of Brixton, Padding­ more Jobs than workers to fill powers. men rejected this appeal as Hong Kong and Singapore, re­ ton and Notting Hill in London, Britain’s first thought was to tures in B.C. as some special philanthropy—deserving Commonwealth is allowed more sulting in a “highly visible” pro­ or to similar districts in indus­ them, and still loses annually te the well-established channel completely catering to the In­ special thanks—instead of viewing this in its proper than 15 per cent of an annual liferation of Chinese restaurants more people by emigration than of diplomatic contact with Rus­ terests of United States Im­ trial cities like Birmingham. total of 7,500—except for the perspective as legitimate Canadian disbursement in even the smaller provincial WalverhampUsi and Liverpool the gains by immigration. Ail sia, in the hope that this might perialism.” small Mediterranean island of foe act does is to try to avoid once again lead to joint action In a sharp attack on Mr. U And, as aforesaid, as simply a return in part of Malta, which is allowed an ad­ towns, but curiously, this seems (the last, like Cardiff, having Thant, Peking also said that money received from B.C. sources for the national ditional thousand. Under the act to have provoked no hostility, already an established colored foe consequences of color preju­ for peace by foe two co-chairmen "UN intervention in the affairs dice by keeping out foe coloreds. of the Geneva Conference. even less the fear that Britain community). citizens of the Republic of Ire­ was likely to be swamped by need as a whole. of Indo - China e a n n o t be Hus dodges foe baste problem, Britain approacJied Russia on But these, too, aa far as Jobs which is why there is color land, which is not a member the traditional Yellow Peril. tolerated.” ebruary 20. with foe proposal were concerned, were mostly of the Commonwealth, are al­ prejudice at all. And, again as that the co-chairmen should The main Chinese target has, In terms of sheer numbers lowed unrestricted entry. absorbed—into jobs which the much of foe press has pointed however, always been foe the postwar immigration was send a Joint message to the natives did not want. The United States. The more warmly * * * out, this is far tram being a far greater, and at its peak in ckher members of the Jamaican laborer became as the summer of 1956 was running British problem alone—as the Geneva Conference, asking President Johnson has welcomed Since the ostensible reason at the rate of 2,000 a month. necessary to Britain’s postwar recent riots in Los Angeles con­ the peace efforts of other N A RECENT speech before a group of high school for the act is that Britain can Almost any day of the week one building program as the Irish veniently and tragically under­ them to state their views on how countries and declared his own to reach a peaceful settlement absorb” no greater number could go to London's Waterloo navvy had been in the previous lined. Rather than follow foe students at Banff Prime Minister Pearson broadly readiness for unconditional dis­ in Viet Nam, but refraining cussions, foe more bitterly he hinted that Canada would shortly be seeking member­ of immigrants, and since the station and see the packed boat century to the construction of ostrich policy of “white’’ Aus from blaming either side in the Irish outnumber all the others train arriving with its human the railways. But, ironically, has been accused of “trickery'* ship in the Organization of American States. traiia, it has been suggested, or struggle. together, this measure is widely cargo from the Caribbean. while the Jamaican built houses let a laissez faire attitude lead After a delay of nearly a and “fraud.” Not only does it appear that he has selected an interpreted as directed against These certainly were “highly and flats for other people, he to Loa Angeles, Britain might month, Russia blocked this As Mr. Wilson said in Parlia­ unusual type of audience before which to make his the entry of colored immigrants visible” and diversified people. found it hard to locate anywhere ment last month, a refusal to emulate the example of Holland first positive statement,on this contentious subject as such—an interpretation forti­ There were the soberly dressed to live himslf, and this^was which has taken constructive move by proposing a different negotiate now will mean an in­ message, casting all blame on tensification of the war and but that he has also cnosen a most inappropriate fied by the “most favored na­ ones, with neat suitcases, speak­ among the first causes of resent­ steps to integrate her Chinese the United States and trying to great human losses. moment to broach the matter as far as the organ­ tion” treatment given to white ing standard English with a ment on ..both. sides. . . . , . and Eurasian immigrants from mobilize the Geneva Confer­ Malta. But the realization will slowly Welsh lilt, hailing taxis and giv­ While the immigrants chafed ization itself is concerned. ence states against America. dawn that peace will come only This apparently color - pre­ ing addresses in Earls Court, at their living conditions, the[ torus copyright) y This was obviously useless. Certainly it is no secret that to date successive judiced legislation by a Labor at foe conference table. He When Mr. Andrei Gromyko then summed up foe situation Canadian governments have evaded direct involve­ Party whieh when in opimsition visited London to March, the with these words: ment with the OAS for a number of logical reasons, vehemently opposed similar Like It or Not prime minister. Mr. Wilson, “The enemies of negotiation the two paramount among them being the very real legislation by a Conservative went a step further and sug­ are enemies of peace.” danger that as a member Canada would be unable government, is explained as a gested that the co-chairmen political capitulation to a Brit­ (orxsoipyrtctip to avoid being viewed by the majority of Latin ish electorate which has shown American members as little more than a United States an increasing amount of color sychophant and the fact that membership in the OAS prejudice. This increase in turn T A TRIBUNE of Sherbrooke, into an Anglo-Saxon and Protest­ seeks out -innovation and wel­ would be in direct conflict with her interests as a has been put down to the re­ . Que., in an editorial com­ ant milieu where they could lose comes new ideas. By The Canadian Press “To be, as quickly, and as member of the British Commonwealth. cent arrival of so many colored pletely opposed to the nationalist their language and faith, “we became attached too much to completely a? possible, what we people, creating a sudden fear The battle of Omdurman nadian newspapers was comline so often heard in Quebec the pursuit of immediate inter­ Today not only do these reasons remain as want to be, let us begin by being was fought 67 years ago to- pleted. that the country will be “swamp­ strongly as ever but the OAS itself stands in imminent today, had some blunt words ests and neglected to consider realistic. Let us begin by hav­ day—In 1898—and the British ed by blacks.” First World War: Fifty years threat of dissolution as an effective international To a North American, and of advice for Quebecers who the benefits to be gained to ing a taste and a fervor for 21st Lancers, with Winston body due to the continued interference of the United even more to a South African, want to be masters of their ownlon«-,Prm Policies. The disci- work, no matter what work, so Churchill among heir ranks, ago today—in 1915—King George Ipline ot co-ordinated work was long as it is well done. This Is made one of the last large-scale V and Lord Kitchener Inspected States in the domestic affairs of its fellow member this might appear ludicrous- economy. repugnant to us.” the price at which the future charges of modem warfare. The Canadian troops to England. The even now the total colored popu­ governments in South and Central America. “It is not foreign capital nor we hope for will become ours. Anglo-Egyptian expedition up retreating Russians evacuated lation of Britain is only about The Sherbrooke paper said two jnore fortified towns In PoDespite his remarkable penchant for inopportune 1 per cent, though this 1 per the siccesa of our Anglo-Saxon No one, no government, no the Nile to Khartoum had been that as a matter of taste, and remarks it is to be hoped that the prime minister cent has, in sociological terms, compatriots that constitute foe political party, will hand it to us, planned In 1896 partly in order laryf. through a fear of innovation, now realizes that the OAS is no place for Canada at "high visibility, ” particularly principal obstacles to the eco­ to ensure the unimpeded flow of Sw™d World Wsri Twenty"we preferred conservatism we will have to grasp It. “The means which, even yes­ the river and partly to avenge five years ago today—In 1940— this time. where it is highly concentrated, nomic progress of French Que­ which led to tempests to the bec, but our own manner of as in many communities it is. teapot and to controversies to terday. could have guaranteed the death 11 years before of London underwent four air raids Even so, the total figures, feeling, thinking and acting,” which vast energy was burned our conquering our economy are General Gordon. General Kit­ in the course of the day: the the paper said. obsolete. The most modem ones chener carried out the campaign RAF claimed foe destruction of even if projected into the dis­ up uselessly.” at our disposal are an op tant future, should hardly cause “Why is this the case?' It is a successfully but found a French 1,500 German aircraft over the If French Canadians really of spirit, intellectual curiosity, expedition had reached the Nile past six weeks Plans for the alarm, particularly in the field question of mentality.” wanted their economic independ­ objective thinking, discipline and headwaters before him, provok­ formation of a British-sponsored of competition for jobs, since Jew^h army were disclosed. TT WAS RUPERT BROOKE in his poem “The experience has shown that if French Canadians had lived ence, "rather than criticize those a mutual respect that favors an ing the Fashoda Incident. in their own little, closed world, around us, let us begin by education, both scientific and 31 BC-Battle of Acfium. 1 Soldier” who wrote that if he should die on service work is not available immi­ The BritislV'butter ration was La Tribune said. Because they modifying our mentality by sub­ technical, that is appropriate to 1915—First telegraph linkcongrants simply do not cotre, and reduced from six to four ounces abroad—a premonition that came true—there would had not wanted to be integrated stituting a pioneer spirit that the needs of the hour.” necting eastern and western Ca- weekly. be a comer of a foreign field “that is forever Eng- ' in times of recession it is the immigrants, not the natives, land.” There are comers in no less than 70 different who are the first to lose their countries that by this same valid token are forever Jobs, on the principle of “last Canada. in, first out.” . '


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The Legionary cites the records of the Common­ wealth War Graves Commission, of which of course this country is a member, which show that the war dead of Canada rest in places as varied and far apart as Brazil, Thailand, Iran, and as is to bev expected, France and Italy. So far-flung a sacrifice in the two world wars no doubt will be surprising to many people. There are 89,826 Canadian dead who are buried4 in individual graves, uniformly tended with care by the commission, and 27,699 of those among the fallen who have no known grave but are commemorated by namem memorials in various countries. - ' Most of the Canadian war dead rest in France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands, but many are buried in both Britain and Canada itself. The ceme­ teries of France record the greatest number, 39,464, of whom 31,566 died in the First World War and 7,898 in the Second World War. Belgium holds a total of 11,781 graves, Italy 5,766, and Britain 9,348. Chief among the memorials which list the 27,699 “missing” are the Vimy monument, the Menin Gate structure and the Runnymede memorial near Windsor. In other isolated Inscriptions the names stretch across the continents of the world. The graves of our war dead are sacred shrines, corners of foreign lands that forever remain Canada.


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X to



Daillt Colonist Victoria, B.C., Thun,, Sept. 2, INS

First It Was France, Now

Quotable Quotes ■p regret i. .I»m ‘rtlclal. — Oscar I * *'

ShakyWestern Alliance Threatened by Germany .

By K. C. THALER From London The Western alliance, already badly shaken by France’s go-italone policy in Europe, has come unc^r severe pressure from yet another key ally. West Germany. The bone of contention is the projected inter-allied nuclear force which, if established, would give the federal govern­ ment a say in nuclear strategy. But agreement on such a force leems a long way off. West Germany feels frus­ trated by Anglo-American inde­ cision on this score and is also becoming suspicious of alleged British moves towards unilat­ eral nuclear disarmament in Europe. The forthcoming West German general election Sept. 19 is a major factor behind the steppedup campaign in Bonn against Anglo-American nuclear policy. The campaign coincides with Current United States and Brit-


' *


German suspicion has been heightened by Britain’s latest decision to replace some of its nuclear artillery with the British Army of- the Rhine with conven­ tional weapons. This has led to charges Britain is Engaged in soifte form of unilateral nu­ clear disarmament in Europe that will leave West Germany dangerously exposed to Soviet missile power. Vigorous assertions are being made in Bonn that German in­ terests are being neglected by The fact is that the United! wavering allies. And allied dipStates and Britain have so far' been unable to agree between j themselves on how to settle the problem. The two western nu­ clear nations are agreed that West Germany and other NATO allies should be given some de­ gree of responsibility in NATO nuclear policy. But they differ on just how this can be done without giving West Germany a finger on the trigger. They just want Bonn to have a finger on the “safety catch.” Britain has of late made it clear At wants to retaiiTa veto in any NATO nuclear force, and so does the United States in principle. At least some of Ger­ many’s influential politicians op­ pose an Anglo-American veto and want majority rule in any Inter-Allied nuclear force.

Ish efforts to get
The United States recently pul a plan Io the Russians in Geneva for a nuclear non-proliferation treaty which, it felt, lefftfie door open for a an eventual inclusion of West Germany and other Allies r in some form of NATO, nuclear force. The Russians re­ jected it. Former federal chancellor. Konrad Adenauer — who still leads the ruling Christian Demo­ cratic Party W Bonn — was outraged by the American plan’s alleged vagueness and termed it an outright betrayal on the part of the United States. Since then the former federal defence minister, f o r c e f u 1 Franz-Josef Strauss, has added his sharp criticism of alleged allied duplicity and feet drag­ ging.

Red Neutral

Swiss Status Romanian Aim By HENRY SHAPIRO, from Bucharest

Romanians call their country the Switzerland of the Balkans. Romania, indeed, is a picturesque Latin island in a sea of Slav and Hungarian communist countries. It also possesses vast natural wealth in petroleum, lumber, uranium, bauxite, gas and water power. Boasting a current annual rate of economic growth of 14.5 per cent — one of the highest in the world — the Balkan republic had just adopfS a new grandlose five-year plan envisaging €5 per cent increased production by 1970 and total electrification of the country within 10 years.

picturesque one-stor wooden or brick houses ha yielded to multi-storied c< crete dwelling compoum somewhat resembling Moscov housing developments but bi better tasle and sty,eA stee^ plant w i t h eventual annual capacity 5.000,000 tons is rising in t Danubian city of Galatz. . And western tourists brii ln£ muc’h coveted converti currency are flocking in thousands to enjoy I vaIied, rough and ufispoi

oriMy making the catexing Jo their whims instead ot

rih W


with the purchase

. •

lomats think that something will have to be done pretty soon if the process of erosion in NATO is to be halted.


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This is a communist country, a Romanian will say, but it is neither Russian nor Chinese. Once completely subservient to Moscow it now takes no sides in the ideological quarrel between Moscow and Peking. It relies chiefly on the devel­ opment of its own resources and looks to the West as much as to the East for technical know­ how. Culturally and linguistically and emotionally it is West Euro­ pean . and Mediterranean. The atress is on national not inter­ national eommunism and what Switzerland is to the capitalist West Romania hopes to become to the Communis! East.

The progress of the Roman­ ian cities appears to have been achieved to some extent at the expense of the peasantry which still claims one-half of Romania’s population. The historically povertystricken villages, even those a few minutes beyond the city limits of Bucharest are still generations behind the towns. Most of the straw thatched roofs are gone, electricity has been introduced and there are schools in every village. But according to resident Western observers the peasants are inadequately housed, clothed and fed. The sorry physical appear­ The impression of relative abundance and prosperity is ance of the peasants who striking compared with 1961 bring their produce into the when I last visited here. The capital's markets appeared to country then suffered from confirm the economic plight serious shortages of meat and ' they have endured for cen­ turies. I saw no prosperous bread and clothes. The shops are elegant now looking persons among them. (United Prwn Imematima]) and well stocked and display such imports as Scotch whisky, French perfumes and American Truck Cargo cigarettes — but at prohibitive prices. Pops Tires A still backward and largely ASHLAND, ijre. (API — A1 agricultural country is being steadily transformed into a truck careened down a freeway balanced and urbanized society. grade early Wednesday, scat­ tering a—load of nails along a It is not Bucharest alone, (lie three-mile stretch and leaving showplaee of Romania, which scores of motorists 'with flat has almost trebled its popula­ tires. State police rerouted, traffic tion since before the war and acquired the appearance of an over old U.S. 99 and put crews .attractive Western metropolis. to work sweeping the nails off Even the sleepy, dusty sub- the main freeway. Carpathian towns like Bacau, Roman and .Piatra Neamtz. which I knew in my childhood Three Jailed before the First World War: arc now fairly modem communi­ ties. , The small, primitive, cottage Industries have been replaced by impressive industrial com­ plexes. The fast flowing moun­ tain rivers have beer harnessed

trying to lend them.—Singer I’at Boone. ★ * * W« are searching constantly for ways and means to sub"titut« word® for and 10 bring men from the battlefle,d the uble.—president Johnson.

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Names in the News

Thursday, Sap*.

I. 1**1

Architect Was Busy Fighting Nazis WASHINGTON—New York architect George Nlpanich says he was in the Polish under­ ground fighting Germans during the Second World War when the Russians charge he was a Nazi agent responsible for the deaths of “hundreds of Soviet citizens.’* Nlpanich is the 43year-old Russian-speaking guide wtth-a-4Hh-aixhitectural exhibit tottring the Soviet Union who 6ax seized by security police In Minsk. He was interrogated for three hours and expelled from the country after he ig­ nored a police suggestion that he not report his ordeal to the American embassy. Talking with newsmen. NipanIch said there was "absolutely no truth whatever” to charges made by Soviet police and later published in Izvestia.

ADEN — A gunman has shot and killed Sir Arthur Charles, British Speaker ot Aden state Legislative Council.

LONDON — American pop singer Jordan Christopher, 24year-old husband of actor Rich­ ard Burton's former wife. Sybil, will make his firet British tour in October. He will be accom­ panied by his group, the Wild Ones.


George Raft LOS ANGELES — Once cher­ ished possessions of the late si­ lent screen star Mae Murray sold for $440 at a public auction. A Spanish comb she wore in Valencia went for $15. Miss Mur­ ray died last March at 75. She made $3,000,000 in films and spent every penny.

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — Judy Garland opened a six-day en­ gagement with an announce­ ment to a packed audience that she will marry Mark Herron Sept. 19.

AMIENS, France — Canadian Agriculture Minister Harry Hays opened the first exhibition of Canadian livestock in France at a ceremony in this northern French farming centre.

BELGRADE — U.A.R. Preeldent Naaeer has arrived for talks with Yugoslav President Ttto expected to centre on Viet Nam.

Specially Priced Top Quality Paint | For Inside or Outside Decorating

VANCOUVER — Alderman Tom Campbell says' he will launch a new civic political party to fight the, Non Partisan Association's hold on city poli­ tics. CALGARY Douglas Hark­ ness, Conservative member of Parliament for Calgary North, has denied he rejected an appeal by Opposition Leader John Dietenhaker to settle differences be­ tween them.

UNITED NATIONS—Ambas­ sador Arthur Goldberg, who be­ came the U.S. chief UN delegate in July, has started a month’s term as president of the UN Security Council, succeeding Lord Caradon of Britain. The presidency rotates among the 13, council nations.

When Englishmen first came to their Western Canadian ranches their taste for LONDON DRY GIN came with them.

ittytortoifafa/waf' English


PARIS—Harve Alphand, 58, French ambassador to the United States, has been appoint­ ed secretary - general to the French minister of foreign af­ fairs.


CALGARY — Prime Minister Pearson and the Liberals stand to make sharp gains in Quebec if an election Is called, Robert Thompson, national Social Cre­ dit leader, says. "There la no doubt he (the Prime Minister) will sweep Quebec” in an elec­ tion, Mr. Thompson said. ST. JOHNS. Que. - Roch Deslauriers was freed on a charge of fabricating a docu­ ment laid aa an offshoot of the Yvon Dupuis case. Deslauriers. a 31-year-old chiropractor, was ordered by Judge Honorius Mi­ chaud to appear Sept. 22 for pre­ liminary hearing on 11 charges of perjury.


Judy Garland

LONDON — Renee Kelly, who, WINNIPEG — Richard 8. Bowles took the oath of office as won international top billing as Manitoba's 17th lieutenant-gov­ Judy Abbott in the play Daddy ernor. At 52, Mr. Bowles is one Long Legs, has died here at 77. of the youngest lieulenants-govemor in Manitoba history.

BOSTON — Joseph P. Ken nedy, 76-year-old patriarch of the Kennedy clan is resting comfortably at New England Batpiet Hospital where he is un­ dergoing treatment for a skin allergy believed to be hives.


Reo Paint Sale

HONG KONG—The captain of a Lebanese freighter said Chi­ nese communist auth o r i 11 e s questioned him daily for a nunth | seeking details about an Ameri­ can submarine which Collided with his vessel- in the South China Sea. "But I didn't tell them anything," said Oapt. Nicholas Kakavelakis, skipper of the 10,900-ton Rodos.

WASHINGTON — President Lyndon Johnson has named Gen. Maxwell I Taylor, recently resigned ambassador to South Viet Nam, as a part-time presi­ dential consultant.

PORTSMOUTH, England truck driver Paul Bryant told the magistrate his usual con­ sumption a night of drinking was at least 10 pints of beer. Bryant is 17.


WINNIPEG (CP) — Winnipeg police chief Robert Taft has been nominated as Liberal candidate in Winnipeg North in the next federal election.

THE HAGUE, Holland — Crown Princes Beatrix wiU “al­ most certainly” marry German diplomat Claus Von Amsberg next February, the newspaper Die Yolkskrant predicts. It stiys the ceremony would probably be held in the ancient “Westerkerk” church near the Amsterdam royal palaci.

LONDON — Sir Laurence Oli­ vier afnd the 72 members of the National Theatre are scheduled to leave, for Moscow and their first foreign tour. The group will perform Othello in the KreiiiLOS ANGELES — Actor levsky Theatre Sept. 7. George Raft, 69, faces arraign­ ment Sept, before U.S. Dist. OTTAWA — Norman Robert Judge Pelrsbn Hall on charges son. 61. Canada's-chief negotihe evaded paying income taxes ator at the Kennedy round of on about $85,000 in earnings for trade negotiations in Geneva, Is the years 1958-63. Raft has been Indicted by a federal grand jury leaving the public service to be­ on five counts of evading taxes come the first director of the and one of Shaking a false new graduate schoerf of inter­ national affairs at Carleton Uni­ statement. versity here.


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Church Sets Rate being challenged in the next 10 yean as never before." A "They’re straining at the teas*) to get going.” Rt. Rev. George Luxton, bishop of Huron, warned Hie United Church is "at least 25 yean ahead of us” in its stewardship—programs of lay activity in church work and church giving. “The laity is prone to battle fatigue.” He 9aid in his own southern Ontario diocese it is difficult to keep one in 10 congregations on the march "Only a small, partial pro­ gram Is suited to the exhausted condition of Anglican laymen,"

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Not Sure It was a cheerful but firm Prime Minister who met with newsmen following lab inet yesterday. Not once in the course of the conference did the Prime | Minister use the word "elec­ tion.” He opened by stating he would have nothing to say "about that, matter you are so understand ably and predictably Interested in. "I said a week ago I tiasiM make a statement within two weeks and I will do just that." NO ANSWER Then he said * would not answer any other questions “about that topic.” ?> Asked what form his an­ nouncement would take, he re­ plied with a grin: "I’ll send a note over to the pres^ gallery end ask if you'll drop around." “Then we can relax tor a week." one newsman said. “Oh I didn't say that,” Mr. Pearson retorted. Once again smiling broadly, he said; "You fellows are too clever. I’m just an innocent vic­ tim in your hands.?. Mr. Pearson is still under pressure from key people to take his government to the people. QUEBEC WING Trade Minister Mitchell Sharp,j Finance Minister Walter Gor­ don and federal organizer Keith Davey are all urging him to call the election. They are backed up by Health Minister Judy La Marsh, Agri­ culture Minister Harry Hays. Solicitor General Lawrence Pen­ nell, and most of tire Quebec wing of the party.


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flilillf (Colonist

Victoria, B.C., Than., Sept. 2, 1#6S


Mayor’s Son’s Action [ Has Dad Wondering

Saved Him from The gun former juvenile de­ There was what appeared to Witness said he had earlier tention home guard Kenneth be i shot and Russell asking seen the youth holding the board Russell is said to have pointed the youth to “put the board and threatening he, was going down.” to hit Russell with it. at inmates saved him from ending up tai hospital, a 16year-old witness testified in city magistrate's court Wednes­ day. The witness, one of the home's inmates at the time, said but for Russell obtaining the revolver there would have been a break-out on the night of Aug. 2. He agreed with defence coun­ sel Dermod Owen-Flood the gun "fouled up plans for the escape.” "

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (UP!)—Mayor Charles Ryan must have had some second thoughts about his popularity at home Tuesday. When nine civil rights demonstrators picketed his home, Ryan’s four-year-old son, Timmy, put on his football hel­ met, grabbed a plastic baseball bat and joined the picket line.

Tug Company Expanding ' In keeping pace with B.C’s .-apidlv changing tug industry, Island Tug and Barge will spend better than $2,000,000, most of it in Victoria, on Improvements and expansion in 1966.

toiilt on the St. Lawrence River.! recent improvements are reIt was bought by Island Tug and newal of the engine of the welltowed here for completion. known towboat Island Sovereign, The spokesman'said ITB had making it the most automated several improvements and ex­ tug on Ole West Coast and build­ pansion projects ‘'on the draw­ ing at a new marine railway. ing board.” Z . ANIMALR LIKE COMPANY A company spokesman said Wednesday $400,000 of the Most recent addilionlo the Biologists say animals eat money would go toward com­ ITB fleet was the/self-loading more when in groups and a pleting a tug which will be and discharging/ barge Island fully-fed chicken will start eat­ named the Island Warrior. Yarder built b/ Yarrows Ltd., ing again if it sees another The hull of the new tug was at a cost of 650,000. Other chicken doing so.

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Russell pleads not guilty to two charges of pointing a gun. His trial continues today. The 16-year-old youth said he had been approached by two other inmates about escaping and thought he might have gone along, but he did not ap­ prove of the planned attack on the supervisor.

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The plot, he said, had been to lure Russell into the recrea­ tion room by causing a rumpus. One of the inmates would then have hit him over the head with a piece of board, his keys grabbed and an attempt made tb capture the couple of guns they knew were kept in the home's living quarters. Witness stated during the rumpus, Russell produced a cocked gun and pointed it through a partition between the kitchen and the recreation room at one of the inmate’s heads, ordering that everybody should go to bed. THREATS

The inmate was one of the two who had approached him with the break-out plan. Both youths threatened Rus•ell. "If you think you arrisurh a big man, come in here,” said witness. All except the second ring­ leader then retired and he later heard this youth and Russell arguing.

Etchells Quits Quarters Charles Etchells. fired from the superintendency at Vic­ toria’s juvenile detention home, has called off his "sit-in” in the home's living quarters. He said Wednesday he had moved out to join his wife at a trailer site while his ^money claims with his former em­ ployers arc resolved. SAI.ARY CLAIM

Mr. Etchells had earlier re­ fused to vacate the quarters on Pembroke until he had re­ ceived owed salary and other payments he is claiming. "I am now looking for a job In Victoria,” he sajs. "I feel there are other positions here where I could still be working with juvenile delinquents.” Mr. Etchells said he was ad­ vertising his availability.

Smoke Just Slash Fires PORT ALBERNI — The thick pall of smoke that has blanket­ ed the Alberni Valley for the past,48 hours cannot be blamed on the mills or on forest fires. It's actually proof that the worst of the fire danger in the woods is over. The smoke is the result of slash piles burning, ac­ cording to the B.C. Forest Ser­ vice, and it added proof that summer is -on its way out, and the fall and winter logging sea­ son nearly here.

Man Charged In Cat Case VANCOUVER (CP) — Herb­ ert Francis, 35, has been charged with causing unneces­ sary pain or suffering to an animal after police were told a kitten was thrown 30 feet onto a concrete sidewalk during a domestic quarrel.


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Today’s Dollar WOXTIUSAL-

U.S. dollar ..... Paund sterling

Moore Corp.

Toronto Industrials

NEW YORK— Canadian dollar Pound sterling .

Cl<«se 1.W17/33 —.1/33 1.00 3/16 unch. Close .92 63/64 Fl/64 2.79 6/32 +3/64

Beef Over Bacon

Lau F J« $730 Lau F 125 125 As a result of the dryest puro-; i' By HARRY YOUNG Lau Fin 63w 325 500 mer in the 14 years in which th« Leland Acklnd •-. Business Editor |iik Uk ilk Levy Apr W OIL aw w ibh S8% + k Alla Gaa Columbia Cellulose pulp mill has Levy Bpr xllO 819 17k 17k Alta Gas 1 2965 $11% US 11* F k Most housewives, vexed that Life Inv 2UI 88k 8% >k been in operation, the company's Alg Cent ISO »s 9k tk 1% 800 300 300 Life Inv w NEW YORK (Dow Jones) tlieir household dollars are not 360 Iks 64 64 i - H Algoma xd 36 36 +1 water supply is nearly but Lau Fin it 18675 W Alliance A MSS H0>4 !>% 10(4 LobCo A 30 Industrials .. 803.60. up .36 getting whiit they used to, are aSE aS£ J*~* Aiumlnl There's only enough water left 2fc(l 41IH4 10*4 10(4 - (4 LobCo B Alum 4% pr **A voicing complaints directly at 63 63 +1 50 M7(, «(, 47(4— (4 63 Fleet Mfg LubCo pr in the two lakes which supply TORONTO (CP)—A late rally 2# Ralls ................217.07, off 1.60 Alum 2 p 110 lot) 832 32 33 * 140 138 3140 Lo»>G lpr is Ford Cda the fast rising .price of bacon. Ant CP 4fc "* the mill, to last another 11 days. 59 50 75 831k 31 k 31k attempt fizzled and industrials 15 Utilities ...,. 153.27, up .03 ISO LnbG Bpr FPB-Ptoa pr Anihea A A year ago popular cuts of &■> Fk 7k 7%—k 11 F % Lob Inr >11 11 Fruehauf Rain is required before then Anthes C pr finished lower for the second 65 Stocks............... 814.62, off .56 bacon wgre selling around 60 4s. -20 625 815k 15k 15% 480 480 L<»eb M Gen Dev Arg C P pr 13% 14 100 828k »k 29k Shares: 5,890,000. Lnwney if production is to be maintained ■>' 3106 106 106 GMC 50% 50% day in a row; Anf “?. !"■ 33 5330 831 30 30% Flk >31 31 Maclean H cents a pound. 52 52 Fl% GP Mfg A ■at current levels. In the industrial list, banks 28k V k MB and PR ----1378 828k 28 •% 6% G Wire C 98 96 This week, bacon prices TORONTO list '265 265 9k »k + k Magna El 24% 25 — % Globe A led the way lower. Royal fell ★ ft . ★ J5O 250 -10 FSI 8k 8k k Maher G Bahama ranged from $1.05 to $1.13 a 23 33 X100 123 ltk 16% f k X to 75%, Imperial Commerce 77 Industrials 1.164.60, off .18 GL Paper xd 130 |23k 23k 23k — k M Leaf MiU 300 816 EARRINGS DOWN 3) $101 1(U 101 Fl pound according to cut and lo­ >74 831 831k 30k 80% F k Mass-F . 5*74 50 830k 30k 30k —1 4-S5 485 166 486 __ __ _10 GL Power 6 Golds.............. 166.32, off 1.81 22 22 Mrftrine pr H» 815k 15% 15% F k >4 to 63 and Montreal and Nova cation. One store was offering 365 asm 6iu 6i % — % Great West 100 ~ Lower milling grade of cop. 125 305 305 30'' I 117 885k 85k 85k - k MEPC 16 Rase Metals . 79.27, up .40 half-pound . packages at 55 317 I73S rtk. 73k - U Ur W Life 690 89% 9% 9k F k Scotia W. to Six and 73U. In­ 40O 818k 18k 18k - k Met Stores per ore Is stated to be respon­ ---------- 25k 25k + k Gr Wpg G 8 Western Oils 98.28, up .81 3IRI fcl 9 *i 370 813k 13k 13% F % M G F terprovincial Pipe sagged 1% to 30 , 20 — k Grey|nd cents. sible for a sharp fall in net 39 39 130 866% 68k 66k - k Molsun Axd 125 839 5ek 5hk + k Guar Tr 154.78, off .13 2750 80 76 76 —4 175 839k 39% 39k - k 87(a and Atlantic Sugar % to 108 Composites Molann B Hardee NOW DOUBLE earnings by Craigmont Mines » 9 828% 28k 28% k 300 310k 10% lt)k % KeSTSSS •gl’S’KM Montex w 25 as rumors of takeover bid Shares: 3.887.000. »% 51k • 05 85% 5k F 18M 822k 22k »k - % Mont Trst Ltd., whose big mining property One reader writes that she 6S 6k - U 20 BOO $100 100 100 1245 F4k 72k 74k Flk faded. Moore _ , 7k 7k F k Hawker pr is near Merritt. is now paying double for bacon 1030 821 k 21 21% - k 110 817 17 17-k —...................... Nat Trust MONTREAL 43 43 + % Hayes Stl Despite the index loss, some 1306 8<8% 48 48 - k 1120 817k 17k 17% J. D. Simpson, president said 29k 30 + k Home A 1945 828 27 k 28 + % issues recorded good gains and Industrials ...... .158.61, off .18 what she paid 18 months ago, 255 819 18% 18% _ u Home H 826k 36k »k the earnings for the nine montha 310 700 310 - “8k 28k 28k - k and she wants to know the NO NGas 2p 150 138 38 38 — k Home Pf held onto them, {doom Corp, Utilities ................150.84, up .32 350 14k 14k Nor Phone z90 :0k 10% 10% to July 31 were down two thirds $61% 64k w% + k HBC 17k 18 F k NW Util pr z20 880 80 80 S53 H B Oil G climbed Hi to a high of 7«4 Banks............. 122.76, off .70 reason. l 92 94 +3 300 822k 22k 22 k F U 61% 61% F % Ocean Cem from a year ago. 125 Hur Erie Th> Meat Packers Council of k look look 12 13 while Maclean Hunter gainM FBI 100 F4k 14k 14% Ogilvie xd Papers_____ .. .122.63, off .28 Husky k 24% 34k Canada which provides a mo 6oo 85 833 33 33 EARNINGS DOWN 100 600 Ont Steel Husky Dw 8k 8k Bulolu 53 53 100 |43k 43k 43k F k the same - amount to 30%. BA Composites ____ 151.46. off .14 weekly list of prices for beef 350 853 Oshawa A 23k 23k — k Husky Bpr Bums SO 269 z5 80k 9% 9% In a report to shareholders Z7 8260 Overland z» Imp Lire Oil was up % to 30, Bell Tele­ 24k 24k + k Imp on Cal Pow Shares: Industrials 128,500. .0% 10k 10k F k cattle, hogs and lamb, reports 53k 54 — k Pac Pete 2900 102 102 —1 Cal P 5 pr Mr. Simpson said net earnings phone V, to 58%, Northern On­ 1695 815k 14k 15k F k Pow Corp xd 343 13% 13% 13% -Imp Tob that hog prices are up between Can Bread «u 15k 15k Mines 1,472,860. j — Tob pr *150 86 k 6k »k 6k - k Pow C 4k prl300 17% 46% 47% F k tario Natural Gas ’A to 28 and of $1,819,874^ (36 cents) were Ind* Accep"’* 845 Can Cem 50 1200 225 225 226 -1<‘ Premium *' 845 $23% |23k rtk 3k $6 and $9 per hundred pounds Can Cem pr down, from $5,301,432 ($1.04) in Wtt 225 225 225 865 838k 38 38 - k Westcoast Transmission li to VANCOUVER Price Bro« CCC stone 150 from a year ago. In July they 1201 310k 10k If *4 F k 700 85k 5k 5k k QN Gas the corresponding nine months 34k 34k - k C D Sug 150 200 829k 29k 39k F k 1614. 100 819 19 19 Relchhold 20 Industrials 158.87 up 0.22 went up between $1.40 to $1.70 52k 52k — k Cl Fndry xd 450 200 89k 9k 9% 245 810 10 10 Revels toke The man who advised the CBA of the previous fiscal year. Obaska, trading more than 10 Western Mines 178.75 off 0.24 per hundred pounds. Other 825 34k 24k — k Can Malt z»> 321 21 21 Its) 819k 19k 19k F k Robertson 95 666k 66k 66k + k Since April 1963 Craigmont Can Perm to Invest in Atlantic was Wilfrid X125 314 14 14 820,000 sharfes, was the standout 5 Pipelines 100 78 76 76 Fl Ronald F 130.00 up 0.16 meat has changed little over 175 $35% 35* 35 CSL . 525 327 26 k 27 335 816k 16 16 Rothman P. Gregory, a former director has beeh paying "dividends at 100 »S 13 13 CAE 9 zl4 8539 532 532 Royal B ank 792 F6 75k 75k — k of speculative issues, climbing the year. Sales: 657,713. 7233 88k 8k »k . C Brew of Atlantic Acceptance and presi­ the rate of $1 a year in quarterly 1060 >62 . 62 62 Ryl Oak A zlO F0 10 10 4 to 39 cents. C Brew B pr 40 882k 52k 52k—1 325 838 * 38 38 -£0 PER CENT 2502 892k 91k 92 - k StL Cem A is dent until recently of the tra­ payments of 25 cents, "these C B Ami A lw aft is United Keno Hill, Canada's 510 831k 31 31 — % Saladn 1160 Flk Uk Uk 150 350 350 350 C BAI B>y —16 39tt S'MI •390 In July grade A hogs sold in 100 374 88»k 87k 87%-1% Sayvette vailed British Mortgage and have only partly , been earned largest silver producer, gained 230 370 370 370 -5 CB AT Aw 425 425 1475 85k 5k - 5k Sec Cap C 1050 Toronto -at $36.24 per hundred­ Trust Company. 100 J14k 14k 14k . Cdn Can A. in the period under review. ------ 6 - k 35 cents to $6.50. Denison was Selkirk A «« 'k IT 12k 100 930 930 930 +5 C Chem w KM) 812k 12k 12k — k SevenArts !k 12k 13k weight against $28.41 a year . ♦ C Colli 63 pr z25 819k 19k l»k When Atlantic collapsed, Greg­ 696 818 17% 17% - k ahead 14 to 3414. 14 14 Shell Cun 290 a» ago and against a five years 440 825k 25k 25k + k k » 30 - k Shell 1 pr Banff tacked on 15 cents to ory, who is chairman of the CBA AIRLINE HANDED OVER 49k 50 100 560 560 560 FlO 13k 13k 13k Shell Iw average of $29.62. At Winnipeg 110 29k 29k _________ 125 F3% 13% 13% F k $6.15 in a steady western oils ♦5k 5 k 5k Shop Save investment committee, offered 63 63 — k 1955 The Saskatchewan govern­ the price was $34169 against 30 46 46 —f shopper city 2H) 475 475 475 list while Giant Yellowknife was 659 10k 10k F k 963 812’. 12 12 Flk Sllverwd A « 815% 15% 15% $25.77 a year ago/and a five to resign, but the lawyers re­ ment got out of the air trans­ 621 20k 20k F k 100 F8k 18k 18k —k down % to 1414 amdng golds. 300 106 105 105 Simp Sears fused to accept it. 200 495 495 495 portation business Wednesday ano 88 8 8 1000 81716k 17 SKD Mfg year average of $27.36. OIIJS 1101 12k •-»% 850 F4 13% 14 819 k 19k 19k Slater Steel Ik nvS 17k F k when it formally handed over" Sales High Low Close 450 The percentage increase in HONORABLE MAN 250 855 855 855 Ijifarge A 100 812 12 12 Slater Aw 55 55 +1 Cdn Pete 7000 14% U 12 70 , 1394 $7 z6S F3 13k 12k 6k 6k Cem St Paxhog prices is slightly over 20 “He has been our man for a Saskair. the province's com­ 500 851 50k 50% - k LOnt Si Juhn 300 160 1883 |2Hk 24% 28 k VANCOUVER — Stocks were Furl L O Cem W 4lMi 320 815 313 —10 Steel Can Futurity 40 >37k 37 k 37k 300 43 per cent, while the increase in long time,” said Hazen Hansard, mercial air arm. F3 643k 45k 45k lakeland w 100 440 440 440 -10 Stelnbg A widely mixed in moderate trad­ -Peace iLv P 13000 1170 $9% 9‘i •k 49 50 25 832% 52% 52% F k Laura Sec 120 828 Ster Tr Purchaser of Saskair is Northe price of bacon has gone up Montreal, president of CBA. 19 150 819 19 2000 19 Fl) 821 F 21 Lau Fin 2750 ' 813% “ 13k 13% F k Suptest ord ing. Westcoast showed strength Praaper •8k R-iyal Amer ___ 1000 73 36 828% 23% 28% — k in the same period by between -'He is a fine man, an honor­ Can Air Limited, a Prince Al­ Tamblyn xd 16k 14 F5 863% 53% 53% — % at 16% after being 17, while Pa­ Ruyal Cdn Vent Sooo Texaco .16 36 F % bert private company. It will Chemc 175 p 80 and 100 per cent. 12000 40 able man” am 88% 8% 8% — k cific Petroleum was higher at Share Oils Tone Cr*-*t 53 Chrysler MLNKM paid $947,000 for die assets oper­ 1396 860k »>% *>% Tor. I>. 6k F k UNCHANGED Claim me ! He added that he did not con1750 F3% 13 13 F k 10.75 on a single trade. T Fin A Ace Mines 4woo 8 Col Cell ating licences of the crown cor­ NEW YORK 605 F2% 12k 12% T Fin B As other hog products such sider Gregory’s position as a % 25k 25% — % Volume ColCel pr Laurentide rights were active Ariingiun Silver 4ooo • Close Change Transair 500 325 33) 325 +5 poration. lieUuehem Cop Computing 603 k 21k 21k 2325 |36k 36 36 — k Tr Can PL as cottage rolls and -other cuts direotor in one of the companies 36% and up two cents at .37. Doman 25UNW Gt West Ei nan F % Blue Star 380 380 1300 10 Con Bldg 1190 820 19k 19% — % TRADERS NEED FUNDS 193100 CuntnJ Data 66k Flk Trans Mt Burnlte yo«i k <3k 43k &) Goa ms have' hanfiy increased at all, whose securities were held by preferred at 12.50 and the com­ 500 430 425 430 +5 Tru-Wall 9 —1 k 40k 40k F k 120400 Erie La<-kawanna Con Paper 1000 5u0 550 810% 10% 10% — ’ mon at 7.75 werp at recent levels Bralurne Traders Finance Corporation 23% F % Turnbull the whale brunt of the higher CBA to be a conflict of interest 3k 13 k 133b + k 106300 Vartan Asax’iates Buttle Lake Con Gas ltMM) 26 25 847 47 F k Un Accl pr unch. 67 97(00 KLM Airlines 10 410 410 +16 Coronatkm Conun Caribou JuOO 15 Fk 7% 7% hog market is being carried by with his position in the legal has secured the authority of and Growers "B” was 3.50. KMOO Amer Photo 9k - k Un Arc 2 pr z40 100 85 85 35 +3 Corun w Caribou Gold sou bi 235 8»k 29k 29k — k its “B” class shareholders to f k Un Carbide Fk Cosmos ✓ 500 812k 12k 12k-k 88600 Comwealth CM Mines were mainly lower. Casslar Oom looo thb bavon consumers. body. 18 466 829% 29k 29% Gas 82% 65900 WestlngluAise Elec - k Un Crain RL xd 200 $28%26k 26k Standard 1UU0 26 gi: Utica dipped to 2.05 and Western Cuns A year ago cottage rolls sold In his annual report to the Bar issue $800,000 of convertible Uk F k U Gas A pr 25 865 « 65 +4 56400 Tech Materiel Crown Tr Cent Potash 3500 ao 28 U Gas B pr 36% F % U Corp A 55100 SCM C«rp Crush Int 132 814k 14k 14k 4300 a to 5.10. Lornex was off 13 cents Cupper Suo 23 34 locally at 69 cents a pound. This Association, Gregory said* “At­ first preferred shares, and has 22% 40 425 425 425 38300 Amer B12 % 12% 12% Fk - k Well Fin B 100 85k 5k 5k One consumer commented regret this loss occurred during ,„R, M. Willmott, president, 99'* Mt Dofasco p 135. Mil KtMilaR Pets 150 85k 5k 5% rian Chieftain at .83 and Silver G«m 500 WeU Fin tc 23 my chairmanship of the invest­ I>m Glass 14k 14kthat it was clear that the bacon 200 285 295 285 * 7% Galaxy »O(A) 54 f k West Ind M said that the extra equity finan­ 4203 Brazilian Dom Lime 5k 6k West Ind A 960 425 F0 ■ 425 FlO Standard at 1.31 both made Giant Mascot 500 150 users were being forced to pay ment committee.” I) Marries 10 cing was required to maintain 5102 816% 16% 16kF% gains. Westcoast 36% 26* + % JSfloT^hemcell Gnarasle k 800 233 35k 26* F k D>m Storet F0 840 40 4fl F Grand uc Power Corp pfd - k Wettfair for the entire increase In the 7iW 543 543 the company's reserves for un­ pomtar k 19k 19k Share Oil was active at .40 and Hues) m 70 828% 28% 28% Westfalr pr J.90 3K» Genuine Auto 500 .. 24 WET TOWN GOING DRY 80k 31 F k Dom Text hog prices. secured borrowing. 1«5 819% 19k MW „ Weston A Hawker Hurley 5k •XXit) .. 28 Peace River at .50. 66 - k Du Pont 500 820% 20% 20-k + k Weston B 33% Jericho AWtlbi It is not often the people of) Once the permission of the IbdoO .. 34 “There is no substitute for Bk Fl Econ I SAP 166 897% Fk Fk 4.35 Wstn 4k pr Jersey 1000 .. 2600 Greenberg 11 88k Flk Eddy Mtch ano 8io% ink 10k — % bacon,” she said, “but cottage Prince Rupert have to whistle “A" shareholders is secured, West Awts Kamkxip* 300 41 s5(l 812 12 12 Emco Z20 825% 25% 25% Woodwd A «cnuo Patricia London Pr id* 2300 17 54 8235 231 384 -1 rolls, hams and pork are com­ for rain, but they are doing it -parrot the new issue will be put Kmp Ufa 300 130 130 130 —I Y Knit B 24 MONTREAL (CP) — All sec­ Lornex 36n tions declined In moderately ac­ 54 847 47 47 k Zellers pr 30 Fl ) Band, re Cop 1000 185 825 25 26 41 Fam the meat packers are subsidiz­ 300 315 310 815 FlO F k Zenith ) Porcupine lnneyt (kid _ _ 3300 150 Fk 7k 7k tive trading with the exception 13 Fed Gi Mid West Cop 4.301) ing these items at the expense F of utilities. Mt Pleasant 200 220 of the bacon consumers.” Wash Cup 15500 43 40 40 Dominion Textile fell 14 to 3014 Mt Nat Exp 3X«K) 18 16 17 She added "Bacon and eggs and Canada Cement 14 to 5314. New Cmnin B 6300 33 32 32 are a must in many homes. Cot­ 300 30 Moore Corp, added one point to Northkxlffe New Imperial >2300 145 130 313 tage loaves and pork are not.” 344M) 14% 14 N Senator 9' . New Indian 700 9 74. Net 4300 17 16 16% Donalda 34 1000 34 New Taku 43 NW Venture* ★ ★ -a PAD 2633 « 14 stock •, Kales His* Low Closa ClCsa Duraine Bank of Nova Scotia dropped Pert MB 13 13 Nick Rlra 705 5*410 1425 710 27 22 East SuU 2-.’% NEW MANAGER 36662 31k 30k Fk Flk Accra 13 9500 15 Norlex 460 1440 10W) F Mar 33 % to 73 and Royal % to 7514. Quatrtno 200 496 490 4» -5 Advocate 440 440 < Hiltw S'ToSfiL. 16k 2000 36 35 35 Fm®o*ur — 4 900 127 122 IF Agnt7 TORONTO (CP) —Jack Commodore, Rscan Photo“ F5 Obaska Bridge 3000 Glen Exp FOWO 34 17k 20 Fl George, announced here the ap­ Ansll 53700 21 to 2314 and MacMillan Bloedel Tayl'ir 7.) 71 Fl 1500 71 O’Brien _ _ _ Fl Goldray 65 Torwest 7160 n 61 Tramiel, president of Commo­ Copy Corp. Ltd., and Jockey 75 75 US0 75 Area 9 soon 9 O’Leary 9% B6 290 395 Fl pointment of Garth Griffiths, 51, 4100 14 to 2814. Fraser was off 14 to 9 Trokn Cons J7OO0 no 10 9k 9k 9k - k Gortdrura Arjon dore Business Machines Can­ Club Ltd. He said the inquiry 557 895 890 Opemiska S3 36 Fl 1F66 36 305 5592 m 21(6 2T F F F k Goldrim Argosy as manager of its staff services 450 450 430 31 and-B.C. Forest added 14 to Utica 81500 24k 22k 34 F k Orchan M'.(T7 14% 12% 34 Vananda 31 sr - k Grandroy ada Ltd. of Toronto, says he has been continuing for 2 la Armor* CHisko 42 Fl 42 42 iff) 545 545 -10 550 360 division. He succeds John J. Granduc Van Metrt* 2000 36 19 ao -1 2614 A Arcadia 180 170 180 f5 doesn’t know when production ) months. 5000 9 8 8k- % Pam.xir West Beaver 2»W)0 16 I 4k 4k - k Gulf L A Arcad BW KMM) 12 Carson who resigned last month I’arM Mffi 12% 13 k Bell Telephone rose 14 to 5814 Gunnar 28100 212 IF 300 -2 West Mine* 520 510 510 115 126 136 will start on a calculating' Mr. Kimber also said the AH c Coo 825 825 M Patino _ 355 3® F5 1500 280 Gran Isle to chair Canada's Civil Service 400 MAIN Aunor and B.C. Telephone 14 to 6414. 31 >1 33 12k 12k 12k F k Pax Int machine promoted last De- commission is continuing an Hard Rock 30 1200 30 Bankeno 21 21 a% Pee Expl BC Tel rts 93 93 92 Commission. Mr. Griffiths was Calgary Power added 14 to 2414. 915 820 310 815 Fl 48 Ba rex 1400 48 cember in a European Invest-) investigation of A n a 1 o gue, n 11 Peerless BC Tel 4.89 pM 24% 8S4IO 15k 15 13k ^1} 3300 72 71 Ba mat formerly with the B.C. Power Senior oils were ahead with 8% 10 Cdn Brew 400 713 690 T15 Fl> 8% ment advisory service letter! whose shares were suspended Baska 2MI 10k 10 58% CatXtnJ Estates r*% 450 375 8Fk F% Fk k Commission in Victoria. BA up 14 to 30 and Shell 14 to 38k 38 Belcher 34 54 -1 as a reason to buy Commo-1 from the Toronto Stock ExCenierxitai Mlge 20 225 385 |67% F% F%- k F19 n so Belleterro 45 45 F2k 18. Imperial dropped 14 to 54. Crush 110 14% 7000 7 7 7 Fl Hu-Pam dore shares. ) change May 14 because it was 810 606 606 —8 Bethlm 990 9M) —10 <06 7T5 3) 3) 500 • » Hydra Ex LAWYERS HIT TOO Metals were lower. Interna­ Damns 3500 7k 7k 7k BCWMR 47 44 Fl Dumans pfd The advisory letter, Interna-) suspected more than 200.000 495 17% 2900 114 110 no Int Blbls 1000 48 48 48 —1 Big Name 15k 14 14 Growers Wine ] tional Nickel dropped 14 to 92 a» 350 145 143 144 6750 Int Helium Among those licking their tional Financial A d v is o r y ) shares of the company's stock 1»M 500 490 500 F 5 Bralome 14k 14k 14k rta 12902 38 55 37 41 and Noranda 14 to 48. Hollinger Laurentide 5200 15k 15 15 — k I Kehvlll* llOOO 41 Be«ul Reel 25% 24 24 -3 laurentide Ftnan »V) 33% wounds as a result of losses in Service, said Commodore had) had been Illegally distributed.. 3900 175 174 175 Bmnswk 7(* 814k 14k 14k F % Iran Bay 810% 10% 10% — i slipped 14 to 2714. In the pri­ Massey-Fera 1710 30% 30% 30% the Atlantic Acceptance failure, 230 2»r 235 550 Im» 15t»» 43 43 42 Bunker R 112 107 IF —I perfected a machine to sell at Commodore once controlled Okanagan HeU F«w S10 S(O S'O 13% 12 20125 14 .la.cbU’ 9k 9 9k Cadamet 21 JO maries. Algoma fell 14 to 64 Okanagan 191 191 —4 Tel 300 30 are the members of the Cana­ between $2,000 and $3,000. J ay e Ex* 14k 14k 14k Flk Analogue but sold ^11 of its Carpflo 14000 150 152 -1 Pacific Pete 100 30% » 20 19 Fl 1500 Jelex and Aluminium 14 to 2714. Steel 415 FB Camp Chib 1800 425 dian legal profession. 7k 9 -k However, Mr. Tramiel said interest last year. Mr. Tramiel Sun Puhtlsh A an 8 - % 24 8% 8 Joburke C Tung 3iM» 100 818k 17% 18k F k of Canada lost 14 to 2814. 5M Fl Scott Paper 307 57 2»»% 60 The Canadian Bar Association the machine has not been ad-j resigned as Analogue chairJoliet Cam Mines 3i*4 19 16 16 WOO Fk Fk Fk —1 Traders Finan A TO 32% 13 16% 17 —1 Jnnsmitb Machinery issues advanced 46 149 F C Dyno 700 149 31200 72 70 F Fl Westcoast Com 1H25 37 16% 16% held $40,000 of short-term notes vertised in Canada and the! man early this year. Joutel 106 1(6 105 C Faraday 4355 330 WO 330 F 8150 760 730 755 +15 with Massey-Ferguson up 14 to 790 790 70 —6 Kerr Add in the bankrupt firm, and also only Canadian announcement) ---------------------------C Jamieson 200 109 IW 109 9 9 9 330 325 330 FV Rowan Con 12ono 30%. 15k 15k - % K Aancon Ryanor Uk uk Uk 200 preferred shares of the com­ of it was at the company's) 42 F4 • 40 K Desmond 2596 43 17 17 -1 F 25 F -1 200 8U% U% U%- k Salem Kllembe pany which cost the Bar Associ­ annual trade fair in Hanover,) San Ant 22 22 F Fl KMN) 14k Ilk 14k Kirk Min Satellite 12k 12k 12k 9000 19 18k 1« Fl Kopan ation $5,370. Die lawyers wUl get Germany, last spring. 3201) 139 135 135 325 Oik 31k Slk- k Sheep CT NEW YORK (AP) — A new Lab Min 2900 835 830 630 IFAS successfully urged ) WINNIPEG most, if not all of their money 54)15 W4k 13% 14 - % Sherritt L Dufault Silverfield 200 275 F5 F5 proposal for rail mergers ----- 31 30 30 ” Open High Low C1OS6 I^kehead back on the notes, but the pre­ Europeans early this year to) Max Sllvmaq 108225 S4k 30 33 F2 14 14 DM October 7-M% 295% 294% •295% L Osu 3500 II Iff 16 F k brought sharp moves to the is­ S1I MHler ferred shares are held to be a buy thousands ot shares of December 39 1400 39 39 ' 294% 294% 292% 293% Johns Man Close 51% S' AM 3700 135 133 133 Stl Stand —2 sues involved but the stock Alliss Clwd 10 1000 10 10 3(il% 299% 299% .100 22% Kaiser Alum 5S% Head loss. Commodore and its former May 500 F0 268 268 Fl Slscoe 4KI 480 Leitch Rye Kennecott 110% market as a whole was mixed. Allied Chem 48 Stanrck 500 SP 90 90 subsidiary, Analogue Controls Ortotier Lora. Io 1400 141 140 140 125% 126 125% 125% Alcoa Tl% L and N 78% Starratt 7000 4k 4k 4k 10O21MI 37 35 36 - k Steep R A few score more issues rose Amer Air 126% 126 126%' 126 53% Leesona 24% Inc., of Hicksville, N.Y., a pro­ December 4675 F5 665 •75 250 -5 2IW0 250 55% May 331% 132% 131% 132 Can Litton 103 than fell but the popular aver­ Am 6000 Fk 23 3650 225 220 220 -15 Sud Cont ducer of electronic equipment. Am Mijvjra Barley— 9k Lockheed 49 M Sullivan 800 461 480 7X 80 F4 24600 80 ages of key stocks told a con­ Amer SAIl Kk Mack True •5% October 129% 130% 129% 131 1000 14 13 13 UNDER INVESTIGATION Manoka MS 1000 11 u 11 - k Sunburst December Am TAT 67 128% 128% 128% 12-% Manufn 48 875 500 500 500 Teck Corp flicting story, Marchant 2300 355 344 350 F8 Am Tobacco 41k 129% 129% 129% 129% May Merck 62% F««l 139 135 136 Texmont J. R. Kimber, director of the 3000 7k Marc, in 7k 7k Ampex 17% Oats The proposed merger of Ches­ Minn MM M Cons Brewls 1378 Thom L 500 44 44 44 254M) 70 6S 70 MarAn Anaconda xd •4k 85% 86 85% 86 Mensanto 82% Ontario Securities Commis- October C Callinan HMjo moo U2 iu 111 apeake and Ohio and Norfolk Armour 960 816k 1<% 16% — k TnmblU Mattgml 39 Mt M% 84% M% December Mint W ard 32% C Fen sno Torbrit looo a ~5i a Maybrun 2510 12k 12k 12k Giradjear Tire and Kabber o( Canada, Atchison Top May 85% 85 85 85% Motorola KB CG Arrow 24k ,Mk 34k — k McAdam 6500 17 17 17 F k and Western—with five smaller Am EIc Pr Tormont 10200 U0 104 no f 7 tsnnxsi 61. payable Sept 30; record Rapeseed 9700 54% Nal Airlines 91 C Halil ‘ • 34 -• 34 F k 5«0 22S F9 223 F> Tribag 370 — “• 64 83k Hk — k Mcintyr* carriers invited to come in — BAO RR >4% 58% iepL 11); xd Sept. 8; preierred 50 cenw. 218% 220 e 218% 22b% NY Cent November 6330 435 430 ■430 C Mogul 1000 10 10 10 Trin Chib 1000 8 8 6 87% McKen Beth Steel January 216 NewnveX as 217% 215% 217 C Morrison 565l Sept. 13 78% Cont Oil Oatsrw 47 While War 43k 46 Fl Ryl IMrh 39% Del A Hudson 31% ly , Reptember < nnadlao Fond Fn-tucr., ftret pre­ •7% 67% <6% 67 i «» 168 168 169 Yk Rear Scott Paper 35 Delta 91% 68% 68% «7% 88% ferred 75 cents, sectxtd preferred 37(4 Merritt; B.C. December Among active gainers were Detroit Edison ’A Yukeno 1700 6 Rears Hop 67 4k 4k - k March cena^paswbte Oct 1; recurd Sept. »; 69% 69% 69% t6 t ftnmse 35k M 35k F k Control Data, up 14, Varian As­ Doug Aircraft 51 17% Shell Trans Nippon has a 60 per cent hold­ Soybeans 22M« Fk F F F2 Zulsrw Socvny 87% Dover 48 September .251% TORONTO 254% 251% 254% 5 cents, p*}'- ing and will be operatoihof the sociates, up 14, American S Csl Ed 38% Dow Chem Madill wu November All Cdn Cuen 654 717 100 216% 248% 246% 248% - Bid Southern Par 39% *bie Oot. 1; record Sets. JO; xd Sept. 8. group to be known as the Cin­ Janua Pont 230% ry Bosch-Arma, up 114 and Com­ Du NS UtfX irfd 90 25 RT 93 250% 251% 249% 251% Allied Tele 15 All Cdn Dv xd 955 security Capital. J B” 6 cent*, pay­ Southern RR 56% EAM Ind 821 Nor Tel pfd 20% derella Mining SyndigAt^. I Amer Grisv 477 Asu-ahrun U 14 12% able Sept 30; reoxd Sept 15; xd SepL monwealth Oil, up 14. East Kodak Cda Growth 509 6£*S NW U/e 7 10 W 15 Brafemac K Sperry 73% 13. El Paso Stand Calif The Japanese j}3r:n HU com­ CIF 410 449 OK Hell pfd NM Base Metals 9 6 .8% 10% Ford^lotor Stand Oil NJ 74%. 53% National Grocers, common 15> cents, OK Heli conv 10% 10% • l/m rinse Cfc'gs 25 Cdn Trusteed 486 18 Bn/wn McD Gen Sun OH <2 preferred 37k cents, payable OoL 1; mitted to spend 5225,000 on the <55 OK Tel pfd Collect Fund ete 7% 1200 Fk 26 F Canler 8% Acme Gt 45% Gen Swift Co xd reourd SepL 24; xd Sept. 22. Aasd Elec 45s. Aasd News 22s. Bab­ property over theFext two years Almlnex 900 1168 Pac Gaa Tr 196 390 39O ConunonwMh Chance 14% u 78% Texaco cock A Wilcox 32s «d. Blyvoors 28s 4kd. Gen BOO 504 Pac W Air 250 Am Leduc Corp Inv 638 240 Comstock 10 F 62 . u a 11 and must spend $150,000 on the a Texas Gulf Angin U D Bowaters 46s 4%d, Brit Am Tob Me 4%d, Gen 81 U MS A 3WJ5 21 10 Seaboard Ufa Cdn Javelin Tex=s Instr 136 Brit Motor* Ila 7%d. Brit Oxygen 9% Goodyear 561 616 Std i'uel pfd 41 Asamera 2200 136 138 136 Fl 32 35 Center Hill DIS B project before it can elect to 50 Tidewater 39% Banff MOO F 23 Brit Petroleum Ltd 50s 10%d. Burmah Grace Line 437 a Ducn Comp 470 10 15 C'opi»ertude snvm Un Carbide 64% continue or suspend operations. Calvert 4700 3S 2$3 xi -2 Oils 49s 4%d. Can Pac >122. Charter Granby Mns 16’ 367 I 8 Don Div 341 Evenlod* 53’ Grt Northern Untd Airoraft 81% Dom. of Can. CALGARY (CP) — Trade was ffcRve. CS ‘ Pete 1»« 324 220 2.1) —2 Cona 20e 3d. Courtaulda 18s 4%d. Dagga- Gulf Oil Dum Equity 2385 2«4 15 }8 Ganda 99% 99.85 C Ex Gas 3% 65 Untd Airlines 78% Choice steers ». 50-34.30. gond 22.50* 300 161 160 161 Fl fonteln As Id, Int Pub Corp 16«. De Beers 33 l>reyfus 30 Hucamp XI49 3455 THE CANADA TR18T COMPANY 41% 9n% 95% C Homestd F00 124 38.30. medium 20.30-22.35; rt»xue henJen D>.» 5 69 Vnton OH 47 120, SO 181* 3d. Distillers 23s 64. Dunlop 26s Herts 90 Entarea 14-61 1+56 ln.llan Mtn SUH19% 19% 19% +0% JL 50-32. JO. f>«i J0-3L25. medium 18Du 5 88 Un Par xd Europe Grow 620 10 12 678 l%d. Elec A M 22s 9d. Free St Geduld Honeywell Juma 87 19.75; r>od owi 1150-14.60, medium 373* RIFON ROAD Do 5% 69 100% 1(0% Cent Del Unilever 37% lfiffl >U% U 11% 10 7 First O A G 540 591 148s 9d. C^n Elec 3S« >d. Gt Unlv Strs Kuk Basin p XO H Every >16** esrreatly laveated by 93% 94% Dome Pete Do '4% 72 30% L2.25-13.5o. twaners and cutters »• 16 " 16 - k 44s 9d.(.Hawker Slddrtey 32x 10%d. Hud­ Houston LAP **' . US Borax 455 5 Group Inc 416 Csah offer* will be received to. 12 3 Latum AlrUrla Mortgage m aeeared by an Int Hsrvesteir 35% US RywFrt 13; r«>d bulls L5.5o-J7.aj. noon <.'n>Tnmn Do 5% 75 100% 10W» -<•--< 9T5 97 -Dynamic Fl 84 86 Grow Eq 460 303 son's Bay 971. Imp Chem 43s l%d. Imp Tnt Nickel 13. 1961, for Lunccho average sf >a.**S Real Estate. A Wk Du 4% 93 90 90% US Rubber 61% 300 F0 FO -8 Fargo 6 9 Grow O A G 1174 Tob 53s. Metal Box 51s. Rand Mines 90s Inter Tel the purchase of thia residential prop­ Lake McIver clear vlary is told a best ear 7% 55% 96% Do 5% 90 US Steel 49% Fr Pete 373 425 46M 425 F5 73 80 Guardian 431 lkd. Rolls Royce Ms 3d. Shell Oils SOs IBM erty. Manner and 7«%% Debaatsres la ear prssCNR 4% <7 99 40 99.70 Gr Plains 52% nal txiyer* with the odd e\+»xi order Westghse son 111% S' 11% - % 8d. Steel of Wales 20s 7kd. Stewart A Inti Mutual 541 W 589 75 Moly HU peetss. Peel free te dlaeeae year Inland Steel The hlffhest or soy offer not neces­ Do 4 SI 84% 86 Gridoil Woolworth 27% Prices were stead?. Good feeder steers 1S» 86 86 -3 Inv Growth 859 934 Nat Malartic rt 41 Lloyd Fa 6d. Tanganyika Us lOkd. Junes A L 2L. 75-22 70, axnnvei bo medium 1A-JL50. Invevtaeewt re«stremeate wttk Deng sarily accepted _ <----Do 5% 85 He% 104% 189% Xerox MU1 City 12000 <2 58 62 F2 538 Inv Mutual 495 6 . 8 New Larie Vickers 22s 9d. Wodworth 19s lkd. Ina Hawkee, Mortgage Rrefcer aad J.-I. Caw Do 5 87 54% 96% N Davies irww> 21 Zenith 81% Osruncei to medium stock calves were leverage a 21 45 977 ion For full particulars apply 43 Bonds: Brit Iks €38 U/16 fxd). Brit Nipimn M Investmeat Cenaseller. >4 years la 98% 101% Nor Am Gs 2500 66. 68 BCE 5% n 69 545 45« Fl Mutual Acc Plateau 3%s War L-«ns <51%, Brit Fundings 4a Hoes sold stead)’ at 32.90 A grade xS TH1 CANADA TRUST COMPANY Vteterla real estate. Obtala pr*sDo 6 M 99% 102% NC Oils 6(« 340 MO 340 K71 Mutual Bund 8X1 120 R ibin RL 1980-90. £92 3/16. i dressed Rtwhs h6 ffMR 30 aBve Ixunbs 666 View Street. peetse, 617 Pert. 964-7126. 90% 93% Numac BC Tel 5 83 400 130 130 130 6no Mutual BIF 573 101 M Sirmae wrv kiwer und*«r naj-nrw demand wuh Financial Times index 30 industrially Phone 362-1111 98% 100% Oaklta Du 5% 85 1000 12% 12% 12% 301 Mutual Inc 631 690 25 Silver Key 319.0, ott 1.8. g«jud 17.50. Bell 5% 94 99 101 Perrno 1190 27 37 27 —1 » Naxrusco U22 1172 15 Stump Mns 1000 <1 48 Do 6% 78 102% 304% Plate 48 Fl' 17% 17% 17% + % ) MCIXTREAl. ft+I - forewn exMI9CKIXAN EOm 1+5 1» Cbaiawuy Issues ............................. 553 Spuuner Calgary has purchased eight: 33 22% 22% F % ■ Anglo-C Tei A 108 30 CaUx Ssssines. H.takluh»t l»S9 Advances ..."7*.... 139 , .169 ) change rates (complied by the Bank Triad 6ll 663 247 243 J4S -1 130 B of W Ods 15 136 Ilk W Mines unit 106% Cultus Canadian oilfiqld supply stores ) Declines ..................... 396 717 !-19% 19% 19k F k Can. Canner B U% PIPEIJNEK. ETC. 73 Austria- 'sohilkng' 4.19% i-mta. Cot River Unchanged ................ 239 22* KOO 15 Unixpher 15 15 from Jones and Laughlin,, the 125 Calg Pwr pM HI 83 Que NG 5 k 95 92 k »% Lonwk New highs .......................... 10 5 | Beigiiwn franri 2 17% cmt». MO 305 305 305 GFOdnOil Snd Uk 12% Tr Can 5.95 87 99% wo% L‘ Canso ‘pxindi 3.03 200 Pittsburgh steel manufacturing I New lows MarWex -13 15 j Britain 1)10 13« IF ' 137 Vancouver Stock Exchange CzertsMtovakua cnawn' Jrtak, oene.« Island Tug pfd Ilk Wcstoast A 99% W2% Wshume New Wellingtn 20 W Peralta 3930 355 345 VO company. NEW YORK iJenmark 'knjoe' 15.57 aenta Madill com 325 Dr» conv 103% 105k Nor Pacific « W Dei-al wti 750 1T1 165 IF Toronto Stock Exchange Frwt"* 'frartk' J2.06 uenta. . Wed. .Tucs. The stores supply equipment Germwvj • maik • 38 94 omta. Montreal Stock Exchange Issttcs 3367 3359 H Klanri ■ guilder • JO.flC rents. to oil companies. Stock quotations apart from Canadian Press Toronto Egg Market Advances ............................ 573 563 Itady •lirai .1731 of a rent. Canadian Stock Exchange W2 5-jo trading are supplied by Janies Richardson & Sons, Hagar Cardwell now owns 14 such) Declines .......... MexUv* (peso) 8.65 rents. Producer \C! Resale At Vlrtoriff— ............... 291 276 N\jrway < krone) 15-1.1 cents Investments ?Ad„ Hugh Mackay A Co.. Canadian Invest* I stores making it the second Unchanged Royal Trust Building • 612 View Street, Victoria, B.C. Grade A large ... 35-» ' 50 51 New highs .................... jo 36 Sweden • 'kn«vor» 20.88 oentv Grade A medi um . 34-35 46-47 largest firm in the business in j New lows ............................ 7- .35 ment Dealers’ Association, A. E. Ames ft Co., T. H. Burns Sjrtzzierlan 1 • franc» SOI nenta, Telephone: Evergreen 3-4171 %rad» A small US. '«l-»llar 1.07%. ) western. Canada. ft Co. and Pemlterton Securities Ltd. Grade B'.s........ .......... 20 I V^iezueia. X 09 cents. Net


ales High taw C lose Ch’ge 4766 11* US 1106 8o% 440'440

Quotations in cents unless marked >. r—Odd lot. xd Ex-divldend. xr—Exrights. xw—Ex-warrant*. Net change b from previous board-lot ekaing •ale.

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Grinds at Top Speed CIUDAD JAUREZ, Mexico (UPI)—This bor­ der town’s three civil judges awarded 8,456 divorce decrees in the first seven months of 1965, averaging more than 20 degrees per judge per day, it was announced Wednesday. ,

With the retirement of M. time and talent and who was on Filling the position Is the reFrank Hunter as city clerk and the verge of retirement. I sponsibllity of the city- manthe promouon .of his assistant. Morran Waller, to the post, the No. 2 spot in the clerk's de­ partment is still vacant. Mr. Waller took over Mr. Hunter’s office Wednesday and a sign on the door of the vacated office reads: "For Rent. Apply Next Door.”

The Wailers, American re­ cording artists, will sing their million-selling Tall Cool One at the Scope today, Friday and Saturday. The Wailers’ most recent bid

for the top of record charts is She's a Dirty Robber, chosen hit of the week by a Vancouver radio station. The group will also sign auto­ graphs at the Hudson's Bay Company each afternoon.

The Scope has lifte 1 age bar­ riers for tlie performance. Bobby Faulds and the Strang­ ers, fresh from the PNE Teen Fair, will perform at the Scope Sunday.


STAFF OR THREE With the position of assistant city clerk not filled the office is operating with a staff of three, Mr. Waller and two de­ partmental secretaries. Mr. Hunter offered last week to continue on for another month in order that the work load, far behind schedule, could be mastered but the offer was de­ clined with thanks.




IMPOSITION UNFAIR It was unfair, said Aid. Michael Griffin, chairman of the eivic service committee, to impose the city's problems one who has given so ably

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Frank Hunter, who retired Tuesday after 38 years as city clerk and who has been sug­ gested as a candidate for the mayoralty this year, was not prepared Wednesday to make ehv statement in the matter. The proposal that Mr. Hunter run for office was made Tues­ day night at a farewell dinner for the veteran civic, employee, by ex-mayor Claude Harrison.




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THURSDAY • Optimist Club of Victoria, 500 Fort Street. 12:10 p.m. O Father Leon Belanger will address Rotary Club of Vic­ toria. Empress Hotel, 12:10 p.m. • Lance Whittaker will ad­ dress Kiwanis Club of Oak Bay, Oak Bay Beach Hotel, 6:15 p.m.

Armless Driver Taking Lessons NOTTINGHAM. England (Reuters) — Britain's first footsteering auto driver is taking lessons here, preparing herself for a specially-designed invalid car being built by the ministry of health. The armless driver. Misa Mary Sullivan of Notting­ ham, will operate signals in the car by the use of her shoul­ ders.

Card Tearing Brings Jail WASHINGTON (AP) — It now is a federal crime to tear up or mutilate a U.S. draft card. The punishment: Five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The new taw; signed by President Johnson, grows.out of the recent destructiisv of draft cards by some pacifists.

X ■\


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Victorians Take PNE Honors



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CONTENDERS Others who have been men­ tioned as possible contenders are Aid. Millard Mooney, Aid. Geof­ frey Edgelow and Aid. A. W. Toone.

Victoria horses entered at the Pacific National Exhibition are collecting their share of showring honors at the big fair in Vancouver this week.' South Pacific, a nine-year old ex-race horse, owned by Robert and Marjory Shanks, 4111 Cedar Hill, wax named champion fe­ male, came first in yel



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NON-COMMITTAL Mr. Hunter admitted Wednes­ day he has been approached to run but added his decision de­ pended on several variables and he was not prepared to commit himself at the moment. * He intimated his decision would hinge on just who else would be a candidate for the mayoralty.




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Mon'$ Regent-Knit

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Dodgers Dumped Twice


ThurUoy, SeFt. 2, IMS

Cincinnati’s Turn To Lead Chase S'*




Los Angeles Dodgers played their two aces in that torrid National League pennant race last night, got trumped twice by Pittsburgh’s charging Pirates, and dropped into second place, one percentage point behind Cincinnati Reds. The Pirates, in fifth place but only 2(4 games out, made their move by sweeping a Uoubleheader from the Dodg­ ers. and they did it tlie .hard way. First they went 11 innings to heat Sandy Koufax, 3-2. Then they took on the other half of the Dodgers' one-two pitching punch, beating Don Drysdale.

MATIOXM. ucsoi r. w Is 74 U 75 38 Ixm Angeles ... 7S 57 San Fnu»cl»<» . 73 ft) TJ •w kt 67 •7 SC Ixxito Kt 73 < hlrago 3M 44 •I

2-1, for their 10th victory in 11 games. Koufax had one small conso­ lation. He struck out 10 men. giving him 313 for the year and breaking his own National League record of- SOS, set in 1963. Now he's shooting for the major league mark of 348. set by Bob Feller of-Cleveland in 1946.

AHKRK VX Llltll fc Pc<. .Ml .5ft) .55M .Mi ..MI .519 .300 .4CI .4X1 .334

W 83 7« 71 73 73 M M

GBL .MlnnesoU .......... Chicago ...................... Baltimore ........ ......... t Cleveland ................— ....................... t'4 Detroit 3'l New 7orlt .................... l.oit Ingeteq ......... 8 Maohlnxlon ...........— 13 Koaton 17 aitt Kansas City .................



51 4N

Vernon Law won the second game—his 16th victory—with a seven hitter, and Bill Virdon, who had homered in the first game, scored the winning run for him in the eighth when Dodger shortstop Maury Willis fumbled a ground ball by Manny Mota Meanwhile the Reds were taking two from Milwaukee Braves, who have slipped to fourth by losing eight of their last nine games. They won the first game, 7-6, with two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning as Deron Johnson hit two homers. And they took the second game, 2-0, on a five-hitter by Jim Ma­ loney and a home run by Tony Perez. GIANTS IDLE

Over Bat Incident -


Roseboro Suing Marichal, Giants


—--------------------------- ... ___- -

PITTSBURGH (AP)-Catcher John Roseboro of Los Angeles Dodgegs said Wednesday night that he is suing Juan Marichal and San Francisco Giants as a result of the pitching star’s batswinging attack 10 days ago. Roseboro, here for the Dodg­ ers’ series against Pittsburgh Pirates, issued a statement in whiil. he said he had instructed his Los Angeles attorney to in­ stitute the suit against Mari­ chal and the Giant organization "for the unprovoked attack made upon me at Candlestick Park on Aug. 22." In Los Angeles, Roseboro's attorney, Leo Brantoh, Jr., said a complaint had been filed in Superior Court against Mari­ chal and the Giants, asking $10,000 in general damages and $100,000 in exemplary and pu­ nitive damages. Marichal said "I wish I had that much, halt that much, quarter that much." In the explosive brawl, Mari­ chal struck Roseboro on the head with a bat-opening a twoinch gash. Warren Giles. National league president, suspended Marichal for eight playing days and fined him $1,750. The sus­ pension ended last night. The Dodgers and Giants, in­ volved in the tight National League pennant race, have two more games this season—in Los Angeles Sept. 6 and 7. Giles has forbidden the Giants, from taking Marichal to Los Angeles for the series. In his statement, Roseboro said he' was bringing legal ac­ tion not only because of the at­ tack, but also because Mari­ chal "set a J bad example “for millions of baseball fans” and


because Marichal has "at­ tempted to defend and justify his outrageous conduct" in re­ cent statements. Marichal has said he was provoked into the fight with Roseboro. He has alleged the battle was triggered when the catcher ticked him on the ear with a ball in a throw back to pitcher Sandy Koufax. Mari­ chal also has said Roseboro threatened him.


San Francisco Giants, who were ready to start Juan Mari­ chal for the first time since his eight-day suspension, had their game with Philadelphia Phillies called after a wait of almost two hours in the rain. They'll play twice today. The Giants are only half a game out of the lead, and have lost one game fewer than the Reds and two fewer .than the Dodgers. In other National League ac­ tion, Houston Astros took two from New York Mets, 4-1 and 8-5, and St. Louis Cardinals blanked Chicago Cubs, 9-0, be­ hind Tracy Stallard’s three-hit­ ter. At one stretch, Stallard re­ tired 14 men in a row. TWINS CRUISING

Meanwhile, Minnesota Twins cruised along undisturbed atop the American League. Tony Oliva, returning after a week's absence, hammered two doubles and a single in the Twins’ 5-2 victory over Detroit, But the Twins lost third-base­ man Rich Rollins with a pulled leg muscle and catcher Earl Battey with a jammed finger. In Kansas City, Bill Bryan and Wayne Causey smashed home runs, lifting the Athletics to a 4-3 victory over Cleveland In­ dians. Bryan smashed one 440 feet over the centre field fence with two on in the second inning to wipe out a 2-0 Cleveland lead, and Causey homered in the sixth. Willie Kirkland’s seventhinning single scored the tie­ breaking run as Washington Senators beat Boston Red Sox, 8-7, in a game interrupted by rain for 40 minutes. WILD ONE Jose Cardenal’s two-out single in the 12th inning scored Bob Rodgers with the winning run as Los Angeles Angels edged New York Yankees 7-6 in a game filled with nine errors. The Yankees committed seven errors, and in addition had two runners picked off. NATIONAL IfAGlF. Houslan ------ 000 001 (WO-1 7 0 New York 3)0 000 02x—I 5 0 Coomta, 0-2. Cuellar (I), Taylor m and Brand; Jackson, 717. and Schaffer, betwixt game: Hourton . . 503 (Wi ouo-s in 2 .New York . 100 031 00Q-5 U 3 harrell, 9-9, Giusti i6» and Adlesh; Gardner. 0-1. Mooreheod <4>, Parsons (6>. Richardson <7». Eilers <8» and Cannizzaro. Stephenson «7». Home runs: Houston—Staub (Mfch). Gentile (L3th and L6th).


St. Louis ................. 021 000 150-9 It 0 Chicago .... 000 000 000-0 3 2 Stallard 9-6 and MeCarver; Jackson 12-17. Hoeft <7), McDaniel <8>, Koonce «»» and Bailey. Krug <5). Home run: St Louis—Skinner <5th).

John Alden Knight •nd

rKXrd AWas

—William A. Boucher


Lunging goalie Don II nil Is beats Victoria's Ron Zilkie (10) to loose ball



New Westminster Junior Lacrosse Champs

Series Over Except for Shamrock Protest the Salmonbellies will soon be Late last night Shamrock of­ swer for a club thaf moved ficials were still looking at the faster, checked closer and play­ heading east. Shamrocks are basing their rule book. The Salmonbellies ed harder. Ken Winzoski and Wayne protest on a call by referee Jim were celebrating the chance for Falles at 13:10 of the first another shot at the Minto Cup. Goss scored twice for Salmon­ period, when Pat Green of Vic­ and on the basis of last night’s bellies, the other goals going to Ray Neimi,. Wayne Goss, Ken toria was thrown out of the game, they deserve it. They were ahead 5-1 before Henry, Ian Bull, Ron Pepper, game. the game was seven minutes Paul Shmyr and Roland jackGreen, enraged at a high old, and although the Rocks did son. check penalty called upon him get as close as 6-5 late in the by Falles, yelled something at For Shamrocks, it was Tej second period, they had no anhim, shoved him, followed him Dhillon with two and Tom to the box and shoved him Qiurchill, Vern Black, Ken again. Falles assessed a minor, Alexander, Ranjit Dillon and a 10-mjnute misconduct and a Ron Zilkie with one each. match penalty, the match auto­ Dillon, the league scoring matically putting Green out. champion, will he picked up by New Westminster for lhe series But Falles also said Sham­ as he was last year when Sal­ rocks must play shorthanded two minutes for the minor and BR OO KLIN, Ont. (CP) — monbellies lost out to Osbawa an additional five minutes for Brampton Excelsiors edged Green Gaels. New Westminster the match. The Rocks, thus will also add Bob Salt of Van­ Last year, there were 27 forced to play short for seven Brooklin Merchants, 10-9, Wed­ couver. nesday night before 1,000 fans to deaths rtirectly minutes, say there is no time to take a 3-2 lead in the best-offootball and 18 more indirectly penalty on a match, seven Ontario Lacrosse Associa' caused by the sport, according ESQl’IMALT TURNING POINT tion Senior A final. to the annual survey taken for The sixth game will be played "That was the turning point,” the American Football Coaches in Brampton Friday. Association. Fatalities brought said Shamrock coach Lew Lan­ abdut by heart failures or heat dess. “We’d just scored two ACTION-PACKED TORONTO (CP) - Oshawaj strokes for exatttple, are listed quick goals (they still trailed, Green Gaels scored five goals 5-3) and were starting to move, as indirect. Direct deaths are and we have to play short for in each period to defeat Mimicoj those resulting from contact. seven minutes instead of two." Mounties, 15-8, Wednesday night 1 31 DEATHS IN 1031 and take a 2-0 lead in the On- f " Both the 27 direct deaths and Ken Henry of New Westmin­ tario Lacrosse Association | ster scored while the minor was the total of 45 were the third Junior A best-of-seven final. highest since the survey started behind served, and the quarter A in 1931. The most reported was ended 6-3. 7:00 P.M. in 1931—31 and 49—and the IN WRITING second highest in 1935—28 and Shamrocks informed league J 3 GAMES 47. president Art Daoust that they From 1931 through 1964, ex­ were protesting, and will Tile the 120 Top Stan cluding 1942 when no report protest in writing today. was made, there Were 582 They wxmld seem to have no COURTENAY—Greaves Mdv-|| From B.C. ing and Storage, winners of the; deaths directly due to football chance whatever. "Green got two minutes fori;!eni°'' Amateur Baseball Supervised By and 280 indirectly in the U.S, Mississippi suffered a fatal­ the high check," Falles said ^e 5rown will open a fourHead Coaeh toumaity on the opening day of prac­ later. "He got a misconduct for ,e?n}. ^uble-knockou against host club Cour-j ANDY HEBENTON tice this season for the second mouthing off at me, and he got ment tenay, at 11:00 a.m. next Sun-]| year in succession with Priest- the match for laying hands on day. Admission 50C er's death. Last year on the an official. The rule book says Chemainus and Vancouver I firs* day of drills, sophomore there is an automatic major will also supply teams for the:| Children 251 Rickey Ellzey died of what penalty served with a match two-day Labor Day weekend; later was described as a con-; penalty, so he got five minutes, event. genital heart defect. | That’s all there is to it."

junior lacrosse championships. Tlie heaUVictoria Shamrocks, 11-7, at Metborial Arena last night to win the best-of-five B.C. New Westminster Salmonbel- final, 3-1, and although the lles ere a formality away from Rocks have protested the loss, another shot at the Canadian you can bet your last nickel that NEW WESTMINSTER 11, VICTORIA 7 By JIM TAYLOR'

Football Toll

Eight Deaths In Practice By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Eight players have died in the wave of tragedy sweeping football practice fields in die United States—ail in the last six days. The latest three fatalities were reported Tuesday—sopho­ more end J3ob Priester of the University of Mississippi, Bill Allen, a freshman at Central Missouri State College, and James Hyde, a freshman at Howard College of Birming­ ham, Ala. ASTHMA ATTACK

And an autopsy Wednesday showed Art Willis, a 17-year-old back at Las Cruces, N.M., high school died of an acute bronch­ ial asthma attack last Friday during a scrimmage.


Mounties Sweep

Brampton In Lead



Greaves Trv Tournament

Milwaukee -............. 003 030 000-6 8 1 Cincinnati 013 000 102—7 7 0 Blasingame, Carroll (3), Sadowski <5>. According to the SoInniJ Table* O'Dell 9-8 i9». Osinski >9> and Oliver; calculated tor this area, the best Ellis. Davidson <5>. McCool 8-8 <8) and times for hunting and fishing for PAvletlch. Coker (3). Home runs: Mil­ today and tomorrow will be as waukee—Jones .27th); Cincinnati-John­ follows (Times shown are Pacific son <2jth and 26th). Daylight Time): Second game— Milwaukee .............. oon ooo 000-0 5 1 TODAY Cincinnati Qll 000 OOx—2 8 o Lema-ster 6-11. Niekro <4>, Osinski (5). WESTERN DIVISION P.M. AM. LONDON (Reuters) — Close-of-Way Olivo (8» and Oliver; Maloney 17-8 and W L Pet. GWin Wednesday's cricket matches: Coker. Home run: Cincinnati — Perez Minor Major scores Minor Major ........... 78 S3 .J53 At Lards: Warwickshire 314, Middle­ (11th). Portland sex 20 for no wicket. Seattle ..................... ™ 2:00 5:55 12:20 5:30 At Manchester: .South Africa 273. Lan­ Log Angeles /... 101 000 OOO 00—2 7 0 Vancouver ........ —73 ••»-« ^5 cashire 12 for no wicket. ___ 73 Sit illC J Pittsburgh . OOO 011 000 01—3 8 1 Hawaii TOMORROW At The Oral: Surrey 128. Sussex 25 70 70 .»«► 7',j Koufax 21-7 and Roseboro; Sisk. Tacoma for 2. .... M 97 JIB M Gibbon 4-9 i6> and Pagliaronl. Home Spokane At I-elcestcr: Leicestershire 113. Kent run: Loa Angeles-W: Davis (Sth). 1:20 0:S0 3:00 (1:43 BRANTFORD. Ont. (CP)—iVancouver defeated Kitchener* eastern division^ 27 for no wicket. Second game— At Nottingham: Hampshire 214. Not­ Lns Angeles 87 m .«•»• Upsets were few and scores. Ron Fraser, also on the 19th. Major periods, lasting 1ft to 2 hours . 100 non 000—L 7 1 j Oklahoma ( It y tinghamshire 6 for 2. dark type. . TOO 001 Obc-2 10 0I Denver n 5 convincing Wednesday in the 32 survjvorg WednesAft-™. I 4* Scarborough: Derbyshire 112. York- Pittsburgh Minot periods, shorter in duration. ; m ... for .V. no ..M wicket. wn-RTT. Drysdale 18-12. Perranoskl Cleveland 020 (00 100—3 10 1 Van-, _____ _________________ Graham Co?>ke of Cboksville. rounds, A 36-hole final is sched­ Kansas City 030 001 OOx—4 5 0 Tiant. 10-9, Stance (?) and Azcue couver Mounties completed a'o^t",“‘^ earlier” carded 14T Sims <7'j_£LBPtt‘g'hue. 8-17, Aker (7» and sweep of their three-game Pa-f„1(, West the -.6.^ uled Saturday. r. Bryan. Home runs: Kansas City—Bryan «l2th), Causey (3rd). cific Coast League senes as round, to lead On-

O.C. Cricket

Canadian Basketeers Open Tour with Win

Few Surprises In Junior Golf

they trounced Tacoma Giants. .o vjctory jn in,prpro. 7-3, behind the s^ady ive- lt ,Pnm championship, de­ pitching of righthander Aurelio Ray Bri(Won Toronto Monlcagudo. — . >. 1 an€|on the 6,600-yard Brantm. . - The win moved the Mounties, Golf and County Club I LIMA. Peru (API — Canada’sizuol. 21 - year - old guard, each .wsSanavm — M »,«, - — co .... no: ) xn-s 12 o to within, 3',4 »----games of ----------the lead-, — national basketball team de- lcorc^, 13 P«mts to lead the r.rtn’‘’r,'7>R'roii'm',’B.H<'.'S'rTHim»n: in8 Portiand Beavers, who tost iis/year-old Ontario junior ICanadian team. tx>in Both are irom from! 5’-^.,Spokane’ champion’s team--mates also , „ A .. -a canacnan warn. —... ........... feated Regatas Lima Tues- Vancouver Frcd Ingaldson. 33- 74 ,f' and Zimmer Home run.: Boaten! M.iem' (Srtii Washington - Lock v,slon racewere victors in individual comday night in the first game of, year-old Winnipeg guard, scored <14th). lSalt Lake aiv 003 tW (OO- 4 11 0 -------I ln<(i«uu»»li* ' - OKI.Util HBQ-3 *» 2- [JCtl-tlOn. 10 points. a South American tour. New Work , ^ lOQ WO ow noo-« n 7. Cohnor* 7-3. t£rdMte’'^T5a>Grare; rp. f g, aniline Vifi Angeles . 10 020 000 001-7 U 21 B6U.ln, 10-10, Anderson <8>. Htstfm 1 np gofers among 1.M) The Canadians play two more Ixk Neil Williscroft, 19 - year - old . mwiwmjie. iTiiutriiwt: rusni >3 5-4 m |i and md Heath. H.e'Uh. Home run: Sail Lake XSty- in the qualifying round adw8to’tlemyre. Ramos forward who stands six feet, games here before going on and HmvJrd. Gihb. at s*r^oni cox »ioth>. — I vanced to match play. Z CoaFH re4 (5). (51, Lee (8), Gatewood 2-4 (12) five inches tail, and Bob Baraz- Santiago. and Rodgers. Taoxna ---------........200 .... (W1203 00000x 300—3 'R.irhard ouu Btlll oiof nranuon, Bra 71 dOH Vaftoouvw 7 io 5 l‘2 Kicnaip Overton. 14-10. Funk <7) and Hundley: , Man., fourth k)WP«t qualifier tKE' with 150, 'tort 4 and 3 to Tor'todi. i onto’s Doug Ross, and Jchn -------------- :-------------------------------------------------------ao mo ow—o il a; Soutter of Calgary, tow scorer (ISO 053 Ottos—H 12 3 Bai. Lines tSl and for the. third-place Alberta team Frwich; Rutos.1, Man«t. 2-3. (31. Ssikla in the inter-provincial matches, '9t and Bales. Home runs: Hawaii— Philllpa (lKh). Seattle—Simpwm i3Rh». lost 1 up to Wayne Wiseman of Portland ........... J7~080 OQO 010—I 12 T Ridgetown, Ont. Sp-kane l0« mj 3X 5 W o Only three of the 32 matches Allen. Spring. ?-3Walker *7». ■ , ..... Esquimau Pontiac Chiefs came1 A crowd of about 600 saw matched by Steve Merriman and Weaver <8> and Carreon: TilloUun. lf-l. UT»nt into PXtfR holes. ufifcT*"’' ™": Sp°' Terry More'' of Winnipeg had UP with three straight goals in. Chiefs get goals (rom Wayne An- Jim Middleton. .il derson. Orv Coulter .and Jim Veterah NHL and’ VUL player ~ „ to go to the 21s( hole to elimin-K'ahoma Qty ........011 100 130-7 S 0, t t 'IC 1 ** . ” . Bronson to overcome a 6-4 deficit Andy Hebenton- scored twice for Krkanaaa ___ . w» un ouo- 3 4 2 4(te Ken Venning or Jononto. star tearrij 7-6, in exhtbitidrf ear[y ;n q,e period. • all-stars. Fred Purvis got two DMler. Grok 3-7. «2). Hoerner (8- John o.jU rirwnwsd And Grote; Green. 12-7, Oliver .{h an.1 Jonn KUie 01 hockey.last night at the Esqui- Ande- 3t and Bronson had others and Gary Shall and Dave GrifftR. Heme rum: OkiatwmA City- Gar Hamilton of Toronto on the mart Sports Centre! Ueortp; earlier goals for Chiefs, i Woodley also scored. r,h'' Artan!*'"~ i 19th while. A1 Greenstrert of

WESTERN SPEEDWAY Sat., Sept. 4 and Mon. Sept. 6 ADVANCE TICKETS — NOW ON SALE — EATON’S BOX OFFICE Reserved $2.50 "......... Rush $2.00 Both Nightx $4.50 (ReadKecI) Children—Half Price

Newspaper Advertising Stimulates Buying

Detroit (HQ 000 OOO—2 10 1 Minnesota 3fH» 001 OOx-8 9 1 Wiekersham. 7-12. Loiich (4'. Sherry (7» and Freehan: Perry. 9-5. Worthing* ton '9) and Battey. Zimmerman (5). Home run: Detroit—Ovler 'MhA.

In Exhibition Hockev

Chiefs Edge All-Stars





SATURDAY, SEPT. 4 50 LAPS MONDAY, SEPT. 6 100 LARS Reserved Seats ...........*2.50 Rush Seats .......22.00 Two Nights (res.) ...*4-S0 Children Half Price




Canadian Colt Bows DU QUOIN, III. (AP| _- Egyptian Candor won a foCirth-heat, three-horse race-off •off by a neck over Can ada’s Armbro Flight Wednesday to capture the 40th Hambletonian harness racing stakes. Short Stop, going oft stride at the start, remained third all the way around finished several lengths back. Armbro Flight, the Canadianbred filly owned by the Arm­ strong Brothers of Brampton, Ont, took tne lead after leav­ ing the No. 1 starting position and held it until Egyptian Can­ dor nosed her in a head-to-head stretch battle. The winning time for Egyp­ tian Candor, an unofficial 8 tol

Wakeham Close Up

choice in the betless trace, was 2:10 1-5. The brown colt, sired by Star's Pride, is owned by Mrs. Stanley Dancer of New Egypt, N.J., and was driven by Dei Cameron. The victory on the"' clay mile oval of Du Quoin’s state fair grounds was worth $59,900 to Egyptian Candor who won his 12th race in 26 starts. Second place money of $29,950 went to Armbro Flight who won the third heat in the day's fast time, 2:03 4-5, to force the final. Short Stop, winner of thp first heat, earned $14,375 for third place. PLACED FOURTH Fourth place on the basis of finishers in the first three heats went to Nimble Boy, owned by Castleton Farms of Lexington, Ky., and driven by Ralph Bald­ win, a native of Lloydminster, Sask. It was worth $9,584. After the last race, driver Joe O’Brien, who was seeking his third Hambletonian victory and second race-off triumph behind Ahnbro Flight, said: “Well, I guess we gave the Canadians here something to root for anyway.

TORONTO (CP) — Only four golfers from Western Canada entered the 1965 Macnaugitton Brooks bursary tournament, but two of them Wednesday showed thelarge Ontario and Quebec field how to play. Wilf Homenuik of Winnipeg led the qualifiers with a five-, under-par 67 and Bill Wakeham of Calgary and formerly of Vic­ toria, came in with a 68. Only one Ontario^ golfer, Alvie HE’SPROl’D “But I’m proud of her. She Thompson of Toronto, is up with the leaders. He also fired overcame that awful post posi­ tion in the first heat, we got into a 68. The 5+-hole tournament for trouble with Baldjvin'g horse in Canadian professionals under the second and 10 this final one 30 years being played over To­ that other colt just out-trotted ronto's 6,387-yard, par-72 Don us.’’ Valley Golf Club, winds up to­ A crowd of 35,000, including many Canadians who journeyed day with 36 holes. The other westerners compet­ to Du Quoin especially for the ing’ were Stan Homenuik of race, saw Armbro Flight, Dauphin, Man., who qualified .beaten in 22 consecutive races, with 75 and Ed Engelhardt of 1 fight to sixth place after startCalgary, who missed the cutoffI ing from the extreme outside with 81. No. 10 gate in the first race.

Satin dolimiat. vknwt* Thursday, Sept. J. 1 »*J


Turned-Loose Lion With Blue Bombers

t ■ • nipeg Blue Bombers for the $3501 from happy despite his club's 4-1 record. waiver price. And it is quite possible that Grant points out that Bombers Winton will be in the Winnipeg have scored only seven touch­ lineup when Lions and Bombers downs in five games, and says his club will use more passing and more outside running by Tonight’s game will be car­ fullback Art Perkins against ried live on. radio atatiodl the Lions. CKNW (980) starting nt « p.m., Winton, who cam* off the 30according to station officials. day disabled list Monday moming/ was placed on waivers by the Lions, who were carrying clash tonight for the third and one too many imports, and Im lrst time in the Canadian Foot­ I Tires and Rstrnds I Kaaapis: hurt mediately snapped up by Win- ball League schedule. ' »« »ttle as Bombers, who won the first two encounters, need the win to 00$ break their first-place tie with Calgary in the Western Confer: ence. A win for Lions would tie and them for third place with Sas­ katchewan, just one point be­ hind the leaders. Lions will play without defen­ See ■■ far ferakc Ila sive tackle Gus Kasapis, who •llgRRBUt. shMka. suffered strained knee ligaments Sunday against Toronto Argon­ LONDON (CP)-The possibil­ home at Curragh, Ireland, Wed­ auts and will be out for a week. ity increased Wednesday that nesday he would know by the He will be replaced by Cana­ Lester Piggott, this year's lead­ weekend whether Piggott would dian Roy Shatzko, and with VICTORIA ing British jockey, will ride be available. He declined to Kasapis missing, h a 1, b ack Meadow Court in the £40,000 name any other riders he has Amos Bullocks wiU be back on I ($120,000) St. Leger Handicap in mind if Bally Russe does the roster. LOTS or at Doncaster Sept. 8. run. PARKING STILL HOLDINti SPACB Piggott, British champion In Meadow Court, winner of Half back linebacker Bill | 1964 and Meadow Court's rider more than £105,000 ($315,000) in Ijisseter, still hobbling on a LTD. in its last three outings, is still five starts this year, wiU be committed to ride Bally Russe, watched at the Yorkshore track sprained ankle, will probably! EV 2 6184 see only limited action. a 100-to-l shot owned by Noel by his co-owners, Calgary pub­ Murless of Newmarket, Eng­ lisher Max Bell, Vancouver oil­ As for the Bombers, coach Government at Herald land. But indications are Mur- man Frank McMahon and Bud Grant admits he is far> less wUl scratch his colt dur­ singer Bing Crosby. They are ing the weekend on the basis expected to decide then whether of a poor run two weeks ago. the chestnut colt will run in the One of London's leading book­ Prix de 1’ArC de Triomphe in makers predicts only nine of Paris in October. the 23 horses still entered in Prendergast* said the colt is THIS SUNDAY, GET OUT AND SEE the 154-mile fcace, the last of in “top condition’’ and should the five British classics, will have-no trouble with the dis­ YOUR CITY! EAST SIDE, WEST SIDE, reach the starting gate. Bally tance. o Russe is not included in the EVERYWHERE WITH B.C. HYDRO'S list. Paddy Prendergast; Meadow Court’s veteran trainer, said in a telephone interview from his LONDON (Rruters,—R««ulta of soccer

WINNIPEG—Coach Dave Skrien of B.C. Lions, who was most impressed jvith rookig tackle Norm Winton in training camp, may have reason tonight to hope he was wrong.


Piggott May Ride Meadow Court

O.C. Soccer

Results, Entries

Racing at Vancouver VANCOUVER (CPI - Wednesday » r.•ulia «t Exhibition Park: First Race — Claiming, gl&lO, threey ear-olds and up. 6ft furlongs. Countarplay tLong) >25.10 >7.90 >6.40 Rtada (Phillips, 1.90 1.50 Frisky FroUc (Guthrie) 15.20 Also ran: Mom, Velleo. Phantaa Girt. Star Pal. Savona Ace. Adel la. Prime Chance. Cocoa Silk. Time 1:19 2-5. Quinella paid >36.50.

game* Wednesday night: HcotUah Ie 2, Aberdeen 0. Motherwell 2, Celtic 3. Patrick 1. Kilmarnock 2. Queen’a Park 2. Albion L Haith 4. Arbroath 2. SL Mirren 0, Hibernian 3 St Johnstone 3. IXinfermllne L ENGLISH I.E.4GLS Division t Blackburn 3, Fulham 2. Chelsea 1. Stoke 2. Leeds U 2. Aston Villa 8. I <’er C 2. Tottenham 2. Blanchester United 0. Notts F 6. Sv. ie'd U 0, Llveroool •». Sunderland 2. West Ham 1. West Bromwich L Newcastle 1

Avona Brownie (Broomfield).... .........112 Daves Mistake no boy, ......... 114 Grey Curiam (Dailey, .................... 115 a-Prince Scorpion 'Long) ............. .116 Scene Royal (Howe, .................. 120 Atom (Trejos) ............................. .114 Ht» Madam Isabelle < Laidiec) ............... 112 loWytiurn (Guthrie) ............ li« Ramblin Brown (Phillips) ................. .115 Devonshire Cream (Combe) ..............113 Also eligible: a-Entry. Donanna 'Combs) ................................112 EIGHTH RACE — Claiming. H.SIO, Janney (Phillips) ...................... 112 three-year-olds and up, six and one-half Cfcrtsd (Parent) .................. 115 (CQrmgck) ..................___ ill furlongs: Red Nlctrum (i» boy) ......................... 122 SECOND RACE — Claiming, >1.480. Mr. Taproot (Trejos, ................... J19 one-half Comln In (Guthrie, ........................... .108 Second Race—Claiming. >1 430. Lhree- three-year-olds and up. six furlong*; vear-old* and up. SV* furlong*. \ Chow Jung (Combe) ............................ 113 Minihawk (Guthrie, >25.00 >8.9Q >3.90 Kelly Joy (Marsh) ............. .________Ul Evidently (Salas) ................................ li: Dlvtsiixi II Bolton W 3. Crystal P 0. Commander Joe (Salas) 3.80 2.30 AU Bay (Phillips, ............................Ill Stoker Jake (Heml) ........................... 119 Derby 1. Cardiff 5 Countess Edna (Ifelm, 3.40 Social Wise (Dodd) ........ -....................Ill Firbibbles (Marsh) ......... Ill Portsmouth 4. Preston L Also ran: Travelling Beau. Lynns “ -------------------- ,.138 Akardan (Inda, ........ -.......... ............ 111 Bow, Sllppin In. Glnguana. Ky J.. Swan Wee Jock (Broomfield) ..................... Ill Windy Song (Tierney) ...... IMvfalMi III 117 Lady, Bit at Magic. Time 1:18 3-X Hull City X Swindon 0. Kishermaid 'Guthrie, ......... 112 Smlllana (Long) ................................... 118 TV Lady (Trejos) ......... 113 Also eligible: FOOTBAIJ. LEAGUE CUP Third Race—Claiming. >1.430, three- Avon* Jr. (Long, ....... Ill Who's Haydn (Phillips) ..................... ..Ill First Round year-olds and up, 6V4 furlongs. Space Jet (Cormack) .......................... Ill Maggie (Longo) ........ •____ 108 Barrow 1. Rochdale 1. Winruw (Inda, >6.00 >4.20 >3.20 Seven L (Longo, ................ 108 Cranky Monday's ' i Lady (Laidler) ............. 1’4 Bournemouth 0, Aldershot 0. Champagne Waltz (Wright) 8.10 4.90 Man of - Mark (Phillips) . ______ 122 Bradford 1. Halifax 0. Mays Comet (Salas) 5.70 THIRD RACE—CTslming, >1.430, three( ./.chaster 2. Exeter City L SUBSTITUTE RACE-Claiming. 0.510 Also ran: Coilnda. Blue Frame. Loo- year-olds and up. six and one-half fur* Crewe Alex 2. Southport 0. three-year-olds and up. mile and 70 danl. Second Fleet. Two Jacks, Alraun. ongs Doncaster 2. Barnsley 2. yards: "am. Time 1:18 3-5, Magic Eve (Tierney)'~-.T77-..............U3 Cru'sm Thru (Broomfield) ................. 116 Hartlepool* 1. Bradford City X Gay Emperor (no boy) ................. 119 Lark-Spur (Guthrie) ....................... ,...119 Lincoln X York City X Fourth Race—Claiming. >1.430, three- Barnaby (Long) -----111 Melody Man (Phillips) .........................120 Luton 1. Brighton 1. year-olds and up. 8H furlongs Solid Beat (Laidler) ..............................138 Newport X Southend 2 Razml (Laidler, >23.70 >9.90 >3.50 Miss Simon (Phillips) .......................... H6 Robins Bay (Cormack) ................... 115 Notts C 0. Chesterfield 0 ................................119 Sprees Fancy (Phillips) * 9.80 3.80 Axidental Affair (Dodd) ........................ 188 Waraway (Long) Oldham A 3. Tranmere X Miss Kennlx (Combs) 2.40 Pandl (Laidler) ..................................... 131 Dr. Peace (Salas) 6..............................,.119 Oxford 0. Mlllwall 3. Poetano (McKenzeD .'............................114 Also ran: Blue Klsp. R.«J. Lad. Bold DaJnty Darlene 'Parent) .......... Queen's Park 1. Walsall 1. 112 Mr. Terry (Laidler, - .......................120 Mister, Miss Lauris. Black Slipper, Rom- Full Tilt (Marsh) ....................... Scunthorpe U 0. Darlington X IU Shuswap (Broomfield) ......................... 117 bum. Time 1:18 4-5. Shrewsbury 3. Torquay 0 Our Sugar -Longo) ................ Ill Big Clint 130.30. Stockport X Workington Also eligible: Also eligible: Wrexham 5, Chester X Fifth Race — Allowance. >1,980, two- Tootysroot (Guthrie) ................... 108 Flying Sea Spray (Inda) ................... 71*» Ulster Cup . ...........117 year-oMs. six furlongs. . FOURTH RACE — Claiming. >1.5101 Brown Wheat (Ulrich, Glenavon B. Cllftonvllls 6. Jubitarian (Indai >3.70 33 30 >2.90 three-year-olds and up. six furlcngs: Weather dear, track fast. Linfield 0. Bangor 1. Eddie L (Heim, 12.10 8.30 Magic Spur (Long) 3»00 Marco (PhilHps) ...................................122 Alao ran: High Amble. Regal Star. Okee Bill (Laidler) ............................... 122 Cellae (Combs) ......................... .......... 116 Summerland, Chocolate Lily, Eltadrive (Guthrie) ............................. Ill Lea. Rad Royal. Time 1: 12-1-8. Busy Mom 'Sales, _______________ 116 Fifteen Freckles (Inda)...... ................122 Sixth Race — Claiming. >1 » Aleja (Dailey) . 118 year-olds and up. 8'4 furlongs Guard (Long, ............ 119 bijhna Penn! finds) MOO n> «2.«1 Temple 116 Silver Banner (Long, -. 4.20 3 10 Tismine (Trejos, ..................... Bobba (Broomfield) ..............................118 Johnnie Hawk 1.780, three- Miss Orb (Inda, ....................................119 Fair Bustle (Long, ................................119 year-olds and up. 6V« furlongs. 188-8380 626 BURDETT ............................ 119 Fvrapel (Trejos) >7.30 >4.10 >3.00 Mecum (Cormack, 119 Fair Spin (Lon?) 3.90 2.70 .Malheur Kitten t Salas, .............. 116 Charlie Mac (Wall) 3.10 In Advance (Helm, .................... Also ran: Hues Brother. Tnllcroes, Chalk Mark (Trejos) ...........................319 ............... _..J14 Cadala. Eastern Imp. Fly Jar. Rico Vic VaHey (Tierney) Flash, Mondays Image. Time 1:17 3-5. Bossy Belle (Broomfield, ..r.'t.j___ 116 Gulf Island (Dailey, ............... 116 Eighth Race—Claiming. >1.910. threeSIXTH RACE-Claiming. >1,760, throeyear-olds and up. mile and 1-18. year-olds, mile and 70 yards: hejles Akimbo (Dafley) >4.70 M.1O >3.10 Zouzam Long) ................. 113 Dark Interview (Long) 10.20 6.70 Hawksboro (Laidler) 4.80 Christopher B (Inda) ............................ Ill Wimaw (Ulrich) ..................................114 A’so ran: Sienna Fire. Fair Duel, 113 PallnftUr. Asaayador, Miss It. Milord Con Jo (Broomfield) ____-____ Golden Drake (Tierney) ................... 117 Martin. Souirt High. Time 1:47 3-5. Peaceful Nite (Wall) ..........—............112 Quinella paid >99.30. Speedy Arrow 1510, for SEVENTH RACE - “MIm PNE two-year- olds, six furlongs: Handicap." >2.060. (our-year-olds and up. Speed Command (Salas) ............... 115 six and one-half furlongs: Sir Trust (Longo) ....—.................. .115 Femte (Guhtrie) ..................................... 113 Doketo (Inda, ................................. . 130 Tancars (no boy) ................................ .115 a-WiUow Pattern (Dailey) ................. 117 110 Cross N’ Cranky (Inda) ... .............UT Tenseton (Ulrioh, ...........................



STUOEBAKEK “Hawk’’ Sport Coupe VS— Automatic, power steering, white. Immacu­ late condition. *d CQC One owner ......... ...... ......... I Oww




62 Blue


‘CONSUL De Luxe Sedan—


RAMBLER SedanGreen


DODGE V8 Sedan—Automatic,

S^ gQg




Wfc radio. Brown............. ........................

*4 OQC




$4I C33 OQC



PLYMOUTH Sedan—Automatic, radio. Blue ...................... ..................


PLYMOUTH V8 4-Door Station Wagon— Power steering, brakes, autoCQR inatie, radio. Brown ______ ... I Oslw



VI INCORPORATED 27? MAY 1870. VbMw-ta', I'.rrtt Stole kt Fl.gard k*4 Itouglk. AUeeto DUI JS5 ISU Orw I>k4»j S SJB. ts >4> Mt Tb«r,d.y, Md rrtSan t "SI •


FORD “Galaxie” Sedan— Radio



FORD “Falriane 600"— Automatic, radio



OLDSMOBII.E F85 SedanGreen



FALCON 2 Door— White


PONTIAC “Ijnirentlan"— Automatic, radio. Blue



TONIGHT’S FOOTBALL GAME (Sag Nttietxrfl fcgarr fiib Bnuaf




Be Boss on the Bench Scene!


Here’s the ‘New Look’ Jacket Football fan? Soccer scorer? Outdoor man?


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..^4- -■

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Thts advertisement is not published or displayed by th« Liquor Control Board or the Government of British Columbia.

4 Q95


The BAY, campus and career shop, main

PONTIAC “lAurentian” Sedan—

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Victorian Wins Seattle-Vancouver Service Starts

Ken Nordal


1031 HILLSIDE Fr«« C'mffe* la Oar U»M*

By JACK BRAUCKMANN Mr. Nordal’e company, Van­ couver-Seattle Bus Lines Ltd., VANCOUVER (CP)-It takes now hae running rights for the more than a pair cf buses, a 150-mile trip — which will link few driver* and a double set o< with Continental Trailways' licence plates to make an inter­ Golden. Eagle luxury service. national trans portatkn com­ STS,000 BUSES pany. Mr. Nordal has a continental Ken Nordal wanted to run a luxury bus service three-hour- franchise and is associated with non - stop between Vancouver some 145 other companies, of and Seattle, 150 miles to the various sizes, in the Trailways south. Accomplishing the plan structure. He has purchased two brought him into conflict with $75,000 luxury buses which be­ some of the giants of the pas­ came part of a 16-untt pool for the Golden Eagle service. senger transport industry. The service features air-con­ And because his proposed line crossed the international boun­ ditioned coaches with uMra-eoft dary, it led to lengthy negotia­ seating, a kxmge and games tions with state, provincial and area, hostesses, rest rooms and meals on board. federal governments. Beginning m 1962. /Nordal's MAKES FIRST RUN company had to fight opposition The 24-year-old Victoria pro­ from Greyhound, Great North­ moter, armed with licences and ern Railroad and Pacific Stage permits granted by th< province Lines in order to gain accept­ of British Columbia, the state ance from the public utilities of Washington, and the United commission in B.C., then the States government, Wednesday Interstate Commerce Commis­ inaugurated his Seattle-Vancou­ sion in the .U.S. ver service. He fought more than three RUN SAME ROUTES years against the combined op­ Greyhound and Great North­ position of two bus companies ern run the same routes as the and a railway line for -the right budding Canadian company pro­ to complete a non-stop system posed. Pacific Stage Lines, between Southern California and owned and operated by the B.C. government, controls the main B.C. bus terminal in Vancouver 18 IMI” ffiolnuiet. Virxwn where Greyhound is a major ” Thursday, Sapt- J, IMS tenant. > „ The young Canadian is also president of the oldest transit system in the province—Victoria C and C Transportation Co., born in 1900. It is a $1,000,000 business to­ day, With taxis, charter and tour buses and airline limousine service in both Vancouver and Victoria. NO CHANGEOVER

Canada’s Premium Imported Gin

.. especially for people who car* enough, to serve only the very best.

He says that over and above the desire to compete is the feel­ ing by Continental Trailways that its northbound passengers from Los Angeles should be able to travel to Vancouver wiihout changing lines. M. E. Hylton of Los Angeles, vice - president of the parent Trailways Company, who parti­ cipated in the inaugural cere­ monies at the U.S.-Canada bor­ der, says “until now we have scheduled our clients for through service from L.A. to Seattle—but they bad to change to 'brand X’ for the SeattleVancouver portion:”






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Colorful “T h e r in o a" metal lunch kits—Wagon Train, Space Rockets, Popeye, Pets ’n Pals, Barbie, with 10-ounee thermos. Reg. 3.98 099 SALE ............... C

Reeve's quality tempodisc paints In two sizes. Replacement colors also available.

16 assorted color hex­ agon crayons for the primary grades.

Hard cover binder with three 1” rings, assorted colors. Reg. low price 85c. CCK SPECIAL____ 03

Longshank bicycle locks —either key type or com­ bination.

KEYTABS Narrow ruled lines and margin. Five books to each package. Value 79cPKG.


More than 700,000 independent young business men throughout Canada and the United States to­ day are finding out first hand how our economic system works. They’re making a profit learning the rewards of saving and man­ aging their own money. They’re newspaperboys.


COMB. LOCK Ideal for school lock­ ers, etc. Complete with individual c o m b i na­ tions. Beg. 99c "70^ each. SALE .. I w


Metal case contains set square, protractor, rule, compass.

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Leather portfolio with a good zipper enclosing three sides. Reg. low price 2.49. $ 4 49 SALE I

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Double and triple re­ inforced vinyl bag for keeping school books dry. Folds to fit in pocket when not in use. S 4 09 EACH ....... I



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Boys' western pattern flannelette pyjamas — tailored shirt style with ! 2 elastic waist in the bottoms. Blue, grey, green or gold.


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JODPHUR SETS White cotton T-shirt with suedene front

GYM SHORTS Back - to • s c h o o I gym shorts for boys and girls. Black with white stripe.

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panel and suedene pants with 14 elastic waist, shoulder straps and snap fastening. 12 to 24 months. $^79 COMPLETE


NYLONS Stock up now for school! First - quality seamless micromesh nylons In taupe, rave beige or amber. Sizes 8>/j to IL Reg. 49c pair.


RUBBER BOOTS Children's rubber boots — black with yellow trim with pullon loops. Sizes 6 to 3.

Wool tweed jumpers in deep V or Ulielsea collars. Assorted shades ol grey and brown. Sizes 9-11-13. Reg. 5.49. Save $1.00!

Circulation Dept-, Victoria, B.C.


Yes, I would like to know how I can qualify for a profitable route business in my neighborhood.

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Boys’ 2-button style cotton knit shirt—long sleeves — assorted color stripes. Sizes 8 to 14. $1&9 ONLY................ ■

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Boys' red and black high top slippers with compo­ sition sole and heels. Ideal for kindergarten or home. Sizes 4 • 10.

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Suitable for dresses, curtains, slip-covers, j etc. Wide range oft colors and patterns. Compare at 31.19 per yard.


LAMINATES Back-to-school %-l e n g t h tweed laminates. Raglan sleeve, full quilt lining, patch pockets and black pile collar. Blue -black tweed or black - white. Misses sizes 12 - 20.






58" width, makes beau­ tiful jumpers or skirts. Brown or Oxford grey. Compare at 83.99 per yard.


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• Sllko end Cation*

56” gabardine for all your back-to-school outfits. Available in navy, brown or marine blue.

• Wool* and Irecedei


• Rein dt tni


• Vnlvntnnn* • Simplicity Pattern*










383-4111 4



“Further Rewards for Newspaper Carrier Salesmen”


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“Junior Merchant Handbook”

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Little girls’ fleece-lined nylon stretch slims — warm and washable. Elastic waist and foot straps. Red, blue or black, 3 - fix.



Wool blends in sub­ dued checks of blue, brown and black. Belt loops and cuffed. Sizes 8 -18. Reg. $099 3.79. SALE £

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Some are suitable for pri­ vate school wear. Variety of styles, box pleated. Aline. Brown, green, grey, black, navy. Slight flaws. Sizes 7 -16. 9099 ONLY ............. .. C



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2831 Douglas St,

100 sheets 8'/rxH sugar white 20-lb. bond paper, 3 • ring style. Stronger, heavier, erases easier. 69c value. CQ* ONLY □□

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o boy profits ... a boy learns from his

4f„r3r 4 for 57*

38Page 72-Page

Boys’ shower proof jack­ ets—lined, full zipper, with slash pockets. Sizes Send your daughter back to school In smart denim 12 ■ 16 in slate grey, navy S 4 49 co-ordinates. Hooded jacket has gingham lining and or red. patch pockets. A-line skirts (they're really culottes) EACH .................... I with patch pocket and gingham hankies.


That newspaperboys generally achieve success as they move into their chosen fields shouldn’t be surprising.


value. ONLY

Luxury vinyl Jackets — "crushed leather" look—for school or play. Dirt just wipes oft White, pink or blue in sizes 5, 6 and 6x.

The “IN” look in fall Girls’ pastel cotton and winter rainwear. raincoats with Peter Rubberized c o t to n Pan collar, patch raincoats with hood sports full-length in­ pockets and brass dustrial zipper and buttons. Full rayon zippered patch pock­ silk lining and back ets. Green, blue or ’ is belted. Pink or red in ladies S, M, L. blue.

But the biggest ‘‘profit’’ in a newspaper route is not dollars and cents. It is the lessons in service, self-reliance, courtesy and re­ sourcefulness — all qualities of a successful adult and a good citizen.

14-ln. wide by 300 in. long—ideal for school or home use. 25c

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Spiral note books divided for 3 subjects in the one book, 49c value. OCR PRICE




Skirts, 3-6x .. Jackets, 3«6r

Plain Facts About Boys in Business



No. 12

Candy Bar Worth J $350,000 DUBLIN (UPI) —Police charged 18-year-old Michael Tarr with stealing a bar of chocolate—and causing *330,000 damage to a candy factory. They said the plant caught fire after Tarr burgled It.


No. 6

1824-32 STORE ST.





Bat lit Uuilnniitt VittarU, I.C., Tbars.,'Sapt X, INS


Researchers Make ‘Healthy9 Cigarette TORONTO (UPD-Two Cana­ dian researchers rlatm le have developed a new type ol cigar­ Air Tube ette which will greatly reduce the health hazard in smoking. Or. James Bed of Sudiwry, Down Ont., and David Laing, a Uwfc.. versify of Toronto metallurg­ ist, say they have discovered Centre the burning temperature of a cigarette can he reduced by at least MO degrees by a simple Bell and luting wondered why and inexpensive construction. cigarette smokers had a higher hrhick mortality mortality ratio than pipe and Bell and luting first started cigar smokers. The fact that researching the new cigarette cigarette smokers inhale and process in 1364 after the U.S. pipe and cigar smokers usually surgeon-general's report on the do not may play a part in the danger of smoking to health. varying ratios. However Bell

fa Our 62nd Yrar

ItM IhHigtas M. EV 4-8M1

-Fall Fabricanza . . . the greatett f nthurn fabric Event of the season, continues all this week

Guaranteed Savings of

' 20% to 50% 54” Diagonal Wool Suitings

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By Tissus Michels. Reg. 7.98 yd............ yd. 58” All Wool Worsted Crepe

Reg. 6.98 yd.

K 4G


72” Rep Weave Double Knit Wool

C 40

Reg. 1038 yd................................................ yd. 54” Mohair and Wonted Dreen Weight C

Reg. 638 yd.

A ft


54" AH Wool (irorgette

Reg. 6.98 yd.



54” BHn and Rlin

Angara and Worsted. Reg. 8.98 yd.




and luing noticed the tempera­ ture of a burning cigarette was much higher than cigars or pipes. They believe their newlyconstructed cigarette will burn at the same low temperature as cigars and pipes. The two researchers say the new technique, on which pa­ tent applications have heeit made, will prove beneficial right to end of the smoke. MILDER SMOKE Their new cigarette looks the same as usual ones, Is compos­ ed of the normal materials and contains no additives, the scien­ tists report. I-sing said the new construc­ tion produces a milder and more flavorful smoke regard­ less of the tobacco used. AIR Tl RE The U of T hietallurgist did not wish to become too involved in the smoking cancer contro­ versy and he did not claim the new process would reduce can­ cer deaths. However, he said his discovery would make smoking safer and healthier., , Neither researcher would dis­ close details of their process. ' hut it has hern reported the | cigarette is constructed with an air tube through the centre. CKNTBB Ot T This device causes the cigar­ ette to burn from tlie centre out rather than from the out­ side in as cigarettes normally do. A convexnah is produced on the end and less oxygen than normal feeds the actual burning section in the centre. This results in a large reduc; tion of the burning temperalore,' Irritants usually present in cigarette smoke are also renuedd. FIRMS INTERESTED Several tobacco firms are ■ reported to be interested in the I discovery. A spokesman for the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. said his firm is awaiting results of la­ boratory tests before deciding if the new process should he made available for sale to the public.

Prices Effective Sept. 2, 3, 4


Hendersea's Lew Cast, 110 Mass Strsst,

Robertson's Law Cast, Chsmainus

Berry’s Law Cast, Hentymoen lay

Hskbs* Law Cast, 110 Crsigflowsr Raid

Irewa's Law Cast, 104 Mamins Street

Hollywood Law Cast, 1102 Lillies Raid

Stvsa Oaks Law Cast, 1135 Garay Raid Sbawnigaa Lake taw Cast Simmens’ Law Cast, IC1 Cralgflawar Raid

at Fairfield Read

Chiek's Law Cast, SICS Carey Read

Saany Servian Law Cast, Saiiair

Collins' Law Cast, 2315 Amity Drive

Jha's Law Cast, 2R4 Islaient Read

Frank's Law Cast, 1801 Oak lay Avtaat

Laa A leas Law Cast, 48RI Qaadra Strsst

Oikbs’ Law Cast, 111* Saake Raid

Ltwls* Law Cast, HIT Faal lay Rail

Carden’s Law Cast, 114 larasidt Read

Fries's Law Cast, 714 Coldstream Avinas

Wellbara'a Lew Cest, 1051 Pandara Avtnaa

Gergtway Lew Cast, HR Barge Reed West

Raynar Law Cast, 1111 Blsnklnsep Raid

Will-0-Wiy Law Cast, 2515 Cadhera lay Raid

Hayes’ Law Cast, Daaean

Raid's Law Cast, 114 Qeldstream Read

Wilsan's Law Cast, 411 lurasidt Read


layer Law Cast, III Esgaitaalf Read View Rtyal Law Cast, 141'/, Island Highway Woks’ Lata Cast, 1514 Qaadra Street







Fresh ground, regular


or fine



54” Fine Wool Bouele Suiting

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Telltale Leaves

54" Mohair Loop Suiting

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54” All Wool Bouele Coating Reg. 1038 yd.....................................—

Mild Winter





COME IN — WRITE IN Uml orderi promptly filled CHARGE IT!

New accounts opened m minutet Ute your optional credit account

45” Silk-Like Lining Reg! 98c yd.

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54” Sienna Lining 2Year Guarantee. Reg. 98c yd--------- yd. 45" Washable Rayon Flannel

Reg. 1.98 yd_______________ __________ yd.

By Prophet VANCOUVER (CP)—Do minre Charlie, elderly weather prophet of the Squamish Indian tribe, looked at the leaves Wed­ nesday and predicted a good winter. * * , * By their color, he decided "It's gonna he mild."

★ * *

36" Printed Pinwale Corduroy Reg. 1.98 yd.................................k..............yd.

36" Imported Velveteen Reg. 2229 yd. .....____ ______________yd.

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Reg. 1-39 yd............................................. -yd.

36” Wide Wale Corduroy Reg. 3.50 yd.

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Last year Dominic Charlie predicted a had winter, and British Columbia was bur­ ied in snow that tied up traffic and vital services, and drove some suburban­ ites to move into downtown hotels until the worst was past. BRAINS COME WEIGHTY A whale's brain Can weigh five times as much as a man's.






TISSUE 8 r.ns 65 KLEENEX Pkg. of 201


s|. ft. shoots

LIDO COOKIES Christies o Grahams



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Mix or Match



48-oz. tins

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Fruit Salad 2 ^49°

Cake Mixes SO SWEET


Margarine 2X 49c



I5*oz. tins


The Tough Little Car from General Motors See yOUr

’Susgested muintum retail delivered price of aa Epic steads rd 2 door

chevrolet/envoy , . dealer


Crisco Cheer





Price oooted includes delivery end htndkai cheries end Ftderel Seles indficue fives. Ptevweill sad toed tevesend bceace ire not lachded.



ROLL ...

I $ 139 Brooms sF CLEAN SWEEP


Authorized Epie Dealer in Victoria:






Morrison Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd. 30S0 Otoglct at FWiywa, Victirii Pfcotc: 385-5777



Super Spray Deodorant




TOOTHPASTE Economy Site ..



Jones Started with $25

NANAIMO — North of Port Hardy lies Cascade Island, a deserted knoll in Queen Charlotte Strait at one time bubbled with life when Art Jones, Chestnut Street, Nanaimo, operated his store. *


Mr. Jones sold out io 1949 and moved’here. The sea always called for Mr. Jones, and he has lived close to it all his life. He first settled on the West Coast in 1923, cOming hare from Australia. After taking a variety of Jobs on tugboats and in log­ ging .camps he finally bought a fishing boat of his own, and trolled along the west coast of Vancouver Island from Pachena I^ight in the south to Cape Scott In the north.

trawler fleet called every spring, and it was always welcomed like an old friend. A '★ > The store on the island stocked! many articles, from groceries to clothing to gasoline. The nearest neigh­ bors were six miles away, and all the customers were transients. .

He labored on through hard times until 1935. He was down to his last $5 when he decided to plant his feet back on dry land. “I bought an island that I had my eye on to start a business. I applied for the 45-acre island and It was granted tne.”


Fishermen Bought His Wares

Island Was Onee Busy Place


Balls Colonist Victoria, B.C., Thara., Sapt. 2.JW5


This still left Mr. Jones with the old problem of find­ ing the $25 down payment. Lady luck took pity, and Just before deadline he managed to get in two days of good fishing. The island was now his, apd the gov­ ernment gave ‘ him nine years to pay off the pur­ chase price.

★ *


Mr. Jones and his wife cleared the land, built a house, store, and 55-foot float building tor handling fish and gasoline. r'



Mr. Jones insisted on a strict cash sale business.

Cascade Island stop for customers

•« #


"In the spring when the fishing fleet passed throughto Alaska it was like old home week. They were a

Mr, Jones $till has the travel bug, and on Sept. he trkes off for Australia arid a visit to his homeland. He is now more than 70.

A Thrilling Affair!

"There was a discussion and they decided to stock me up and I was in business without a dime in cash.” From this shaky start, business exceeded the Jones’ wildest expectations. The

Once again fortune smiled. One evening six commercial trawlers tied up at his dock. “We got talking and I told them of my idea and mentioned I was broke.

great bunch and they did all the advertising, that was necessary.” With a tinge of sadness In his voice, Mr. Jones said he sold out in 1949 for cashj The new owners lasted Is months.

Direct from Hollywood the Ben Hur Chariot Race, the most exciting race in history. See-it in the Empire Stadium'Show. Many more thrilling events too. i


By the middle of 1936 he was ready for business, but by now he was flat broke again. All his cash had gone into lumber for the build­ ings. .

“I don'i think we had one dissatisfied customer in the entire time. One man’s dol­ lar was as good as the next. He paid the same price,, hegot the same quality, atten­ tion and service- as anyone else. Who. he was, didn't cut any ice.”

Around Town

Car Coverage to Be Wider Car insurance companies will soon extend coverage to a wider range of drivers,, Attorney-Gen­ eral Bonner hinted Wednesday. The insurance industry will take the move following meet­ ings with members of his de­ partment. he said, thus ending a “partial famine” of insurance coverage to higher-risk drivers. He had complained earlier that insurance firms were dis­ criminating against all but lowrisk "little old ladies.' 'I think there Is an improved situation to be seen now, and the full measure will probably be in view by late autumn."

August grain shipments from the port of Victoria were up about 215,000 bushels over the same month last year. ) A total of 815,000 bushels was loaded onto four ships. All cargoes were destin’ed for Japan. *

-William A. Boucher

In library-Alexandra Etta, George Ashcroft, Mrs. Catherine Horne, executive director ★ ★ ★



It’s nice to have souvenirs of a trip to Europe, it’s also nice to be able to open the suitcase containing them, and that’s Mrs. Helen Wendland's problem. Mrs. Wenriland, of 2875 Aua» tin, returned from a trip to Europe, then lost her purse somewhere in Victoria recently. Among other kniekknacks, the purse contains a set of three keys.



Five members of the French National Assembly wiU be en­ tertained in Victoria Friday at a luncheon hosted by Education Minister Peterson. The delegation, headed by Achille Peretti, vice-president of the National Assembly, is in Canada to-discuss-ereation » Canada - France parliamentary association.

Activity Centre


The most dangerous weekend of the year, Labor Day, is ex­ Provincial Secretary Wesley pected to claim 75 deaths nn the D. Black will be the speaker toad this year. at a ceremony Friday officially opening the Senior Citizens’ Ac­ WATER MAINS ARE OLD tivity Centre in Centennial Chinese , water-pipes, made of Square. The public is invited to the bamboo caulked with clay, have ceremony which will take place been dated at 5,000 B.C. on Fisgard Street near the main entrance to the building. ■- » ' ' ■! ci/ The navy band will be in at-

Coppercraft section has Ed Nelson, instructor Ed Elliott, Sam Last

Byelection Oct. 4




their places on the platform and the 225 invited guests will be seated. RIBBON CEREMONY A^ chairman of the city’s social welfare committee, Aid. Lily Wilson will introduce the provincial minister. The ribbon will be scissored and the building officially open­ ed by Mayor Wilson who wiU be one of the speakers. Other speakers will be Owen Karn, president of Silver Threads and representatives of the architectural and construc­ tion firms. DEDICATION Chairman of the Centennial Square committee, Aid. A. W. Toone, will receive the keys to the building and the prayer of dedication will be offered by the Rev. J. L. W. McLean. Tours of the building will be made following the opening of the building.

The controversial road con­ Sidney voters will go to the' commissioner, a special meeting polls Oct. 4 in a byelection to of council decided Wednesday struction and improvement by­ elect a village chairman and a | night. law, which brought the resigna­ tions of chairman A. A. CorHeward, and slimmed the coun­ cil to three members, received its fipal reading at last night’s meeting. , ■ The bylaw will be sent to the inspector of municipalities, and if approved will be voted on by the villagers in a referendum to Opposition leader Robert Stra- tingencies such ns wage ln- be held Sept. 20. ehan Wednesday renewed his creases and overtime." Acting chairman Andries Boas appeal for a government-laborIn the meantime, boom-year said a public meeting will be management. conference aimed inflation is "robbing the work­ called prior to the referendum at checking the rising cost of ing man and the pensioner of when a detailed explanation of construction. the value of their dollar,” he the proposed roads program will He said he has had no reply declared. be given by council. to his request, made four mon­ NO DOWN PAYMENT—TERMS ths ago to Education and Labor Minister Peterson, and Industry-j FACTORY CLEARANCE Minister Loffmark. Mr. Strachan. leader of the B.C. New Democratic Party again called for creation of a Reg. $42.50 95 Self-Storing "national labor market board" to forecast labor shortages and Storm and Screen SPECIAL . surpluses and alert vocational WHILE STOCK LASTS schools to coming needs. All sizes — easily Installed. See them on display Shortage ol skilled labor is a or order by phone. 24-hour service main factor behind the current rise of contract tenders, he said. Aluminum Awnings, Windows, Contractors are working over­ screens—custom-made time to keep men who would otherwise go make ■—Offer expires Sept. 15 overtime money, said Mr. Stra­ WESTERN DOOR & AWNING chan. “I’m not damming the con­ Dlv. of GERA I. INDUSTRIES LTD. Open 9 to 3, Friday ’til 8, Saturday ’til 1 p.m. tractors in these uncertain times." he said. “It’s logical 1030 YATES STREET (Next to Pllmley's) 388 3851 for a -contractor to add five pet Grilles and Letter Slots Extra cent to a tender to cover con-

Strachan Urge*. Early Meeting

Teen-Aga Fair —- all new. Fashions, fads and fun. Enjoy the Miss PNE Con­ test andthfeSportsChampionships at PNE '65.

AH Ipnds of free acts around the grounds. See the Ronnie L.wis Trio, sensational aerialists. Joe Bodrie, the fastest gun alive and Denny, the world's,1! smallest most lovable performing elephant.

$90,000 Program Prizes. A brand .new'65 car will be given away every day of the FAIR. Grand prize — a fully furnished dream home.

INE65 AUGUST 21-SEPTEMBER 6 8 Pacific National Exhibition


, 1





At Morrison's on Douglas . . . It's


THE FAMILY fun car

A Great Value Opportunity!





20% OFF





Phone 385-5777


Noon Concerts Conclude


Batin (Enluniat. viwwto ■n..rtd.y, I..IM8


Youngsters Delight Audience By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (API—Viewer, of the kmg-run western. Rawhide, will be wondering why costar Eric Fleming went thataway. Like most matters in tele­ vision, it was a question of money. The ruggedly handsome actor can be found these days at MGM, without the sideburns and shaggy hair he sported in Raw­ hide. He is well clipped and tail­ ored tor his role In the new Doris Day comedy, Glass Bottom Boat. “You can't Imagine how pleas­

ant It is to work with a washed face and have a rug under your feet,” he said. “And with girls. There is something deadly about working tor seven years with a male cast.” Don’t get the Idea that Flem­ ing is complainiite. He seems to be one of the hest adjusted Up­ ton, around. He didn't even mind being dropped from Rawhide, al­ though it meant the loss of a tidy fortune. DELAY DEPARTURE Fleming admitted that he en­ tered the series haphazardly. After 10 years of median suc­

A GO GO ADULT DISCOTHEQUE—Victoria’s only dancing nightly, 10:90 pro. to 4 aro. 1206 Wharf. ANNE ASHBSRBYH WORLD FAMOUS MINIATURE GARDENS — Unique on the American Continent The first time these gardens have been displayed out­ side England including an exact duplicate of Queen Elizabeth’s Miniature Gardens. Also on display: bottled fern garden, Mrs. Sweeney’s fabulous hand-carved birds, miniatun shark, two ol the smallest Shetland ponies, old penny arcade and bird aviaries. Below the Net Loft Restaurant 640 Montreal St, 10:30 to 9 pro. ANNE HATHAWAVS COTTAGE—In the grounds of the Olds England Inn. Visit the world’s only exact replica of William Shakespear's wife’s world-famous thatched cottage. Tours daily 8 aro. to 10 ,pro. Adulta 75c, Children 35c. 429 Lampson Street See also Eng­ lish Village with its Chaucer Lane and quaint old* curiosity gift shoppe. BUTCHART GARDENS . . . ENTERTAINMENT . . . RESTAURANT . . , ROMANTIC AFTER-DARK ILLUMINATION. Open dally 9 am. to 11 pro. NOTE: Frt, Sept 3, terminates the sparkling entertainment in the great Stage Show Garden for the 1965 season. Wed., Sept L and Fri, Sept. 3, 8:15 pro, take in the sparkling stage revue “JUST FOR FUN.” Loaded with laughter ... top-flight talent ... it's tremendously entertaining! Playing to audiences of between one and two thousand, it’s the highlight of Victoria’s summer entertainment season. Thuri, Sept 2, 8:15 p.m, thrill to the pipes and drums of the Canadian Scottish Regi­ ment as they parade into and perform in the great Stage Show Garden. Marvel at the precision marching of Victoria's intemationlly-famous Girls’ Drill Corps. Enjoy the lively entertainment of the Scottish Dancers, Murray MeAlpbie, Robin, Doug Shumka and Harry Hill. Each evening the entertainment will be followed by a tour of the gardens under the romantic after-dark illumination . . . featuring the fabulous Sunken Garden and the spectacular "Fountain Fantasy” Lake Garden. No extra charge for entertainment or romantic Illum­ ination, so plan a date now with your family and friends and prepare yourself for one of your happiest outings. Delicious lunches and afternoon teas served dally, 11 aro. to 5 pro. Buffet suppers each evening till Fri., Sept 3, 5:30 to 7:30. Ever-changing, always lovely, the gardens are unusually beautiful right now! CHINATOWN ORIENTAL MUSEUM—The Mysterious Orient Open dally 10 to 10. Special discounts to families and groups. 1802 Government at Herald. CIRCLE “8”—YUKON QUEEN WATER TOURS to Gorge Waterway or Esqulmalt Unique aternwheelera or conventional boats. Frequent sailings, from Cause­ way. opp. the Empress. COWICHAN VALLEY FOREST MUSEUM—Ride the Narrow Gauge Steam Railway and see the valuable collection of htstorlc locomotives, equipment and vehicles all in 20 acres of parkland. One mile north of the city of Duncan on the Trans-Canada Highway. Open 7 days a week—10 aro. to 5:30 p.m.

cess on Broadway, he decided io head for the Pacific isles he had known during the war. But Hollywood kept delaying Ms de­ parture with acting jobs. One was in the pilot of a western series. "I figured nothing would come of it,” he recalled. "The first script was aimed at the guest stars, and I was only one of eight regulars. I was astounded to see the final version and find Clint Eastwood and I were the stars.

The concert presented an in­ teresting study In contrast be­ tween Dyson who, at 13, is on the verge of ending a success­ ful career and Franklin who, at IS, h just starting on Ms. Dyson Is solo boy at Christ Church Cathedral and was cer­ tainly the more polished per­ former. Nkturally he handled the sacred songs with more style and flair than his first group ol secular Songs.

IN LINE "Still, I never thought it would sell. CBS couldn’t give the show away, finally put it on the air in mid-season with half-sponsor­ ship. Within a month sponsors were in line to sign up.” ___^ter 6% years It looked as If Rawhide had come to the end of Its dusty trail. CBS an­ nounced the series was being dropped, then a change of management reversed the de­ cision. SOLO STAR “At first I decided I wouldn’t continue with the show for a million dollars,” said Fleming. “But then they came up with -adeal that virtually amounted to a million dollars! I had to reconsider.’’ Fleming told the network he would be willing to continue, but then the bosses apparently had second thoughts. It was decided to continue Rawhide with Clint as solo star. UNDERSTANDS DECISION "That’s perfectly under­ standable,” said Eric. “It’s the natural progression of a tele­ vision series to save money."

BALANCE His singing of the Arne set­ ting of Shakespeare’s Where the Bee Sucks lacked definition and enunciation but this was mare "Take Wagon Train. It than compensated for In Ms un­ started out with 24 wagons accompanied offering, The and long locations. In the sec­ Three Sons, an English folk ond season there were 12 song. wagons and fewer locations. The Handel aria, I Know that They ended up with one wagon, half a wagon for pro­ My Redeemer. Llveth, was not cess shots and no locations.” a success as Dyson’s voice, by Its very nature and register, BACK TO ISLANDS is not equipped to handle a Fleming finds himself in the song that needs the warmth delightful position of never and color of a good contralto. having to work again, his earn­ His program saved the best ings having been spread into to the last and his singing of future years.

Eric Fleming

"DOUGLAS” GOLF DRIVING RANGE—9-Hole Pitch and Putt and Archery Range. Every day fill 10 pro.

Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man's De­ siring was nigh perfect. The same could be said for the Crimond setting of Psalm 23. Richard Proudman, his teach­ er, handled the accompaniment with taste and discretion never overwhelming the soloist and providing just enough encour­ agement.

Impairment Brings $300 Fine


8:30 to 10:30 pro.



ROLLER SKATING 8:00 to 10:30 pro


Run of Any Picture on Vancouver bland

“Dr. Strangeleve” At,II,He.


l,l.rl»lnment Only ln„telM «t Offle,

Best Supporting Actor In

Abo wtBrTtnr Melina Mercouri— Maximilian Schell — Robert Morley

Anglers in North America spend more than 8300,000,000 each year on fishing tackle and gadgets.


Filmed In Color In Istanbul U'a the JEWEL THFPT OP THE CENTURY In ono of tbo GREATEST COMEDY SUSPENSE FILMS over aodo. Don't mloo II . . . Seo It from the berlnainr-

Doors 6:45. Complete shows 7:06, 9:08. Feature 7:1ft 9:18. x


Regular Admissions ■>*> "»k-

ipeu 10:30 to 3 aro Adult Discotheque 1306 WHARF ST.

"i B-’a’i:'-'-' 'h-J’J.'t

Special Holiday Matinee, Mon., Sept. 6th, 2 p.m. WEEK! 4TH







Rew 586-7222



JOSEPHINE HOBSON’S CHOICE—Last Time Tonight THE FANTASTICKS — Friday, Labor Da] THE WINSLOW BOY — Last Time Sator PINOCCHIO — Last Time 2:30 Saturday McPherson Playhouse

i screoR Mans with the story on the blistering best-soHsr!









IJveatock — Exhibits — Midway Horse Show — Cutting Contest Greased Pig Contest — Bird Exhibits Flowers and Cooking

HEATHERBELIJ! OUTDOOR DOG THEATRE —30 fully costumed dogs—25 spectacular live acts. One hour stage shows daily 2:15. 3:15, 7:30, 8:30. Evening shows Illuminated. Adm.: Adults $1. Children 50c. 4551 West Saanich Rd. (Iflghway 17-A). Closing Aug. 3L

The “Pieta" after 3. SEE—


Tlie Enchanted Fairyland 4. SEE—The Chamber of Horrors


LONDON OMNIBUS—Double deck sightseeing (IB). City tour from Inner Harbor 10 a.m, 11:30 aro, 12:45, 1:30, 2:30, 3:3ft 4:3ft 6:30.











2315 McBRIDE AVE. 1 block east of Douglas Street—OFF BAY STREET For Reservations Phone EV 2-8833 Wedding Receptions of Distinction. • Commercial Displays



(Bxeept Sat. and Sun-)

At ItStt. X:M, »:», 7:», »:». f .mnOt, ■(>««■ 1:M, SlU. S.M. IlM. »:M. r


L*?: Vu I L'. J

Extra! Pink Panther Cartaaa.


fhHdrea Mb all 4»y.



OAK BAY MARINA—Deep-sea fishing. 3 trips dally, 9 aro, 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 pm.; 3%mour trip, $3.85. Non-fishing passengers. $2.50. Reservations 386-3445.

(Special Matinee Monday at 11 a.m.)

ROYAL LONDON WAX MUSEUM In the Crystal Gar­ den. A must In Victoria. And now the “Pieta”—after Michalangelo’s famous sculpture re-created Ufe-stze in wax. Over 100 Josephine Tueaard wax figures. They


Hear C Fun's Pick Hit of This Week by

“Tall, Cool One”

THE WAILERS *Sbe*s a Dirty Rebber”

F^THE WAILERS ✓/ 1Victoria Entertainment Highlight of 1965

/^/THURSDAY — ADVANCE TICKETS on sale at McEwan’s Shoe Store


and Bay’s Ticket Office (Main Floor) FRIDAY and SATURDAY—Tickets only on sale at door. First Come—First Served

The Wailers appearing courtesy of The Scope, Thur-t, Fit and Sat. at THE BAY—Victoria’* Swinging Young People's Store—with The Scope “Go Go” Girls.

Newspaper Advertising Stimulates Buying




'Captain's Table”

PLEETBOATS — ROYAL MAIL CRUISE — Departs daily except Sunday, 9:45.a.m. Reservations 656-1911.

LAND OF LITTLE PEOPLE—A country In miniature. 240 Gorge Road E.




FABLE COTTAGE—A fabulous experience for all the family. Situated on the shores of beautiful Cordova Bay, Is the unique Storybook Private Home that has attracted world-wide attention. Now open to vision. 10 aro. to 9 pro. daily. Don’t misa it!

MINIATURE GOLF at its best Highway 17 at beauti­ ful Elk Lake, beside Tasty-Spot

(Deora Opem at 7:11)

■ 2nd BIG VVE£K!^HH

DOUGLAS PUTT PUTT—Miniature golf on Canada’s quality course. Fun and amusement for the family.__

MARITIME MUSEUM OF B.C.—New location. Bastion Square (between Gov't St and the Harbor, near Eaton’s). B.C.’, Maritime History. A fascinating look at the past for young and old. Open 7 days a week, 10 a m. to 9 pro.

• TONIGHT at 8 •


Wed, Sle»« Cheek,




Kenneth Bertram acted as accompanist and did a credit­ able job. Kenneth Gravenor deserves more support In these ventures tor the concerts have provided


Victoria'! younger mintciana with an opportunity to gain re­ el tai experience and seasoning. By next year it’s to be hoped the problems of the McPherson Playhouse will have been solved and the public can be spared the an-again off-again air of un­ certainly that has clouded thia year's program of noon con­


'Tm learning to live again, ■ he said. "I'm getting back to the things that interest me— art, writing, oceanography, fishing. -This picture came along, and I might do one in Europe, where Rawhide was even more popular. "BuF most of all, I want to get back to those islands. But In city magistrate’s court, when I go this time, I will go Jimmy Gasper, a Dunean log­ to stay." ger, was fined 5300 and had bis licence suspended for having charge of a oar on Flsgard ESQlWALT Street while impaired Aug. 31.

CROWN JEWELS OF ENGLAND MUSEUM—See what a hundred million dollars looks like—over 100 pieces. 90* Government St Open 9 to 9, Sun. 12 noon to 9 pro. DEEP COVE CHALET—Beauty spot of the Island. Sea view, beach access, picnic area Visitors welcome. Afternoon Teas and Luncheons. Evening Buffet Dinner. 656-3541.

Ian Franklin took longer to settle into the recital atmos­ phere and was unsure or himseli for all of his first offering, Men­ delssohn's On Wings ft Seng. His playing was imprecise and a number -of note! were lost His best work came in the Presto movement of a Haydn suite. Here Franklin seemed quite at home; he had complete command of the dynamics of the music and It moved along at a brisk pace. FINGERED WELL The oboe, a sophisticated shep­ herd's pipe, is heard to advan­ tage in most pastorales and Godard’s proved no exception. Franklin fingered well and crisply to give the notes In a precise well executed martner.

Kenneth Gravenor’, noon-time concert experiment came to an end Wednesday when he pre­ sented boy soprano Bill Dyson and oboeM Ian Franklin at the McPherson Playhouse.A crowd of dose to 300 seemed defighted with the offer­ ing and gave the young per­ formers a well-deserved ova­ tion. CONTRAST

1037 VIEW '

SUNDAY—Bobby Faulds and THE STRANGERS Winner, of Vancouver Island', Battle of the Banda










Garden Notes





Lavender, Rosemary


I.'" I » <-


/ AWAY, GUS/-AND HOLI ---------- ■> HIS LEGS.'-





your courses)




®ail» ®nloi»i«t Vk*p» Thunday, S«pt. J, 196J



■Tf hey/ mimhx

«- rtt- «-* -



quarters. Sow in an unheated green­ house, coljlframe dr in a sheltered out­ door seed bed. As long as*it is a,bit on the‘limey side, any ordinary garden soil will do for the sowing of the seeds. Lavender is a great lime lover, and the famous Yardley plantations are on light, gravelly soil overlying almost pure chalk. Soak the seeds overnight before

There is nothing like a whiff of lavender or rosemary-to evoke mental pictures of 17th century London — of orange pediers and lavender vendors, of Nell Gwyn and Drury Lane and the scented and bewigged dandies of the Restoration. Lavender is a remarkably easy shrub to grow in our climate, either from purchased plants, seeds or cut­ tings. Local nurseries wiU usually have in stock either the Munstead variety, considered the most fragrant, or the so-called French lavender, with pret­ tier and deeper-colored flowers. WWW When grown from seed, there are lots of different kinds to choose from. The seed firm of Thomson & Morgan Ltd. of Ipswich, England, lists quite a number of varieties, including a whiteflowered form and a little honey of a plant growing only 9 inches tall and staggering through life under the jaUfbreaklng name of Lavendula spica nana atropurpurea Hidcote variety! Seed sown almost any time through the spring, summer or early fall months will produce fine little shrublets to set out next year in their permanent


WWW If you can beg some prunings or cuttings from a neighbor, use vigorous young shoots about seven inches long. Remove the lower leaves, dip the cut end in rooting powder, and insert in sandy soil in your coldfrtune or in a shaded outdoor bed under jam jars. While this treatment works well with rosemary cuttings too, I have never had any luck in starting this sjirub from seed; in fact, I couldn't even get the seed to germinate. Looking back on my attempt I believe my failure came from over-watering—from using soil too rich and too moist. In its natural state, rosemary seeds itself freely and germinates vigorously on thp rocky, sun-baked cliffs and head­ lands of Southern France, in poor,

hungry soil and hot much moisture. I think that if 1 were to try another sow­ ing, I would do my best to duplicate these conditions by using a mixture of sandy Joam soil and small gravel, kept only barely moistened. If left untrimmed, rosemary makes a pretty big bush, often six feet in height, with pungent, aromatic foliage. It needn’t take up this much space, though, as it stands trimming well, and the size and shape can be controlled quite easily. Lavender grows from nine inches to three feet tall, depending on variety, and will also tolerate shearing as long as it is done consistently, so it never becomes necessary to cut away back into old wood. > Rosemary leaves are useful both in the kitchen and for sprinkling in linen closet to impart a refreshing scent to sheets and pillow cases. To harvest, cut a few shoots or small branches from your shrub when the leaves are fully grown and hang these, head down, in, a comer of your kitchen out of the sun. When dry, strip off the leaves by pulling the shoots between your fingers. Store in covered jars as you would sage or any other aromatic herb. ‘

Harold Feels the Drafl-By ART BUCHWALD «=CDrTV>








WHO WAS THAT? iilte—

Hv? I

u= AAC

"Hello, Shirley. This is Har­ old. I'm fine. How are you? You’re excited? That's nice. Shirley, what I wanted to say is . . , Sure, I want to hear about your wedding dress. It’s white ... uh, huh. And it has lace and there’s a satin bow in the back . . , that sounds like some dress. "As a matter of fact, that's what I called you








HOLLYWOOD (NANA)—Latest word on the Frank Sinatra-Mia Farrow front is that Mia is returning to her Peyton Place series this Week, “eager and ready to work.” She will be revived from her four-week coma—which you actually won’t see on TV until November. And if you think producer Paul Mnnash Is doing handsprings over the recent publicity, you are wrong. ‘The viewers Identify with the characters on the screen. Too much publicity off the series could hurt the show,” he told me.

A call from Michael Caine from New York before he took off for London: "I was surprised to find The Iperess File, such a success in America,” said Mike. “We were worried they might not like it here because it is not as obvious as the bonds.” Caine, who has just completed Alfie, will do The Wrong Box with Bryan Forbes direct­ ing, before he reports for two more Len Deighton thrillers. Funeral in Berlin, and Horse Under Water. Horse is a slang term for heroin. The Wrong Box will



Recently, a newspaper story of the untimely, accidental death of one of the world’s great men sent a shiver down readers’ spines. Not that he died — but how he died. The report described how Sir Raymund Hart, the man who developed Britain’s radar de­ fence system at the outbreak of the Second World War, and one

of the great geniuses in the field of electronics, came to his end; He picked up the live end of a 240-volt electrical connection while barefoot. WWW "It was the sort of mistake a chap would who could not change a fuse would be unlik/dy to make,” said his son. "And yet my father, a genius in elec-


EATON'S Expertly Instructed






Conducted by well-known professional teacher, Helen E. Beirnes! Learn the secrets of looking well-groomed, assured and graceful. Classes, meet for an hour each Saturday morning at 9, 10 and 11 respectively, starting Sept, ,12th. •

Pre-Teen (ages II and 12)

Eight weeks for 3.00 General (ages 13do 19) Eight weeks for 4.00 Advanced Classes’ — Combines our former Advanced course with modell­ ing. Ten weeks for 8.00 ’Students for this course must be graduates of an EATON General Charm class and graduation certificate must be presented.


Hurry! Register now! In the Hi Shop, 3rd floor. Classes Start Sept. 12th.



be made mostly at Pinewood studios near London and I promised Michael I would be popping over. The film which he describes as "a black Victorian comedy,” has, in addition to Caine, Peter Sellers in a cameo role, Sir Ralph Richardson and John Mills.


-rGeorge Harrison was the only Beatle who stayed away from the glamorous parties. Meeting movie stars is not his cup of tea. Jimmy Stewart was the favorite for the others, followed by Gene Kelly. When the Beatles were poor youngsters in Liverpool Jimmy and Gene were stars as far away from the quartette as the stars in the sky. “I agree with some of your comments about them,” said their producer, Walter Shenson. “They have reached saturation point with the present kind of adulation. The boys are going to aim fpr a more sophisticated, mature audience.” While the British reviews for their latest film, Help, were mixed, everything so far in North America has been a rave.

Wise Men Err Big



want you sitting home nights 'wondering where I am, what Tm doing, and that sort of thing. It’s me that’E making the sacri­ fice . . , You shouldn't taik that way to somebody who's about to serve his country . . . No, I ★ ★ ★ don’t want to speak to your "What are you crying for?. father ... Try to understand my side of it ★ ★ ★ . . . When I proposed to you, "Mr. Potts? . . . No, sir, I Shirley, I thought I would stay really don’t know what she's at home and we would raise a crying about. It’s a little mis­ family and I wouldn’t have to understanding . . . You might go into the army, and we would call it a lover's quarrel . . . live as civilians happily ever Well, sir, you see, I want to after . . . serve my country and do my "Look, this is as much a blow share to defeat godless com­ to me as it is to you. Did I know munism . . ’. Shirley, on the President Johnson was going to other hand, wants me to get draft me after I got married? married. “Yes, I did ask her . . , How can you say I was go­ to marry me, but that was be­ ing to marry you just to stay fore the presidential executive out of the army? ... What basis order ... I don't think you do you have for such a state­ should call me a draft-dodger ment? . , . even if she is your daughter . . , ★ ★ -W And furthermore, I’m glad I “That’s how you interpret It, discovered her attitude before I but I want you to know, Shirley, married her. It all could have I’m thinking of you ... I don’t been a terrible mistake.’’

Publicity Bad!



for? We should be able to dis­ cuss this like mature people . . . Which part didn’t I mean? . . . I know this is going to sound funny, but the part I’m not sure abounds when I said, ’Shirley, will you marry me?’




"It already went to the prin­ ters? . . . Listen, Shirley. We're living in perilous times ... I didn’t say it President Johnson said it. I’m just quoting him, and when I asked you to marry me I didn’t know how perilous they were . . . Hello, Shirley, are you still there? . .. Of course I love you ... As much as the other night? That’s what I called about. "Maybe we got carried away a little, Shiriey . . ,.A guy says a lot of things at night that he would have never said in the daytime-. . . I meant every bit of it except the one part . . . Shirley, what are you yelling



THE HOSE/ on the

about . , . No, I haven’t bougl my suit yet ... I was holding' off. Shirley, I don’t know how to say this . . . Will you listen, Shirley? the invitation? Okay, let me hear ft . . . How many are you sending out, Shirley? One hundred and twenty? ... Maybe you ought to hold off .. .

WASHINGTON — Many young American men who weren’t too interested in marriage suddenly found themselves in love last week when a presidential ex­ ecutive order was issued whioh said that anyone of draft age who married after midnight on Aug. 26 would be eligible for the draft on the same basis as a bachelor. Unfortunately the order came out so fast that very few couples were able to get to the church on time and many of the young men who proposed have now had second thoughts.


tronics, made just such a mis­ take. Maybe he became over­ confident about electricity;” Of course, Sir Raymund may have been day-dreaming while intricately involved in pondering a serious scientific problem and in the pursuit of the complicated got struck down by the obvious. Most likely, however, he made a foolish error of judgment — even scientists are prone to fa­ tal mistakes—errors of judg­ ment in their own area of experlness, which even laymen wouldn’t think of remitting.

They were outstanding tech­ nicians—but as men, they were dupes and knaves. They made no spiall, insignificant errors— theirs were big, massive—' ex­ pert! We admire proficiency and mastery, and in our technologi­ cal age, those who know a lot about precious little, reach top status. In blind unsophistication, we snub broad, humane know­ ledge in favor of “specialized” information. Or what is worse: We dis­ qualify the good man on the ★ * ★ grounds that he is not the best Ours is an "expert" society man. The obverse is more likely: so highly involved and so techni­ The “best” man is not always a cal that most of; us leave de- good, man. cisiortstand-conclusions to those * ♦ * whom we think are more co(hOver-confident in what he petent. We worship the specialist knew about electricity, Sip-Ray-., and deify the technician. But, truth to tell, while they mund went to his death. Here often look like gods, they some­ is a parable for our times, when times act like fools. They take men are so certain that they will the adulation of the public tar get to the moon and master the too seriously, imagining them­ heavens. What about this poor earth? selves really to be what the lessinformed public thinks they are. What has their confident know­ There are no -greater follies ledge achieved for them here than those of the so-called wise here, where the “experts" know man. When he errs—he errs big I not enough to save their own He may be sure of his know- lives? ledge; he is, often, much less: Taught the prophet with inci­ sure of himself. sive understanding: Sometimes his over-concentra-1 "Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom: , J tion and "expertness" serve to] I trip him up: he thought he knew, Neither let the mighty man glory in his might; everything, and he should have] Let not the rich man glory known better. -y*

★ * ★

in his riches , .

♦ ★ ★ Hitler’s professors were men, The real wisdom lies not in of great scientific achievement who stood in the forefront of hu- the confidence that we know, rttatf intellectual attainment. But; but in bumble recogniticn of they were capable of being used J how little we do. and -prostituted to destroy hu-J Humility, not arrogance, may man life barbarously—in cheap, yet lead us to that greater* wisefficient and scientific ways. 1 dom which can help save us all.

'Bribe Denial Withdrawn

Sflilg (Colonist Victoria, B.C., Tburt., Sept. 2, IMS

Rusk Apologizes To Singapore SINGAPORE (CP) — State ter yesterday (Tuesday) were Secretary Dean Rusk apolo­ not fully aware of the back­ gized to the Singapore govern­ ground . . The Rusk letter, as quoted by ment in 1961 in connection with Lee. was dated April 15, 1961, the "improper activitk-s’’— and said: "I am deeply dis­ United States officials here, it tressed to learn that certain of­ ficials of the United States gov­ was disclosed Wednesday. ernment have been found by Prime Minister Lee Kuan your government to have been Yew produced the letter, and engaged in Improper activities the state department in Wash­ in Singapore. ington confirmed its content “I want you to know that I The department also withdrew regret very much that this un­ a blanket denial it had made fortunate Incident has occurred Tuesday to the prime minister’s to mar the friendly relations charges of an attempt to bribe that exist between our govern­ him. *’■ ments. The new administration TOP 8ECRF.T takes a very serious view of The state department’s about- this matter and intends to re­ face came after Lee warned he view the activities of these of­ would disclose top secret infor­ ficials tor disciplinary action.” mation which would embarrass Lee said he finally released "very high circles” if Washing­ the CIA operative because "it ton continued to deny his story. would have damaged our rela­ "He observed: tione with Kuala Lumpur and “They (the Americans) are he wanted merger with them." very foolish people. If they The Singapore-Malaya merger continue with their denials I went through, but was dis­ will have to disclose further solved last month. — details which may sound like WOULD NAME MAN James Bond—lurid and. grotes­ He said that if the Washing­ que. ton denials continued, he would “It will do them no good and name the intermediary who our future relations no go6d." made the bribe offer, as he de­ Lee said the U.S. government scribed it offered him a $10,000,000 Mal­ The state department con­ ayan ($3,200,000) bribe not to firmation of the Rusk letter reveal that a Central Intelli­ came a few hours later. Mc­ gence Agency operative had Closkey declined to say what been caught trying to buy se­ if any, disciplinary action re­ cret information here. sulted from the review Rusk I promised. PROMISED SILENCE Observers in Singapore poo- i Lee said the offer was made after he told the U.S. govern­ dered the question of why the ment he would keep quiet about prime minister should disclose the incident publicly after four! ■the alleged CIA incident if it supplied $100,000,000 Mai ayan years of silence. ($35,600,000) for economic de­ Their belief was that Singa­ pore’s leader saw it as an op-| velopment. portunity to prove to Afro“I will say this for President Asian nations dramatically that Kennedy,” Lee commented. he was neither a puppet of im­ •’He said no, his government perialism nor a product of neo­ would give me the money if I colonialism, and also to demon­ wanted it, publicly, but not be­ strate the British bases in Sing­ cause I had him by the throat. apore were there under his Lee said Tuesday the Singa­ terms and would never be used pore government had arrested to attack another Asian nation. a CIA agent, that he (Lee) of­ fered to keep the thing quiet if given the $100,000,000 Malayan and that Washington had re­ plied through an intermediary It would give Lee and his Peo­ ple’s Action party $10,000,000 Malayan to keep quiet

Beatles End Tour With Wild Show SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — The Beatles flew back to Lon­ don Wednesday after a 19-day tour capped by farewell per­ formances here that almost spilled out of control as hys­ terical girts leaped onto the stage to grab them. * * * “This was the wildest of the whole trip,” leader Paul Mc­ Cartney said after the final show Tuesday night. “We don’t blame the police +- there just weren’t enough of them.”


Dean Rusk



Playing at the Ctiw Palace, a cavernous auditorium de­ signed for stock shows, the British tour were on stage al­ most completely surrounded by a sea of 17,000 adolescents whose unbelievable screaming drowned out sounds of real pain.

At least 51 girls were carried out. Some had just fainted. But some 30 suffered minor injuries from the crush against the stage. * * *

‘Crime School’ Operating At Oakalla, MLA Claims VANCOUVER (CP) — Dave Barrett, NOP MLA for Dewdney, says the provincial govern­ ment Is running a "school for crime" in the west wing of Oakalla Prison farm.

He says boys as young as 14 learn criminal ways while being held In the wing awaiting trial. Mr. Barrett, speaking at an NDP forum on Tuesday night, said a review is needed of the penal structure, to cut down

jail population and double or triple probation facilities.

“We have 700 police toon on the Lower Mainland catching crooks, and 12 probation offi­ cers to look after them when they get out,” he said.

• I

At one point, a teen-age gtri flung herself against McCart­ ney and almost toppied him off the stage. Others grabbed at George Harbison and John Lennon.

Great Greeting for Fall from

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Drummer Ringo Starr, high on his podium, was compara­ tively safe, except for the thousands of stinging jelly Iteans, as well as Teddy Bears, shoes, and lipstick cases, thrown at the stage.



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He linked President Kennedy with this, but later said the of­ fer took place just before Ken­ nedy assumed office in Janu­ ary, 1961. The state department issued a denial Tuesday, and ex­ pressed regret that Lee had brought up the matter at this time. Wednesday, press officer Robert J. McCloskey told Wash­ ington reporters that the denial was in error, explaining: “Those who were consulted with­ in the government on this mat­

Integration -

Chicago Next Target ’ ATLANTA (UPI) — Dr. Mar­ tin Luther King Jr. has decided to make Chicago a major tar­ get of a “non-violent” school Integration campaign, it was disclosed Wednesday. King has sent a 10-man advance team to the windy city Under supervision of one of his most militant street demonstra­ tion leaders, the Rev. James Bevel. v PERSONAL 8UPPORT King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference will work in conjunction with the Coordinating Council of Com­ munity Organizations in

Chicago. The Negro leader promised the CCO his "personal support and the support of the SCLC" In a major drive to break down what Negroes have charged is massive de facto segregation of schools In Chicago. PRESS DEMAND

King did not disclose when or If he will go to Chicago to take personal charge of the new drive outside the south. He led a march of an estimated 30,000 there July 26 to press a demand for “quality Integrated educa­ tion.” . .

One of the main targets of Negro groups in. Chicago has been the superintendent of achools, Dr. Benjamin Willis, an administrator who has insisted on maintaining the neighbor­ hood concept of public schools.

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Negroes accuse Willis of per­ petrating segregation because of neighborhood patterns with generally strict color lines. This summer has produced racial tensions and violence over the school issue.

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CHETWYND (CPI — The gendral manager of the crownowtied Pacific Great Eastern railway predicted Tuesday the corporation's revenue will double in five years. J. S. Broadbent said by 1970 the railway will be earning $40.000,000 a year. Last year it earned $19,000,000 which was a 600 per cent increase over 12 months, he said.

He said additional revenue wiK come from business and industry nosv being established in the B.C. interior.

Mr.. Broadbent said it will be a few years before the railway shows an operating profit be­ cause it is now spending large sums to extend its facilities. Tlie PGE k£t just under $500,000 last year, he said.

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Near-Drowning Victim .' j-


Pair’s Quick Action Saves Girl’s Life By CHARLES LA VERTV

A five-year-old Saanich girl is alive today, thanks to the quick-thinking of two neighbors. Artificial respiration given by Raymond Winters, 34, of 444 Burnside West revived Wendy Miller of 416 Burnside West after she was pulled from the Burnside Gardens swimming pool by 'another resident, Janice Wodham, 13, of 380 Burnside West. -< William E. John)

Rescuers Winters and Janice Wodham with neighborhood youngsters


Court Demands Explanation FronrPoliceman

Improved By Divers With an eye to making lighthouse s u p p 1 v landings ehsier for ships of tlie Canada Coast Guard, divers from the RCN Diving Establishment at Colwood have been blasting landing sites throughout the summer months. Object of the"'blasting opera­ tions is to remove hidden reefs, giving supply boats a clear run at otherwise hazard­ ous landing sites. Ope rat ions have been com­ pleted so far at Kains Island, Carmnnah Point and Cape Beale. Others are to take place at Chrome Island, Entrance Island and Sisters Island during September.


An RCMP constable, alleged to have finger­ printed a man charged with impaired driving dur­ ing his trial, Wednesday was ordered before court to explain. Magistrate Harold Aider said In provincial magistrate's court he viewed the procedure charged against the officer, a prosecu­ tion witness in the case, “as not only unusual but it would be frowned on by any court." Defence counsel J. R. McCologh argued the law required a trial should be regular in all its aspects. “You can’t say a trial is regular when sopiething like this takes place,” he said, •FULL EXPLANATION’ The incident, counsel claimed, called for “a very full explana­ tion.” He did not think the officer, Const. Matt Jensen, should have talked to his client “let alone take him to the cells to finger­ print him in t h e middle of a trial.” Roger Walker. Crown prosecu­ tor, said he was inclined to agree it was a serious matter but could not see how it would pre­ judice the case in any way. The magistrate agreed with

the defence, however, that the constable should be recalled to the witness stand to clarify the matter. He said if fingerprints were needed by the police, there was a time and place when they Should be taken and it did not seem the time had been oppor­ tune in this instance. Before the court is Ralph Ed­ win Smith, 985 Claremont, whoj pleads not guilty to impaired driving on Craigflower in View Royal July 22. CAR HIT POLE

Poliee said Smith's car col­ lided with a hydro pole. His blood alcohol content was later assessed at .14 per cent by breathalyser machine. Sgt. R. Ward, of Victoria City Police, has told court that in his opinion all drivers are im­ paired when their Wood alcohol content reaches .1 per cent and over. The case was adjourned to Sept. 7.

away from them, wearing my diving mask. "I saw a little girl on the bottom in a blue bathing suit. My sister (Karrie, 5) had been playing on a float and 1 thought it was her. “I was panicky but I brought her to the edge as Saanich police say Wendy quickly as I could and chuck­ was swimming in the pool ed her out of the water, slap­ when she apparently Bank- ped her on the back a few times, then yelled for help,” unnoticed to the bottoip. said Janice, a student at Got"Tlie little kids like play­ quits High School. ing with me. We were play­ Mr. Winters, who was- at ing lag in the pool,” Janice- the other end ot the pool, had seen the two girls come up. said, "and I was pulling

By AL ARNASON A 10-year Saanich spending plan, involving millions of dollars, will take its final form within the next three weeks, says Reeve Hugh Curtis

capital budget proposes i borrowing money to buy land and launch projects connected with the futuhe needs of the community. It is the first of its kind in When I sucked I also got part Saanich, "but ot tiers would fol­ of her dinner. low," said the reeve. "1 kept this up for ai least The proposal will go before the voters some time in the next a minute before she started to four months. respond. GIVES REASONS "Then she gave a violent Reeve Curtis outlined the rea­ A claim that Welshmen beat yell and Started to cry. That Christopher Columbus to the sons for the budget recently was the best sound I have ever new world spurred reaction during a speech to a city ser­ heard in my life." Mr. Winters Wednesday from two mem­ vice club. said. "In spite of very good pro, bers of Victoria’s Italian com* grass in the last 10 years with ni unity. "Then I was violently sick. Carlo Fanueelii, president of respect to cairying out capital I’m jwre'~Sfie was dead, and the Itafhin Assistance Centre, works out of annual revenue, I’ve seen enough dead people said he intends to boycott a Saanich has been slipping be­ to know,” the father of five Welsh choir appearing this hind in meeting the demand for said. some of the refinements which month at the McPherson make up urban living today. It Playhouse and to write a let­ is now very obvious that fin­ ter of protest to L’Eco ancing of these works out of D* Italia, in Vancouver. He was revenue must be augmented by supported by Giovanni Nanzi, a long-range capital budget." afternoon off and take my kids a city restaurateur. LAND MAJOR ITEM swimming. Even my five-yearMr. Fanucchl clings to the old son knows how to swim. The reeve said top item on lessons taught him in school "In England we used to go —first, Columbus, a Genoese, j die budget will be acquisition in for marathon swimming, second, Amerigo Vespucci of land both for recreational six to eight miles in the Eng­ use and for roads planned n from Florence. (meet the requirements of the lish Channel. No one drowns Promoter Ken Gravenor said there, but in a small pool like recently-completed Capital Re­ the program of the 80-voice gion traffic study. here . . . ." he added. Pendynis Male Choir will lie He said planners are parti­ Wendy was taken to St. Joseph s Hospital by Saanich ! dedicated to Prince Madoc-, cularly concerned with east-west Fire Department Ambulance. I by some to have traffic problems in Saanich. She is in satisfactory eondilanded in the new world In “We intend to correct this with the completion’ of McKenzie tion. ,,7°Avenue, a major road which will bear little resemblance lo the section presently known by that name. TO PORTAGE INLET “The ‘new’ McKenzie will stretch in the cast from Finnerty Road and Siqclair at the University all the way. even­ tually. to Portage Inlet and the from Prince George where Tar­ Vancouver said the companies Trans-Canada Highway." He said the Douglas Street to tan Brewery has stepped up are waiting for the union to make the first move while Alex university section of the road production. There appears to be no end Lipp, secretary of the Interna­ will cost about $800,000----- '\... . to the strike in sight as brew- tional Union of United Brewery, a very large and important'seg­ -eries and strikers remain dead Flour, Cereal, Soft Drinks and ment of the proposed capital Distillery Workers (CLC) said works budget ." locked. Another majo r project Will be A breweries’ spokesman in 1 there is nothing to talk about. acquisition of the McRea esla'p property for "... open space park use."

Artificial Respiration "One came out of the water with her hair all down, and she was limp. I thought she was dead." said Mr. Winters, a free-lance writer. “She was blue and had stopped breathing." "I cleared the water,from her throat and turned her over and gave her mouth-tomouth respiration," the for­ mer lifeguard said. "There was an obstruction in her throat and I had to blow and pull haixler than normal.

Saanich Maps 10- Year-Plan For Progress

Madoc Idea Protested

Bv Italians

Scared to Death

“She was blue with a yellow­ ish tinge. She hadn’t been breathing for about two min­ utes. then another half min­ ute to a minute more before responding. “I didn’t think it was any use my giving artificial res­ piration. 1 thought it was too P. O. Duane Deason itching to, celebrating an important birth- late. get out of his leopard skin after j day . . . Wendy Woodford play"1 was scared half to death concert. - (Bass drum and ing in the fresh air . Rill because she wouldn’t respond. "Now I know why I had a clarinet player in HMCS Naden I Harris putting in some insuterrific compulsion to take the Band, he lives at 3022 Wascana lation . with his wife Audrey and 4 chii- ______________ ___ ___ dren—Dawn 9, Scott 7, Darren S, and Garth 2, His hobby is wood­ working) . . . Arthur Hinehclifle moving to Victoria from the Peace River district . . Ray Irwin and Ian Sturgess discus­ sing hunting equipment . . . Peter Smart with a good buy from *54 . . . Margaret Wright a mere smell, of days before By BOB PETHICK tlie strike started Aug. 23 as Would Victoria beer drinkers 1,800 cases arrived at two facing a dry weekend ‘rather government liquor stores. ....... fight than switch — or will They were sold out within an liquor sales pick up for the hour or about one case every three-day holiday? five seconds. Several liquor store employees The beer arrived unannounced believe liquor sales will be up for the weekend blit -no one would say if the rise would be| due to" the dry state of things in the city. J From -the point of view' of they can force us to move our j the beer-loviqg man Victoria is courtroom to the Victoria cen-! slowly turning into the Sahara tral court” (Desert.

Seen In Passing

Liquor to Get Boost?

Reeve Questions Courts ’ Status

Fair Official Denies Charge

i 130 I


The property covers alxjut 130 acres bounded by the Saanich-~ city boundary on the south and Cedar Hill Cross Road to the north. It is bounded on the east by Cedar Hill Road and except tor a relatively small amount of residential development, the western boundary is Blenkinsop and Maplewood Roads. Eventual plans for the area call for a park to rival Vic­ toria’s Beacon Hill, said the reeve.

Unless the attorney — general has an unplayed legal ace-inth.-hole, a proposed sWitch of Saanich magistrate's court Io The attorney-general said * * * downtown Victoria isn’t in the earlier Wednesday the principle The Ingraham Hotel an­ cards, according to Reeve Hugh of centralized court had been nounced draft would last for Curtis. accepted, and put into effect at Wednesday night and the supply The Saanich reeve was com­ the Saanich location. of bottled beer would probably The greased-pig contests plan­ The greased pig contests are will be held in a 60 foot square menting on a statement Wed­ MORE SPACE NEEDED last the week-end. At the ned for the Saanichton Fair this to be conducted by the 4-H clubs enclosure, and will be witnessed nesday by Attorney - General by thousands of spectators who He said the move is being Tally-Ho draft ran out at 6 p.m. weekend are coming into same of this area. Bonner. made to the. renovated police with bottles expected to last! rough-sledding from a Greater According to Bud Mesher the would never stand for an animal Mr. Bonner indicated Saanich station on Fisgard Street be­ through most of Thursday-night j Victorian who is afraid the ani- fair’s vice president it will only being abused. can not back out of the, already and the Six Mile House ex- mals will be hurt in the chase. "People like Mrs. Barr should be 4-H children taking part in ________ . . . ■___________ i established principle of a cen- cause of need for increased pected to sell bottled beer until ,' ’ , 11 r a 1 i z e d magistrate's court 15pace Portage Inlet resident Flor-i the contests, and they have been be commended for their stand ', Lfufj.JJretllieC While this argument failed to (Saturday.’ Ther<; wera ,o ** no ence Barr said greased pig con-! specially trained in the handling, against Cruelty to animals, and' facility for the lower Island Sliort Circuit tests could be a contravention of |of animals. they can be assured there will Ge/S N Ot IlilliZ communities impeess Reeve Curtis, the Saanou.„,..u.uu« just just because uecausc the uie Jr'^^SS ® facilities ate moved from Saan-|ich official agreed with another d ty_ the criminal code in that they! “Exhibition officials w o u 1 d [be nothing cruel in the 4-H r centralizing step. I m Vancouver cause unnecessary suffering to (never allow any kind of cruelty (greased-pig contests," Mr. A law-breaker, wlm entered Blamed for Fire (ich to Victoria. It is a centralized prosector’.! lovers were Eiven animals. j to animals at the lair,” he said, j Mesher said. Colquitz Junior , High School A fire .started .by what is be- OPPOSED MOV E office. * I She said people who hav^, read\ "The fair is run by people who , David Beeching secretary Tuesday night, left emptylieved to be a short circuit Saanich had earlier opposed Both officials Say this can I Girl's School about the intended contests in shave been handling animals all smanager of Jhe SPCA said he handed. the newspapers have been out-(their lives, and they would never had been out of town untH WedSaanich police said he entered Wednesday, destroyed two, the move from its police-fire- save time and money. rooms of a Victoria home with [court complex.VPrrrwt Road raged. |tolerate any form of cruelty.” [nesday night, and he had not by reaching through the broken Meanwhile, the Saanich court- Starts Sept. 9 ROTTEN THING ( He said the greased-pig con- heard anything about the con­ glass panel of a fire exit and damage estimated at $4,500. to newly-renovated quarters in room will not be idled, accordL 'd .think it is a rotten thing, tests are a form of entertain- tests planned for the fair until releasing a bar. He visiteQ the The fife department said the «* city’s Centennial Square ing to Mr. gonner. He suggested | St. Margaret’s School. 1654 fire at 1241 Rudlin Street ap-■ periphery. the new centralized juvenile and I Fort, with classes from kinder- and I am amazed at a fair like ment Wand are to be considered [ last night. He said he could not principal’s office d u r i n*g hit parently started in the wiring “We still have had "no reptyfamily-court might use the Ver- [garten to Grade 12. opens Thurs- the one at Saanichton would atlas wholesome fun make a comment until he had fruitless inspection of the buildof a table lamp then spread lo [to our letter tb the provincial non R°»d courtroom. I day, Sept. 9 low such>«, thing.” she said. | He pointed opt’fh e contests ‘studied all the details. ing and left by another fire door

"Legal Ace Needed By Bonner’

Of Cruelty to Greased Pigs

twp front bedrooms. Occupants government,” said the reeve --------------- 7———------ ---------- ■-■’tt??-.------------------------------©t the house. RI J. McDonnell 'Wednesday. "We had asked I —---------and his family escaped injury J them to advnse us by wHat law prannan l,UnuteS

Vndersea Gardens Signs ypii' Lease The Undersea Gardens has a new lease and will continue to operate at its present location. Differences over a new lease were settled be­ tween the Gardens and-Oak Bay Marina following a two-hour meeting wltieh was railed by former Oak Bay reeve, George Murdoch. A new lease, uliehanged from the former one, was signed.

—L.---------------------------——-————-—-—------ ------------r---- :—---- —————;—;---------------’ ' ’

SIlOCS ill Wrecked Car

, Insurance Adjuster Captures Barefoot Fugitives An alert Victoria insurance adjuster Wednesday captured two fugitives - from Brannan Lake boys’ school who were ’ hitch-hiking without shoes Ed Ostrbwski. 30. was re­ turning^ to Victoria from Parksville after inspecting a stolen tar. The car was

wrecked and abandoned and contained two pairs of sho^s. Mr. Ostrowski said police told him the shoes were from Brannan Lake and 'they' gave him descriptions of. two fugi•tives from the correctional school. On his way to Victoria ilie insurance adjustor saw two

hitch-hikers who matched the descriptions and they were without shoes. He stopped and picked them up. One of the yoiiths wanted to sir in the back but Mr. Ostrowski insisted they both sit m front. He asked them if they came fiom Brahnan Lake. They d^

med it. saying they were on their way home to Vancouver. "Lgot the feeling they would lump the first time I slowed up. " he said. “I was rattled " He started passing cars on the right, hoping *to attract a policeman Knowing where the nead of the RCMP lives hi Nanaimo,

be headed tfIFre, driving through a red light and a stop sign on the way. He squealed to a stop, told the two youths to get out and stand still "They did,” he said. "That surprised me. I thought they . would run ’ The • h 11 c h ?h i k e r s were placed under arrest. «


Thor*. Sept. 2, IMS Bally ICuIumu! Victoria, - B.C., ' i —


Honeymoon in California .1 Now on a wedding trip to Cali­ fornia are' William Gary Scales and his bride, the former Caro­ lyn Margaret Anne McAllister, who were married recently in St. John's Anglican Church. Rev. John Sandys - Wunsch officiated at the double-ring cer­ emony for the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rlchac) Ernest Mc­ Allister and,the soii of Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Scales of Cobble Hill. A traditionally styled gown ot organza dotted with'tiny floral embroidery was the choice of the bride, who was given in

Legion LA Raises $46 contemporary decor. This handsome wall and reading area are strictly con­ temporary. The adjustable shelves qre fastened to redwood paneling. A slant­ ing shelf holds current issues of maga­ zines: books go above and below on standard shelves. Rosewood lounge chairs, covered in black leather, and wall-mounted lamps add to the read­ ing comfort — (Better Homes and Gardens 1 *

Bookshelves Add Interest to Living Room: Your home library may be small—just a few carefully selected volumes, or, maybe it has been grow ­ ing over the years. In either case, it's necessary to find some place to store your books. A living room wall is an ideal location if you like to keep your books where they’re always handy for reference and use. You can key your bookshelf design to traditional or


Sleep a NEW YORK (UPI) — "No makeup in the world can sub­ stitute lor a good night’s sleep.” That is rule number one in a new publication on cosmetics, hair, diet and dress—one that operates on the honesty's the best policy approach to such matters. Take a dose, hard look at the "unvarnished you”, says the booklet. "Don’t expect a girdle to can­ cel out weeks of over-eating anymore than your cosmetics can camouflage the effects of several sleepless nights. Both should be thought of as beauty helpers, not magicians. "Forget about bringing out your good points suid minimiz­ ing your bad ones? Your best features speak for themselves. The trick is to turn problems Into beauty potentials . . . "There is no perfect facial shape. It's nice to be bom with oval face, but most of the world’s beauties have not been so blessed." The booklet, "Mirror-Mate, Is the joint effort of a founda­ tion manufacturer and a cos­ metics expert, Syd Simons, of Chicago, and will lie free in lingerie and foundation depart­

Millward. Mrs. E. Edwards, Miss P. Miller, Miss J. Haverty, Mr. and Airs. E. Morriss, Mr. and Mrs. I. Morriss and Miss F. Sinnott, Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. A. Kotscherofskl, Mr. and Mrs. W. Roach, Lake Cowichan; Mrs. R. Easthome, Nanaimo; Mr. and Mrs. W. Savage, 'Dun­ can, and Mr. and Mrs. J. Sutton with Bill, Cathy and Joe, from Astoria, Oregon.

GANGES — P r e s i d e n t of Ladies Auxiliary to Salt Spring NEWL.IHSTAHT ACTIOH Island branch. Royal Canadian Legion, reports an addition of $46.60 to the funds, resulting from a night of bowling at Lei­ sure Lanes, loaned for the occa­ FOR DRY SKIN sion by owners Mr. and Mrs. Ken Ralph. A burnt-out section of Legion Hall, Ganges, has recently been re-built, with an enlarged kitchen area. The auxiliary is paying the cost of the enlarge­ ment and in order to raise the required $500 a number of money-raising projects are be­ ing planned, another of which will be a rummage sale to be Introductory Size only held in Legion Hall on October Boodoir size only $2.00 . 8. ____________________________ J__ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiHfiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiii

"’beauty facial


No Camouflage


marriage by her father. It was ther, Mr. Richard McAllister, weds will be 1184 Esquimalt fashioned with fitted bodice and ushered with Mr. James Justice,- Road, Victoria. floor-length skirt dramatized Mr.JAjyg Court proposed the Guests from Cobble Hill in­ with a bustle effect tied with toast to the bride at a reception cluded the groom's family and tiny bridal bows at the back on following the ceremony. _ Mr. and Mrs. J. Pearson, Mr. a full sweeping train. As the couple left later on W. Y»n Valkenburg, Mr. and A floral rosette held her softly their honeymoon the bride wore Mrs. R. Calderwood and Miss tiered veil of silk illusion, and a suit! of deep pink wool with J. Richardson. .Others from outshe carried a cascade bouquet flowered hat en tone and black of-town were Mr. and Mrs. R. of Briarcliffe roses with stepha- accessories. Her corsage was of E. McAllister Jr., Oomox; Mr. little princess roses. and Mrs. D. A. Court, Sandra notia. Future address for the newly- and Doug; Mr. and Mrs. G. Mrs. Barbara McAllister was matron of honor for her sisterin-law, and the groom’s sisters. II MASAflN 01$ KMMII best man, and the bride's bro­

ments of stores across the country. From its makeup section come other observations: "In selecting cosmetics and hair style, consider height, weight and activity. ,A bubble coil might be a smash ata dance, but It’s less than cool behind college or career desk, and it's absolutely out if you are very short, very tall, very heavy . . . "Be scrupulously clean about all makeup aids. Keep powder puffs immaculate, wash comb and brush weekly, don’t lend your lipstick , . . --“Never put new makeup over an old, tired layer. If you make up at mid-day away from home, carry the same shades you picked in the morning. "Lipstick and eye shadow should be selected to comple­ ment your costume or a special accessory, not your own eye or skin color. “If your skin is normal or dry always use a liquid makeup base that matches the shade of your skin. If you feel you must give your complextion a lighter or darker tone, never go more than one shade in either direc­ tion. "When applying makeup base, blend It in around the chin and jaw line on to the neck." Leave no tell-tale makeup line.

Toys for Victims . TORONTO (CP)—Children’s recreation cen­ tres in this city have raised $2,000 by putting on entertainments and collecting pop bottles and have made about 4,000 toys and pieces of clothing. Ail are being sent to East Pakistan by the Junior Red Cross to help victims of last May’s hurricanes.


The booklet suggests loose powder instead of pressed, I Let the Carpetorium pick patted on generously and with the excess removed by brush.' up your rugs, clean them, Wisk outward and downward soT and deliver them to your that the powder falls on fee light down on the face and in new home. (no extra charge of course I). the direction in which the down grows. For oily skin, a pancake base , is suggested. So are a lotion or j liquid cleanser as well as soap’ and water for removing make­ up. When outlining the lips with J a brush, the booklet suggests? keep the lips closed so you get a truer natural line. Watch lip Raping. A full lower lip gives Or, if you prefer, take your rugs s' pouty look, a too full upper lip or a deep cupid’s bow says, to the Carpetorium yourself, and “Don’t take me seriously!" save 20% for Cash and Carry! If these are natural features, use lipstick to draw a better, Be proud of your rugs and carpets in your new matching line. Never draw a home—Rugs look better and last longer if they're heavier, darker outline. cleaned at least once a year, but removing a year’s If you have prominent verti­ accumulation ot dirt and grime is a job for profes­ cal lines in lips, avoid frosted sional rug cleaners. lipsticks. They tend to accen­ Let the Carpetorium do it for you! tuate roughness. When applying eye lines, al­ You'll be delighted with the results and a lot happier ways extend the thin line up­ in- your new home! • ward before you reach the-euter corner of the eye. Apply mas­ cara with a light touch—darken the central section only of lower lashes, if you want a heavier coating, apply twice, allowing time for the first coat to dry. Never do more to the eye­ $84-4125 1210 Wharf Street brows than to accentuate them naturally, by plucking stray $81-4126 Victoria hairs under the brows. Never shape the top. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH1IIIIIIIIIHHIII1


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Writing Needs *


Back-to; Schoo1




The Parker "65”



Fountain Pen_____________

The Parker "21”



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just ai ! Waturali:cr The shoe with tht beautiful



. . : they brazenly

to £

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f. Petite Box-Pleated Skirt styl­ ed in 100% wool. Grey, navy, and brown. Sizes 8-16. 7.98

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Men's and »»mrn i ahoea

Yates St. also Vancouver

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'49 Yates St.



MAYFAIR 3175 Douglas Street


Sxlllt Cfotonirt. Victoria Thursday, Sept. J, 1945




Bride-Elect Honored At Parties

Accentuate the TOTAL LOOK

Miss Kathleen Cleland has been honored at a number of shower parties prior to her mar­ riage on Saturday to Mr. David Thomas Hardy. < Mrs. F. Turkey and daughters, Mrs. R. Waggoner and Mrs. K. Manness entertained at a mis­ cellaneous shower in the Quadra Street home of Mrs. Waggoner. Chrysanthemum corsages were presented to the bride-elect, her mother Mrs. R. C. Cleland.' Other guests were Mrs. R. Chase, Mrs. F. Minter, Mrs. G. Polson, Mrs. K. Fairey, Mrs. A. Lebrun, and the Misses San­ dra Pennington and Joan Min­ ter. < Mrs. F. Minter honored Miss Cleland at a cup and saucer shower at her Patricia Bay Highway home. Co-hostess was Mrs. F. Polson. Corsages were presented to the honored guest, her mother and Miss Sharon Hardy, who will be her bridesmaid. Among the guests were Mrs. V.’ Goddard, Mrs. S. Spurgeon, Mrs. R. Neville, Mrs. P. Jones, >. Trtnwice. ifyXe+t •j/ictarico. P. C. Mrs. P. Howe, Mrs. L. Savage, 0 Mrs. D. Fish, Mrs. R. Swift, 383-7177 Mrs, J. Armstrong and Miss Joan Minter. Mrs. Cleland entertained at a trousseau tea in honor of her daughter, Kathleen, Serviteurs were Mrs. H. Helander and Miss Sharon Hardy


Elegant evening dresses from the autumn-winter collection of Pierre Cardin of Paris. Outfit at left is in white crepe with the bottom of the dress split. The front of the dress has five circular holes, trimmed with fine

stones and orange diamonds. The shoes are of white satin. Dress at right is in paillettes with a rainbow effect. Shoe§ are a^so white satin. —(AP Wirephoto)

This evening gown “young line” is from the Guy Laroche autumn-winter collection in Paris. It is made of white and black crepe with a long white organza triangle on the front, all embroidered with jet black material. Emerald earrings complete the outfit.—(AP Wirephoto)


Newspaper Advertising Stimulates Buying

Teach Cliildrc

Look After Sick

Canadian Women Aid Laotians as midwives or dentists and teaching and caring for, the sick I By ELIZABETH TROTT even perform minor surgical but also train young Laotian] VIENTIANE, Laos (CP) _ operations. girls to do similar work in the “You've come at a good time," Because of the Customs of the mountain villages to which they said Keith MacLelian of Otta­ people, it is difficult for a priest alone have access. wa when I dropped into the In­ to talk to women or children. "We teach these Laotian girls dochina truce commission of­ Only a.women has access here as much as we earn so that they fice to inquire about Canadians and she must be a woman re­ will be able to teach tbe Laotian working in Laos. garded by the Laotians more or women themselves,” said Miss ‘Tm just on my way to visit less as one of themselves. For Trudeau. “We also have a a group of Canadians who are this reason, it is felt that lay doing a remarkable job here," special course for midwives.” missionaries can operate more tlie commissioner said. ‘‘Would There are 12 women in Direc­ effectively than nuns. you care to come along?” tor Trudeau's band. First to ar­ Director Trudeau said it takes With other commission offi­ rive'in Vientiane was Yolande cers we drove along the muddy the novice at least a year to Foley of Portneuf, Que., who streets of Vientiane as Tar as acquire a working knowledge of has been to charge of a lonely the car could go, then threaded the language and for the first .station at Nong Pene for four our way on foot down narrow year the newcomers live, work years. alleys until we came to the two- and study together in the Vien­ Following the fivefold rule of storey building that houses the tiane headquarters. the Oblates, they teach primary Institut Oblates Missionaires de Without heat; light or running school, household management, Marie Immaculee. water, the roomy structure at The Roman Catholic lay in- least has the merit of airiness act as social workers, instruct Institute, founded by Rev. Louis —the breezes blow freely their young charges in religion Marie Parent, OMI, of Tr°is-1 through the thin bamboo walls. and look after the sick. Rivieres, Que., in 1952, has1 Here, too, there is plenty of been operating in Laos for] companionship of the kind they eight years. will miss in later months. Two days before our visit a When ready, the women are rocket had, exploded 20 yards sent out, alone or in pairs, to away, killing five persons. No one knew what agency, was re­ outlying posts. There they not sponsible, or who the target only carry on their work of

THE RACE IS ON To Educate and train our young men and women is a vitally important task. Poor vision is, one of the greatest handicaps to learning; make certain that your child has adequate glasses to enable him to see clearly. Bring the prescription for glasses to one of our three offices, where superior services and fair prices assure you of satisfaction.

_ EV 4-5914 • • EV 4-7937 Campbell Building Medical Arts Building 1025 Douglas St also at 1105 Pandora Ave. 159 Trunk Roan, Duncan, B.C. Telephone 740 6041


Footnote for Student Nurses

was. But if it had been intend-1 ed to intimidate the young Canadians it failed. There were four young women at the headquarters when we got there—Annette [ Trudeau of St. Johns, Que., the director; Jeanne IJousson of] Timmins, Ont.; Emilie Lafontaine of Bois Franc, Que., and Cecile Fortin of Shawinigan, j Que. All were dressed in a discreet version of Laotian costume — Spotless white blouses, loose grey skirts. They went barefoot and wore their hair drawn tight- [ ly back in a knot. The fair-haired director ex­ plained that they emphasize sim-j plicity of dress so as not to] attract the wrong kind of atten-j tion. She added that, although tlie order accepts women as young ras 18, jt does notconsider it wise to send any one under 25 to ar­ duous service in a country such as Laos. More than a dozen Laotian | children were gathered around a table, Including a 10-year-old carrying a baby sister on her hip. It was explained that one of thefunctions of the institute is to teach the women of Laos, not only reading, writing and mat­ ters of religion, but also better household manageniei

Buffet Base ____ _


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Drop Ia‘af Extension Table

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A truly sophisticated example of Colonial elegance is .presented in this dining room grouping. It has been cheated by skilled Vilas craftsmen to satisfy the demands of the most discriminating homemaker. See these and many other items from the ".Brome County Collection” in glowing ’Candlelight maple finish. •All items in the Vilas collection of Colonial solid rock maple furniture are protected by Vila-Seal.




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Janet Day Bride Of R. S. Gallie


Pale yellow semi-formal dres­ ses of nyloii and satin (with mat­ ching headdresses were worn by the matron of honor, Mrs, D. Knoke and bridesmaids, the Misses Yvon Pfaff and Betty Muir. They wore green crystal Rev. A. Elliott officiated at necklaces, gift of the bride, and the wedding lor the daughter ol carried cascade bouquets of yel­ Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Day. 1740 low gladiolus. Amphlon Street, and the son of ’ * ★ * Mr. and Mrs. James Gallie, 1710 The flower girl, little Donna Duchess Street , Mae Gallie, sister erf the groom, Given in marriage by her fa­ was in a yellow frock. Master ther the bride wore a floor- Scott Adams, was ring bearer length gown-of white nylon and Mr. Jim Gallic was best man lace, featuring lily point sleeves for his brother. Ushering guests and sweetheart neckline. Her were Mr. Donald Day. bride's only jewelry was a crystal neck­ brother, and Mr. Ken Knoke. lace and drop earring set and Centring the bride’s table at she carried a cascade of yellow the reception which followed in and white roses. Club Soho was a wedding cake

Yellow and white gladiolus and chrysanthemums decorated the altar at Oak Bay United Church for the marriage ol Janet Lorraine Day. and Mr. Robert Stewart Gallie.



TURKEYS s A ib. 43 5 W

Government Inspected


flanked by yellow candles and white gladiolus. ’ For a trip to B.C. interior the bride chose a beige two-piece suit .and matching accessories as her going-away ensemble. She wore acorsage of pink car­ nations. Tlie newlyweds are now mak­ ing their home at 17W-A Den­ man Street. ALPHA ZETA Tile Alpha Zeta Chapter ol Beta Sigma Phi will resume meetings following the summer recess, ai 8 p.m., Sept. 7, and "beginning day” will be in the form of coffee party at the home of Mrs. Barry Waddinghani, president.



Henle Style, Ham lb. Choice Chuck Steak Canada lb...........,..............

39c 39*


Burnaby, B.C. The wedding will take place at 8 pan., Saturday, Sept. 18, in Centennial United Church with Dr. Sc-' Parsons officiating. — (Chevrons Studio) »

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Pettigrew, 277 Michi­ gan Street, announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, BrendaLynne to Mr. Dann Evan Sheen, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sheen, North





Hot Barbecued Turkeys

; Plain



Each^........................................ J------ ■* *** *


Puritan Beef Stew 15-oz. .. Sweet Mix Pickles »m. Cheese OntsT
a a

■ for

Scott Tissue ( rolls



.............. 39”


........ 21„ 25”




....... 2 n».29*

I 0 D SUPER J & D MART | Open Every Night Til 9

Dear Ann Landers: I’m a respectable, self-support­ back because that's the way it ing career girl over 25 (and under 30) who lives alone was in our, family.

59* 69*

East Saanich Road at McTavish

Phone 656-2823 bo6-z»23



I • ■■■

39* 99*

Fresh Corn



Peanut Butter S^rreL.... All-purpose Maxwell House, Coffee

New Arrivals in Co-ordinated

.... *

in a cosy apartment


! I

I have a friend (male) who lives two blocks from me. He shares an apartment with a buddy. Billy is an amateur chef and loves to whip up exotic dishes. He doesn’t have ade­ quate facilities at his place so be comes to my apartment and fixes breakfast for me about three or four mornings a week. Since we work, in the same building we ride downtown to­ gether. I’ve been getting some chilly looks from the neighbors lately. Obviously they've gotten the wrong impression from seeing us leave the apartment together in the morning. When I men­ tioned this to Billy he said they are evil-minded and so long as they haven’t any pictures they can’t prove anything. What is your opinion?—MADELEINE Dear Mad: Pictures they should have yet? Sorry, but that’s not the way life works. People don’t need pictures to draw conclusions. It’s YOUR reputation that's on the block, not Billy’s. If you are concerned about what your neighbors think you'd better cook your own breakfast. Toots

★ ★

your opinion on whether my mother is right or wrong in her criticism of him. Gilbert had dinner with our family last night and we all got along well, as usual. After he left my mother said, “Gilbert is such a fine boy. it's too bad he doesn't have better manners." I asked her what she meant by that Mother answer­ ed, "When you sneezed he didn't say 'God bless you’.” I bad never thought of it as a matter of manners. My moth­ er insists that people who are well, brought up never fail to say "God Bless you’’ when someone dear to them sneezes. Is she right or wrong!-IN DOUBT i Dear In: She’s wrong. The practice ot blessing sneezers reaches far back Into history, Its origins lie in superstition. Whether or not a perecn says “Gesundheit” has nothing to do with manners—it's a habit usu­ ally picked up at an early age. If you'd like Gilbert to acquire the habit, simply tell him. I’m an old Geshundheiter from way

* '



Dear Ann Landers: My hus­ band has a niece who will be 14 years old in November. Rita is our godchild and since we have i no children of our own we fpel especially close to her. We remember Rita with a: $ birthday gift every year. Wej|| also send her a Christmas gift and something for Easter. When she was confirmed we gave her a cheque for her col­ lege fund. The girl has yet to drop us a line or make a telephone teal) to say "Thank you." When ; come to her house her mother!® gives her a poke in the ribs and S Rita blurts out, “Thanks for the present.” I’ve foTd my husband | I think it’s terrible. He says she is too young to know better. i What do you say?—AUNT A -MS Dear Aunt A: Rita’s mother{if is nudging her several years too late. Children should be taught |H to acknowledge gifts as soon as ■ they .learn to speak and write.' If you want to do Rita a favor ff sit down with her and tell her what her mother should have told her years ago.

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This fabulous fabric has the handle of a fine worsted flannel, and is featured in attractive fall shades of charcoal, brown, grey or olive.


Dear Ann Landers: I’ve been going with a very fine young man far several months. I’ll call him Gilbert alt is not his real name. Fd like

pointed this year to the board of the Montreal Association for the Blind, later went to Oxford University and be­ came a lawyer. Mrs. Heenan worked for the blind in Argentina.






BLOUSE Korat i ion



BUFFALO GIVES CHEESE Italy’s famous Mozzarella che­ ese is made from the milk of the Asian buffalo, of which there are about 18.000 in Italy.


Other Co-Ordinated Groups by Koret

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HIGHLAND HEATHER Heather tones are a must this season and Koret of California features them in blue and grey. Co-ordinate skirts, sweaters and slims in these all wool (leathers.



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For the Cook In A Hurry

Honey-Flavored 2, 1965 'SSriK'E'

Chinese Dinner Canadian Style

Our Man

In a hurry to make some devilled eggs for a salad plate? Give them a new shape and speedy preparation by the fol­ lowing method suggested Ijy the Poultry-Products Institute of Canada. Poach the required puraber. "eggs, individually, in small, well-buttered custard cups or egg poachers, set in half an inch of simmering wafer in a covered pan. Steam until yolk sire firm. Let cool for a few minutes. _ Slip eggs out of containers and carefully scoop out yolks with a spoon. Mash yolks with seasoning and salad dressing as usual. Re-stuff whites, piling yolk in fluffy mounds and chill. Sprinkle with paprika, chopped parsley or decorate with sliced olives. Use to garnish a salad plate or as an egg salad on lettuce accompanying sandwiches. * * * DATE-MINT SAlXE „ Snip fresh California dates Into pieces; heat in melted apple-mint jelly. Serve over baked ham or chicken.

v • - - i -

In the


Chinese food,, is a pleasant change from ordinary meat and potatoes anytime, but especially now while the weathet-is good. Cooking time ia at a premium By HYMAN GOLDBERG and, fortunaetly, Chinese foods prepared Canadian style don’t The mad was smiling and humming happily as he walked take long to get ready. down the street. A friend met To the Chinese, cooking is an him and remarked on how art; the color, texture, flavor happy he looked. "Well, I should say so!" he replied. "I and size of each food in a dish just came from the bank where must be in harmony with every I learned that my credit rating other food and spice Included. has improved considerably.” We would find it hard to dupli­ His friend asked what had hap­ pened at the bank. “I saw one cate their artistry,^ as well as of the vice presidents and I the flavor of authentic Chinese asked him for a loan of 510,000, dishes. But, since the most im­ and he was very, very nice to portant thing is to enjoy the me,” the fellow said. food, the liberties we take in "You mean he gave you the imitating their cooking are sure­ 510,000?” the friend asked. ly forgiven. The man laughed, "Well, no," In these two recipes, honey he said, “he didn’t give me the money, but he hesitated for a gives added flavor and smooth­ minute or two before he turned ness and a pinch of ginger adds me down." No one will turn a bit of a bite. Should you have preserved ginger on hand, use you down if you offer them: ★ * *. !4 teaspoon, finely chopped in­ BAKED BEEF SUPPER CASSEROLE stead of the ground ginger. Ute One tablespoon fat; 1 dove plum sauce, of course, is to Prepare packaged macaroni garlic, minced; 1 teaspoon serve with Chinese egg rolls Dissolve honey in hot bouillon and cheese as label directs. chili powder; 4 medium on­ (you will find a good assortment and stir in other ingredients. Fold in drained canned green ions, sliced Jiin; 2 to 3 in the frozen food department Pour over ribs. Bake at 325* un­ beans and flaked tuna; heat pounds round steak; 1 to 2‘ of your supermarket). Plain or til meat ia tender (45 to 50 min­ through for a hearty and easy teaspoons salt; ’.4 teaspoon fried rice should accompany the utes), Turn meat once during main dish. cayenne; 2 tablespoons flour; spareribs. cooking and baste several times 2 tomatoes, sliced; 1 green with sauce. If sauce thickens ALMOND-APPLE BROWNIES HONEY pepper, sliced in rings; 14 Cream cheese flavoredYvith .powder; 1% cups shortening; too much, add a little water. 4 Prepare brownie mix as pack­ teaspoon pepper; 1 cup broth BARBECUED SPARERIBS to 6 servings. age directs but turn only half orange makes a tasty filling 1 egg, well-beaten; 1 teaspoon (1 cube dissolved in 1 cup Two to 3 pounds meaty spare­ the batter into 9-inch square for these orange tartlets. vinegar; 2, 8-ounce packages boiling water.) PLUM SAUCE ribs; 14 cup honey; 1 cup chic­ cream cheese; 14 cup granu­ pan. Top with a can of sliced Fresh orange segments and a Hot up the fat in a large ken bouillon (dissolve cube or One 20 - ounce can greengage lated sugar; 2 egg yolks; 14 apples and ’-4 cup toasted sli\K cinnamon sugar topping give cup granulated sugar; 14 cup skillet, add the garlic, chili powder in hot water); 14 cup plums (or use stewed fresh ered almonds. With wet knife, i once-sifted all-purpose flour; powder and 1 sliced onion and soy sauce; 14 cup catsup; 3 plums); 2 tablespoons honey; them a party flair. spread remaining batter over 1 teaspoon cinnamon; 6 table­ saute, stirring, over low heat tablespoons vinegar; 1 teaspoon 14 teaspoon Worcestershire sau­ Four and one-half cup oncefruits and nuts, then bake as spoons margarine or butter; until the onion is soft. Remove salt; 14 teaspoon dry mustard; ce; 2 teaspoons vinegar; 2 tea­ sifted all-purpose flour; 1 tea­ directed. Serve a la mode if 3 oranges, peeled and sec­ the sauteed onion and save it. 14 teaspoon ground ginger; 14 spoons chopped pimiento; 14 tea­ spoon salt; 1 teaspoon baking you wish aa dessert. Rub into the steak the salt and teaspoon garlic powder (or 1 spoon ground ginger; Garlic tioned. cayenne, and then pound the salt to taste. Preheat oven to 400 deg. F. flour into the beef. In the skil­ minced clove garlic). thot), ~ Brown ribs under broiler 9 to Drain syrup from plums and let in which you sauteed the Fairi Exciting Fashioni In a large bowl sift together onion, brown the beef over high 10 minutes, turning once to use in fruit punch or jelly. Sieve Are Herel , flour, salt and baking powder., heat, quickly, on both sides. brown both sides. Pour off fat. plums and stir in other ingredi­ Cut in 14 the shortening until Remove the steak from the skil­ Cut ribs in serving-size pieces, ents. I>et stand several hours the mixture resembles fine let and put it into a shallow if desired, or wait until they are before serving with Chinese egg rolls. cornmeal. Cut in remaining baking dish. Put a couple of fully cooked. Choose from a Complete shortening • and leave coarse. tablespoons of water into the Array of Lovely Fall Beat 1 egg with 1 teaspoon skillet, bring to a boil, quickly, vinegar. Put in measuring scraping the pan, and pour con­ cup; add water to 1 cup level. tents over the beef. Beat with fork. Add all at once Put the uncooked slices of to flour mixture. Roll In wax onion over the beef. (You’re paper. Chill tor at least 1 hour. going to use the sauteed onions One-piece styles and Jacket dresses Meanwhile, combine cream later.) in wool, sheer wool crepe, rich In oven preheated to 350 de­ cheese arid 14 cup sugar. Beat crepes, silks and ever-lmportant until light and fluffy. Add 2 grees, hake it for 25 minutes double knits. to the pound. At the end of this egg yolks; beat until smooth. Now is the time to choose from a To prepare topping: com­ period, put the tomato slices galaxy of charming styles in sizes bine 14 cup sugar, 14 cup on top of the onion, add the -, ~~ Shop' 1 flour, cinnamon arid 6 table­ green pepper rings and sprinkle 9 to 18, and 14 >4 to 2214. with the !i teaspoon of pepper, spoons margarine or butter. and bake it for an additional Mix until crumbly'. 130 minutes. Put the meat— 95 SAA50 Divide dough in half. Roll with the onions, tomatoes and EV 2-1125 1439 DOUGLAS STREET out one half to 14-inch- thick­ green pepper rings on ’ it—into ness on a lightly floured a heated serving platter. Put board. Cut into 5-inch circles. the dish in which it all baked Place circles in tart or muffin on top of the stove and pour cups. Flute edges. Spoon 1 in the broth and add the sau­ Use Our Convenient Charge or Layaway Plan tablespoon of cheese filling In teed onion slices you've been each tart Top with 1 or 2 saving. Bring it to the boil, orange sections. Sprinkle with scrape the dish and pour it all 14 crumb topping. Repeat with over the beef and serve to 4 remaining pastry', filling and to fi people, in thip slices. topping. Mashed potatoes go-well with Bake for 20 minutes or until this. done. Let tarts cool slightly before removing from shells. 784 FORT STREET Yield two dozen medium tarts.


Add Cream Cheese To Orange Filling



For Exquisite Wool Fabrics



^uper zsomc


from London and Paris

London Silk

19 ». 89

Why your child’s slippers should fit just as well as his shoes Properly fitting shoes are important for growing feet. But every day your child spends many hours in slippers. So their fit is impor­ tant, too. Foamtread slippers come in proper sizes so they start by fitting right. And they keep their fit indefinitely.

An unbreakable heel counter holds the foot snugly inside the slipper. The heels don’t wear down. And the smooth leather outsoles give safe, sure footing without marking floors.




y i

Foamtreads are completely washable too. So don’t slop half-way: give your child every chance to develop strong, healthy feet .by making sure his slippers fit just as well a’s his shoes. P.S. When you buy their shoes for back to school, make them Packards.


$»«5gg5 SANDMAN—|2 9S



KMrfMft Fnof**M ltd., MeMrwl, Kdchnnw



Agnew-Surpass Shoe Stores Limited


3503 Douglas Street


EV 3-8212

EV 5-3613


Family Shoe Centre

636 Yates St. EV 3 2021


(Colwood Shoes Ltd.) Colwood Plaza Shopping Centre Phone GR 84021

STEWART’S SHOE STORE Foanitread Slippers 1315 Broad Street EV 3-4711


Morning Muffins "Breakfast” is made up of two Anglo-Saxoq words, “bre-j can” and "faesten,” meaning, i of course, to break a fast. For j most people, the fast has prob­ ably lasted for ten hours or I more yet isn’t it surprising how! many of them will willingly got without breakfast and extend 1 this fast to something like thir­ teen or fourteen hours? They wouldn’t dream of starting a long journey without filling the car with gas, yet they happily set off for a hard day’s work with nothing to sustain them except a hasty cup oFeoffee.' However, if you are really one of those folks who can't (ace food at the crack of dawn, and many of us come into this category, take something nour­ ishing to work with you to eat during the coffee break. One of the tastiest breakfast or mid-moming snacks is muf­ fins. Quick to make and good to eat, muffins are satisfying and nourishinr'. The Fruit Muffins lp today’s recipe are excitingly flavored with grated orang rind and full of chewy raisins. Make a batch and try them for breakfast to­ morrow — you’ll never be a breakfast-shirker again! Before you start baking, pre­ heat your oven to 375 deg. F (moderately hot) and grease twelve medium - size muffin cups. Then sift together in a J bowl two cups once-sifted alli purpose flour, two tablespoons 1granulated sugar, two teaspoons^peanut oil and two teaj spoons grated orange rind. Add these liquid ingredients to the I sifted dry ingredients all at the ! same time. Stir in one half cup i seedless raisins. Remember to i stir smoothly; do not beat. Fill ' the greased muffin cups twoj thirds full and bake for twenty ! to twenty-five minutes.



8 A M.


Our New Fall Arrivals Are Here! In a blaze of color) and fashion excitement . . . our new fall coats bring a breath of autumn to weary wardrobes! We Invite you to see the shapes and shades of the very newest . . . now in our new fall collection ... in a great selection of textured and plain wools.


Fur Trimmed Coats Fur trim is- IN in a big way . . . from dalnlv touches to lavish applications of the most glarirorous long hair furs—Norwegian, Arctic and Snowtop fox, Persian lamb, mink, lynx, muskrat adding their silky lustre to luxurious new fabrics. This fall, choose a new tweed weave, boucle, imported velour or broadcloth ... all interlined for added warmth and chamois lined to the waist. Wide price range includes models from

/ /





, -•--s’. -

Untrimmed Coats Ultra chic In style, even though they are minus the fur! Rich tweeds, cemel hair, boucle ... all surface Interest fabrics you will enjqj^wearing. Rich looking, comfortable, new fall sjyle trends.

’49BS,o ’129,QO Budget Terms Available Without Carrying Charges



OLD COUNTRY SHOE STORE Foanitread Slippers 635 Johnson St. EV 335012

SANDWICH SPREAD ‘ Finely chop 1 fresh nectarine I blend into ’4 cup crunchy pea; nut butter o> a small can devilled ham as a refreshing sandwich spread. If you wish spread, several sandwiches .at once, wrap tightly in foil and freeze unlit needed.

TO 9 P.M.

Open All Day Wednesday, Friday till 9 p.m. 1617-1619 DOUGLAS ST.

PHONE 383-7181

‘Farmers Unintelligent’

June English Exuitid


School starta In less than s week. *>ut memories ot tssj year's English 411 session linger on In the department of education. A list of the pdxn gnof', aometimek clever, sometimes appalling, "made by candi­ dates who sat the June exam has made Its annual appear­ ance for teachers to chuckle

Some of the slips made on the exams were a bit risque. "Marriage," says a student commenting on Romeo and Juliet, "is a spiritual union in the sight of God and a corporal one In bed."

Ewe Given Beauty Clip Dorset ewe which will be featured in sheep exhibit ■* at New Jersey State Fair, oldest in the United States, is given beauty treatment in Trenton by Beverly Grant, left, and Michele Valentino. Fair opens Sept 18 for its 220th year.

"Friar Laurence,” said nnotiier, "feels that'a union of lovers is lietter than those who are not/’ ’ Some are all-inclusive. One student, in sight poetry definitions, defined "diffi­ dent” as. “clean, scared, one way. learned man, defy, prude, hero-minded."


Wild conceits are. "Things you wouldn't tell youri mother.” Wain is, "odor, mad pro­ nunciation of 'rain', older tatople, death, boy lovers, glass, corruption, disease, wine, after the full moon." Pallid becomes. “The roof of the mouth, city person, evil.

faces that look the same, astonished." In a question on prose studied, one student sagely asks, “If there is no unclean­ ness. impurity, or immorality in life, is life worth living?" On ’agriculture and the farming life, the students had divergent views. j “If a cow was meant to be milked every day, it would milk itself.” Another thinks a farm is, "Solid, right through the centre of the earth.” But another feels that, "a farm is only for those who do not have the intelligence to live in the city and should be treated as such.”

Another student seems to feel that the essence of i exist­ ence can be appreciated only on a dairy farm. "Reality,” he or she s»ys metaphysically, “is a cow. not pasteurized, homogenized or in disposable containers." A fourth student, however, was obviously looking for con­ sensus with thia statement,


Thursday, Sept. 2, 1965

NDP Chief Forecasts Big Gains

Daffy Definitions Linger On '


Robert Stratum, leader of the New Democ ratic Party in B.C., predicted Wednesday that the NDP will again win more seats in-the next federal election than any other party. He made the forecast on the basis of '‘other people’s opin* Ion polls," he said. The NDP now holds nine of B.C.’s 22 federal seats.

"Getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning and milking cows is something everyone in the world should do once. The feeling and sensation they get from it will always be re­ membered." Average age of English 40 students is 17 going on 18.

COOL AIR WAS NATURALr The first air - conditioned houst in North America was cooled in Virginia in 1901 by piping coot air from the subterranean Cav­ erns of Luray — ---------------------------------—t

The look is you ...glowing and alive with excitement The fashions... the latest from Sweet 16

Popular Service

Aptitude Testing For Adults Offered by Board People who want to know themselves better are flocking to a new service offered by the adult education division of the Greater Victoria School Board. Vocational aptitude testing has attracted many uncertain

Grades 12, 13

77 Win Tuition Awards

job-hunters, -program director John H. Dalgleish reported Tues­ day. For a fee ranging from $35 to $75 subjects get an initial in­ terview, a battery of tests that take from two to tour hours, and assessment and summary in­ terview. "It isn’t expensive if you find out what you're best suited for instead of trying two oe three blind alleys,” said Mr. Dal­ gleish. Administering the tests Is Graham Holland, 45, a retired naval commander who did the same work in the navy. His ser­ vice is also available to local businessmen who need an ac­ curate assessment of employees. Mr. Dalgleish said there are only two or three such services in Canada offered by public I school boards.

This fall Join the swing to that lovely, lively look of youth. Join the swing to Sweet 16 . . . where for every fashion dollaj you invest . . you receive twice as much in lively good looks and fashion rightness. Shown are but only a few from our new collection. A*. Bell-bottoms . . . the newest look in sllnts . . . with no waist­ band. back zip Sizes 6 to 16 in jet black, gold, autumn brown, dark blue, aqua, fire red. Just

SQM Just

B.C. government scholarships worth, half of first-year univer­ sity tuition fees have been won by 77 Greater Victoria high school graduates, the depart­ ment of education announced Wednesday. The 77 are among 1,441 B.C. students in Grades 12 and 13 who won government scholar­ ships. Those who won half their tuition fees snored 80 per cent or better to make first-class honors. Only one local Grade 13 stu­ dent. Hugh McCallum, scored first-class marks. Winners, in order Of marks:

Merityn Sample,

Itams. William Mary JiianfCarmdus.


B. A cotton print shirt blouse teams up with a petite A-line sealskin skirt. The shirt in sizes 10 to 18 is avail­ able in brown, dark blue or red.

Police Close Murder, Suicide Case



The petite skirt with narrow leather belt is available in sizes 8 to 16. In jet black, autumn brown, beige, aqua or grey. 5Q98 Just O

NELSON (CP) —RCMP offi­ cers have closed investigations into an alleged double murder and suicide following tentative identification of human bones found Saturday near Creston. They said Wednesday tbe bones were believed the remains of Archie ‘Red" Cairns, who disappeared in mid-May. The search for Cairns began after the discovery of the body of Peter Vrkljan, who died from carbon monoxide poisoning in an abandoned garage near his Nel­ son home. A second body, that of John Henry Evans Ebert of I-educ, Alta., w’as found in bushlands south of Nelson.

C A three-quarter casual In an all-wool plaid. Quilt lined for cosy warmth. Fringed hem and wrap­ around collar give it that lively look of life. Sizes 10 to 16. Just • w D. A lambs wool and nylon pull­ over in soft heather tones. Sizea S.M.L. in light blue, burgundy, gold, soft green. Just



A petite wool skirt, with kill effect . . has all-around Xpleats and fringe trim. Sizes N *n '‘Kht green, cocoa, k&f red, grey, W $C98 Just Sd

Sex Offences Bring Term VANCOUVER (CP) — James Cummings, 41, has been jailed for three years after being con­ victed on seven charges of and three of gross indewith six boys aged lLto


Topping the bell bottoms, we've shown a lush urlon sweater with looped fringe trim. Sizes S.M.L. in jet black, soft blue, white, gold.

E. A long sleet e cotton blouse with jewel neckline. I-ay ers of lace on front and sleeve trim. Sizes 12 to 18 in white only.

z/al ISzzzzz/zj




The petite A line skirt with no waistband . is of worsted wool. Sizes 8 to 16 in jet black, navy, aqua, grey. .




som □

Drop in to your nearest Sweet 16 fashion centre tomorrow. A com­ plete new fall wardrobe ran he yours cash-free and carefree. \ The credit's all yottrs.


ly cottons, linens, figured silks, to 2434. MPIJC:

one dress for regular $10.98 to $25.00. Extra 4 e , of your choice, up to same value, tor only « 1RLS’ DRESSES—

eg. $2.98 to $10.98................. .........................---RLS’ SUITS AND COATS— ................................................. ATERNITY WEAR— t esses. Skirts, Shorts and Tops „ . 1 BUREN'S SHOES—Saddle Shoes,, brown Oxfords i(f Loafers. Kidies' sizes 534 to 13, boys’ 4«

eg. $9.98 to $».98

zbs 2 to 534, broken sizes ‘ 1 [)YS* PANTS—Thick set corduroy denims, worsted, zes 4 to 18. Reg. $3.98 to 56.98. $069 $050 LE





VLON SKI JACKETS—Red, black, brown, blue, to 6x. ~$C75 Size 8 to 18. $"750 Reg. 8.98. SALE g. $6.98 SALE

’/3 TO ’/2 OFF -Is' Slims, Cutoffs, Swim Suite • Boys' Sweaters dies’ Slims and Cutoffs 4 Men's- Swim Trunks (men’s Swim Suits Open Thursdays and Fridays till 9 p.m.



PHONE EV 4 8686











LOTT—Born to Mr. ami Mrs. J. W. Lott. SiO I’aiudtse Avenue, at tlie Royal Jubilee Hospital on August 29. 1965, a daughter. Debora Louise. 6 pounds 1-------

11 :M p.m. to 7 Sports 383 7000


Editorial 333-1509 or 333-8309

BLAND-FRANCES - Dorothy L Frances wai united in marriage to Freest J. Bland on Wednesday. September 1, 1965. , v-~- 2






And Up Club (Unattached) Dance 1965. «l.i, Alice Mauile^WyaU, 3() Victoria Ballroom every Sat., 912. formerly of 4826 West Saanich The dance we hold always pleases. DO YOU NEED Rd. She was >. bom in L-ndon, No mfttter if you're hard to tense England arxl liad been a reuident With fun. good music, happy time. A MUCH LARGER of Victoria for. the past 64 years. Dance with us, it's really Fine! She Is survived by cousins in Van­ THAN AVERAGE couver, ITlnce George. Saskatche­ 16 PLACES TO VISIT wan, Ontario and England. INCOME? Private funeral services. will be SEE THE BEAUTIFUL WEST held on Saturday. September 4 at Coast tlu-ough to Port Renfrew with 1:30 p.m. in Chawin'■ Funeral West Coast Trails Bus. leaving Several of ^bur men who started during the last two years are Chapel. Cremation. Flowers grate­ C & C Depot Sunday. 10 a m. Re­ earning this! fully declined. turning 6:30. Sjiecial Return Fare. 65150, including lunch al Jordan COME AND MEET • CARDS OF THANKS River Hotel., Phone 385-1401 days, THEM! 478-2973 eves. f We wish to express our appreciation to our many friends 20 LOST AND FOUND We Do, NOT Sell tor tiie kindness and sympathy ex­ tended* to us during tlie illness and Vacuums, pots, bruihea, books, death of our beloved husband and LOST. BLACK AND WHITE MALE appliances, real estate, cemetery father. Special thanks to our wui- Persian kitten, 1-year-old, 4 white plots, oars, investments derful neighbors, the staff at Rocky feet, long white whiskers, long tri­ Point, the Hampton - Little League. angle under chin, vicinity of King­ ston St. EV 5-9670. WE DO Have Dr. G>-A. May and the nurses and staff of St. Joseph's Hospital. LOST-STUDENT NURSES' GOLD Cleon, dignified work -Durie Linn, and sons Andy and engraved Wittlnauer watch. Vicln»Lifetime security Income Bobby. Freedom from canvassing ity of Jubilee Hospital. Reward. Pre-quallfled leads daily Phone EV 2-4563. IN MEMORIAM A large national company MACK W. LYLE POUND SOME FULTON—Treasured memories of a money, downtown Victoria. TYiesday You Do NOT Need dear wife and mother. Agnes afternoon. Please phone EV 2-1094, Maud Fultnh, who passed away EV 2-9145. Victoria Realty Ltd. Experience Sept. 2. 1957 You DO Need Tied with a golden thread of love, LOST-WHITE KITTEN. AUG. 25, Topaz and Quadra area. Phone .Sprayed wijh a million tears. A car . A'obouquet of cherished memories 3864580. Reward. Neal appearance We kept through all the years. Must be bondable LOST: WOMAN'S WATCH. LADIES' it flower flo — • • too “Our faded soon..*’ washroom ot Yates Hotel. Finder —Ever remembered by her husband please phone EV 5-4666. Reward. IF YOU QUALIFY Jim. son Charles, dai laughters •s Irene, pemanent poutlol. LOST. SAN JUAN RENFREW You'll have gnu Dorothy. Phyllis and grandchliwith substantial earnings area, small black and white, dog. dren. Phone Victoria. 382-1643.


36 BUSINESS SERVICES AND 26 FEMALE HELF WANTED 30 SITUATIONS WANTED DIRECTORY FEMALE COPY WRITER HOSTESS-ELEVATVR Ol’ERATQR Electrical Conjtractora' The Bay requires a copy writer for advertising department. Ex­ perience in the retail field pre­ ferred. Please apply with samples to Personnel Office, 4th floor, Hud­ son's Bay -Co.

5-day week, day off Wednesday. Permanent posituw. Sales experi­ ence desirable. Elevator experience not necessary. Apply National Em­ ployment ( VNce. Order No. F-2746.

BtHtg- (Tolnuiirt


Thursday, Sept. I, 1965


PthJONALS HOMES REWIRED. AP connections. We finance G.TfflS WH B.C Hydro Plan. ELECTRIC ' EV 5-7666 alxnrts of Elizalxrth Murray (or her relatives) known to have resided in RELIABLE DAY CARE, CLEAN EXPERT' WIRING ON NEW Victoria in 1906, please contact home, acre to play on. i blocks or older homes. Hydro financed. Helyn G. Hanson, 1051 Washington Jtoyal Oak Shopping centre. Refer­ McCoy. GR9-596L ____________ St.. No; V-Red Bluff. Calif.. 96iW). ences. 479-3131. OLDER pliance through EDDY 3

Equipment Rental*

40 BUSINESS PERSONALSSPEEDY CLEAN-UP. SPECIALIZE in hixrse cleaning. Licensed and ANONYMOUS MARRIAGE BUREAU bonded. EV 5-9448. MUTUAL EQUIPMENT Post Office Box 337. Victoria. EXPERIENCED CLERK - TYPIST RENTALS LTD. VICTORIA MORTGAGE 5 YEAR LINDSAY—At the Valley View Hos­ wants part-time prwitltwi. preferably debentures pay 7M>%. One year 7%; pital. New Westminster, B.C., on 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 477-4518. Complete line of eranee, shovels, Aug 29. 1965. Mrs. Elizabeth, BOX REPLIES SPEEDY CLEANUP. SPECIALIZE drag tines, back h >es. air compres­ NURSERY FOR CHILDREN UP TO Lindsay, aged 85 years, widow of 4 >ears. 3K3-2392. in house cleaning. Licenced and sors srJ ---- -— the late William Undsay, formerly Y’LERK-TYPIST REQUIRED TO bonded. EV 5-9649. All replies to private box of 1220 Juno Street. Esquimalt Days S86-6I55 Evenings 658-8279 42 take diarge of small office. General EDUCATION Mrs. Lindsay was born in SriAland numbers available from knowlAlge of office routine. Itor- LADY WOULD- LIKE LIGHT and resided In the Sangudo dis­ inaneiu position and good working _ housework. Tuesdays and Fridays, FRENCH CLASSES FOR CH1LExcavating 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. trict in Alberta far many years conditions. Reply Victoria Press.14 hours. $1.25 per hour. EV 3-2462. dren and adults, register now. prlv.” to coming to Victoria in Box 338. _____ Monday to Friday in­ /-a. car-. 11 A ztr * I T-V PI‘*ASP P^'’De Mine.' E. l>wn. 4d?7 1962. She is survived by nieces EXi’EUIBWCED ' HOUSEKEEPER CHILD CARE IN MY HOME. REA 1965 CASE BACKHOE. EX- Cumberland. GR 9-2277. sonable. EV 6-1259. clusive. and nephews. for rest home to live in. Must be PERIENCED OPERATOR. PRIVATE TUTOR WILL ACCEPT Funeral services will be held on MON.-hTU. • • • fond of elderly people. Free room BABY-SIT. Thursday, Sept. 2, at 10:30 a.m. one or two pupils for the coming PH. EV 3-2212. and board plus 6100 mcnthly. I child. Esquimalt. 3J6-7665. In the Thomson & Irving Funeral term. EV 5-2751. 382-9840. Chapel. Rev. H. B. Illsey offi­ 18. SINGLE. SENIOR MATRIC. OFFICE HOURS OAKCREST PLAYSCHOOL. ciating. followed by Interment in typing, shorthand, seeks office work. Flooring and Sanding LIEHT HOCSiUiEEPINC FOR 3. 3-5. EV 59085. Phone EV the family plot. Haf alley Memorial Classified Counter, 8:00 Gardens. Semi-invaHd. James . Bay. 10:30ALL TYPES OF FLOORS EXPERT4:30, 6 days, I’O month. Write to LOVLNG DAY CARE TUTOR. FRENCH. MATH.. NEW TTLUCUM (y cleaned, waxed and polished by a-m. to 6:00 p.m. Busi­ Mrs. Shelton, 1U15 Colllnson Street, area. Davida SL 383 9435 and old method. EV 2-7966. / :__ machine. Homes our specialty. Victoria. ■ ness Office, 9:00 a.m. to Gregg's. Established 192U. EV 4-5023 KARENS KINDERGARTEN. ENWOMAN TO CARE FOR 18-MONTH 36 BUSINESS SERVICES AND rol now. 384-7731. 3:30 p.m. Monday to Fri­ MILLIONS - min]r and mates. 11 with a LONG TIME Real Estate bicycle services and interment. SUMMER D 1 S CO U NT S~TOP mainus and Ladysmith, B.C. She All classified semi-display copy aflcmox, ahllt. career—a MEDIOCRE producer ment Service, 10B» qotiMun. ' 'ft. Fringe benefits. Ph. EV 5-6396 anytime. HALF-PRICE PERMS. NEW RAY leaves her son and daughter-in- REYNOLDS. Mrs. Anastasia M. grafle coaL Richard Hall* and Sons. must be in the possession ol wanting to KEA and Mar­ Mass. 10:00 a.m.. St. Andrew's if you feel QUALIFIED to enter SERVICE STATION ATTENDANTS, Victoria Press Ltd.. 3631 Douglas experience in-cferrcd. Call In per­ RELIABLE WOMAN TO CARE tiona. Additions. .Fast, courteous Street, by 4:00 p.m. on the day Cathedral. Blanshard St. garet Morris. 3521 Richmond Road. this HIGHLY PAID and WORTH­ Oil ~ service. Free estimates. J.well.rt son. Bay Street 66, Government at for children, my home. Mondav to prior to publication, with the Mrs. Morris was predeceased by CROSS Mrs. Florence Georgina WHILE. PROFESSION. you will IN­ Bay. 385-0040 exception ’hat copy tor Sunday her husband. John Wesley Morris, Friday. S-5 p.m. 655 *5'fftonth. Ph. W Earl Eby 1:15 p.m.—Floral Chapel CREASE. your earnings—become BIRKS JEWELLERS STOVE AND FURNACE OIU Colonist must ba in by 4:00 p.m. evenings. 479-2106. ' on Aug. 31. 1951. ENGLISH CABINET MAKING Complete MORE " PROFICIENT and receive EXPERIENCED USED CAR 3ALESHIGHT. Mr. Harry Perry guaranteed watch, repair. metered delivery Ideal Fuel Cu» Friday. Services will tie held in the Sands FULL CO-OPERATION and IN­ man required for used car sales. PRACTICAL NURSE FOR MORN- Kitchen cabinets, general carpentry service. 706 Tates. EV 2-4241. 2:15 p.m.—Floral Chapel Ltd. EV 2-4622. EV 2 2832 Monuary Limited. “Memorial Chapel Free estimates. G. Coultas. 4*9-166o. Call Jack Weatherbee at 388-5922. STRUCTION through associating with ing shift tor Royal Oak Private of Chimes.’’ on Thursday, Sept. 2, EVANS. Mr. Arthur Wellesley Wood and Sawdust the new R^Estate %^.t(^‘|WA-NTED. OIL BURNER MECH- Hospital. Phone GR 9-1641 between QUALITY WORK AT REASONABLE Landscaping 1965, at 3:00 p.m.. Rev. Canon George 3:30 p.m.—Floral Chapel. 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. rates. Additions, renovations, etc. Biddle officiating. Interment in the SURROUNDINGS. I N D I VIDl’AL W°rk' TO BE ANNOUNCED FULL. COVERAGE Royal Oak Burial Park. OFF1CES-FREQUENT. WHOLE-1 VtPVwna »<* 3U-___________ WOMAN TO BABY-SIT AND SOME Estimates, plaps. Glover. 658-5320. LAND SCAPING - FOR PRQFESt | DRY CORDWOOD FIR MILLIONS, Mrs. Vera sional landscaping see Fred Hulfcaard i CLASSIFIED RATES light housekeeping. Live in or out. REN )VATJONS, REPAIRS. ALTER- at Royal Oak Gardens, 4660 Pat | Douglas 100%. fir. best PEGLER. Mr. Norman SOME. POSITIVE and ENTHUSI­ quality. Expectant girl taken. Glanford ations. carpentry of any kind. Bay Highway Phone 658-56S5. 25 Big bads, all hand-$plit 27c per line per day: 76c per line ASTIC SALES MEETINGS. Close 25 MALE OR FEMALE area. Phone GR 9-6331. for three days: 61.42 per line tor Phone Don. 3S4-1478. 3S2-0653. CO-OPERATION between all staff years of experience. 1 -- -5 cords 634 2*/4 cordf — 618 HELP WANTED six days. Above rates apply to REYNOLDS - In Victoria on Tues­ and salesmen. MONTHLY GETTOM. Reynolds; bom in Wisconsin Mac' i m every respect Free estimates and THREE FUNERAL wives. CAR-ALLOWANCE. ADVER­ For kitchen and Fhirnace to keep house, also help a litlte in km.,i. SiC-eliil. 383-065.— residing in San Francisco most of tract rates on application. . planning. Budget Plan available. TISING ALLOWANCE and com­ Dryland mlllwood. 2H cords 6’6 REM. ESTATE store. 383-9701. ner life, a resident of Victoria for CHAPELS DEDICATED TO missions up to HIGHEST RATES TOR FRAMING AND FINISHING. Layrlte Nurseries. GR 9-3454. Fireplace wood, 2 ft. mlllwood. 616 tlie past two years. She leaves and 2 EXPERIENCED KITCHEN HELP- ayallahle now at O.A.K. 477-3)07. | AVAILABLE, NOW. AT REASONTHOUGHTFUL SERVICE i’AlD IN THE INDUSTRY. Come > 3 units dry shavings 68.95 Birth Notices. 61 90 per Insertion. to - mourn her i«assingT lier sister, ers tone full time and one 4 hours and “TALK IT OVER” with John able rates, experienced at landscap­ Kiln-dry .planer ends. 2H cords 616 NEW CONSTRUCTION Mrs. E. C. Buckle-of Victoria. daily). Shift woi%, 6 da>s a week. Carpets and Linoleum Estate Manager aqy ing. rock work, patio, lawns. Pn. Bone dry kitchen wood 2Mi cords 618 Mass will be celebrated in St. An­ SANDS MORTUARY LTD. Bishop-Real University School. EV 4-9197. morning from 8:30 to 10:00 a m. SALESMEN Dry cedar blocks. 12", 2>4 cords 610 Slavko. 479-3272. Marriages, Engagements. In Me- drew's Cathedral. Blanshard Street, Memorial Chapel Fertilizer sawdust 3 units 68 95 —Training classes tor new Salesmen. URGENT RELIABLE BABY-SIT-1 i moriam Notices, Cards of Thanks, on Thursday, Sept. 2, at 10:00 a.m. BARKER LANDSCAPING Free waste for filL Death and Funeral Notice*, not ex­ Interment Royal Oak Bqrial Park of Chimes latest In tiles. Qualified experts on | Rock Work. Patios, etc. Lawn spe1-Day Delivery ceeding 12 lines. 62.80 first insertion McCall Bros. Funeral Direct HAGAR & SWAYNE LTD. ■ohuQl age. Mv home or youra If our carpets and linoleum floor. Sup- clalists. Terms. EV 2-8323. ■trector, u> Victorja BC EV 3-751J and 61.95 subsequent Insertions. charge of arrangements. —N.H.A. Mortgages available at:close by. WeMnll Ave. EV 5-o>3. — plied and installed. Standard Fumi- j v iTvterXlxri.'—FnVr 610 YATES STREET all times. i —-------------------Each additional line. 27c daily. DHILLON FUEL CO. M^^AN^-TOIE DRUG STORE. I.ur, Co 737 Y.U, Si. EV 2-3U11 —Secondary Financing to assist CLERK P)K EV 3-3SL1 and EV 2 0459 EV 4-0531 CHAPEL OF ROSES sales. Driver's Ilnence. State age. name. HOURIGANS CARPETS AND LINOS. Birth*. Deaths. Marriages. En­ —Our own contract and specu- addrew. piv«ne number, teles _e\ Ltd. 656-2932 Mosonary —Carpe’s. Linoleums. Ceramlcgagements, ’;fn Memoriam Notices. ROBERTSON—At his late resi Sidney, B.C. ______ Victoria Press. Box 340., lation house sates.__ | pertejv Cards of Thanks not accepted by •lastlc Tiles, supplied and Installed. I MEN WANTED FOR A DYNAMIC TOTEM - LOGS dence. No. 3, 225 Dundas Street, d?ve'°PI?ents' | .STENOGRAPHER-FOR LAW ~OF- Free e&tirmates. 715 Pandora. Phone STONE AND BRICKWORK. WORK telephone. PROFESSIONS WITH A BRIGHT Victoria. B.C, on August 31. 1965, CHAPEL OF HEATHER 240 LOGS $15.50 ”?i%: Procura‘ «<*. prefcrablv with mortage EV 6-2401. guaranteed. EV 2-802S. John Robertson, aged 72 years, a FUTURE -.lion Fee Commission. evneripjw Please nKtne 382-^16 -------------Colwood, B.C. GR 8-3821 SALESMEN who are __ unhappy with native son. Heis survived by his TERMS OF PUBLICATION More oppunuui.H.. through dlvrrPointers and Decorators their present income or A_ MEN In all wife, two daughters. Mrs. Dorothy Delivered to basement .Mot,oh’ tor » ______________ I___________ The Victoria Press Ltd. shall not iful sales, - V- - —----walks of life who would like to Gaspard of Powell River. B.C., Established 53 years be liable tor non-insertion of any nuver. | RELIABLE PERSON TV) CARE) ALL KINDS OF CEMENT FINISHtruly prosper jq a satisfying and storage. Sacked kindling Mrs. Jean Gregorasli, Victoria, advertisement beyond , the amount For appointment, phone EV 5-2158 f"r, - children while mother "•orka' ingrs Albert DeGendt." cement conexcellently ..paid profession, should one «»»n John C. of Pine Point. SPRING CLEANING? paid for such advertisement 12 sacks S5 delivered BYRON PRICF 1714 OUADR4 , nights Live In ■J’’ ou’. T->wti and. tractor. Free estimates. Call evecontact us Immediately. More than N.V.'.r.. eight grandchildren, three UIKU?. riuLt, UH QUADRA j Country. Ph. 386-2364 before 4 p.m. kings 385-5584. THOMSON & IRVING 90% of our successful Sales Staff brothers. George of Brentwood, Let professionals do it and PART TIME DA? SITTER FOR I ANYTHING IN CONCRETE-SWIMIn the event of an error occurring are men Who never sold before. Dan and James of Victoria, one HARKNETT FUEL Funeral Chapel avoid the mess. Satisfaction the-, liability of Victoria Press Ltd. sister. Mrs. Lillian McMillan of but who are now earning more than ,.... ______ ever thought possible. This is AV ANTED — ELDERLY COUPLE S-yenr-old boy. starting Sept. 8. | rnlng o3G1b. pre-cast septic tanks. guaranteed. shall not exceed the charge tor the 384-9581 Formerly ot Winnipeg they eve Painting and|233 Gov’t St. . Victoria. several nieces and Est 1911 Job“"but! Handyman for gardening and'wife PreferI?J?,?'—Ha.rnptT Wa,rana Sl elc- Ctilnenl m‘xer M ren’ Rork NOT a "night by night'' Job but Handvm"n for gardening and wife _ space actually occupied by the item nephews. A Dignified and Understanding blasting. WAN. Trace. 479-3671. paint washing. Free esti-j occasional iigm light nouse house duties, duties. com-1 Com- ------a,ea- •S*®-**0* after 7 Pma permanent career with a secure | yvvawunai in question. Funeral---services will be held op ------------Service at Moderate Cost All claims on error in publication Friday, September 3 .at. 1:30 p.m., pnp.vppn * and if permanency is what tollable furnished modern cottage > pin I Y FVPFRTFVPFn CUP FRED REYNOLDS - CONCRETE mates. AT NEED future PRES-TO-LOCS ehall be made within 12 hours there­ in you want, our proposition might' Pr,>'’lded. References. Apply Vic- reader the Thomson & Irving h uneral jPRE SHIPMENTS * for downtown specialty house. placing and finishing. Free estlDRIVE IN SERVICE after and if not made shall not aL.weI1 ** V* tiFn of tori& Press. Box 307. mates. Phone 384-4483. folkjw’ed by cremation. Mr. D. Bowman. EV 5-4666. GREGG’S PAINTLNG 15 logs J1.15 60 logs 64.50 be considered. No claim will be al­ Chapel, Write us today. Tell us who you Flowers gratefully declined. Dona­ 1625 Quadra Street Phone EV 4-3612 MIDDLE - AGED 30 logs 62 30 120 logs 69 DO lowed tor more than one incorrect are; what you have done In past WANTED EXPERIENCED WAITRESS, FULIr COMPLETE SEPTIC TANK IN- Contract Dept. to the B.C. Heart Fund would EV 4-5023 Insertion nor for errors not affecting tions and present, and what you long to couple as caretakers of small apart­ time, downtown specialty'house. For stallations. For estimates call 1 unit 1240 logs) 618.00 be appreciated. HAYWARD’S CHAPEL ment house for reduced rent in the value of the advertisement. achieve in future. HOME DELIVERY GR 8-1064. Z »- ............ . ..We need agentssuite. - Apply Suite interview EV 5-4666. Mr. Bowfrian. All estimates of cost are approxi­ 1 unit In driveway 619 00 Member Order of the Golden Rule ‘preferably wer 35. .n Campbell newly-decorated ’ui‘eRiver, Courtenay, the Albemis, Na- lj 1033 Pa-trick St. mate. Advertisers will be charged In basement storage 620.50 ISLAND Superior Service Since 1867 WAITRESS-COOK. MATURE PER- JEASPrERRE 'THE CEMENT Man." Free estimates. GR 9-4987. with space actually used. naimo. and Victoria. We wdll asi.iaru f rary sittfr Krm son preferred. Apply London Fish The Hayward Family VINING—At Victoria. August 30, «* you in reaching a goal worth AnLy 609 XiiiPV DECORATORS All advertising copy will be sub tlsti Columb Bruct M. Leyden, formerly of and Chips. 723 Pandora. CEMENT. SEWERS, DRAINS. 1965. Mrs. Abigail Ma> Vining, aiming at and becoming a successful m',h_*ppY W)9. NIar>... St-. Unwed tect to the approval of the Victoria Products Calgary mother with child wel- JANITRESS1S WANTED. HOURS «V 4-8306. Frank Polltano. EV 6-3495 Painters widow of Dr. Arthur Weltosely Press Ltd., who reserve the right in businessman, .highly respected in m<’,ner Paperhangers 1 m Gorge Road ev 5-S33I EV 6-3505 your Vining late of the Empress Hotel, 734 BROUGHTON ST Its sole discretion to classify, reject community. Apply in confi2:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Reply Victoria CEMENT AND DRAIN WORK Spray Painters ' —------------------------------------born in Chicago,-111.. and..had been or Insert copy furnished. dence to Victoria Press. Box 237. Press. Box 332. ! Blrkett___________________GR 9 2885 WANTED: MESSENGER FOR CITY a resident of Victoria for about 10 CHAPLIN S FUNERAL Plaster Repairs Fertiliz<*r-Sawdust deliveries, full time employment. RELIABLE WOMAN TO CAREI years. Mrs. Vining was a noted Clean-Up Service Imperial Optical. S17 Fort Street. While every endeavor will be CHAPEL for, 2 children, my homfc. 5-davi Concert Pianist who had studied CAR SALESMEN Convenient Time Payments screened for bams and made to forward replies to box many years abroad. Site was a M11 >I>l£aGED C OU PLE FOR week. Sims Ave. 382-0305 after 6 ; J. & H. HANDYMAN SERVICE, i-tronn-n t t A k o « gardens By bulk or bh/wn. Kindness—Courtesy—Sendee fibers to the advertiser as s-.^n n umbei -"a# member of a very prominent Chi- 1155 Fori NEW AND USED Eves EV 2-1479 i Prest-to-logs. Pick uj> or'delivered ianitor work. 16-suite apartment. p.m. EV 4-5512 basements and yards cleaned, cor EV o-9Uj9 isible. we accept no liability cago family, and a gifted linguist. Dry . shavings - Special WAITRESS-WANTED IMMEDI- l>entry work, odd jobs, grass cut and in respect of loss or damage al­ Olson Ford. Victoria's progressive Beach Dnve. Phone EV 4-1361. Survived by her loving sister. Mrs. Two weeks only leged to arise through either fail­ Apply Bronta Lodge, Brent­ hauled. RototiUing. Free estimates. MONUMENTAL CLARK & PATTISON Ford dealer are increasing theiri ccuaic ucid vA/Akj-rcr> ately. Ruth Colboume. Vancouver, and a 11 3 units 64 95 Jim 3S3-0345, Howard 479-5760 ure or delay In forwarding such new and used car sales staff and FEMALE HELP WANTED wood Bay’. PAINTLNG CONTRACTORS LTD. dear devoted friend. Mrs. Charles replies, however caused, whether by will Interview applicants for this Brush or spray Paperhangers. Tex A HodgetU of the Empress Hotel, CHAMBERMAID W A N T E D TM- RUBBISH HAULED BASEMENTS ture and vinyl work. Will do all or MORTIMER’S negligence oi otherwise. position. We are particularise inter­ Ideal Fuel Co. Ltd. Victoriamediately. Apply Brenta Lodge. cleaned. Have commercial vacuum ested In Ford. General Motors or MONUMENTAL WORKS of any job. Paint store and Funeral services in Hayward’s Brentwood Bay. cleaner. Fences built. Drains laid part EViaa Chrysler master salesmen. But sales ESTABLISHED 1877 LADIES READ THIS rentals of all painters' equipment EVT4623 Chapel on Thursday at li a.m.. SUBSCRIPTION RATES EV 4-6718 anytime Free estimates. Terms trainees will receive every consider­ "The Finest tn Craftsmanship" if desired. Phone EV 4-0443 WANTED. EXPERIENCED WAIT Rev. Dr. J. B. Rowell officiating. IF J C Van Net. Wherever earner service is main­ Interment In the family plot at 833 Dana Street ation. We offer the best commis­ ress. Apply 636 Johnson, from U 760 Princes Avenue. EV 3-8171 sion and bonus plan in the Industry, WOOD ~ WOOD tained. 62 00 per month. You are diasatisfleld with YOUR­ to 1. BASEMENTS CLEANED, CHEAP. View Burial Park. Vancouver. SELF. your JOB and your plus MSA. groupJife Insurance and Single copy sale price: 10 cents Ocean AND COMMERCIAL Supervised parking adjoining the sfEWART MONUMENTAL WORKS other insects fumigated free. Ph. RESIDENTIAL DRYLAND FIR WOOD EARNINGS. benefits. Smart new demon­ daily; 14 cents Sunday WAITH ESS WANTED. FULL OR Moths, painting and decorating. Furniture Chapel. GR 9 5775. LTD. Monuments since 1S96. By mail Canada- and British strators ^supplied. Tills is an out­ part time. Deep Cove Chalet. Phone refinishing. I^xiuerlng. Best qual­ (Never been In water) DON’T WAIT IJ08 May Street______ E V 4-3452 standing 6)6-3541 Commonwealth: one year. |18; six opportunity to beebme part Clean Slabs and Blocks BASEMENTS. YARDS CLEANED ity r . materials u»ed. Free est 1 ma Join the unique and exclusive months. 610.00; three months. 65.00: VICTORIA HoNl'MENT LIMITED of an enlightened. forwardthinKing and hauled away. Licensed. 478-6817. | Convenient terms if needed. Phone 2*i Cords 114.95 Lady Home Sales Specialists at W A NTED, WAITRESS. Ft ’LL OR WILLIAMSON-Suddenly on Aug. 28. organization, selling North Amer­ single month, 62.00: Australia, --------------------- --------------------- 1479-2248. 656-3653. 1479-—656-3653. "Memorial of Distinction” COLONY HOME SALES LTD. part-time work, starting after Sept. I 1965. Nicholas Pierre second-class mall. Vancouver. Dearly beloved son of 12 Contact Pat Delaney, used car man­ aJI DIETARY AIDE.-R-HDUR SHIFT FLORISTS yours i>> dialing 386-3231. yulck clean, reliable First-cla*s Pm Office Department. Ottawa. ager. 1060 Yates St. EV 4-1144. Nicholas and Charlotte Williamson. 23-50 age grout). Apple personnel FARMER Shirley Piulps. All enquiries BUILDING SUPPLIES workmanship. Thirty years' expert 61 Member of Audit Bureau of Cir951 Austin Avenue. Coquitlam. director. $t. Joseph's Hospital. confidential!!! ence Victoria Terms w desired In Victoria it’s CONSTRUCTION LTD. ettipUon.' Survived also by two brother*. SALES MANAGEMENT CAREER BABY-SITTER FOR GIRlX" 5 Lloyd Paul and Neil Evan, and Are you a district sales manager, BALLANTYNE'S EXTERIOR - INTERIOR Repair Dept. and 4. my home. 8 to 3:15 p.m., 670 'two sisters Michele Marguerite, "SHAWNIGaN” sales supervisor or field trainer? CIRCULATION Special low prices Can for Cre* I»er month. EV 5-5203 after 5:30. at home, and Mrs. Stuart Eastman For Flowers Age 27-37 and ea.’tong 66.000-69.000 REPRESENTATIVES estimate, Douglas. 388-5761 for Alterations, concrete, carpentry a (Nicola). Coquitlam-, his grand­ DISTRICT OF NORTH SAANICH BABYSITTER. MY~HOME. MONper year with future promotion Duncan. P. J, Rogers 746-5611 sewer work. Phone father, Nicholas Williamson. West EV-F0555; Night 478-2873 PAINTING. PAPERHANGING ’■SERVICE” BLOCKED? We have an unusual day to Friday, 8:30 to 5:30. 479-1838 Port Albenu. Mrs. A Ntlson 723-8312 Vancouver, and his grandm-ither. stucco painting. D. Smythe. Ph. opportunity in a growth Industry, Applications are ,|lnvited for the after 6 p.m. Nanaimo. R- Lakey_______ SK 3 2766 "Flowers By Wire” Mrs. Marguerite Meuse, Half Moon 652-2254. 652-2522. leading to full sales management position of clerk-stenographer for A. J. BARR LTD. BSy. responsibilities — starting salarv the District of North Saanich. Ap­ BABY-SITTER WANTED, MON. TO 900 Douglas St. AND DECORATING Framing Lumber and Shorts United States representatives: Memorial service was held Wed­ 479-1440 PAINTING 6<(M»-6iaS00. unlimited future plicants to state age. experience, Fri.. 8 to 5:30, my home. Call 479-2581 Reasonable rates, satisfaction guar­ De CLERQUE SHANNON nesday. Sept. 1 at .2:30 p.m. in the Opp. Strathcona Hotel career with potential annual earn­ salary expected and date available. EV 5-2D4O after 6 p.m. anteed Terms EV 2-7SK5 GR 9 2471 Plywt>xls — Panelling - Wallboards New York. Chicago. Detroit. Cleve­ Unitarian Church. 49th and Oak. CONTRACTORS District «g North Saanich. P.O. Box ings from 625.000 630,0IX) including Builders’ Hardware — Paints land. Atlanta. San Frandsco, Los Rev. A Phillips Hewett officiating. ROCK BLASTING YOUNG GIRLS FOR CAR CLEANrommlssion. Victoria. I»ress, Box 748. Sidney, B.C. TOMMIE HARKER YOUR DECCabinets — Doors — Windows Angeles. SEWER - WATER MAINS ing. Five Minute Car Wash. S47 Cremation. (No flowers by request. BROWN’S 310 orator, on vacation. Back soon. Ceilings — Floor — Wall Tiles ROAD WORK - DRAINS Pandora. I>>naUons may be sent to the Uni­ Aspenlte -- Arborlte — Formica EXCAVATING thp: florists tarian Service Committee, 949 W: DUNCAN BUREAU YOUNG MAN TO WORK AS Ap­ Pawnbrokers BABYSITTER. GARNET RD. MY EVERYTHING FOR THE prentice serviceman for large busi­ MARKERS Duncan Chamber of Commerce 49th Ave., Vancouver 14. B.C.). Ar home 8 to 5. 3 children. 1 school In the “Heart of HOME HANDYMAN GUARANTEED HOMES WE PAWN MOSf^THINGS^ rangements through the Memorial ness machine company. Gxxl start­ Bldg., Post Office Box 182. Office age. 477-4927. after 6 p.m. ing wage with regular increases. Woman required for casual empb and telephone Injurs 1 p.m. to 5^.m., Society of B.C. and First Memorial INCLUDING YOUR WIFE Victoria” for 54 years 21 HOURS! This HOUSEKEEPER WITH DRIVER',?^.54’?,., WE ARE OPEN Services Ltd. Factory training and other benefit/' ment marking merchandise. ~ For money in a hurry you can't Monday to Friday Inclusive. new kitchen, bathroom, 6 FULL DAYS PER WEEK would be approximatelv ,>ne Or two licence for widow. Reply Victoria Jl,,;.,,3' lient Victoria s best known PAWN­ Flowers Wired Anywhere provided. Must meet the following day famtly_r.oom or bedroom now' BROKER. 6!7 Johnson Street Phone s j>er week. Please ajml.\ ix»r- Pn-kk B x 163. requirements: 1.9 to 22 years of a:e. s •nnel office, 4th floor. Hudson’s FREE DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES EV 3-9512 Opposite Pet Shop. 1 indable. pass a medical and Convenience - Quality 618 View Street INDEX TO WANT AD HEADINGS IKIND HOUSEKEEPER. OVER 25. Bay Co ude test. Good appearance, single,____________ Classlflcatton 388-5545 '■') live in. 6 months old baby, and Satisfaction EV 4-3521 Nights high Photo Engraving Classification school graduate. Some elec­ LUNEY BROS. No I 2-v ear-,,1,1. EV 3 ^4trical or electr-xilc background helpREGISTERED GRADUATES No Deaths. Funerals and Lodge & HAMILTON RELlAnijC^’-'n A'B Y~S I PHtTO ENGRAVING “SllAWNlGAN” ful ApplyRational Cash Register AND PRACTICAL NURSES 14 ANNOUNCEMENTS Notices ..............................— 5 Acreage for Saia and Wanted ...156 Half Tone Line and Color . Repairs, alterations - EV 2-1218. C»mpon), 730 Johnson St.. Victoria. 3-11 shift ami relief. (e>xl wages wanted immediat.dv. Refcren Education ............................ <2 Announcements ............................. Engraving u .mm-mai Art Building Supplies Ltd. fesrred. ’3S5-9902 before 2 p.m Engagements ....................... 7 NOTICE: THE^WESTERN HOME Antiques ' ...... ..................... ISLAND ENGRAVERS 2000 GOVERNMENT 182 7 MYERS & HILL-TOUT Apartments-to Rent Furnished . 128 Exchange Real Estate ........__..14“ Guard Patrol wishes tp say thanks quires offixre assistant. Essential ABERDEEN PRIVATE HOSPITAL NIGHT GRADUATE REQI 6ta Pembroke, just Ixbow Douglas 1450 Hillside Apartments to Rent. Unfurnished 129 Farms for Side and Wanted .....15S to their jhany customers and to qualifications incllude: typing speed Prvme EV 2 8831 -----:--------------------------------:---------for modern private hospital. SWIMMING POOLS Farm Implements .................. 71 advise zthem that the new address 60 w.p.m.. age 20-35. ability to meet Apartments Wanted ....— 383 2323. August 31 will be 320 Piono Tuning Auto Body and Painting ............. 109 Female Help Wanted -----------------26 after 383-18U OR VW ACj public, and some office experience. GRADUATE AND PRACTICAL R. A. GREEN EXPERIENCED CASHIER - HOST12 Bessborough Ave., View Royal, as Room and board provided at 62.50 Auto Repairs and Service ............. 108 Florists ............ company needed larger grounds LARGE OR SMALL TUNING.- REPAIRS. RKBUII.DIM, Auto Financing and Insurance ...110 Import end Sports Cars . 101 the per day. Excellent starting salarv LUMBER CO. LTD. « for their patrol dogs and cars. and promotional opportunities. Ap­ Bands. Musicians and Orchestras 32 Fuel ................................. SoAt Piano Service. 3K2-752I. Same phone: *353-7344. _______ pit tai. Good b working ronditions A better Job by experienced trades­ W Buydaa ................. “ Funeral Directors---------2891 Douglas St. ply National Employment Service. with fringe benefits. Ph. GR 9-2151 men. Phone EV 5-1285 or EV 2-2613. Furniture ...................................— ® 1J Plasterers B|raB ............. JL COMING EVENTS ~ 1039 Johnson. 29 SITUATIONS WANTED fir appointment. Phone 385-9774 and j* Boats and Marine —------------- W Garden Supplies ................. HAWTHORNE CONSTRUCTION MALE INDIAN RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL STUCCO. PATCHING Building Suppliee —-----------« Gulf Islands Properties ................. 159 FOUNDATION REPAIRS — TREAT PLASTERING. Halls. Stores and Offices to Rent 137 (Anglican), ’requires immediately a CAPABLE MIDDLE-AGED HOUSEand repairs. GR 9-4779. Burial Parks ...i... QUALITY MUXWORK MENT FOR ANTS, TERMITES mature Christian man. single, to keeper for elderly English gentle­ DUTCH GARDENER — LA Business Opportunities i** Hotels ....................... .... ...US AND BEETLES. PH. GR 9-6979. | man in good health. To live in FORESTERS' BINGO supervise a group 20 bovs aged scaping, gardens rearranged Housekeeping Rooms to Rent ---125 Plumbing and Heating FACTORY SERVICE Business PerstmJ comfortable convenient home. Re­ Housekeeping Rooms Wanted ....126 15-18 years, in dormitory and recrea­ cleaned up. Lawns prepared Business Services and Directory •>» LAING A CLEMENTS CONST. “ OTT-A~H(Hj’ LTD.- ~ Thurs., Sept. 2 tional activities. One experienced ply to Victoria Press. Box 314, stat­ seeded. Tree service. Rockc Houses to Rent Furnished ....... 139 Repairs, remodelling, additions. Ili-grade lumber and in games and cadet training prefer­ ing age and salary expected. J WEL HAM. Prop rock walls, cement work. P« Cars for Sale .... - ............JJJ Houses to Rent Unfurnished ,...133 60 yrs. combined experience in const. 1 Owt Metal red. Live in. Apply giving references 7:45 P.M. Work. Plumbing. Hast ponds, fences. EV 2-0827: building materials Cars and Trucks Wanted ........U~ Houses Wanted to Rent ................. 134 EV 5-32U6 GR 9-43U WORKING COUPLE DESIRE MI/)to principah P.O. Box 60. Lytton. iflktallaAlons. OU Burner*. Houses for Sale ----150 CMcks. Poultry. Hatching F.ggs. ille-age widow with some income to i EXPERIENCED ot*figk y : builders’ supply ce B.C. CEMENT WORK PATIOS. SIDE* Supplies - -............... « In Memoriam ........... UNION CENTRE . mind l’/i-year-old baby. Live in. Dj mechanic (adding machim walks, carports, basemeifts. A. Con- • Service right now C-Whlng Events ............— “ Listings Cancelled ............. —.......... 148 BAKER , light housework and some cooking, j writers, calculators, etci. Rooting, Insulation and Siding tractor, pl^ 3*3-31*44. Commercial Properties ........... 157 Listings Wanted ..............................149 Quadra and Market All-^ound general baker. Pies, Interested party phone 383-7203 forrevirk in Victoria area. J. A. Convalescent and Rest Homes ...123 Livestock and Supplies ...---------- 92 butteriiorns. hamburger buns, din­ interview after 5:30 p.m.• I Box 19L5. Quesnel. B.C. G. H. WHEATON, LTD. Jogindar Lumber' Co. Ltd. Lost and Found ........................ 20 Cottages Campsites. Summer One Block from Hillside ner rolls, etc. .Apply Paul's Restau­ STE.\'OGRAPHER_REQi>iKED IN I VICTORIA ROOFING 1080 Goldstresun Av«. Repairs, Alteration. EV 2-2159 Machinery ------------72 rants Ltd.. 1900- Douglas, between .178-3621 47H024 , Country Homes and Properties .151 Male Help Wanted .....................21 Sidney office. Essential qualifications I I-ong gin m»on and 1 p m. 6 CARDS $2.00 K AS API CONSTRUCTION NHA Male or Female Help Wanted ..22 1x6 shtplap hemlock Include typing, shorthand and a vacant to Duplex-, to Rent .................. and conventional homes, aLso com­ EXPERIENCED SALESMAN FOR general knowledge of office routine. EV 2-4644 $1 ADMISSION M-/R R/L ............................ 155 00 M Marriages 3 gutters and wall file. Free estimates. Dancing ..j------- ---- ----------mercial buildings. 386-619L Miracle car polish, un­ Please telephone Mrs. Whyte, at DLlx0-»hlpt«p fir M/R R/L . .>65.00 M Miscellaneous 'for Sale ........... 82 NO DOWN PAYMENT Sc PER EXTRA CARD Dyna-Glaze *v limited sales and earnings. Give 656-1154 dunng office hours. 1x8 shtplap fir M/R K/L ..$80 TO M Miscellaneous Wanted .......................83 BE SURE EASY TERMS ti«>n contractor, wants complete resume first letter. Vic­ BREN'TWi Always Use a Member of Die Miscellaneous to Rent ................ 86 917 Fort Street EV 2 2331 We have a g<*xl stock of Rough 16 lOcky NO. Victoria Home Builders’ As*>-. toria Press. Box 317. cedar Dimension. . . Wanted to Rent Miscellaneous 87 keeperret required for waterfront home intendent. 3S3 5077. 2x4. 2x6, 2x8. 2xia 2x12. Monumental ........................................U BINGO GAMES J B W CONSTRUCTION. Xs LOW m.l. TIME CARHOP DRIVER S PARKER, JOHNSTON Also cut cedar and fir timber. Mortgage Loans and insurance ..141 as 6LL25 per square foot N.H.A., l.cenre required. Students need n>>t NOT LESS THAN I Itmb and fall trees. Licensed A jV.L.A. 'Renovating. 656-2512 Motorcycles ... ....... 65 1314 Broad LTD. EV 2-9181 ROUGH CEDAR POST apply.' Interviews after 6 p.m. insured. Ph<«ne EV 3-2653, evenlnj Moving and Hauling---- ..........113 —......PER GAME crt. ift. 6 ft. 7 ft. 8 ft. ROOFING. INS’ LATTON at ILs very Paul's Restaurants Ltd. 19Q0 Doug- son living m vicinity. 652-2343. Musical Instruments 63 J. WHITCROFT romwned ..11 20 61.50 11.W) 62.10 6"40 BEST. Over ver M 50 years' v las.________ GENT REQUIRES WHOLE C LADIES 5x5 Music Teachers ............ ..63A ) NBA home*, repairs alterations. 6115 6167 6i jo 6i to stand' the TEST. part-time work. Victoria Prei HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT PHONE MAJOR DKTtLLERY~ REQi'IRES JO Aft .80 4x4 2 GAMES $25 New Car Directory ...—SI Complete drafting sendee. 3*5-4107. » 6107 Box 321. ABOUT SELLING AVON’’ txmger lengths a vails Me Parts. Accessories _____.........107 ev.ierienced sates representative to Tree Service FOOTNER-HOME BUILDING " 1 GAME $50 Victoria and fanretover |p <**1* n.»:hmg to find ,«t the de- GUTTERS RENEWED ALSO A Personal lx>ans ------------------------140 j Planning. Designing . ....... GR 9-2875 Is’and. Send complete resume toitalft- Ph'Oe EV 4-7345 eves_______ paint work. GR 8-2742. GR 8-66:2. Personals \ ------ --------—..... 39 1 GAME $100 ,SCIENTIFIC PRUNING.* SPRAY DIRECT Pets and Supnliet---------------------- 90 V’7'51*. PrT?*' Bnx.SW’_„' ____ EXI’EIUENCED WAITRESS REmgl removal. Large shade and Irud Draperies (TA-KT RETTRED ACC USED LUMBER Places to VlslK ............... 16 trees. U'Aver stump chipper In­ PART-TIME DOORATW'IVPPROXT-'quired for private riab. Permanent able part .time. 5 EXTRA GAMES 18-iaa. Professional SeSjicee -------37 sured. Chas. A. Cowie Tree Sur­ matelv -3Q hvurs weekly., mainly joadjim. if. j»!isfaetory. Reply statDRAPERIES PROFESSION'.ALLY Property tor S0 ________t------- 154 —ar» to urrn. length* at---------GOOD, PRIZES geons Ltd EV 2-1676. eves. EV 3'MS _ afternoon and night work. Applv ing age. exp 'rience. etc., to Victoria SUBCONTBKTOR made for homes, offices. EV 5-3788. Property Wanted .....^.....^....-155 . 2x6 fcdO, 2Tn,A*s at Trade Schools ............. ~L.. 41 Craft Shop. 28 Burnside Rd. W Ph. EV 3-0415 or P 6. Box I. Victoria. open seven days • week FULLY QUALIFIED^ MECHANIC CLERK CASHIER FDR WORK INTrailers and Trailer Parks ........ns p385-1542. B C. C-^infidentia!. COURTESY ALWAYS a modem fiv>d markofi 40-h-air week. M 30 GR 6-1724 wanted. EV 5-5666, 3S^5flSR evenines. rrucks« AD Good salary. (SR 7-1742 for appoint­ Park. Phone 478-2566.REFTNEO aNCERE WIDOWER, TV Radio Sales and Servica ........ 64 Electrical Contractors BARBER WANTED. TAKE FULL ment. CHILD CARE 3 OR 4-YEAR-DI RAND AND GRAVEL SOAD 50. ymthful, god height and knfcs. Vacation Guide ................. ____ns LOTS OF PARKING charge 2-chair shop. GR 8-3626. My home. James Bay. EV 5-83 .w.shex to meet attractive, un- \ gravel and eta;/ fill Clean used Wanted to'Borrow ......... ____1»2 ELECTRIC HEATING EXPERIENCED WAITRESS F»W UTantaH fry 5uV H'CUSeS ......... J,** a?Motted tedy; view ,/natrirreny. ifork. OK Trucking Co., 79) T >paz WIRING HYDRO FINANCED WAITER. SPARE TTNTE 6-1) PM. RELIABLE BABYSITTER 1 BLO Waterfront Properties ......... 7"" 153 386-3411 1 YORK ELECTRIC EV 3-7^* Victoria Prexs. Ra SIS. Swiss Restaurant KV 3-3IC2. between 3 and 9 p.nj. ifrom Jubilee Hospital. 3S3-*5P7. Circulation 38S-07M



Top notch sales and public re­ lations girl required by expanding company. Top salary and fringe benefits. Car necessary. Age 25 to 35. Phone 3863631 for appointment




Steer Yourself to the Better Car Buys - In Today's Auto Classification

Hcecs —

palming — renew gutten -r downspouts — niAv roof — drain tiles — cement work and other outside jobs.

We have a COMPLETE STOCK of all materials necessary to complete sour project and an experienced trained staff to help with your •election and quantity.

PAINT SALE—SAVE 50% , Brand name Paint tor exterior and i Interior. Gloss and Latex. Quarts......... 99c Gallons........ 62 99 Cottage and Pence Paint In three popular colors. Gallon....—..11.99

Heavy Plastic Panela Permanent Colors

Mx :«

Reg. Price Sale Price S3 67 ::*.S 4 61 S.67 144,----------- 7 SO

MIRRORS % PRICE 19*34 Plate 28x24 Crystal 42x26 Crystal

.j—64.49 __ 5.88

3/18x4x8 R/C Vee Groove Plywood unfinished . 3'16x4x7 R/C Vee Groove plywood unfinished 3/16x4x8 R/C Vee Groove Plywood prefinished 3/16x4x8 R/C Vee Groove mtS-WaU Salmon too*

Mahogany . 62.95 Mahogany

rrorr a ma

Telescop* Telescope Truth or Conseq. What’* This Song’

CHr.R’TV Channel «


ll:ue II: JO

7 oz. 36x% ............................ 63.29 7 26x120 ................................ 64.09 7 oz. 36x144 ..........................COLORS -White. Coral. Blue, W,’ low and Green. Pre-shaped corrugated cedar to fit above panels at ............... 12c tin. ft.

I3:uo 13:30 1:00 1:30

iA-nna Reed Father Knew* Best Rebus Game Katherine Wise

Wunda Wtinda Moment of Truth The Doctors Another World

Sideshow Bingo Ed Alien Noon Show Noon Show Movie. | Movie

Lum'heon Date Movie Movie Movie Vacation Time Vacation Tim* Mr. Piper Jft-20

Where Action Is A Time fix' Us General Hospital Young Marrleds

You Don’t Say Match Game King’s Queen Movie

Trallmaater Trailmaster „ Captain Puaet Dobie Gillis

Story of New* Way Things Are Candid Camera

News News Bold Journey JOfUlg^UHSt

Gomer Pyl« Portrait The Defenders The Defenders ,

10: IN) 10:30 11:00 Ur36 13:i« 1S.»»

8:30 9:00 9:30

2:00 t:;w 3:30 4: INI 4:30 0:00 3:30


*tx4x8 Hardboard RJX.......... 1-93 PAINT SPECIALS ’4x4jS oSduEuaratex Z—a clean white finish on an old **x4x8 White insulboard ....... 2 56'stucco wall, use B.H. Exterior *•*4x8 White Gyproc ------ 2.M;Emulsion White, excellent tor wj-jd

6:00 4:30


7:30 8:00 1:30

9:iM> 9:30


Pete’s Plat e Sldei/how

KIMO-TV UiMnnrl 1 J.IK Patch** J. I*. Patch** News Real McCuya

CH4NTV ( tiNliorl g

KTNT-TV Channel tl

Pete’s Pl(p *

Andy Dick Lov* Mike

ftidtfthow " Aideshow Ringo • Ed Alien

Fjinns, New*

Movie; .Sea Hunt; PNE People It’s Your Move

Noon Show Noon Show -Movie Movie . Muwc; He* ” Hunt; PNE People' in Conflict It’s Your Mov*

Rojnptr Room Romper Room Cartoons Cartoons; News Mov |* Movie Movie Girl Talk

Movie Movie Stnn Bfiroson Huck Hound

Vacation Tim* Vacation Tlnw Mr. Piper 30-20

J. P. Patchea J. P. Pau hrs Lloyd Thaxton Thaxlonf News

News News Open Season Daniel Boone

Martian; New* Virginian Virginian Virginian

News It die man To Tell tha Truth Munster*

Donna Reed My Three Son* Bewitched Peyton Place

Daniel Boone Dr. Kildare Dr. Kildare Hazel'

Gomer Pyl* Portrait Tlie defender* The Defender*

Perry Mason Perry Mnaop Password Celebrity Game

The Rogues The Rogue* News Movie

Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean News Mghtllf*

Suspense Theatre Suspense Theatre New* Johnny Carson

Peyton Place Peyton Plan* News PNE

The Defender* The Defenders News; Movie Movie

Movie Movie

Nightlife Nlghfiif*

Johnny Carson Johnny Carson

It’s Your Mov*

Movie Movie

Luncheon Date


6/16x4x8 Mahogany Vee Groove _ JH‘ “pernla PRIMER WHITE- a B BBBBBBBB B Cottage Grade *-83 j breathing type primer can be used B 6/16x4x8 Mahogany Vet Groove. ‘under an oil base or exterior Latex B Preflnlahed ............. -................. 3-95; Paint for a non-blistering finish. B -- --------------------g»l .... ...... ......... . 33.35 CLEARANCE OF US&) i»r-n vtJ/lTXV C Vt/fc'C -B-H LATEX INTERIOR PAINT- O EVERYBODY SAVES HIGH HIDE quality, per gaL M.b B AND NEW FURNITURE 1 1 ! B gallons........................ ............. 37.991 u u Lino Tiles. 9x9 each............... -08\| gallons -.i. .111.591 “ Vinyl Asbestos. 9x9. each .... .lots B-H LATEX FENCE PAINT, colors, , ’ 2's Gals. Lino Cement ..... 2.49 Plywood Kayak Kits........ . 13 95 6^ ft Picnic Tables............... 13.95


Concentration Jebpardy Call My Bluff I’ll B«t



6? 30 6:00 9:30

To Tell Truth Edge of Night Secret Storm Love that Bob

1: HI 3:30 3:00 3:30

Rummer A Go Go Dragnet Summer A Go Go Popey< Ur* He man Bill Movie Movie Brakeman Bill

Mickey Moua* Fun O- Rama Woody Woodpecker Movie ‘

4100 4:30 5:00 5:30

Movie; Newt • Combat Combat Alfred Hitchcock

Highway Patrol Sea Hunt Movie «* Movie

News Movt*Movt* Rifleman

Alfred Hitchcock Windfall Dick Van Dyke Branded ------- --- k-----Jack Paar Jack Paar News PNE 1V« Your'Mov*

Movie Mi'Vie Pit infers News ,

5:00 4:30 . 7:00 7:30


frrnrlV, MVSTAlUJ I-LB. JAR Ito


3W H. A H. SAKO AND 4X SCOPE. 6179; 270 Husqv., 2>4 X arope. 6129; -30 30 Win, 675: 30-30 Sav.. 667; 8 m.m. MAUter, 637; Husqv. It. wt. and 4x scope, like new. 6169; SOS's, all prices; 308 Win. auto, and 4x, 6179; 6.5 m.m. Mann. 6119: 12 ga. Rem. pump, 679; 12 ga. Rem. 3" pump, 5109: 12 ga, Hlgclha pump, vent rib and choke 6«0; 12 ga. Beretta, 582. Gunsmith on premises. All guns guaranteed. TrucL gun racks, gun cases, compasses, shell belts, hats, etc. ROBINSON’S 1307 Brtad EV 5 3429





/ .......... J o!'£ SLICED CO6KED MEA-W?¥mrk™ 1-nof. Pic n' Pirn. etc., etc. s PKGS Ste COTTAGE ROLLS, ready to eat Cryovac halves LB, 69o Suspicion .......... 10: IN) Canada Packers BONELESS Tve Got a Sec ret LEAN PORK STEAK .... LB. 59a Siwciai 10:30 Suspicion Boneless B.-»ston Lean BUTT Movie 11:00 Moyle •PORK ROASTS LB 59o ■Movie 11:30 Movie BARBECUif'— Movie Movie 12:00 ,'“?ASTS OP BEEF ........I.B HOCKEY SCHOOL MARGARINE—TULIP 2 LBS 39o Movie 1?:30 All equipment now available. THRIFT LOTION LIQUID RAY’S SPORTS CENTRE DETERGENT 14-07 ’692 I) .ugi .« S :. vEV >6312 MAPLE LEAF CHEESE 63A MUSIC TEACHERS 45 MOTORCTCLE' 32 REMINGTON I’UMP' FOR SALE, SLICES .J-LB. PKG 59o egebUent deer gun. EV 5-1006. STUART WALKER Piano studio, classical, nil ages. 12 WINCTIE.'TniR SPECTAL?548 OR THE BIG SHOP 885-1002. 174 Bench OrtV« nearetrt offer. EV 4-6114. OFFERS YOU iwvir-Hhaped 1 Vlb. tin >1 T9 PLAY KyPULAR-piANO nil-: BEST DEAL IN TOWN I W BOATS AND MARINf v f2ie, ’■•‘‘iLAM> - —5 i ns <5c 30 leaaorw. results guaranteed Mrs. Ted Williams EV 8-1252 * ON A ■ CA^ Load.--1 ’

Glvnls -Groucno (Jurumofca Guns moke

8:00 8:30 9:tMI 9:30


Top value on y'our trades when you buy one of these j "b,[j ik-rformanee" machines England's

utmost in machinery “'Royal Enfield" 250 cc $799 to $850 750 < c $1125



bulk 3 j 12* runabout, decked, windshield. •veering, control#, lights, with 10 h.p. Evinrude. Complete for . 5350 WHEAT PUFFS. Purify wiUn - - - 25-PT. SIZE Tto »a It.worva tlw Right to Limit I2* »lum h-*', control*.- .tcertnji, ____ No SalesQuantities to O>mpeth.)ra flecjtetl. windshield, factory liail.-r. Complete for ..............................5J&5 A few 1965 Mercury* left at reduces! prices.



X l.x 925 Yates EV 2-1928 x jx PALL SALK lx NEW 1265 * JOHNSON l.x OUTBOARDS

Our supports can be your protection ' Bike Athletic supports. Tapes. ' First Aid Supplies NOBODY UNDERSELLS ' Trainers’ Aids. S h p. to 90-h.p. Models Available IX AMOR SALES Knee and Elbow Pads SAVE NOW Easy Terms Trades Welcome X for all Spoils. 3400 Douglas St. 386-3033 CLEARANCE SALE X Team Requisites GLASCRAFT BOATS Sale X specialty. Reg. , See our large "selection of useddtikes priced to suit you.


Serving Victoria fix' a Quarter Century

BICYCLES IF Open ...............5298 6259 jl4’4” De Luxe Runabout 5895 6795 NEED A BIKE FOR SCHOOL? 15 6” Standard Runabout 5h’35 6S95 We have the aleectlan of bicycles, 15’6” De Luxe Runabout 61095 6960 carriers, locks, stands, etc. Liberal I is ij’ Side Wing De Luxe trade-in allowance. Buy yours where i Runabout ilnper Lot* gl255 51095 service Is best Buy It at Robinson *, i ANrlia vabinp 1307 Broad Street EV 5-3429. '___ — AsNGUS MARINE 2220 Douglas St. EV 4 7431 BICYCLE SALE NOW ON Bicycles made by Raleigh 3-speed. 639.50; 3 blcyclea a! 512.50 each. -Electronic Bike Shoo. EV 5-9S13 SCOOP! 702 Johnaon. BUY Now SAVE 2 BOYS' BICYCLES, C.d()D TON Tinest boal. trailer* M dition.^-fle 3-speed. Age 9 up. Ph. M M ’’WLSCOT” M M 600 Tb.. up to 14' boat oapacity. M NEW AND^USED“bICYCLES.~RE*- .M Includes winch, tie downs, tilt M M iwirs. 10 and 15-speed hikes. Ruaa M boom, oom pi etc Lights. M Reg 6139.00' M Hay, 2542 Government. EV 4-4722. M 6154 M BOY’S RALEIGH. 38-INCH. RACING M M b-irs, 3-speed. Dyno-llght. blue, A-L M MERCURY MARINE «aj. EV 2-74111. M SALES and SERVICE M 1 Cloverdale Ave. 3» 9922 M MAN’S OR BOY’S 3-SPEED RAL M M eigh._621LJ:v 4-OH52. •M M y M M M M M M M M M FOR SALE. GIRL’S BIKeTsO-LNCH H)IV SALE Jl FT HONG KONG frame. 520. 655-571*). ixiiit sea skiff ' Sport Els.'iemian." 2 BOYS’ BIKES. CsMALI., 6-3. 25ity tn full, or part

67 STOVES AND FURNACES Do’you wrant-a warm, cosy house this winter? See the FAWCETT HEATER with the built-in fan. Ideal for fireplace installation. C. TAYLER 70" Johnson EV 3-3281

X v A. X


.SURGICAL X SUPPLIES X Limited X (Div McGill & Orme X X X 1012 Broad St. EV 4-8133 X X XXXXXXXXXX X

X X X X X X X X X X X X X X M. X X FITmade X

X X X X X X X X X X X SPECIAL X New and IJsed X SEWING MACHINES X From $29.95 X X LAWNMOWERS X From $19.95 X X TO CLEAR . . . X SWING SETS X from $29.95 X X MARSHALL WELLS X 724 Fort St. EV 4-1021 X XXXXXXXXX X

i&tTV nna. plwne 656-3042. STANDARD BRONZE BOAT tings. Propellers and shafts to order. Simplex trolling gurdies and blocks In stock. BARGAINS Smith Brothers 2 mil 72 wide x 15«) sq. ft. Poly. itt25J thene, 8.95 rl. 2 mil 72" wide x 5(0 Foundry and Machine Worksuc,Ltd. sq. ft. Polythene. 3 25 rl. Briton No. 1 35-H.P. MERC MANUAL~WITH 2 Door Closer. 51395. Closet Valc'.a controls. 5295. I 4i>h.p. Westbend, in 24”, 36” and 72” lengths, from $285. 2 22-h.p. Mere. 5195. 1 70-h.p. 35c ea. 16 oz. Insulation F’elt. 225 Merc, $325. 1 50-h.p. Mere electric, sq ft. rl. 62.30. Metal Double Roof Vents. 55.25. Prefinished Woodgrain long shaft, 5495. Hardboard Panels, 4x«xV«, $3 25 ea. VAN ISLE OUTBOARDS 9/68 3rd Street, Sidney 656-3G6;.
2 SMALL (MI, EMAN OIL HEAT ers. Sit) each. Duo-Therm oil heater, medium size. F-’5. Trailer heater wllh downfi«jw blower. 525. Auto­ matic oil furnace, counterflow. 65.'MW B.T.U . 575. Good used oil range 875. Magic Chef gas ri£hge, 650 Converted oil range with new Cjcloa burner and D.L. fiiel rtil lifter pump, complete price 6150. NYLON-PLASTIC OARLOCKS AND 25-I.B FREEZER PACK Cyclog Manufacturing Co., <79-1151. .’,p‘cl*1 loekln« '«*>“"• 6 lb* Itoost Beef, S'4 lb. R<«*l fork, 90.000 B.T.U UMVERAAL H1GH- ■ thrvFB i1’ Sirloin Steak. 3 Jbs Ground boy-ty-pe forced air oil furnace and 590 Johnson St" " 583 6461 I ^toUnf*' 2 11>S Ground 1‘4 j |bgShoulder. p,>rk controls. Also approximately 1D0 ft jw jonnaon bi.____________5M-6461 | ,bs stewlng if duds. GfmI condition. 5150. Ph. VARIED SELECTION OF BOATS - lb" Ve<1 Cutlets. 1 lb Bacon. 1^ 396-7203. v and motors for sale. Boat rentals. :bs pork SaUsage —12. REPAIR MATERIALS TV SERVICE 53 A CALL ‘«)DAY and outboard refrifii.' i 517 95 CUBBON LUMBER . 11:20—Why Must I Die <1960 zdrama4, Terry guarantee. City wide service. Ph. e nte'r prise oil and gas wharfageWEST BAY MARINA* ' GRAHAM MEATS HOLLAND BROS 4 CO. ; range combination, oil beater. 60Island TV. 479-3098 •15 Alpha Street 3S6-52SS Furnace Liners ~ Eire Brick 453 Head Street EVM552 775 Fort Street 384-8233 I gal tank and oopner line. Offers. MoorP —7. NEW and Used Furniture Eire Clay and Devil’s Pulty COMBINATION. LIGHT j EV 4-21/T!) * 11:35—Trents Last Case (1953 mystery', Orson I’RACTVCALLY NEW 4-CYLI^DER ALBl’I’OL—Unsurpassed as a bond-1 „ LUMBER SHORTS! EV 3-0590 between 6 S p.m. FR E N CR PROV INCI ’. L Phone 383-0913 ing agent between new and old j r ort ot. SAWDUST. BURNER RANGE WITH Bedfoiu diesel with 2 to ] reduction 2 PC E Welles 2. 2 tnimer gas attachment. Now oper gear. Orr Marine Distributors. 31 che^rprfield. 5129. Hida Bed. I'tj. 6 fi. 8 ft. concrete surfaces. Maple bunk beds, 56'* l4 bl-nd t>ed12:45—A Bullet Is Waiting (1954 drama), Rory Cal­ 65 at ing. Ready to go. Come and see Erie St.. EV 2-5813. ,i\t Rough (12 pcs.) MOTORCYCLES 1.28 P.T.C—Bonding agent lor plastering CLOSING OUT SPECIALS r'»m suite, 6119. Buffett*. 614.60 <4 it. 525. EV 2-5415. ng | |Ol)S. 1\2 Dressed (.12 pcs.) PROPELLER REPAIRING. RE 521 50 Washing machines, 624 50 to .94 houn—12. GoLDRLATT Tools for the concrete, pitching and balancing. Fire Screens 3x3 Dressed (6 pcs.) .61 RANGE ANU FURNACE REPAIRS ?59. llatiy buggies. 614 50 t-» $29 50 nl plaslerinf *nd til* work-T 6 Recommended. HARBOUR MACHINE SHOP 3x4 Dressed (6 pcs.) .79 L20lp>a* BROOKLANDS -Boilers and Cycloa oil burners 31 Erie c^ch. 639 50. Unpainted chests of Street EV 3-6555 S'ud,. SAND - GRAVEL - CEMENT 3x6 Dressed (4 pcs.) .79 1.20 iSAI msial’.ed 477-4912 suites, 65OjO to 6119. Rafrtgerabwa. j 57(any quantity. 3x9 Dressed <4 pcs.) MOTORCYCLES . 1(M drawers 10-H P, JOHNSON MOTOR; 714 H.P. 659 to 695. SEIGLEA OIL HEATER. IN FTRST Scott l.x 10 Dressed (4 pcs.) .... 1.32 2 031 outboard motor. Both in ex­ PANDORA USED FURNITURE condition. Will hent up to 3 cellent cwxHtjon. EV 6-3627 after S 3x12 Dressed (4 pcs.) .... 1.60 2.40 Qpen Saturdays till 1:00 p.m. Cogswell Rockerg ' Buy your ty.ack-to-sc.hool' class 1050 Pand-jra (Near Cook) EV J-SJ16 rnmj. 675. 382-5267. 2x2 Dressed »6 pcs.) .... .04 p.m. •/ HONDA now! 2x3 Dressed, each ............ .20 Blue Willow China A(iA Ci)AL STOVE. GOOD CONDI6 00 p.m.—Football, B.C. Lions vs. Winnipeg Blue I*OTATOES! POTATOES' IDEAL FOR, FISH OR SKI. 14-FT. 2x4 Dressed, each ............ .26 ISLAND BUILDING tion. 65&-1955. moulded matv»gany. 25-h.p. electric Now ia the time Uj wi those r**! 2x6 Dressed, each ............ .40 i rf it Comes From Brooklands . SUPPLY COMPANY LTD. fcNTIRE STOCK MUST GO! Bombers—CKNW (980). .4 Berry land potabiea—price* ai e low, 2x8 Dressed, each ....... .53 LARGE IRON FIREMAN AUTO> Scott Mairtercraft tilt trailer. Best you get 25 pounds for 89c. 10 pound* IT’S RIGHT offer over 6750. GR 8-2785. 8:00—Musical Theatre presents Bye Bye Birdie 2x10 Dressed, each ...'___ •70 375 Gorge Ro«<1 E«*t EV 2-5178 malic coaJ atoker. 384-8510. fir 39c. 2x32 Dressed, each ........... Opp B.C. Hydro Bus Depot I Harley • Honda - BSA lifIT WATER SAWDUST FUItVAtO; 22 FT. PI*ANKED~CRULSER. IN? BERRYLAND ELK LAKE -CFMS. 1x6 Flooring (4 pcs.)........ t.06 ixerd engine Fully equipped and MAYNARDS MADRONA FARM 10:10—Gaslight—CFAX. Triumph - Greeves - Norton complete, and n*ai stoker. 385-0530 in excellent condition. Ideal fishing 4317 BLENKINSOP ROAD LUMBER SPECIALS! )«at. 477-4730. 71 FARM IMPLEMENTS AUCTIONEERS FIELD FRESH VEGETABLES 937-Fort Street 383-5926 FOR BALE. 1RH,’ c AIU n ' CRUISER. WHEN YOU BUILD t OPEN 1 PM- DARK 63 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ?x4 Econ. (50 pcs.l 4’ ............. 65 25 fiberglassed hull, 50-h.p. engine, EXCEPT MONDAY AND BUTLfcR BROTHERS Furnishings purchased out­ 63 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 2x4 Econ. (.Ml pcs.) .. 7 75 SPECIFY ready for use. excellent condition. THURSDAY 2x4 Ecdh. • 50 pcs.) 7’ ............. 9 75 right or sold on consignment. xxTx XXXXXXXX TRACTOR SHOP Phone 3S2-9O18 after 6 WHY BUY AN OLD CAR WESTERN 2x4 Econ. <50 pcs.) 8’ .............. 10.75 HALL & FAIRFIELD . j . FOR LAWN CLB.AN-UP . .7 Appraisal without obligation. 2x4 Econ. (50 DCSD l(F . ____ 13.00 ~ CANOE COVE SALES Headquarters for WHEN YOU CAN BUY -Parker Sweeper* RED MUSIC CENTRE 2x1 Millrun (25 pcs.) S’ ___ ».» AND CHARTERS Rotary with Bag Pickup * jjroven A NEW HONDA GUITARS CEDAR HIGHEST PRICES BERTRAM AND SHEPHERD LAWNMOWER HOSPITAL Everything in Music/ Insurance?...................... Palnle** ! Swartz Bay. 656 2612, Sidney. B.C, *ALES AND REPAIR-4 J. L CASE X ’ PUBBON LUMBER Eko "PEVEL” . MUSICAL INSTRUMENT-/ REALIZED AT Gas? ................ Sips, doesn t gulp "T4 .Tr^in*/nf Street 383-5576 Utility and farm Upkeep? ...................... Negligible -24* SLOOP. SLEEPS 2. READY TO ,X Harmony SIDING MUSIC LESSONS / Open Six-Day* a Week to 5;50 p m j MAYNARDS! 388-5191 Kail. Lying Maple Bay. 61.150 or saiZe mon ey~on n ew and~rw» Puce From S27 4.UU equipment Kent X Open Wednesday afternoon* and Lew Blow Motorcycle Sales j nearest offer. Ph. Duncan 748-8512. conditioned pewer mowers. AJ*» Friday «vcn!ngs Douglaa* north of Ehirnaid* fixir only, used hand mowers, at BRITISH COLUMBIA X Keatius X Road 652-1121 or eve. 746-7036. EV 4 TS43 .V) BC. Power Mowar Hates. EV 5-8342 K1LSHAWS XXXXXXXXXXXX ’ Ifor 8*i.E.~U- Pt.YWTOD RV5. 67 X 728 Fort. WREST PRODUCTS ' BRASS 432 Fisgard HOME OF HONDA about; 25-h.p. Elto 'with contrnis. JCTIohEERS X AUCTIONEERS . KITCHEN X LTD. INSTRUMENTS •X CHURCH TYPE REED ORGAN Mayhew Strutt ft Williams ____ , AL ”70-12” STEREO TAPE REX ind bench, with electric blower in REMODELLING X [6%-lflfta. .order and dinl ”101/1’’ ctiang»r. AU. X Edgeware Limited Buy - Sell Victoria Sawmill tt^autlful modern c*«e 6225.. Tenr.v, YAMAHA TRADE INS X Victoria's One-Stop X 515 per month Fletcher Bro*.. 2<>2v X Huttl . ww r on ,xt . pn. 1965 Norton 750 re "Atla.s’ SSftS Division For the Finest in FORD cabin. lt>r.p. .lohninn. exrettent Cash Dougla* St . 383-0248. X Kitchen Centre X 1WM Italian ”MotoM” 200 cc . 5195 Serenader X FARM and LNDUS7 RIAL condition, ^.-awnable. SiG-1564 Guaranteed Appraisals QUALITY X We can tak&>care of tlie X FLETCHERS PAY HIGHEST 1964 Yamaha, 250 cc ............... 61'ri 6 - YEAR „OLD C R I B CHILI) * 12* PLYWOOfc BOAT, X STEERING READY MIX CONCRETE 6235 prices for used.,, ptanoa. "Phone lit&L .Yamaha, 50 cc .......... feeding table, adjustable Ironing Equipment. X entire job! 1115 Fort EV 4-6441 X . control*. swap. Phone after btwrd. wrrlcn dning rack, 2 pipeBUTLER BROTHERS X EV 3-0248 for appraisal. No obli BERNIE PORTER Monday TPruugti Ertdky 5 30. EVT-5778 letw oil heaters. EV 5-3936X • CABINETS 2312 DOUGLAS Street gatton. X Denver,,,. MULLINS MARINE *46 Keating X Rd. tog Bay SL X MUSIC STUDIO FINEST RE-UPHOLSTERING ~ LEN 'GRANNY’ P\T’,TS M-T. PLYWOOD BOAT. ALMOST X * SLNKS and 386-7704 x ________ Rhone 652-IU1 SALES LTD. 63A MUSIC TtACHERS Call’EV 2 5111 fir free estimate* \ 1721D0UCla5 ew Jet outboard motor. 6150 or Exterior Latex, reg. 67.35, r»ow. & 3# 382-9542 X X COUNTER TOPS X :7c - cement’drain tile -uc Standard Eui-nittu». 757 Yates - j925‘ Yates ' EV 2 1928 k 73 ~Jneareirt offw. 477-S166 after 5 p m. per gallon. FOOLS FOR HINT X X: \ 2816 Pe*tl Rd.. Langford. 478-3663 LIGHT AMK DINETTft TABLE Bianahard St.. X •^PLUMBING_____ 14.FT . F.-E V-»YA4H£4rH - FH4ER« YAMAHA? Sii'^C. WITH. HKt. X X X XX XXX X XX'Xf -^5.NQW1 and 6 chairs. 385-3078. RototHiora - Compressors fgus. X ♦ RE-MODELLING X 62 FURNITURI met; also Honda 55 sport Call Rock DqLs - Concrete Breakers -Take l^h P Evtnrude. cjrnr>le;e unit, lady S DIAMOND WATfH KWIxS ake car In trade. Rdn. 388-»922. i m'wement. grey cord bracelet RePrivate' Music Lesson* X Free Estimates X Pumps - Space Heewrr ---------------------------------------------63 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS cently appraised at 6tltM:.C. Y AMAHA~T?ff) mu FU I »tlXERS. ments. EV 4-6740. Hunr* Electric. MB-77<1. hp Johiwnn. excellent condition. KEY ffl< L, * Tuesday and Saturday on frame withk.fT*T,.P|ele*> new X 911 Fort EV 3-1112 X HALL & FAIRFIELD « —-------- —---------------------- --------------- 1995 EV 44K21 ELECTRIC"GUITAR. COMPLETE motor. 6310. EV 2-4440. 74 GARDEN SUPPLIES FLETCHER BROS. XXXXXXXXXXXX ALL HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS with case and amplifier, 14-ln. MUSIC CENTRE _ 127’ CHRLVRAFT. TWIN SCREW ’ BARTLETT PEARS M suzukriac c SCOOTER. 61901 TOOLS. CARS. BOATS. ETC 166.5«) Will cre»lder.hou*e, equity ,b of speaker and 3 pickups. 652-1464. 2020 Douglas 383-0248 “Everything in Music” Fertilixar PHONE FOR FREE APPRAISAL with helmet, 477-6049. or car .on trade. GR 9 6-63. ' Open Wednesday aftemooni _____ 656 2920 ”k*<5 MarafjU. Saanw-bfr% rr genuwe arctic polar pianos, completely reconditioned and 728 Fort EV 5 8342 | fer. After 6. '479-AiLl' DO ft basket weave fencing |2S 50 K-ar roe. Full rwed mount Rod felt bag i------r ' ’ Rent to purchase: 510] 12'xL’O’ Carport, complete 6!»4|8 ’ <♦ * -*. LEANING 20 K. 362-8941. L.u.rftr Just ri-c*dved L Ph-w 3*5-7,237 .alter 5 USED BRICKH 5c in-th sifting and mattre I. 556. Phone O »MPLETF SET OF DRUMS. 1 WOODWARD'S, second floor. MayANDY S TRACTOR KERVICE SEW IS FT 6 IK »AT 1 ‘ 11964 YAMAHA, NEW. W14. N<0W GR 9-72Q5. • ■ v. / l r Me: .. hw GR 8-163L EV5-53X 'fair, 5*6-3322. ’ --------------------------------- ---- .only 6175. Lilte ne-A Ca.l 3S5-3524 Roto, post hol^s, level, mow. 479 65??. trade for camping trader. GR 54063 oer.ert oondrttoo. 47 <6666

Thursday’s Radio



Mike Douglas Mike lX»ugla* PauMword Houseparty

Miamttched Ash ......68.55 B 3 3” Box Springs, NEW. ith. 4xSx*,i V’d Pretinished RJX B Reduced to clee KENTS LTD. CUBBON ON COOK Woodgrain Hardboard -------- 63 99 B9xl2' Belgian Rugs. Oriei 742 Fort SL Hardboard 4XHXV» ----------------------------- i, B Darigna. NEW _ * « . 1* u I S®16’ Service White Paint, oil or latex. faL..64.79 4x8x«4 RJX Hardboard ...........6195 B Bx1/ Axmlnster Wool Rug: 5:30—20/20 offers Diary of a Country Schoolteacher 383-7KH________________ SM-3513 12 pea. ^X\XT2” Stakes 84,4x8V. Gyoroc WaUbuard------62.50 B Beige or Green. NEW 32 pcs. x*x*ix96” Stakes ... 61 28> 4xSx’i Factory Fir Phr .......... 63-» B Walnut Rtxind Drop Leaf —2. Common Lattice, per lln. ft .. 2Vsc j 4xSxM» Factory Fir Ply .......... 6->-80 ExtraLeafs t-7.50 It RADIOTELEPHONE 10:00—Louis Jourdan stars in the Kraft Theatre Precut Picfiic Tables .............513-26 4x8x3i F*act<£y Ftr Plv . ‘--g-JJ! B 10” Den Bed, All W’ool cover, B Mobile cummunleations' equipment S ft Kayak Kit ..........................614.38 1% Rabbet Door Jamb, set ... 63..J wl(h spring mattress. B drama. Graffiti—5. for business use. Sale, lease, or ren­ 4 ft Stepladder ------------------- 63.62 g NEW "" 10:00—Peggy Lee and Nichols and May join the tal with purchase option. 5-ft. Stepladder ...................... 61-53 - Ball Shemilt Electronics Ltd. 6 ft Stepladder ........................ 63 41 BUILD A HOUSE TRAILER Jack Paar show—8. No. 1 West Burnside Rd. 16-fL Pushup Ladder ........... 611.55 STANDARD FURNITURE 336 7701. OR CAMPER BARGAIN BASEMENT CORRUGATED 3** u* for Aluminum Snwti. Pro Scollard Bldg . View St. T4"xS'S’xl**" each 2:30—China Passage (1947 mastery) Leslie Fen- equipped with built-in antenna roll’■»x24x48. unsanded ................. . 61 40 T6"xfi *"xl\" each ....................5.79 size ..........$34.00, around stand Rent by week or -8"xg'6"xlH" each ....................«. H Walnut Dining Buffet ......... ton—IJ. •.\”lxl8. unsanded .................... 51,35 month. BUTLER BROS. ’ EV 3 6911. -Pullup .Chair with arms .. 56.50 9*x24x48. unsanded .................... 51 46 3:30—Crime Wave (1954 crifne), Sterling Hayden—5. HAROLD C KILMER FURNITURE - NEW 18. sanded__o—.................... 51 <>0 Open “AU Day Saturday 5:00—Horse Feathers (1932 comedy), Marx Brothers TV REPAIRS and SERVICE Student 'desk Unfin. Sinzle •*x2Mix48. unsanded .................>!.«.» Quaranieed Worir^Estimales °-’es‘al r"'16’-z-\29 h'"h $29.50 •t<24x4H. sanded ...................... 62.25 -S. CALLS E3.U0 EV 2-7475 4-Drawer Unfin. Chest. 33x16x37 • i x36.x72. sanded ........................ 54 50 5:30—Legion of the Doomed (1958 adventure), Bill BUILD YOUR OWN HI-FI. LARGE High ... ........ 629 90 S J. PEDEN LTD. « x24” h'gh »9.95 Between Market end Topaz Grable—11. 8-Drawer Unfin. Mr. and Mrs. One Block East of D-ugla* tv checkup Dresser. 48”xl6”x37U 10:00—Soldier and the Lady (1940 adventure), Anton 515, plus parts, installed. Includes CUBBON BUILDING Phone 386-3464 high .... .. . ------632 00 pickup and delivery Butler Broth­ Wardrobes — Walnut finish, Walbrook—13. ers. 3396 Douglas. EV 8-15U SUPPLIES LTD. 36x2O%"x8M;” 650.50 11:00—Last of the Wild Horses (1948 western), Open Six Days a Week to 5:30 p.r Easy Terms TRANSISTOR RADIO SALE CONJames Ellison—11. •’HOME” FURNITURE 1 MORE WEEK. BUTLER 11:00—The Impostor (1944 adventure), Jean Gabin TINTED 925 Fort EV 2-5138 FURNACE BROTHERS, 1720 DOUGLAS.

Thursday’s Movies

Griffith Van Dyka of tjf* Ikxiglaa


10:00 10:30 II HO 11:30 »»:«•' 13:30 1:00 1:30

TV BITS: ABC is planning a November musical 64 -p, STEREO, RADIO comedy special based on the tale of Little Red Riding j SALES AND SERVICE Hood — but from the wolfs point of view. Reduced from 43.S3 to 2__ $120 TRADE •’ 1 B 16x35”. NEW...............321.90 B Liza Minnelli and Cyril B Walnut Arborite T od Desk, B 4 ON YOUR PRESENT B 18x36". 3 Drawer*. B Ritchard star . .. Fl ank LUMBER SAVINGS B NEW . 529.98 B Sinatra will star In a lHxlO Double Thick Red Cedar For-1 TV B Walnut Arborite top Desk, B 20x42”, 7 Drawers. B one-hour review of his * ™" Workdays 8 a m. to 5 p.m. B ] regardless of condition on B NEW ............... 547 50 B Rough Face, per M,-----... 539jw ^aturdhys 8 a.m. to Noon B Walnut Arborite top Desk. B 25-year singing career the new Smooth Face, per M......... . 45.00 B 20x48, 7 Drawers. with filing B Nov. 24 on NBC . . . Small orders regular prices B drawer. NEW 554.50 B Oft Bay Just West of DUMONT Console B B CBUT (channel 2} will Compile stocks of Building Lumber Government Street B FREE DELIVERY g. present an hour-long In Economy. Utility and Construe-Ion 1 models. All carry 2-year 2611 Bridge 386-1331 B Walnut bedroom suite. Vanity, U program in connection Grades to NHA-VIA standards. Bar picture tube guarantee plus gains in 6-ft specials. B Chest, Bench, Bed, B B 4 Pieces ..........................679.50 B with the opening of one year service. B Refrigerator. 10 Cu. FL. B Simon Fraser Univer­ Charges — Budgets—Revolvo B Across top Freezer ...679.50 B CONTINENTAL" sity Sept 9 starting at R Range, 30”, Automatic Credit B Electric .. ... 649 50 B 7 p.m. . . . top network S. J. PEDEN LTD. Home Supply Ltd. B Blond ,. Birds Eye Maple 5- B 8 Drawer Chests ................. 831.50 B daytime show in Can­ 851 Johnson 386-2458 B and ............................ 624.50 B Building Supplies ada, according to the B Large Crib with New •STEWART & HUDSON 3 Mattress........................... 669-50 B ratings, is People in ' EV 6-3211 B B 403 Gorge Rd. b'.Conflict, seen on CTV television—Radio EASY TERMS CLEARANCE SPECIALS'! B MAJOR APPLIANCES B g! at 2:30 daily . . . come­ Open all day Saturdays Take advantane of this low price on g 3.^ Lounge and Roc. Rocker. QUALITY ORNYTE FIBREGLAS Q Chocolate or Gold. Repairs made in yuur burnt or tn B dian Pat Butram and PANELS, 38” x 96”. 6 BRIGHT g NEW Lots of Free Parking the service building by competent __ 6139.50 B Eva Gabor are the stars COLORS. 1 B Armless • ~ . technicians and backed by famous Daveno, Excellent B ONLY 63 25 PANEL J:*. HBC guarantee. You can charge it B covers. NEW 569 50 B of Green Acres, the or use your PBA. Dial 385-L31L IJ Daveno with Narrow Arms. B MORE BARGAINS B Green Nylon, NEW . 579.50 B new Beverly Hillbillies CUBBON BUILDING HUDSONS BAY COMPANY B Walnut finish Bedroom suite, B in reverse comedv - ■ u 1x8x3/16 V’d Prefin. Darkened Dresser. Chest, Bookcase, a. , . . SUPPLIES LTD. Groove Ribbon. Mahogany 56.50 , „ Bed. NEW, 3 Pcs ..689.98 B about City folks Who “I wish Charlie Chan would 4x8x3/16 V’d Prefin. Daikened and REPAIRS B' move to the farm. It’s arrest that loudmouth who's TV. RENTALS Groove, Rotary Mahogany .53.95 „ B FREE PARKING Record Players and 1720 Cook Street 384-8181 4x7x3/16 doing all the! commercials.’ Tape Radio. V’d Mahogany ...........62.60 j » b on CBS, If you care. Hect-rdera, rea*mable rates. 4x8x3/16 V’d Mahogany ....... 62.95 B Walnut Vanity and Stool, to B I?Your Victoria headquarters for 4x6x3/16 V’d Prefin. shed SAVE NOW WITH B Clear ................... 61450 B Philipa. EJectrohome. RCA and Zen­

Thursday’s Highlights

KVOB-TV ( tiannel It Cartoon* Cartoons Woman's World Real McCoys

Andy Griffith Dirk Van Dyk* Love Ot Life Search: l.ight. Bachelor Father As World Turn* Pnaswoid Housepuily T-> Tell lYud, ■Edge of Night Secret Storm Superman

10: no 10:30

MOULDING SPECIAL ttx% Fir Crown Moulding

....___ 6149-1/16 LSx48 Assorted Colors ... •|169

tfatai Krfiaari ..._______ _

subject to last-minute changes by atatloha concerned.

KING-TV Channel S

Lone Ranger People’s Cholc* Jack LaLann* Movie Movie Movie Movie Price Is Right

. 9-W


KOMOTV Cbaaael 4

CBUT Channel S


Shorts, lin ft. , ____ V 1x3 Yellow Cedar Bevel Casing Un. ft. 6c SF.E M AW for your SCREEN ASPHALT SHINGLES DOOR — you will need to keep out files and wasps now fall is Big Savings—Limited Colors nearly here. M” for strength - assorted sizes. >10 lbs. Sq Tab*— No. 10 Screen top and bottom panels ..' . 38.70 Per bdl. 331* ft.......................33 45 No. 20 Screen top and plywood 163 lbs. Hexagon— * bottom panel 39 60 Per bdl. 50 ft........................... 4 45 Complete with Stanley Screen door Shop Early tor Selection lULrdware—No. J-U57.

Television for Thursday

- S2.60

Mahogany 33.93 Mahogany . 64-49

<2 ACRES r-OREST LAND WITH 5* mu. (rontase an Salmon Rtver. aanuti. no -eeli Kelwy Bay Rd.. K2.000. I8MH6. or clay, for Illu-na .nd E G Rainamrd. 923 Fart -l-wei.'ieda LAYRITZ NURSERIES. CRMIH WANTED - FIR OR BALSAM •tandtng or felted limber. Ferry BEST PEAT SOIL. SEMI SHRED- Broa GRU-aJo. ilnd. tor lawn* or Rower bed,, by load or aack. Alao chicken mantur. >2 MISCELLANEOUS FOR Phone «7«.2S90 or SALE UANGFXlRD TRI CkINg' ANlT EX 'davating. Clean P«ML top aotl, No. I SOCKO1 DOWN OO PRICES IN virgin 63 per yd. delivered. OUR BIG FOOD SALE W. Rudeil. GR 8-3317. OAKCREaT JOODB-MTi OLADRA COME AND CET 'EM SHREDDED PEAT SOIL—GARDEN manure. graveL fi IL Soil and Cash Your Pay Cl*equc at Oakawt PRICES EFFECTIVE • by Ihi aaek. E. Nixon Ltd. ALL THIS WEEK! T1LL • BEING TAKEN NOW THITLS -FRI. TILL ft SAT. TILL T f&r BLASTED ROCK 11 RKEYS — Oxen-ready, local, MUTUAL EQUIPMENT RENTAL frozen. UTILITY. ...La 39a 386 6155 PURITAN TV DINNERS— Turttey. Beef ..Each 39o BLACK TOPSOIL. 6, 8. 10 AND 35- POTATO CHIPS-Krispie. jard loads. 52 a yard. Can be seen Reg. 59c .. 114)2. FOIL 39c at 27 Slmcoe^SL D. Taylor. 383-9286. STRAWBERRY AND APPLE JAM --4-IoB. TIN 69c RICH BROWN TOP ^OliTTYARDS ..PfJft1’,?*" 510. 5 yards 515. R. Davis. 478-3880. HAMBURGER AND HOT DOG BUNS—McGavfin a. oven-fre«h ............... .........DOZ 33o ROAD GRAVEL CEMENT Nalley’e LUMBERJACK SYRUPgravei. fill GR 8-2521 after «. 32-OZ. BOTTLE 35«






CARS FOR s4*-»

' -flutlit (Enlonlirt



Extra Pants Five ! Branded Line SUHS These suits Are extraordinary at this price. Regular price 69.50—they are tailored by a reputable maker and fully guaranteed. _ Special 49.50


Thursday, $•»»■ >. »**» _

------------- ;-X;---------------------

For only 19c in Hie. BAY'S major appliances’’ depart­ ment, 3rd floor, you can find all sorts of bulbs for back lights and indicators in ranees and refrigerators. And if your problem is more than a bumed-out light . . . call our Service Department We have 5 government certi­ LES PALMER fied technicians ready to 714 View EV 2-2825 «2 help you. Use your PBA.

o o K P I K

100 TOK





Deal at


For Youi- Best Car Buy! 65 STUDEBAKEk Daytona Hardtop, V8, automatio trans., power steering, brakes, radio, wire wheels. Reg. $3595. SALE ____ _______ $3195

65 PONTIAC Laurentian Sedan. V8. automatic, OOOO'OOOOOOO radio, power steering, REFKIGLRAWRB" AND FKEfcZ O crocus yellow. Empress 0 xxxxxxxxxx HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY V era bought. 384 7313. All-Temp o o Motors executive 65 BUICK Skylark Convert­ Incorporated 2nd May, 1670 USED SPECIALS WOODWARD'S CHILiyS ROCKING HORSE, By HOWARD SCHENKEN and RICHARD I. FREY|0 OLSON FORD o car ............................. $3595 ible, 6,000 original miles, good condition. 3S2-9443. X Maytag automatic USED Although site al­ VICTORIA'S GREAT Io O loaded with extras, X washer with suds 65 ACADIAN Beaumont 4-Dr SWAPS ready holds the distaff at Fisgard and X return...............................1138.96 X STORE FURNITURE O WHERE GREAT CARS O SALE ................ $3695 Station Wagon. V8, auto­ X Vikina automatic X Douglas NORTH Vul: division of the World Streets. Dial FOR SALE -24-FOGT HONG KONG «\RE SOLD O X wawher ....................... >148.95 X AND APPLIANCE matic, power rear built sea aklff '’Sport Fisherman,’’ Olympiad title as well Both * 0 3 64 TRIUMPH Spitfire road­ dryer ........ >75.95 X 385-1311. Open daily 9 a.m. 250-h.p. Crusader, all 4n new condi­ SHOWROOMS * r dryer ............. 1124.85 X window .... ......... $3495 V Q 10 ster, as new, SALE $1895 tion. Thia boat Is an exceptionally as of the European od ns range with X to/5;30 p.m., Thursdays and well-built and fast cruiser. 0 A K 0 .1 6 , _ --------- grill . >129 95 X Fridays 9 'til 9. 779 PANDORA AVE. championship, Britain SALESMEN!. OjW PONTIAC Laurentian V8 64 STUDEBAKER Com­ Owner will accept equity in town or • Enterprise OU Range .. >98.95 X * 10 8 7 3 386-3322, LocsU 216 or 219 country property In full, or part, ’« taking no compla­ Kenmore 80” automatic X O Sedan, automatic, radio, mander Tudor, 639 95 X coming renewal of the A 7 6 rina. Phone 656-3U42. O of our biggest assets. O ;63 BUICK Le Sabre 4-Door original miles.” Reg, $2295. X Refrigerators, from .... >29.95 X AT USED FURNITURE latter championship at -'K? K *> 7 3 '"852 O They are all bonded. O Hardtop, automatic r«. SALE,........................ $1995 0 4 — X Rent-to-Purchase. TV X EATON'S j 1 Tpc. dinelte. limed oak 11IM35 LAKE HILL -LOT Ostend, Belgium. The 0 8 7 3 2 ! O local family men with O X MAIS FURNITURE X dio, power steering, power *UJ6 High treed location, will toad. for British women are I 5-pc. painted wood kitchen * A 5: j O an interest in their com- O WAREHOUSE 34 CHEVY n Station Wgn. Jl7 95icar' *ta. °c trade a, down X _ AND APPLIANCES X brakes, ermine SOUTH payment on a houae. Asking only presently engaged in i O murtity, chosen for their O 149 View Street 6-cyl., standard trans., white ........... $3295 If «" bed. box spring fa,200. CaU PRANK BOUOTELD. a series of practice X 18a Cook SL 335-3435 X A A82 and mattress.................... $of.95 EV S-8741 anytime. .Northwestern ;O character and know- O, one owner, low mileage. matches ^gainst Brit 9AJ 6 4 , r SecurlLiea Ltd. -w Xxxxxxxx X XXX $2295 O ledge ol automobiles. OLDS F85, green t 4 O’ bookcaSF bed. eteel spring P ... Reg. $2495. , SHOP THURSDAY 0 10 9 5 •ndajnattreas ... t^ ^iSWAP FOR GAS-YOUR EMPTY < ain s top men players, BERRYLAND TOMATOES OWe appreciate t h e m O i;2 PONTIAC Parisienne SALE ....................... $2295 AND FRIDAY Have doubled In sales every- year 1 J-po. cheetertield. green ....W4.M I !»''r >»tUes. lk'rrck'C’l!.A.. 5831 the toughness of .. * k 9 4 for several years and there is one O highly—why don't you Oj Convertible, V8 autot i-po. chcieraetd. blue SX^Tei^^'f^nd/'’ th* “r which ls evident from T. , ■ - TIL 9 very good reason—they taste w 62 VOLKSWAGEN 1500 Q get to kn ■ them! the fact that West had 1bid17.45 VICTORIA CpHHTKUCUON LTD. East i\orth S»utk O steering, power brakes, Victorians who come regularly to error charged lakes trades- on custom built houses an tires, spotftss. Reg. $1595. 10 1 A l-’a«n 2A O get a week’s supply. You will love * with your Phone Mr. Jones. ,EV 4-5112 or against her for her beige $2695 the delicious difference' Pa«^ USED APPLIANCES a* GR 9-1506 for full particulars. SALE ................. ....$1395 Pawn 30 O EATON ACCOUNT Prices are lower now, they start natural - seeming de­ 3*' q;62 VALIANT Sedan, at 10c a iKXind. Come to our warePaw DU. I AMAMA comb Ireezer/frtdge. _ ONLY AT TELMAC 3 NT. o house at MSI Haa^terlej, open daily 13 cu. ft..-............ ............. >189.96 Furniture in>aLs or anything ot fense on this deal. _! blue . $1495 62 MERCEDES 190 gas,'one All Ps o noon tL dark. value Accepted in -trade. Telmae u « South’s cue-bid in owner, in absolute 1 FRIGIDAIRE fridge, left hand Swap DepL EV >54 4 L BERRYLAND. ELK LAKE O 65 INTERNATIONAI o 58 CHEV Sedan, green. $895 BEEF SIDES, tb.......... ..51c door .......................... >99.95 spades was a trifle showroom condition. IF TERRY TRAILER. APPROXIOpening lend: Spade .ev8n O Travelall station Ol ELECTRIC CHORD ORGAN. E995: Choice Baby or Mature 1 FRIGIDAIRE fridge ____ >79.95 bold, but had the ad­ mate value, >so«. swap for boat 62 RAMBLER, green .$1595 Reg. $2695, SALE . $2595 red maple vanity with mirror, >41; O wagon, completely 21” eleertic range. >39.50; maple FRONT QUARTER, Ib. ,39c I KELVtNATOR fridge ..........>89.95 or sell. Call EU 2-3588. " vantage that it might dining table, >39.95; jiear new 30” O equipped with V-8 0 61 PLYMOUTH Sedan, auto- 62 ZEPHYR, one owner, 15" RUNABOUT FOR TRUCK. have placed the three no trump declaration in North's t to • FRIGIDAIRE range, gas range, >79.95; telephone chair. Lean Tender Beef Cash. or? EV4 SOT1. made, radio ........$1295 motor, 4-speed trans. O| S3 50; Weitingbuuse fridge. >39.96; automatic .......................... T custom radio, low mile­ hand instead ol in South!?. Played by North, three no “ Budget Terms console radio-phono, >44; cheat 17.50-544; new Seay! infinite twat, automatic . .,>129.95 tom radio, heavydouble Hollywood bed. >65;' Singer ALBERTA MEAT MAKKfil blue .. .... $595 59 DODGE Suburban V-8. ANTIQUE PIANO, BEAUTIFUL giving up a trick. treadle sewing „ machine. >12.50; , I WESTINGHOUSE a duty equipment. >-im or nearest offer. After the inevitable spade opening had put the skids, ° rheaterfleltl chair. H0. T & T 1811 Cook EV 3-8552 wanner...................... <99.33 condition. GR 9 2550 automatic, custom radio, 0:60 FORD V8 Tudor, auto- Variety. New cost $4500. under dummy’s queen, declarer took the reasonable 0 26l>5 Douglas 3S3 5393 I WESTINGHOUSE ,lc 2 ANTIQUE ROCKING chairs, (jeeijiqr, to hold oil the ace-twice in case West heldj° SALE _____ ....$895 $3395 Oj matic. radio ............. $1295 SPECIAL dryer .................... >79.93 EV 8-5885 after 3. New Fall Tools, furnishings, appli , t RCA eul0Mlk. waJhcr eJ99.95 See three spades. .Since she held no reentry, East saw 0 O[62 FORD Galaxie Sesian, 58 STUDEBAKER Tudor, Styles and Fabrics ances, cars, boats, equip;, L, ft Cuu,rrilor 86 MISCELLANEOUS TO little advantage in continuing spades after she had won J® NORM^BLACKMORE O| radio, blue ........... .. $1695 6-cyl., one owner, abso­ In suits and dresses ment, objects d art, antiques, I tanner for this one. >129.95; RENT the first two tricks, so she rightly shifted to the club: ° lutely immaculate. Reg. q 63 FORD Galaxie Sedan, jewellery, coins, stamps for) I YOU-NAliifTT^_WE~REST"rf? queen, which was covered by the king and ace. Hoping! ° KAROLYN'S $995. brown .. $2295 Most Everything |o &i COMET 401 Sedan, sale by public auction or East hijld the club nine as well as the jack, West re-[° STYLE SHOPPE WOODWARD’S SALE ................... ....$695 . Jerome s Rent-Alls- Unlimited bought outright at attractive Casino 0162 DODGE V8 Sedan, auto382-9662 2519 Estevan iW Ave. EV 5-5121 turned a club, but East’s jack was the last trick for[° SERVING B.C. turquoise, auto­ MAYNARDS Oj matic, radio, brown.$1995j.57 METEOR V8 Sedan, custhe defense and declarer was home with five diamonds, i ° : f PE WRITERS FOR RE NT STU WALNUT DESK. 6 DRAWERS. »0: SINCE 1892 pdent rales available Underwood two clubs and two aces. matic. Was $2595. AUCTIONEERS ,388-5191 cheats of drawers. >12.r*‘->25; treadle t-w ?J62 RAMBLER Sedan, tom rqdio, etc. Reg. $795. EV 3-8621 • ewlng machine (Singer), >12; SPECIAL $.29j O, j.reen • $1595 Do you see the play that beats the’ contract? Even SALE ...................$595 wooden tables for patio or kitchen CEMENT MIXER FOR RENT BY PAUL SMITH Ol g .......... ...............* use, >1 and up; wooden chairs. .rvreo zn,r-~, day or week. EV 5-0741) or GR 9-5957. with the cards exposed, it is very tough to spot. West 75c to >1.50; sofa bed. >25; chrome LADIES, FREE GIFTS will show you ibis O 63 PONTIAC Laurentian Se61 DATSUN 200 De Luxe, REXALL suites, >18-.50 to >28.&0. 739 Goldgimmick attached at the store | must refuse to part with the club ace when East's club 8? wanted to rent stream Ave. 47M911. We will be U* ««n_thal reads; custom radio, whitewall one. j -O i dan. automatic. BARREL OF VALUES! queen is covered by South’s king. Now declarer has no Furmiure doited for holidays from Sept. 5 to MISCELLANEOUS () I radio ............. .......... $2495 TVs tires, low mileage. -Reg. Sept. 2nd to 11th place to go for his ninth trick, since if he leads a club Sept 19. Re-open Sept 20._______ Bedroom Suites WANTED — SPACE FOR 8-TON East will take the jack and return a heart, establishing O 64 GAIAXIE 500 con$1195. Stereos PONTIA'C Laurentian SeYOUR CENTENNIAL TRADING Back to schmil special. 525-sheet steam locomotive. 383-2173. Appliances Post. 2736 Rock Bay Ave. Used loose leaf refill ..........................>1.44 SALE 1......... $1395 O vertible, racy Mata- O the heart king while West still holds the club ace. dan. automatic, radio. furniture bargains: fridges. >3) to A.SA.. Headache Tablets. Big buttle 90 PETS AND SUPPLIES (A Bell-McClure Syndicate reaturet Western 6. Sales >58: ull beaters. >10 to >20; Chester O dor red, all luxury O of 500 ... . only 99c power steering .... $2693 60 AUSTIN Tudor. Clean as Sul Esqulmalt Road fields, >10 bo >30; chests of diawers. Unbreakable plastic lunch TROPICAL FISH SALE O equipment including O >12 tn >13. new; gts-d washing ma­ Box .................................. Only 77c Mollies. Special ........ j.............39c a piii. Reg. $695. O 39O-V8 motor, dual OjW PONTIAC 2-Door, 6-e> 1100 CARS FOR SALE chines with pump. KS: hooks, 10c Hours 9:36-5 p.m., 7-9 •veiunga ex­ UOO CARS FOR SALE Angels. Special .............................. 39c each; oak china aahinet. >42.50; cept Saturdays. inder, radio. SALE .................. $495 OWL DRUG Baby Moons, each ........................ 15c O range automatic, 0 B0.U6. ®uod. Kkfa (Free delivery). I Downtown Free Mayfair 8aby Swords, each ................. 15c yellow $1495 swing-away steering 0 SPECIAL 385-6761 Delivery 3S6-34481 Small Fantall Goldfish . 2 for 25c DOLPHIN MOTORS LTD. O SUBURBAN 59 MORRIS Oxford Station SIDES ot BABY Insulfoam material In 5’ widths. _______ New selection of plants. O wheel, electric win- 0 5! PONTIAC Sedan, autoCI.EARANCE sale ON Wgn. One owner. Reg. H” thick, nylun backing. >1.95 a Land Tortoises, each ... XI.98 or MATURE BEEF O daws, custom radio, O yd. Ideal for covering sleeping matic, radio, blue . $1395 APPLIANCES VICTORIA PET SHOP DOUGLAS THESE CARS MUST $895. 51c lb. bags. etc. Broad at Johnson EV 4-5721 O it—it has 0!., BE SOLD JEUNE BROTHERS 1 only. 2-itpef*d automatic wasber. re, SALE .......................... $695 Cut and wrapped jO it. only 11.000 miles OiJl CHEV Impala V8. autoOUTDOOR STORES 1965 pusttessed. A-l. >22.8. 1 only 12 cubic UJTLE DOGS AND POODLES NAME YOUR PRICE matte, radio, power foot upright Marquette freezer. Re- boarded. Expert grooming. Profes­ 870Johnson St___________ EX577ll frozen and delivered O on this beauty, Bal-O | V200 VALIANT Hardtop, 59 VOLKSWAGEN -Tudor, sional handling. Dog photography Lirt'.C «scd, >129. Western O. Sales Champion steering power brakes, DE LUXE ADMIRAL FREEZERS Pomeranian and others automatic, six-t\vl. 13ttl Esqulmalt Rd.. 388-5931. ■> O ance of new-ear war- O HARVEY'S FINE MEATS sunroof, radio, etc. Reg. 59 PONl'lAC Wagon 35 ft.. >208 ; 30 ft., >238; 23 ft. >258. at stud. >20 up. Llll Ritz. Spit-Fvre brown ..$1395 e O ranty.-New cost O EV 3-2031 Quality features: copper colls. Tiber- 2709 Quadra $2,795.00 $995. Kennels, reg.. Sooke Rd.. Sooke 59 FORD Wagon 4'HNCH ELECTRIC RANGE WITH 472-52S6. glas insulallon. cold control. Interior •> O $5200; 05 59 FORD Sedan, SALE, ........ .............. . $795 timer, dock and light, >65; 9 cui ft 58 PLYMOUTH Sedan and warning lights, handy drain USED CAMERA frig, >65. 3S4-77GI. gwdshepherd' shelter— plug for defrost water. Food spoilage ’ojO SPECIAL $3595 05 blue 55 CHEVROLET Sedan CLEARANCE NOW Duke Rd.. R.RJ. Insurance Included. Terms. BUTLER TV. ANTENNA. ALI~CHANNEl7. •> O Please ask for O' u , ----- IN PIOXiRE.SS We have Pekingese and Tby Terrier 55 DODGE Sedan .......... BROS.. 17'2O l>Aiglaa. EV 3-6911. 1964 Special prices on all used cameras with rotor. Venetian blinds, 12-ft. x poppies. Also nice cats and kittens. •> O HOWARD SHAW. o i >8 CHEV Sedan. 5-ft. Both like new. 383-6329. ,30-DAY FREE REBUILT VACUUM CLEANERS. and equipment. GR 8-3948. FORD Galaxie 500 Hardtop. 54 FORD Sedan $895; •;|o o Kreen , fli»r polishers, etc. One year “as SMITH S PURE HONEY~ HARVEYS PET FOOD - ALL V-8, automatic, power steerEXCHANGE! MERCURY Sedan new” warranty Largest selection VICTORIA PHOTO SUPPLY "Not How cheap but h'»w good." meat. 3 lha for 35c. harvey's Fine 7 5 O 60 MERCURY Commu- 0 59 PONTIAC 4-Door Station In town Unsurpassed value Cash 1615 Douglas 53 HUDSON Jet C>‘ EV 5-3436 1004 Catherine St. Meats Ltd.. 2700 Quadra at Hillside ing, power brakes. or Credit, ABC Electric. 821 Fori $1595 j 100% on the Spot Financing I ter, 4-cltxir hardtop Oi Wagon » O EV 3-2U31 EV 5 3955 18 STUDEBAKER Street. 383-7271.__________________ $3095.00 DUPLICATORS. SPIRIT. MLMEO. 1 MUSKRAT AND 1 j>EAfc~ FUR ■5° station wagon 9-pas- O|G2 I c-iau both size 12. >15 each. Phone AIREDALE PUPPIES. 10 WEEKS WEDDINGS. PORTRAITS. COM- Gestetner, Ditto, Banda, Copyrtte, 3SS-5R8O after 5. WRITTEN 3-YEAR Finest English champion breeding, senger. VS au.oma- O Han)) Io m*rcial aerials, passports. ccplM used and reconditioned, manual and < DAVID MOTORS from old photos Studio or home. electric. Supplies and service guar­ BARTLETT PEAR.S, 10c PER IB? the King of Terriers, hut gentle and PARTS and LABOR o tic, electric rear O loyal. 5244 Del Monte. 656-5W7. Don Ryan Studio anteed. Recent trade-ins on A. B. EV 3-7290. 1101 Yates at Cook 1963 414 Cralgflower Road WARRANTY window, Here’s a O o Dick machines. J. R. Pipes Busi­ THE DOGGY WASH Ph-me 382-1134. ness Systems, phone 3Sd-525. to clear. 3220 Douglas EV >9696 or 384-9756 floor, bucket seats. I purchased before Aug. 31 o lent condition. O ■election of used power mowers, A REAL BARGAIN FOR 12 TO U CANISHAVEN BOARDING KEN MISCfcLLAMEOUS various mikes to choose from. >25 yrs.. stout, boys, all in perfect ‘C’wi- 83 $1,895.00 SPECIAL $1895 O 54 POX'TIAC Tudor. nels Very best acoimmodatlon for and up. Mayhew. Strutt A Williams diUon: 1 summer windbreaker. 2 163 CARAVELLE ’ o' BERT SMITH will O WANTED dogs and cats 478-2714. Limited. 2512 Douglas Street. Phone heavy lined school windhreakers. 1 blue ............................ $295 63 RENAULT R-8 S86-7704. MICHAEL - WILLIAMS KENNELS reversible raincoat, brown; 1 pair l>e happy to show iO A A 56 FORD Sedan, beige. $495 of dress pants; sports jacket. Ph. AND TRAINING 62 GORDINI ........................? BOARDING CUT FOOD COSTS A A A A you this one. MAYNARDS AUCTIONS 1963 61 PAT BAY HWY.. 652-2112 Victoria s only complete fo>)d serv. 479^460. A A A. A A A A A 61 HILLMAN HILLMAN .......................’12 ......................? 55 PLYMOUTH Sedan, Ice offers meats, vegetables, fruits, HASSELBLAD 500C. 80 M M. Articles bought outright for 1 3-MONTH-OLD. CHAMPIONSHIP CHEVY U Convertible, 60 VOLVO -------juices, etc., plus all name-brand USED Sedan blue................. $250, stock, black female purebred Chi­ JO 62 RAMBLER Custom ataple products Save uo to 30% on lena, 250 m.m. lens, roll magazines. buckets, console automatic, igq DAUPHINE 64 INTERNATIONAL *j-ton pickup, your total food budget. Terms avail­ New value >1.550. NOW. complete cash or sold on consignment. huahua. 477-3516. 9‘0 sedan, one owner, S'.y-ft box, 4-speed trans, 55 METEOR Sedan, outfit for only >875. able. . 385-9521. BB Suppliers. $2,195.00 59 MORRIS MLNOR ........ GERMAN SHEPHERD PUP^E?. r_„ ‘ heavy duty clutch. JUS-RITE PHOTO HIGHEST CASH OFFERS 478167(1. ; O automatic, radio,,^ O | blue . . $.»NJ 64 ENVOY Epic, radio, 7.000 LIfETIME ALUMINUM AWNTNG9 716 Yates EV 4-1852 ____ 59 DKW Wagon...... ........ tnlles. >1,433 reclining seats. ,O or canvas awnings for home and MAXIMUM DISPLAY FOR 2 MALE SlAVESE~ikTtTENS,^ - w. 0 58 DODGE, 51 VAUXHALL 64 CHEV Nova 400 Sedan, autostore. Free estimates Victoria NEAR NEW 2’5-AMP LINCOLN Was $1995. weeks old. 477-6GS1. CONSIGNERS Tent and Awning Co.. 831 Flsgard welding machine, complete with eiftc mafle, .... >2.343 green 1962 cables, stinger and helmet. >200. 63 VALIANT 2 Dr . 145-h.p. SPECIAL $1595 O| 382-5215. 388-5191 Registered m- month-ol d GALAXIE 500 Convertible.! NO DOWN PAYMENT Sooke. ph. 427-3957. 1 Meccano set. 733 Johnson engine >2,243 boxer. 652-2112. RAY HORRIGAN O 53 BUICK ONLY AT TELMAC No. 10t complete with ease and 63 COMET Sedan. 101-h.p. Ermine white, automatic, NO PAYMENT TILL SEPT. Bedroom and kitchen sets com­ motors.1 >25. Phone 472-5957. TOY POMERANIAN MALE. 61 510(1 engine >2.100 is the man to see Oi Sedan plete. Washers, fridges stoves, 59 CHEV Sedan Delivery. . >693 weeks, puretu^ >65. Phone 477-4496. | power Steering, powf r IINANCLNG bc. medical plan desks, vacuums, rugs, chesterfields, Your ORIGINAL PAINTINGS for this bargain. 2156 DODGE Sedan, 56 ZEPHYR Sedan, one is valuable! lamps, chairs and musical instru­ membership card AVAILABLE lovely~k-itteVsTneeding brakes, V-8 ta owner ....................................... >529 ments. 388-5922. 0| red Have It laminated In clear plastic, By recognized artists are now being horn-s. C.P.L., 383-619(1. 384-9692. $200 52 FORD Sedan, radio.................. >135 $2,695.00 accepted , for our December for lifetime protection. Industrial -PIIIN MOTORS LTD. i° 59 CHFV Bel Air tudor. O CASH REGISTERS ADDING MA Plastics Ltd.. 5i« Fort. | 51 CHEV Sedan . . >223 CAIRN TERRIERS. MELITA KENDOI chines, scales and sheers etc., new ART AUCTION nels, Raymond at Snelling. GR 9-26«6 a low mileage beau- OI 47 CADILLAC and reconditioned Anker agent. TYPEWRITERS? A D DERS AND for Information contact LUNDS, Quadra at Pandora A & A CARMART P u T e B R E~D MALE F%G. I tifully kept car, at- O Convertible Owen Sons A Richardson Ltd.. 939 CALCS. New and rebuilt. Student 926 Fort, phone 386 330a. Quadra St EV 6-2711 1 EV 6-3527 mont-ha old. GR 8-2235. Johnson Phone EV 3-9358 rentals. Use our lay-a-wav. ISLAND CLARE ABBOTT tractive new tutone, O -2 E0RD Sedan b,ue ei.w-l 1962 BUSINESS MACHINES LTD.. 2663 $125 *UREBRElT?LABRAIX>R PUPPIES ST AMI’S AND COINS WANTED O Douglas SL 384-7148. VS automatic. PONTIAC Laurentian, 6-cyl., Older and scarcer Canadian stamps for sale. Phone BSs-NSl. NEW AND USED WASHERS AND MALIBU MOTORS Also Canadian silve? 0 54 MONARCH 2-Door Was'51395. dryers. Island Washer Sales and KIRKS WASHER. DRYER SERV especially. REGISTERED SAMOYED PUPS, 9 automatic, power steeling. (Low cost cats) J/M 1965 J/M loe. Repairs to all makes. Guar dollars and other coins. Service. 615 Chatham. EV 2-6413. $1295 Oj Hardtop $395 SPECIAL weeks old. Reduced for quick sale. Low miles. anteed used washers and dryers for COLLECTORS' HEADQUARTERS 57 DODGE 2-door, VS. MUSTANG 479-1474. Courtney and Wharf- 385-4312 sale, EV 2-6723. Free customer park­ Standard ........................ >495 , O Please ask for $2195.00 ° 55 PLYMOUTH BEIGE DRAW DRAPES. LrNED. ing. 1709 Blanshard. Open evenings HARDTOP 57 r>O I XIE Station Wagon ... «->5 I CAVALCADE KENNELS GR 95931 34 ft wide. 30” electric range. GLEN LOCKHART 56 STUDEBAKER. V8. Stick ..>4S5|O Sedan, blue NEED CASH? Collie and Pug Pups occasionally w fted. All In good condition. Phone FLANNELETTE AND COTTON .HOSEY COLD BEAl.TY >325 1 O sheets plus pillow cases, blankets, 477-41« bedspreads, towels, etc., alwavs In J ADI RHODONITE. JEWELLRY su oly ai 9imps<»ns-Sears. 728 Yatei THE OLD PROSPECTOR Street 386-3161 1357 Esauln»All Rd Ph 383-6411 MAYTAG WASHER. THERAPEt7TURN EH” FOR TYPEWRITERS, j thTvibrator/ l»ricks.^wYxxien”barrols, adders, from $30 Rentals, repairs awning, electric motors, mahi>gan_v, _ . ... «... bpaM nx^r aj-fc.1 arm ehafr. froth >3. 23U3 Fernwood ltd. 384-0143. 386-2519. PAY UTILITY BILLS AT lAItGE’ IMPERIAL"FR.IG. EXCF.LMCCALL DAVEY DRUG STORES lent u$«id1ti.»n, >27.50; red nylon PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS iihesterfirld suite. >75: lady’s white SSMM EKTACHROME FILM. >3 b.»t r»>lter skates, size 8, as new, Including processing. Victoria Color- >15. GH7b3726. GR 7-3727. ph' .to, 1227 Government St. 3S>5633 DRAPES. 4 PAER KITCHEN?-®; FUR THE BEST TURKEYS ANU net drupes. 6'9" long by 7 yards, chickens in town Stuart's Meat >19.50; single bed. electric clock headlward, >40. EV 2-0814. Market. l*»3 1> uglas EV >-9713-

CROP. BABES HONEY. CASH REGISTERS— REMINGTON. Special. 32 tU $9, 12 Iba. >3.75. Hugln, Burrouglw. New and used. BUSINESS MACHINES Weekdays. 1696 ^Lansdowne._______ _ ISLAND LTD, 2663 IXiuglas. 3S4-7148. BC OB M A N N L I C H E R SCHOCnauer with Echo mounts and re­ BUY IT AT SALVATION ARMY'S thrift stores. "529 Johnson, 386-3295; coil pad. >100 384-SI29. 722 Golds’ream. 478-6933 : 9818 Third. 1 GREY WILTON RROADLOOM Sidney. 656-1732. " rug, 9 x15’, good condition. >75. Ph. ALMOST NEW 8 6-CU. FT, ZENITH 477 1529. fridge, cross-top freezer, automatic BOY’S NAVY BLAZER. ALSO defrost. >115, Terms and trade iai'kt’U and raincoat. Size 14. Like SJM-TWS All-Temp. new. EV 3-789.Y /2-HR GDLf REPAIR SERVICE BERNINA SALES AND SERVICE. Ne$v and Used Clubs and CMrts All vour sewing rweds at Coast Sew VAN ISLE GOLF BERVHCE6 Ing MadUnw, SIB Fort EV 3-9014 ♦49 Fort EV 50Q34 JACUZZI SHALLOW JSELL PUMP- LARGE BLUE PLUMS. 10c PER k WO-gallon tank'. :,RTiar8*l P°^• *>nng own containers, 3930 tuple* neater, >40. GR 8-lfiT4. Braefoot Road. NEW





Winning Contract

Coah paid for g-jd tools, cameras CHIHUAHUA FOR SALE. all types of musical instruments 821 Esquimau. What have you’ Island Trading NOW AT 630 J -hnsvn SL Just down 91 \CH!CKS, POULTRY. FORD from Douglas 394*5354 HATCHING EGGS, SURPLUS' beldon H IGHEtflPRICES’ PAID For brass, copper, aluminum. I POLISH ROOSTER. BOOSTER^ >2. ti PHoSirl teries and radiators at Star GR 7 1346. and Scrap Metals. OPEN SATURDAYS 92 LIVESTOCK. SUPPLIES 1651 ISLAND HIGHWAY INDUSTRIAL IRON Bring us you? old auto batteries, steel, cast Iron, brass, copper, etc Open All Da, Saturday 543 Tyee Road EV 4-6923

AUCTION SALE, LABOR DAY. i m^ndV«irSePrr5imdr m Anat$j*a,fChi ton lair (.rounds. 20 Hereford ___ feeders, weaner pigs, market lambs. 23,000 I __ I pvi registered Angus. Holstein and^Iersey heifers. I ’-J' * WELSH ARABIAN PONY. Tw»> years. Wonderful pet In a good home, for sale. GR 9-3561. CALVES FDR SALE. PHONE GR 9-2122 after 7 p.m.

YOUR CENTENNIAL TRADING l*ost, 2?25 Rock' Bey Ave, Open 8 a.m. 1.111 ID p.m. Used furniture andtSBepood-hand articles l»>ught and sold, taken in trald black"” GELDING. military Ijadges. C. G. Bainbridge. Gentle. Phone 47S-3998. M8-4B21 (dayi. 383-7137 'evening). WANTED VILAS MAPLE SAWbuck dining table, color red treg­ ular). Good condition only. Victoria Press. Box 327.



156 DODGE VS.-Stick 56 FORD Tud>»r V8. Stick 55 CHEV V9 automatic . . ! 55 CHEV >’ ' l Standard . 55 MERCURY V8 automatic ' 55 FORD VS Stick ............... 55 FORD Station Wagon ... .’>3 CHEV Hardtop ................... 53 STUDEBAKER ................... ••3 HILLMAN ............................ 53 OLDS ..................................... 52 CHEV automatic ............... 52 GMC *4-ton Pickup ....... JUNKERS OWher, 55 OLDS ? ddoor Hardtop Jlwnr

1962 Fairiane tudor Wimwhite, red trim. $1,695.00

1961 Setlan-



miles, automatic, 6- rn.nd.-a al I’ • Quadra at Johnson $1,195.00


>325 ,.f4'*5 O ..>225 jq >H. ..1395 O ..1295 Q ..>260 I u ..niS'O . .>155 j .1165 O . >175 O



Willie Wize Bird
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() • NO TIME PAYMENTS () 'TIL SEPTEMBER OLSON FORD »imIO 1060 Yates EV4-1144 Oj • DEAL NOW AND SAVE >w9 O Open 'til 9 p in. Oj F.V 34221 $ $ $ O oj


1961 FALCON Sedan in blue. Stnd. Trans. $i;i95.00


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PANDORA MOTOR SALES Formerly -Unity Used Cars 64 FORD Galaxie 500 convert­ ible, custom radio......... u..>3 393 64 EPIC 2 door ................. ;L. >1 iS U COMET S23 coupe........... >1 8BB

MANY OTHER MAKES AND Automobiles for sale by pub-1 SMALL CARS • KAYE MOTORS • MODELS v Cars Wanted For tic auction or purchased out- ( LOWEST PRICES rxCA*H OR CONSIGNMENT WEEKLY SPECIAL right. Excellent returns on 8>» Pandora 388-3631 60 PONTIAC 4-door station wagon i clean, late-model cars— radio ........... - - - >149-’ c<> ,52 HILLMAN Sedan $200 _ PRIVATE SALE Enquire without obligation. $125^,S£t sk>l2495 ■ I! automatic J * I

1 Will lake yjur car In trade arid -------i 64 FORD Galaxie 500. V 8 financing can be arranged. Phnna I960 matic. power equipped I JUNK CARS ' 59 VOLKSWAGEN Bus 9EV 5-4HW. Wanted. S6 if complete PartlyJ/M SPECIAL_____________ ________ " I960 passenger.’21000 miles ....>1195 VOLKSWAGEN Bus, 9-pass I J/M d.smontled cats w-ith engine hauled 57 PLYMOUTH Sedan, new 64 FORD tudor. V-8 ' HILLIARD AUTO SERVICES LTD. In excej,cnt c9ndhion> HILLMAN away free. Williams. EV 2-9395. j reconditl<»ned -r,E,r.Tal SL?- 60 VAUXHALL Sedan $895 Expert repairs to BrtUsh and Eun> tires 64 A'AI.IANT 4-door, SPECIAL >199), dutplecn- pear ra”' t,ean u,ed car« bf»ughl SEDAN TRUCKER HAS CASH yoR SMALL 60 FORD Zephyr Convertible. $1,495.00 63 RAMBLER w%gon. as new. bALL^dUILE............... $69o and sold. Yell-KV. power top. >1095 Re- I NEW POWDER BLUE PAINT or large amounts of top soil or old SPECIAL. >2195 _ ’Oppoaita tn«- Metnoriaj Arena) I98J1 duced to FULL PRICE manure piles. GR 8-2292 anytime. 61 VOLVO sports. 4-speed trans 159 VAUXHALL Victor $795 'Phone BV6-7811 or GR 7 6715 61 MINI MINOR coach. ___ _ 45 m p.g. >795. Reduced i »c ttLACK PERSIAN LAMB COAT. mimRYSLER-Winawr ■ •« • i'-j SALE PRICE........... t595!^>yj745 -j Anything Useful Picks Up Junk. - o>rtmical transportation. 19M Aus­ lb. After M >.m.. wfw*._____ |dltlon. EV 2-4939 or 477 1210 THE BRIGHT,SPOT ON J83-1221 1126 Hillside EV 3-:«m 57 FORD 2-door. VS. floor shift >795 .. .utonutic. .11 power . . 61 AUSTIN A55 Station tin Don't miss this one! Private. BROUGHTON 53M G T.D. Roadster, hard to j VAUXHALL Victor De lUXC 1157 Johnson St., Ste. 2. MEDIUM SIZE OAK DESK AND EKr„pH ,“" P‘CkUP* P Wagon $1395 HOUSE SCHOOL UNILUNDS AUCTIONEERS chair; Hoover vacuum cleaner. Pli. NORFOLK *62S i Sedan, 4-cyl economy. c, 1 nr, *3 Bt ’ ICK 2-DOOR ~ HARDTOP,’ form. {»> new, size aire 12 to 14. BUY - SELL - APPRAISE GR 9-44U0 TRANSPORTATION SPECIALS KAYE MOTORS I SALE PRICE 656-0096. stick, rebuilt V-8, needs body wofk. Fort EV643W $695.00 53 MORRIS OXFORD ...................>145 >195 o$- nearest offer. H9J E»quj-S TRAIN FOR SALE. 1951 J/M J/M 383-825U60 ENVOY Sedan $895 (-HO1CE BARTLETT PEARS. KAI WANTED BY INTERIOR DECOR- 82 STUDF.MKER ........................ >'.45 l malt Rd. 395-7331.____ 2301 Douglas ’ AUSTIN haimtxith Rd. l^ease bring con- aior. traditional or antique furniture 56 ZEPHFR- Salan .....................C'C i SALE PRICE........ OVER , r (>bJCTS d- art ph,479-6259 ________________________________ J1 CHEV 3-DOOR HARDTOP WITH n\t;n BTT MW 10c A POUND. la.ners.po culK \ .t qmyed 57 ZEPHF.R Sedan ...................... >39; AID SEDAN 1143 Burnside West - BL-RNsroe TEXACO • Is2 AUSTIN 850 Sedan $1095 i ?’„<2£X,'no711 EV6-6228. n, high choir. BIX EV 5-7835. Fort EV-2-i4?i» Morris - MG - Wtfseloy $295 To $895 ' SHED SUITABLE F‘H4 HU1LO1NGJAMESON-MOTOR-S 26 ft.*«»r 30 sheets ^-inch ply-'..??., r, .. . I .Used Fum) -----t I R Opph 9 a nr to 9 P Ht no BRov'GirrbN st. ’ute and rugs Reliable Al wund. Offers KV 3-2713. CMC’DOrr'V einot S' NBF.AM RAPIER HARD M\1AYI.^AIHM1SMWHERE”M <‘niln’ Very clwul Md Mid. 61 RILEY Sedan $’095 SUBURBAN dryer, 6 months old. Excellent con­ ___ ONLY 4.(«m MILES CASH FOR FURNISHINGS IV vs , ,1 , w Tzi. "Tlr-Rl. M , ,.r„ rv.reli, offer. CHILDRENS SAND BOXES. 4x4‘ dition. >2iM) or closest offer. 385-01X2. 51 DODGE. NEW BATTERY AND 1965 ACADIAN SEDAN. AUTOMA M .■» t >LL>s sedan .. ......... >495 M m. r.. z' > . ON F7V 4 *141 SALE PRICE X8". with sand. >6. Del._ F.V 3-0047. jj j nmr-n<-w motor. In evetten’ e»mM d: PDRl) Sedan .............J«6 M -----------------TIC AND RADIO. NEW CAR WAR !7Q-|difi«WL tan or rn-st ••ffer. GR 9-6645. DOUGLAS IM 56 tXdKSK Sedan'... . >495 M i MUST SELL 55 CHEV 6. STAND- 61 FIAT Station Wagon $795 iWE PICK LT rt.'R\-rn:RE. tools.|rastS-' trade and terms ac CENDRON BUGGY, CO; PLAY 2& S'i'P’urJ.ITU™" * *UCU°" CEI-TED. RHONE GR t-UET, M 57 FdRD sedan . ............. >795 M transmission, 2-ti>ne. radio, lak* jJen. >5; drapes, >30. Phone 477-6821. ga EV 3AMA 388-6431 SAI E PRICF 1595 50 TW CONVERTIBLE. BETTER M«<»LDS Sed-m - J.IQ M .aP’ m nerts of >22 a m »'n. Ph ............... ♦•’’•Othan average cnndlti.>n. HO a month. SET. CAST IROM BATH ANDLra' PATn''ma j-EVTr»w«4«.«lM UiPAI-A CTWYERT., NEW INCINKRATORS 'SYeElTH50. M 63 FALCON St lan >:795 M EVS-12L1 64 CONSUlTDe Luxo $1895 M-«_Maro«. ailing,. Delivered, no. Toronto'^^5* , 2 “. 'CT wlnt- A“u™,llc s’ M MAYFAIR LA WHBRE Delivered anywhere. EV 3-3590. i under Must oe iold th s week •SKl BncJ£ LE s HARPP^P. i C NO DOWN PAYMENT much snrin? tied 12 50 479 ?,w,d u.-.i>j s.rf„ cbjtning EvThe Bazaar MOTORS LTD t!al Br,Mr( iJ81v SALE PRICE $1,595 ^’-rrADiLLAC cym;pe di * POWER STEERING AND BRAKES ? MMAYFAIR While 59 OrrisSenne convertible rRioiDArRK, r 7r high, r rown TOnnn oea, E-». M M M .M M M M |5si--x.v. _--------------------^jltADlO. IMMACULATE AND IN wide, like new. EV 9 5933. Must be sold by weekend. Marg »CLT!tr E-OOT RACINE ERIDGE, 53 VAUXHALL Velox $300 __________ ___ __ . _ . . ............................ ........ ... _ __ TRADE AND 58 THIRD. FULL POWER EQUIP- EV *-5236 DOOR Temp. 7X9 BERRY GARAGE coal and wood heaters, plumbing months old. with 9.U0d-mile war 1 PAYMENTS ACCEPTED. GR 1-12X1. MENT. BEALTIFUL' EB'»ny —----- -SALE PRICE .. $175 1S61 p^rd runs well. 1223. EV 4-6314.; renly »’.«» or nearest ottre. I'h r-rro ■ rv-FTn vvv, !»•'<•; WITH 'WHITE THINt-UM rfjT DEBAKER. LOW' MM after 5 JT SHOWCASE. BEST OFFER. Ii»*’"’TE ‘WANTED "VstD TWIN COXTIN <*-=MS -----; _ jtrer JHMl. I'b.ini' .ftor « ' ,,'ra UlaTiRa' ST'^ia'in.-1'™' "S S?? tady EV^n’Ifv-:. 55 IJ.EFECT Syrian $?»,.> ,;jM oldsmobile7go6d oondl jweamng gown, AntB,, HF<18 nnd )inrt 1, ddbble <|«4>h«e continental mnilnen.Mi c-. nn *vur nr af'v irviAD wladila >wn. size 1_. 1.. 47MS-. 47M>d ental" 383-4212 63 GALAXIE BLACK 4-DOOR•• ,;R GR n9 IQ-U 3934 SALE PRICE $175 wt->499 ST! DEBARF.R SEDAN MUST .ELL 1955 BUICK STAND; hardtop Full p-.wer equipment., S90 2900 1 l’b' ** <«R 9 j 7205. 6 CU FT WESTINGHOUSE N '• A G K ’ 8erdri' 58 PONTIAC STAT1ONWAG' »N. ard - ;■«! pontiac coach. 6 autoas alternator and transistor '<>rn "ah" F*** . 'fiidgr. Admlra's. Bring containers. ■ idgr. >39, >1 7SUJ. AU-Temp. MINK EQUIPMENT. ~M I X E R. motor, immaculate. EV 5-0466 after excellent r-onditwin ,w mileage ignition, runs well EV 3-0714 an> l^cellcnt rondi'tort EV >66.-1 EMPRES-S MOTORS LTD TnaUr * . — • •— ----- ! Price >1095 EV 4-0285. PORTABLE SEWING MACHINff FRIGIDAIRE AUTOMATIC^ STOVE, unu apprnximaieri ' lime <>r call at 2434 Cadboro R.«ad • PLYMOUTH rt'P.Y SEDAN , , 59 FORD. A-l CONDmOR S IQ ulips Nidge EV'3 ‘i7tfi'HO’xW. EV 5-9981. MONZA. 14.’**) MILES. 4----------------------------------------------------- after 6 p.m. _ ' , . near Phone 364-5616.- 9 cubic a _____ g«hJ c^ndci-m. Baat.fter EV M955 _____new.- reasonable. -_______________________ ---------radio, heater FIc. 1963 STArtONWAfJON V-8 AJ.TOibOFortSt. . Phone 382-7121 GR -..... ... ......... 61 HILLMAN MINX SEOA^ TAN FALCON STXTlf VWAGON >5» FOVYL, 50c EACH. PEARS. PLUMS BARTLETT PFLKRS. 9r a POUND. i.FRENCH DSORS AND DRAIN V,E U’ ue with blue upholstery. Plfene: mafic. 3988 Cedarwood St. r«9 S1MCA ARONDE- PULLMAN and -vegetabiea BMM 11123 Verdler. ____________ | file _G?±3g7:______ ««2 ______ ^“ptYMSbTH'BTOAR I eu.Hii*,ut»e . «,!)• -! can and ;MyTnema 478 1422 ___ ' •ea'». radwTGR 7-I9A1. .. TiTVst. O' ' .43I.OCiM. I CASH FOR TYPEWRITERS I960 ^CI^YSLElt CHRYSLER. H UW >W Mil”*'-'' WLI^GE. j ---------------------‘ ‘ >T^Ria’>IC'-75 OP ALUMINUM WINDOW. 3x10’ SACRJrtCE. 1980 OU/5MO 8IL1 383 2997 656-1589 Half price. 882-1178. yid Adders. Turner EV 4-0T45 , M □«» Trailer hitch. 6.*-15«9. 646 Langford St. taxe‘anytnmg in trade 3^6-122: | offer. 479-7219. ; convertible, r. WO. E V 5-7308 HEALEY -VAf). BRG. EXCEL UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERl Easy wringer washer. I WAITED • ROTOR FOR"*, TV MS5 MERCURY Vt IMMACULATE! 1958 BUICK' ROADMASTER 4-DOOR tSGToUKMOBILE HARDTOP RE*1 OONN».’L. GOCO CONDITION Geo. Eng Truck Sale*. 940 Hillside. >94-7763. aerial.- GR 8-1607. condition. What offers' >83-5M*. hardtop. >575. 381-74S4. 1 built nvxnx. Limanxiata. GR9-36M. iem oond.fija «« Z»52 HFR EV ’








Thur.d.y, S«pt I, 1945 100


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CAR$ FOR $Ali$

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101 FOREIGN IMPORT AND I OR SPORT CARS LUXURY * BEAUTY• ECONOMY Toyota Crown sedans and ataUon wagons offer the ultimate la-luxury automobiles. Ail ore fully equipped at no extra coat. Automatic transmlsalon optional. Priced from >2623.




ATTRACTIVE HOME ACCOMMOFAST. TOP QUALITY RADIATOR daliun. RefiWd businessman. Nonrepairs. body work and painting at smoker. University area. EVt-2317. Morrison Chevrolet-Oldsmoblle Ltd.. LUI ET W( lit KI ;lHI7 PRIVATE 3050 Douglas at Finlayson. 385-5777 home, FaJBfieid district. Phone 382-8346. COMPLETE AUTO REPAIRS • Reasonable terms, on time • ROOM AND BOARD. 2 UNIVERDOWMANS SERVICE. aity girls to share room. >75, Ph. 734 Johnson SL 383-1569. TRANS-WrLL AUTOMATIC TRANSmission specialists. EV ♦J8B1. Re­ ROOM AND BOARD. tfc MONTH. built duto transmissions from MB 94; Laundry Included. Lunches packed. GR 7-5517. tune-ups from tU.95 ACCOMMODATION FOR 2 MALE 112 CARS AND TRUCKS 3M^366 he*r Un^Veralty- 1>hon«

’V ONLY AT Telmac $$$$$$ It happened V TELMAC Saving Cars. 65 METEOR Montclair 2-Dr SAUNDERS & HITCHMAN again. We’re running V SUPERMARKET Sports Hardtop — Power MORRISON'S 2040 Cadboro Bay Rd. out of new Beetles fast. V ONLY AT See Telmac then SEPTEMBER WANTED brakes, steering, bucket 383-7112 If you need a new V TELMAC compare our 930 YATES ST. seats, console floor shift. R001* GENTLEMAN. deal. It is a the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 384-3664. 80 a month. <79-4840. SUBURBAN MOTORS V 4-CLY1NDER. LEAVp power steering, cus- $ 64 VALIANT Custom '200' •!at Telmac bene­ ,56 HEALEY. town. Must sell. Needs*work. 386-6131 Late model small car V Dr Station Wagon—High 121 ROOMS TO RENT p The Name Is Your BIG DEALING DAYS tom radio, whitewall S Best offer. No. 3. 37 Gorge Road. fits. performance motor, auto­ sale. First come, first V p Guarantee' tires. 1, owner cab. $ 62 SUNBEAM ALPINE NICE FURNISHED ROOM FOR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ one or two gentlemen. Ground matic trans1; Roof rack, V ONLY AT One-year 50-50 ster. >1,350. GR 8-2472, served etc. p SALE PRICE S3191 S AHEAD! floor, 916 Johnson St., comer of whitewalls, electric tail­ V TELMAC parts and labor 1963 TRIUMPH TR4. PERFECT Quadra. Phone EV 4-5»M4. P 64 RAMBLER Station SELLING? shape. EV 2-1042, EV 2-8430. V < gate, 1 owner, showroom We pay the highest prices for clean V warranty in writ­ P Wagon 220, green ALBANY HOTEL. 1023 GOVERNLATE MODEL used cars. Don’t sell ment TIRES St.. 3S4-4349. Cleon eleepinz condition. Reg. $2995. V 63 AUSTIN Cooper, a V ing on all com­ 105 until you get our offer. P finish, only___ $2595 P rooms from >8,50 weekly. >30 NOW .t . ....$2860 V sports car with 4 V Contact pact ears. monthly. B.C. Land P P1 S 64 VALIANT Signet 2-Dr S MICHELIN ALL USED CAR PRICES PAT DELANEY SAVE $135 V seats Snd 4-on-the- V ONLY AT Free towing ser­ P 62 COMET Wagon, P S >30 — COSY SLEEPING ROOM. Hardtop. Bucket S C'X” OLSON-FORD Linen weekly. 25jA GvvemmenL V floor ................. $1295 V. TELMAC vice on cars fi­ SLASHED! P Brentwood brown P S seats, hi. perf. slant-6 $ 64 BARRACUDA Sports OR R-1.W7 “ TIRES 1060 Yates SL EV 4-1144 Hardtop—V-8, automatic nanced with Tel­ V V P finish ............... $1695 P $ Open till 10 ,p.nv motor, automatic $ SLEEPING ROOMS FOR RENT. traq?, finished in ermine mac to $10 per D & D TIRE LTD. ^.2. V V P P $ trans. Balance Chry- S Males only. 20 Gorge Rd. E. Guud. clean white wittrblack interior. 65 PHYSLER Hardtop, fully call. IV 64 DRW—Believe it or V CARS ANU TRUCKS Victoria Duncan P 61 RAMBLER 4-Door, P $ sler Corp, new car $ ROOMS TO RENT. 815 QUEENS. power equipped. Reg. >4295. WANTED A rare one indeed. EV 3-4818. >3966 ,V hot, with 4,600 miles. V ONLY AT Free driving les­ EV 2-7283 f SALE ....... 746-7191 P radio, tutone green, P $ Cash in 5 Minutest warranty. '64 IMPALA 4-door Hardtop, Reg. $3195. V A near new car V TELMAC sons at a Victoria 12J CONVALESCENT, rest P rebored motor, A-l P $ SALE PRICE S2992 lie. 41164. Reg. >3399. -PLEMLEYNOW ......................... $2975 driving school. SALE ............................... >2995 V at ...................’.$1195 V $1 DOWN P condition ........... S1695 P $ HOtjtES, PRIVATE HOSPITALS 1Q10 Yates St r _ SAVE $220 X OLDSMOBILE SUPER 88 Exclusive swap ONLY AT V $1 A WEEK Hardtop. Reg. >3695. SALE >3390 V P P $ '63 CHEVROLET Bel Air, lie. NEED COMPACT AND BRIT SUNNY «L4RM ROOM AVAILABLE V . V TELMAC and shop depart­ Buys a New Goodyear Tire WE P 62 TRIUMPH Herald. P $ 64 CHEV Super Sports con­ 36209. Reg. >2395. SALE >2086 ISH CARSa CASH IS NO PROBLEM for jnan/flnd wife or eeml for 2 ment. Trade your ladles^/Eflnlng room or tray service, See us for Brake Relining. Wheel 63 AUSTIN STATION WAGON. V 61 ANGLIA 2-Door De V P as new ............... 51195 P $ 64 PLYMOUTH Fury vertible, V-8, console Alignment, Shocks and Mufflers, with '24-hour personal care. Phone Reg. >1295. SALE >1187 dont-wants on CAPRI MOTORS LTD. V Luxe. New paint, V tasv Easy Terms P P Sedan. Custom radio, $ floor shift, custom radio, '63 MERCURY Econoline 950 Yates EV 5-3512 EV 4-7714. Telmac Compact. Panel. Reg. >2195. SALE . >1948 V very clean.- WhiteV P 63 AUSTIN Station P whitewall tires. power brakes. Showroom '63 ACADIAN. $ LIND CLIFF RISE - ALL tS» VICTORIA TIRE LTD. Reg. >1995. MORE CASH comfort* of home with the best of walls. Only 26,000 V ONLY AT One of Victoria’s Government at Herald P Wagon. Light blue P >1660 V EV 2-6184 FOR YOUR CLEAN CAR SALE SALE PRICE $2898 $ condition. care. EV5-287L TELMAC lowest cost auto '63 AN OLLA 105E. Reg. >1395. Frank Minns and Jde Phtlp miles................$1195 V P finish, 1 owner SU95 P $ NOW ....^,.........$3595 9775 Fifth St., Sidney. SALE ............. . >1088 V ANDY AND JACK otter insurances. FAIRFIELIU GROUND -BTjOOFL ( 656-3812' or 477-6049 '63 FORD Sedan. Reg. >2395. V V P P s private room and dependable care, 25% OIF ONLY AT Visit our hanging SALE ................................... >2100 i-elerences. 388-5792. „ CASH TOR CLEAN CARS P 62 RENAULT Gordin! P V V HEW riKES ANYTIME! $ 64 MERCURY Park Lane, 4- '63 FALCON STATION TELMAC flower basket dis­ HOUSTON MOTORS. 382 3522 door sedan, top , model, WAGON. Reg. 13095. SALE $1880 V 60 RENAULT IMMEDIATE V A C A N C Y FOR Sedan. Very clean, 4p $ 63 CHEVROLET Bis- S 2015 QUADRA FRANCIS BATTERIES & play. gentlemen. Semi - private or wand. I one owner case history^ speed trans, reg p Dauphine in top con- V ONLY AT The best selection S cayne Sedan. Custom S TIRES LTD, SELLING? * CONSIGN OR CASH. 3S3-4866. SEE ART’S CAR SALES. BURN­ car with every conceiv­ $1193. NOW ... $995 p EV S-70Si dition. Only ....$745 V TELMAC of compacts on 2150 Blanshard SL , radio, whitewall tires. $ BANB'lELD REST HOME, PRI$ SIDE AT HARRIET EV 3-8302. LOOK! PRICES 1 ’ vate room for elderly man. Phone p P S able luxury option. Reg V SALE PRICE $2191 S 2 VOLKSWAGEN 15" TUBELESS the Island. 383-5077. TOP CASH FOR GOOD CARS tires and rims, >20. GR 7-2068. P ALL CARS P s '$3995. V ONLY AT Free coffee from AAA CARMART S-L-A-S-H-ED ! HOME OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD 2644 Quaora >pp. Safeway EV 6-2712 P RECONDITIONED. P $ NOW ............-............ $3695 LATE MODEL V TELMAC 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 106 TRUCKS —--------------- -Vacancy. EV 6-1657. P WRITTEN WARRANTY P SAVE $300 113 TRAILERS AND TRAILER COLUNSON LODGE. LADY. SEMIDOMESTIC CARS V daily. $ P NO DOWN PAYMENT P S 63 RAMBLER Classic priv-ate. ICV 5-1814. DOMINION MOTORS ,WE’VE GOT TO MOVE PARKS V ONLY AT 33 years’ experiJ 63 DODGE 4-Door De Luxe EV 5-5012 1812 Douglas P ON APP. CREDIT. P VACANCY IN REST HOME FOR V TELMAC ence into each 56 GMC- cab and chassis 3-tong V-8 S Sedan. Reclining gentleman. Seml-pnvate. 385-3210. Sedan — V-8, automatic THESE CARS TO MAKE FIRST MONTHLY P automatic, 157” wheel base, very V 65 FORD Custom V Telmac Compact sleep or seats. Tutone $ HOB'S TRAILER SALES trans, power steering, clean, >1.295 ; 61 CHEV. 1-TON PAYMENT OCTOBER P 125 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS V Sedan, automatic V car.whitewalls. 1 owner $ ROOM FOR TRADING FLATDECK; 57 CHEV 2-ton flattinted glass, radio, one FALL CLEARANCE EASY TERMS P deck; 58 PONTIAC Station Wagon, TO REN'. transmission,’ radio, V Travel emer­ car. ONLY AT of TRAVEL TRAILERS owner case history car. CAVEMAN CAMPERS SERVING VICTORIA P WEN NEW '66 CARS heater, white walls. V TELMAC gency cash for SALES. SERVICE^ and RENTALS ivlTZ HOTEL SALE PRICE $1995 Balance of 5-year 50,000ALL REAL CLEAN—PRICED P 75 YEARS YOUR no B'urt Street • EV S-1U2J Trailer and Camper Repairs each compact fi­ Only .......... ;-~ -.$3150 V TO CLEAR Large., bright, convenient housekeep­ mile warranty. ARRIVE! P - GUARANTEE ALSO . . ing rooms and suites for rent Near V nanced at Tel­ 1965 Ai-TON MERCURY V8, CUS Our quality KENSKILLS and Reg. $2695. P Eaton s. Safeway, and with elevator tom cab, truck type tires, positraeARISTOCRATS. - N E W and mac. V service. Day., week oc month. Call lion. 4-speed trans. >2.996. Also 10* NOW .................. $2180 P 61 FORD 4-Dr Sedan, P USED at REDUCED PRICES. anytime. V 64 COMET Caliente V ONLY AT Persona] a c c i- de luxe camper, >1,701). Sell com­ SAVE $215 . 62 CHEVROLET Sedan. Ret. P V8, whitewalls, A-l P $ 62 Valiant V200 4-Dr. $ plete or separate. 385-5798. 2041 1965 LAND LINER, fully jyelfSCOTT APARTMENTS dent policy, $500 S'.rsi SALE .. ... $1686 V Convertible. V-8 with V TELMAC Swanson Pl. (off Cardiff). Station Wagon. Auto- $ oontained: Bowen Tank Type P condition ......... $1695 P $ We eater to middle-aged and elderly 'fc CHEVY II Sedan, lie. 45995. to $10,000, with ■54 INTERNATIONAL 3-TON. 14 water beater and targe -Shower V 4-on-the-floor, bucket V tenants. Our rooms are bright and matic toans, white- $ 63 MERCURY Econoline 9Rez. *4895. SALE .. $1374 ; P P REG. >1393. NOW >3996 (we ll extra large. B'ully furnished for light each car financed ft. stake body with hps and tarps even Passenger Station Wagon '63 JEEP. Res. $12»5. SALE . $914 V seats in red vinyl, V walls, wind deflect­ take \'<»ur trade. > P 60 CORVAIR 4-Door. P (ex-navy). housekeeping. Hot and cold water Half-Ton at Telmac. —Automatic, radio, only '63 CHEVROLET 16' ESTAVILLA. tel-contained. radio. Black with V George Eng Truck Sales Ltd. end gas ranges w all rooms. With ors. Pick-Up. Reg. »S95. SALE >1581 V P automatic. P AS NEW ........... >2150 940 Hillside 3x5-3QM or without private bath. >8 to >11 '62 CHEVROLET Sedan, - He. Iv 17.000 miles. Ideal dual white top. Hurry on V SALE PRICE $1695 weekly EV 2-1221. 44947. Reg. $1995. SALE . $!7M ' P Top shape........$1195 P BXAM1NGO 2 and 3-bedroom 51 tL\IACSKI SAVING............. $175 2 NAVY 1961 DODGE CARRYALLS purpose unit. Cost new •62 CHEVY It NOVA. Reg. V this one. Only . .$2895 V r,s veil KSWAGEN Sedan 10x55’ mobiles In stock. —Excellent condition. Also l 1960 P P HEART OF THE CITY 11995. SALE . ........... $1657, y $3,600. Reg. $2995. T elmac $$$ SAVING............. $624 Dodge H-HSn »iek-up. WIU sell Clean, warm, respectable rooms. V P '61 CHEVROLET Sedan, lie. P 60 VALIANT 4-Door. Roof seal >6 a gallon. 386 3623 mi A1TST1N Sedan 6 cheap. Apply Oak Crest Foods Meat Reasonable rates. NOW ___ $2840 5260. Res. $1795. SALE . $15471 V V TELMAC »> SAVING............ >435 Dept.^or Sunday phone EV 4 76S7 P THE YORK P 6-cyl, white finish, •H CHEVROLET Sedan, lie. t-o c SAVE $155 711 Johnson EV 5-9029 V505LVi;LS4«n CAVING ,5, ! 1965—DO DG E, RIGGED FOR 32544. Reg. $1695. SALE j $1472 V 63 CHRYSLER SaraP $ 60 DODGE Phoenix popular model. P •61 VALIANT Sedan. Reg. v toga, a luxury car at V « M^s^/tion Brick'S i&ft-Mi S TRIANGLE TRAILER SALES l‘M8 CRAIGDARROCH. FAMILYSedan. V-8 motor, ONLY ..............$1195 P $1595. SALE .....................$1215 ’ P mobile homes have feature sjze s,ui,te or 3 ntenand 1 'SI PONTIAC Sedan. Reg. jV USED CAR BUYER the price of a com- V 2.I,EOLR^Cs‘,MN.gon....... xnmum‘"- 478 4233 ” 47W784 P automatic, power after feature tiiat keep iheir d ors j Krijnid-floor men. >50; upstairs, >40; P '$1793. SALE . . $1556 *‘ne- *»•’• Meivonlv. Everything TELMAC >» SAVING.............M92' aiICT 3 P IL------------------------------------ open for sales all year round. YES pact at ........... ,.$2950 V •61 CHEVROLET Sedan, lie. Iv steering, power P 59 T’BIRD. White * P BENEFITS it's ready to go when you are. Need Exmd and linen. Phone EV 2-9753. ANGLIA Sedan 1949 COURIER BUS. 33-PASSEN58996. Reg. $1795. SALE . $1900 i V V 61 TELMAC brakes. p finish, full P Stt SAVING............ >733 ger. cheap for cash or will accept hebj with your decision? Come out i CLEAN. COMFORTABLE, QUIET. METEOR. Reg. $1695. SALE $1384 „ tirne I Community kitchens, Dnwntown £ 100% ON-THE-SPOT FI­ ■SI Sedan _ trade. Can be s?en at Crosl.xnd XT ^an,‘ »l"nd '60 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL. |V V 57 CONSUL P power ............. $2695 P SALE PRICE $1395 TELMAC »> SAVING............ >397 Motors Ltd.. Campbell River. general" "u-" wide wilt, the NANCING on Life, Sickness 60 me’teot’ri^soo. Reg. K9no V 64 FALCON. 18.000 V 59 FIAT Station Wagon P P rmlness of your house. | —------------------- --------------------------TELMAC IU SAVING..............>419 3-TON INTERNATIONAL JdOVING and Accident Insured Policy. ’ >1493. SALE ...................... $1233! V miles with remain- V 59 HILLMAN Sedan P 59 ZEPHYR, 2-tone P van. 40-passenger Mack bus. ‘-,-ton KNIGHT-measures up to the little LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS, TELMAC ?» SAVING..............>639 CTiev pickup. Highway SMtndard things—so the big things just Businesa or seml-redred gentleman, V der of new car warV P blue and grey, auto- P • Reconditioning by experts have to be right -bus route. All utilities. Ph. 56 MERCEDES Gas. I Service. 478-3151 ranty to 24,000 miles. V 59 METROPOLlTATHfrdtop' ” KIT—3 Ixvlrms., huge living room, 5-6-151. matic P 60 CHEVROLET P ] MUST SELL. 1W-1947 . DODGE YES! YOU ENJOY A GOOD STARTER this car is as new. V transmission $1095 Pj$ HARRIS GREEN APTS.. SINGLE P Nomad Station Wag- $ • Written Warranty TELMAC >» SAVING .........>679 2'--3-ton flat deck. Portable A 2435 TRANS-CANADA and double housekeeping looms. frame, new rubber, battery..power P S Only ............... 52195 V 82 MORRIS Station Wagon , on. V-8 motor, custom $ P HIGHWAY. 478 1774 Also sleeping rooms; off street "PEAeE-OF-MDJD” TELMAC »>"SAVIN6/........>819 take-off. Best offer. Phone 477-2510. • Free Exchange parking. 385-9090. 921 Pandora Ave. V ® TFI MA? rn SAVING B 59 FORD 2-Door Sedan, P|$ radio. $ >96« HUNTERS’ CAMPER“ALMOST PACKAGE TWO-ROOM SUITE. TWIN BEDS, new van> ** seW1 B V V 58 RENAULT S V^ ............. P blue and grey finish, P $ SALE PRICE $1888 $ • 120 Cars to Choose Foam IT S HERE ! ! ! fridge. Also sleeping rooms. All Quadra at Saanich or phone TELMAC >« SAVING............. >409 tion, economy 6. P $ BEST BENEFITS IN TOWN y 61 s^°N automa,i<: V P $ THE CRANBROOK 55’, 3- found. 1357 Esquimau Road. Phone GR 9-2472. Estate sale. Sedan EV 5-6416. Only ................... $975, Pi $ 2-tone paint, V 33 ROVER P $ • Bonded Salesmen TELMAC W> SAVING.............>319 1961 >4-TON PICKUP. TOP CONDIbedroom, front kitchen V WANTED, LADY TO SHARK whitewalls. V 37 BEDFORD tion. Only 27.000 miles. What offers? P P $ $ • Top Allowance for Your mobile at TELMAC »> SAVING.............>329 EV 5-6574. small home in Oak Bay, near vil­ V Special ______ $1395 V P 58 BUICK 2-Door P $ 60 FORD Frontenac $ 56 GYPSY 4-Drive lage. Do own cooking. Phone • All Cara Safety-Laned TOTE-EM TRAILER SALES Car TELMAC >» SAVING.............>738 1962 INTERNATIONAL 3-TON. IN EV 2-7036. • GM Reconditioning V P Sedan, automatic, P $ V Sedan. Automatic $ 60 TRIUMPH Phone 478-1041 excellent condition. All* offera con •All Cars Clearly Priced V TELMAC $» SAVING........... >738 sidered. Must sell. 382-6791. LELAND APARTMENTS P radio, top condition, P|$ trans., custom radio, $ • Immediate Delivery V • Sli-Day 50-50 Warranty on all 60 VAUXHALL Cresta 2512 DOUGLAS cam »ver >995 BUILD A HOUSE TRAILER V 60 FALCON standard P-~ a steal at _____$995 p|$ V whitewalls. TELMAC W> SAVING ........... >997 49 INTERNATIONAL tt«TON, >150. Furnished warm room, stove, sink • B’ree Life Insurance OR CAMPER 385-2717. 82 VAUXHALL Station Wagon and fng. 3X8-2357. • 15-Day exchange Privilege if V shift, 6-cyl. 4-dr. P V P $ SALE PRICE $1291 2 62 VAUXHALL Victors 4- majo' repairs become necessary 60 vFcT’,'otCsSmSAVING..........*1318 FLAT **** Aluminum • Plywood • Windows Vents • Doon • Frames • Insulation AVAILABLE OCT 1ST, LARGE P 58 PONTIAC 2-Door. Pj $ V Sedan. Real clean V Free 6-Month Lubes $ door sedans, 4-on-the-floor •• 6-Month TELMAC W> SAVING.............>627 EV 5"6333’__________________. Hardware • Appliances • Butane furnished room, «, fridge, mnlc 15% Warranty V compact .......... $1295 V P Blue and white, 6-cyl, P j $ ----------------------------------$ . . Electrical and plumh SUH lady. >45. 1234 Pandora. Ph. or steering column shift. • No l\,wn Payment to good 60 VOLKSWAGEN Sedan t\tf RNATIONAL HARVFSTFR > Equipment 5. ZEPHYR S,‘aSnAVING............. b-lun Ve,Y "»dA,;ha’;AR'^S ing supplies • and other components 477-2833. radio, reg $1195. P1 $ P $ V V Both are one owner cars credit risks S. J. PEDEN LTD. WARM AND CLEAN P NOW ;.......... $995 P $ 59 CHEVROLET Park- $ V ■ V TELMAC >>< SAVING............. >599 lMi INTERNATIONAL PICKUP. 2855 Quesnel SL Phone 3S6-34&4 Nice room in top Condition. with sink, >40 including p[$ wood Station Wagon. $ P |V GOOD LOWER PRICED V! » .......... $.199 1 Apply 1730 Townlev. ph. EV 4-2836. linen, gas and light 2531 Govern­ BLUE BONNET COACH EACH $1295 60 RAMBLER STATION 107 PARTS, ACCESSORIES P BACK TO SCHOOL P $ V 57 TR3 Convertible Vacation-rentals—parts and propane. ment, or GR 8-1507, CARS WAGON. Reg. >1495. SALE >1295 v Automatic trans., new $ TELMAC >» SAVING...... >1094 Trailer park catering to quiet, el­ '60 ENVOY SEDAN. Reg. V P SPECIALS NEAT HOUSEKEEPING whitewall tires, tu- $ 60 AUSTIN Healey Sports derly people—no dogs. Hours 10 a.m. CLEAN, >1095. SALE >963 upstairs, fridge and sink. Suit OUR NEW LOCATION to 6 p.m.—closed Tuesday. Comer niom. P Roadster, 6-cylinder, elec­ '60 VAUXHALL SEDAN. Reg. Vauxhall, 62 Falcon. 59 Rafiler, tone. 2150 BiAnshard Street lady pensioner. Phone EV 5-0579, Mtiistream and Highway 1. Phone >995. SALE ................. >752 Morris. 59 Hillman. 60 Victor, P 57 HILLMAN .L..$445 P V 55 MORRIS Minor — tric overdrive, top sports '60 CADILLAC Sedan De ViUe SALE PRICE $1695 GR 8-2514. Zephyr. 56 Mercedes. 61 Envoy Your Car’s “Heart” U the BEACON PARK-QUIET, WARM, furnished housekeeping, sink, fridge, P P Reg. >3495. SALE ........>3100 V model. Reg. $1795. new paint ..........$45^ 'V 59 Victor. 57 Vauxhall. 58 Austin. BATTERY VANGUARD CAMPERS 60 Morris. 58 Volkswagen. 53 Consul. large^eupboards. EV 6 HO. 59 METEOR 500 Hardtop. P 56 CHRYSLER P Sold out except for 1 Low Boy camp­ NOW .............. ........ $1540 Reg. >1495 SALE ................ >1295 V 56 VAUXHALL V 58 Zephyr 60 Hillman. 56 Minor, er >980 3 to 4 weeks delivery on DEI) SITTING RCX)aM~KITCHEN. For a atrong sure etart every time 60 Mini. 62 VauxhalL 51 Austin. P Hardtop ..........- 4795 P V Victor _____ SAVE $255 other models. i V 59 Simca, 57 Hillman. 58 Morris, ette, frig etc. >36 Ladlee onlv. Get on •‘ACME” IZXJ CARIN SALES Opposite^ buildings. »»_Government. P P V 56 METEOR. V-8. V 62 Victor, 53 Vauxhall. 59 MGA7 59 FORD Station Wagon. 759 Goldstream Ave. 12-VOLT BATTERY 60 Zephyr, 51 Vauxhall. 59 Minor 59 SUNBEAM Rapier con­ LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOmT LET'S REDUCE STOCK V 478-6911 or 478-1270 P 56 TR3 .....................$795 P $ radio Tutone. 549j V157 Austin. 64 Renault 60 Austin, $12.75 fix. «\»ilable SepL 1. >22 month. Phone vertible, radio, 4-on-the e jr.A v Falcon. 56 • a guar, 61 Consul. P P $ V 56 FORD 2-dr EV 6-1820. SALE PRICE $1195 Delivered and Installed v -q Vauxhau, 58 Victor. HASTINGS 64 Ausiin. NOW! floor, bucket seats, 2 tone. P 56 AUSTIN. A1 $595 P $ V 57 OXFORD Stn. V 60 Herald. 59 Gypsy. 62 Mini. ROOM AND KITCHENETTE. AUTOTRAILER SALES Reg. $1095. 56 Austin. 61 Austin. 57 Hillman, FRANCIS BATTERY & mathhot water. oU heat. >25 s P P $ V Wgn. .. ......... $795 V 60 Vauxhall, 60 Zodiac, 57 Consul. ----------------YOU'LL SAVE MORE TRAVEL TRAILERS and PICKUP month. 910 Market St. NOW ... $870 TIRES LTD. P 55 STUDEBAKER $145 P $ COACHES. SEE THE NEW LOOK f'57 CHEV. — New paint, V 57 Bedford. 59 Consul. 5s Morris ROOM WITH KITCH ENETTE* Retreading Specialist* IN LOWBOYS. FIBREGLASS. Ph. SAVE $225 ‘ AT MORRISON’S P P $ 58 DODGE Custom SlA,tHble lady penal met . 3x2-466# 7 radio . ............... $795 V EV 3-7082 FV 3-2115 2702 Government. SMALL CARS •after 6 p.m. P 54 CHEV............. $138 P $ Royal. V-8 motor, V v YOUR BEST BUY NOW ON CLOSE 59 STUDEBAKER LARK— SLASHED PRICES! IN~CLEAN7“W ARM*. Family Budget Plan AvailSilverllners. 2 demonstrators P P $ ALL-MAKE PARTS automatic, power 6 - cyl, standard trans, 'duced to >895 and >729. New trailers trUlge. All furnished. 2315 Wark. V 971 Yates St. EV 5-2415 vIS'6; DN° P 54 RAMBLER P $ I Complete Exchange Service also available. steering, custom BACHELOR' SUrTE7_ALL FOUNDS room, comfort and econ­ MYHRE TRAILER SALES V Your Volkswagen v!Flrst Payment °Ct°bCr' FUEL PUMPS >2.90 and up. (ex­ P Wagon ................$198 P $ kilchen and_sink- 1007 Johnson. radio. 59 FORD, automatic drive. 6io mckenzie ave. omy. Reg. $695. change) GENERATORS H5.93 and ROOMS AND HoTfSEKEEPINd >1295. SALE ........... >1000 GR 9-3486. P P Dealer V » buick «ardtop __ up. (exchange). SALE PRICE $1195 NOW ................. ......... $492 '59 Reg. METEOR MONTCALM. TELMAC »> SAVING ......... >264 1964 ^’xSe1 SAFEWAY MOBILE room* Town centre. 777 Fort St. P 54 HILLMAN, P$ Reg. >1295. SALE ............H200 V 57 CHEVROLET Station Wagon SAVE $203 ENSIGN MOTORS home. Cash to mortgage or will LARGE ROOM. ALL FOUND? •56 ZEPHYR ZODIAC, Stock K> SAVING............>897 P good ................... $225 P V 58 TELMAC trade on home In Greater Victoria. Fridge. >32.50._US7 Johnson.; PARTS DEPARTMENT 1987. Reg. >1096. SALE .. >816 OLDS Hardtop 59 CHEV 4-Door Family Se- '59 OLDSMOBILE Sedan, 11c. P P VVVVVVVVVVVV TELMAC KS SAVING............>793 Yates at Cook 386-2981 47g~€O44' 2630 QUADRA — jf*ROOMS AND Reg. >1295. SALE . 60 CHEVROLET Sedan dan—6 cyl, stand, trans, '59 5468. 1.Y DEBILLE TRAILER. SLEEPS kitchenette. 2 people. Close In. P 53 ZEPHYR ............ $89 P $ 58 CHEVROLET Bel ZEPHYR SEDAN, lie. 25269. TELMAC >» SAVING...........>1294 five. Complete with pro pane stove RINGS TOR ALL MOTORS Reg. >995. SALE............. >720 heater, defroster, signals. 58 MERCURY Convertible P $ J. C. MOTORS LTD and oven, fridge, electric brake* and AVAILABLE. CLEAN ROOM. KITAir Sedan. SJlilomatic $ Gaskets. Bearings. Machine Work ’36’ CHEVROLET SEDAN, lie. TELMAC W> SAVING...........>1479 chen. business pei»«n. EV 3-2UR5 Reg. $895. P 52 PONTIAC . .$99 P $ 63 CHEV 2-d'.K$r ............. ^no.'i Exchange Brakes, Drum Turning Eazlift hrteb. PH me 384-9347 425432. Reg. >1195. SALE . trans., custom radio, $ fi? ................. -’.'->2795 60 Chev.. 33 Mercuitry, 59 Chevrolet, CORDS PISTON . RINGS 2 ROOMS FURNISHED. >33 >36. FOR RENT: 16’ TRAVEL TRAILNOW ....................... $644 '59 OLDSMOBILE SEDAN, 11c. P SALE PRICE $1095 $ at 834 Johnson Street 3S3-00U 5780. Reg. >1495. SALE >1260 S .................>1493,59 T'Bird. 64 64 Port Pontiac, 63 TBird. er • lift ni,*l<*l. Moeos 5. Overknid for gents. All found. EV 2-0729 SAVE $251 - W8^|$ P 5ff CHEV •59 METEOR Sedan, lie. 38316. Automatic ..............>1495 59 Lark. 56 Meteor. 58 Chevrolet springs and electric hook-up Paned. Wl. FUR N ISH El). ~N EmTfRIIXIeT ’ $ AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Reg. >1195. SALE . >940 <2 ..........................>1395 57 Dodge.57 Cadillac. 60 Studebaker. Available Sept 1. Phone GR 9-5220. P AND ACCESSORIES stove. Superior. St. EV 3-8437 ----------------------$ 59 VAUXHALL Velox 6-Cyl •59 BUICK Hardtop, lie. 53606. Vlnor ..................... >595 52 Pont.. 56 Plymouth. 59 Pontiac. SAVE >400 ON NEAR NEW DE ROW • SIMS AU'IO SUPPLY P'$ Reg. >1495. SALE >1162 BI MERCURY Hardtop ................J993 57 Olds.. 57 Plymouth. 38 Buirk. P 50 KAISER, KfTCHEN I’RIVII.E'.E>? $ EV 3-4513 luxtj s factory built camper. Ph. Sedan — Vinyl interior, 59 AUSTIN Bus. Reg. >S95. o! Sedan ................... >11195 63 Ford. 56 Chevrolet, 56 Buirk. 851 Yates Street females only. 3X8-5226. P good . >450 SALE oA X2k??*WAGEN. sun roof ... >995 62 Pontiac 53 Oldsmobile $79 P,5 57 CHRYSLER Windsor $ heater-defroster, signals. 59 CHEVROLET STATION BURNSIDE CAR RADIO TUNE-UP 7-ft.-home-made CAMPER. IN- AVAILABLE NOW. CHEV. Wagon. V-8 .............>1495 P P $ Sedan. V-8 motor, $ WAGON, lie. 42795. Reg. 39 OLDS Hardtop .......... >1795 Centre. Radio and auto electronics. sulated. ideal f1.100 >1595. SALE >1320 Free estimates of your needs. Call Offers. EV 5-3952._ P automatic, power S NOW ...... ........?„ $855 PONTIAC Sedan ____ fsgj EV 5-7379. FURNISHED HOUSE KEEPING Buy with Confidence P CASH FOR LATE P steering, tutone. $ 58 METEOR Tudor ___ 1*95 ONE. ffe’” I)E LUXE TRUCK room. Call after 5, EV 4-6U1J. SAVE $140 NEW ARRIVAL OF DISCON- camper Excellent condition. Phone 36 CHEV. Tudor ............ _.ZZ?>695 P MODEL CLEAN P BRIGHT. LARGE. ALL~ FOUNEk SALE PRICE $1095 $ 36 CADILLAC Coupe________ >100 T — E-L-M-A-C tinued mufflers, special, only M.95. Duncan 746-7563. P Frig; garage; shops. EV 3-9794 CANADIAN CARS Sandy’s Auto Parts. 1023 View SL P j5 FORD Crown ........ >1095 EASY TERMS . . . BEAUTIFUL TRAVEL TRAILER. 58 EDSEL Station WagonEV 5-4478. COMPACT CARS P RAMBLER - CHEVS P 837 Yatee St 384-0921 Sleeps 8. 1965 model. Perfect condi­ >36 - COOK FAIRFIELD AREA. $ Quiet tenants. EV 5-7615. Automatic trans, custom WRECKING 54 PONTIAC AND 54 tion. Save over >4(KI. EV 4 9460 P PONTIACS or P DOCTOR RECENTLY FROM ENGNO PAYMENTS TIL convertible. $ Plymouth Phone 848 Fort EV 5-5441 land and now located In Yukon radio, tutone, very well P VALIANTS P $ 64 RENAULT R8 Sedan. $ 12-FT ARISTOCRAT, SLEEPS 5 OR 12B APARTMENTS TO HINT EV 2-6755. offer* for sale 1951 Rolls-BenUey. OPEN EVENINGS 6. 4 months old. As new condition. maintained since new. OCTOBER P OTHERS 6-cylmder ’’fuli now.” 4.«-litre. black, P $ FURNISHED WRECKING 1957 METEOR. 1956 >1.450. EV 6-2627. Only 3,000 miles. Like S 4-door sedan. >3.000. Will be In Vic­ Reg. $1095. NOW $880 Chevrolet, 1957 Plymouth. 386 7761 P CONSIDERED P $ toria early Sept. To arrange view new. One owner. CADBORO BAY MORE IN TRADE UTILITY TRAILER REDUCED 53 PONTIAC COUPE. A-l CONDIP m'-----------------SAVE $215 phone EV 8-4810. P It’s different! A spackoufl and de­ P $ Al’s Bay eJ Catherine 3X3-8233. SALE PRICE $1495 tion. New paint Job and rechromed. WRECKING 48 FORD 2-TON AND lightfully furnished 3-ruom suite with P 50 MORE LOW PRICED P $ OPEN TILL 10 P.M.! view, close to stores, beach and 56 HILLMAN Minx, ideal f?,. STA- Terms can be made. Can be seen i 1-ton. Parts or as is. Best offer, 15 • FT TRAILER FOR RENT P ^UNITS P Ion wagon, automatic. V8. all pw at \ Pandora Esso., Pandora at EV 3-9603. Sleeps 6 EV 3-9883. golf course; lovely garden. 15 mins, $ 2nd car, ready to go. Reg. shining one-owner car which will Quadra. 385-8243. 1 ____ | FLATHEAD FORD RACING EQUIPfrom city centre. By day. week or P P $ HM-T. OVER-THE CAB CAMPER, give years of happy motoring. Will rntsith. Fairways Apartments. .tv>5 $495. parts. Best offer. 13575. <78-2548. take anything of value in trade. Ph. ~ 1962 KARMA NN GHIA, HARD TO '58 STUDEBAKER Hawk. Reg P YOUR CAR IS HERE P Hobba Street. Just ptxsie 477-2602 , FIND .MODEL IN FIRST CLASS EV NOW ........................$340 $ 63 HILLMAN Sedan. >1095. SALE >771 EV 6-1231. 114 HOTELS P AT P ; CONDITION, LOW MILEAGE;--r»tnrir-v.e motor PARTS °6,'» 2»3 '58 METEOR Sedan, lie. 43244. >xn -Fort St. near Pandora Junction. RENAULT _ DAUPHINE. ONE ^MOPDRS^ LTD . 2015 J.”Vb,®cks piston^T et^ 652-1796 SAVE $155 Only 15,000 miles. Reg. >895, SALE >567 ■ owner. Red and black In color. 41 9UADRA ST., 382-3522. 3 bedrrxMna, gas stove, heat and P PUMLEYS P BEVERLY HOTEL ; between 5 and 7 p.m. 58 CHEVROLET SEDAN, lie. ' -One owner. twk water included. Available In city centra Moderate rates P?? 8a,lon. Can be purchased" P P 53 VAUXHALL Sedan, good 42337. Reg. >U95. SALE . •07= T111*® Immediately. for >31.50 per month. Will take any- TD CLOSE ESTATE. QUICK SALK TWO 710X15 RECAPPED SNOW Transient and permanent «uesta SALE PRICE $1292 '38 OLDSMOBILE HARDTOP. Jg78 thing in trade.' 386-1221. P 1010 Yates EV 2-9121 P 1964 Hillman Super Minx. 3-jipeed tires, good shape. >16 cash. Some h'Kise keeping rooms TV tn transportation. Reg. >1293. SALE ............ automatic. New conditi2395 SALE .. . CHEVY 2. RADIO. 14 >2100 Super 88 sedan. 49.000 original PPPPPPPPPPPP 1964 CHEVELLE MALIBU HARD117 COTTAGES, CAMPSITES, •58 CHEVROLET STATIONmiles, has blown automatic trans- top, radio, padded dash, whitewalls. wheel and tire. 477-3173. JAMES BAY, NEAR PARLIABRAND NEW WAGON. lie. 6209. Reg. rnen! Buddings. Small. he*t.-d mission and 2 stuck valves. >300 17,000 miles. >2.350. Phone Sooke. S9 CHF.V 2-DOOR. CUSTOM RA J 59 AUSTIN A95 Fordnr t LANGFORD AU’ UTO WRECKERS CARETAKER FOR COUNTRY >1295. SALE....................... GR 7-3629. —----- couple or sing;- lady. '65 VALIANTS atlix excellent condition. Vl.lQp. Ph. ' roruor. 5 472-3090. 1074 GOLDSTRE. GR b-.’S* pelage with all fvtlities. in ex­ available '58 RENAULT. Reg. >493. rww. Furnished >65 nw?. Fully automatic. Tu- $ Canada's largest selling change for rent. References. Vic­ Available SALE ................................. FOR VOLVO {♦»$rman investment Co. Ltd. GOING ABROAD. SELLING 1960 108 AUTO repair$, toria Press, Box 325. The World’s finest oar Pick - Up. tone. One owner. 293C CHEV COUPE. DE LUXE. 3X3-7|I34 Olds Siesta. 9-passenger station compact, also Victoria’s •58 VOLKSWAGEN Call Harry Marks Reg. >895. SALE .. >575 G-iod body, interior and motor. wagon^ Fully _equ^»ped. Top condi­ SERVICE, TOWING CABIN ON THE BEACH. >25 PER SALE PRICE $1095 WHY PAY HIGH RENTE’ sales leader. There must be •37 CHEVROLET-, lie. >5428. 1673,3966168DAVID MOTORS LTD many extras. 656-8274 tion. Phone 636 31 week. 658-9004. Reg. >895. SALE . 1 bedroom at Garden Park. a reason. Another Gr«a< ftroney Saving •37 METEOR V-8. lie. 37099 3963 RAMBLER 660 CLASSIC, 1954 ZEPHYR. TIRES LIKE NEW, Lov«f A'c . 2 Nks fnwn T. and <' . CLUNKER QUIT v 120 ROOM AND BOARD Reg. >895. SALE .. •tandard 6. extras, i$est offer over 6 bik' from Mayfair. Come end Special from , Clearance Price from Trade It in. See Doug Boden at En- P®‘nt ln PewrJx**ntlo‘h mechan, •57 CHEVROLET lie. 26261. .— sign Motors for. 1 premium7 used ra ,y •22nd- Priced nght for quick >2500. Phone EV 6-1905 after 5:30. see EV 4-5bQ9. NATIONAL MOTORS Reg. >895. SALE . $2365 sale. Phone GR 9-2585. GONZALES GUEST HOUSE FURNISHED SUITE OF 4 ROOMS 3933 PONTIAC 2-DOOR. VERY 57 CKDII ' 'C Sedan D« VUlr OVER 150 BRAKES REUNED 347 FOUL BAY RD. 385-1238 f‘»r rent James Bay area. For 6 good condition. 981 MeBriar4 Ave. Reg. $1795. SALE ............. $1360 1954 STUDEBAKER LOWBOY TWO-! AUSTIN, VERY NEAT CLEAN Completely equipped and >75 per month. adu!‘s door hardtop, stick V-8. overdrive 'car only t*W. Also 50 Austin in 39© CORVAIR MONZA. GOOD Limited nine Only SSS V Gardner esurying Chrysler Corpora­ _ rebuilt transmission, new tires. S'“t Mi ui 1 condition.- >17» or offer. EV 4-»»9. TOP QUALITY H' -rr.eiike meals and accomm450 EV 4-8286 ' 1 •$$$$? closest offer. EV o2-3346. J21.95 e with spacious Lounge. TV. Moderate---------------------------------->. tion’s Famous 5 YEAR — 3961 AUSTIN MINI. GOOD C^ONDIrates for single or couples. Bus. gEEACON LODGE 30 DOUGLAS BY 1954 PLYMOUTH. GOOD TRAN,S1962 INTERNATIONAL SCOUT <450,000-MILE POWER-TRAIN tion. >500. After 6 p.m.. 636-2464. Reg. $29.95 USED CARS wheel drivei with extras, gone 32.000 Donation. >150 or nearest offer. j VACANCIES AT ROCCABELLA Compare 01 WARRANTY. miles and in gxxj emdition. >1770. EV 3-7260. TOR SALE. 1957 BUICK SPECIAL, boarding house. 777 Blanshard. Ex­ sn.p—a-nrvsphere, 386-3SP1 Includes Hi parts and labor. Phone 384-3011. very good condition. Offers. Phone 1962 VAUXHALL SEDAN. O N E NOW ... AT THE cellent • food, comfortable rooms, ON DISPLAY 8&2-1W. ALL MAKES MOST MODELS owner. 27.000 miles. 478-4233 or CANADIAN CREST MOTEL maid service, large garden, walking '58 VOLVO. CONDITION GOOD. Save over >8.00 and drive ln safety distance to city 385-9030. 1-2 bedroom suites. TV. electric kJtBRAND NEW >900. Leaving country, want cash. 477-1794. after 5 p.m. 3959 NASH METROPOLITAN B-I-G PEALER with this great special! chens. aurelromat. playgrsjnd, 383-4693. hardtop. Very econamicad. Wanda. 1963 PONTIAC STATION WAGON65 DODGES AT Just compare the complete service RfX>M AND BOARD IN WARM close to scbrx4 bus. stores. <19-9002. 886-5OJD or 386-4747. comfortaMe home. TV kxeig*'. •61 CHRYSLER NEW YORKER V-8. automatic, for sale or trade. we give ycsi . MORRISON meals, in a born* from home. 112 MODERN 1- AND 2-BEDRCX.>M and S3 Pontiac Station Wagon, Evenings. 477-1228. ■ 1962 VALIANT AUTOMATIC Completely equipped. With Dallas Road. 3M-72O1 .suites, all utilities. >55 and >70 Retlne ail 4 wheel brakes will trade or selL GR 7-6X38. 3-year warranty, take trade. Bud. REPOSSESSED ENSIGN MOTORS C^®HEVROLET------- — ’■«;• ■ i sundry fs ities. Chryco Bunded uruhgs Written 5-Year, 50.000-Mile KS4MB. 1956 Olds 88. 2-d-wr. hardtop. Rn. DE LUXE ACCOMMODATION ' Anzlese* Motel. Sor*e 472-5SM. . ’968 PONTIAC 4-DOOR ‘DE LUXE 3*^5922 inspect wheel cylinders and’ from Single, double, private with bath , . ’ ----- — -----POWER TRAIN WARRAN3957 P O N T IAC LAUREN’TtAN Sedan. Automatic, 8. Good condition. wheel bearings Full or part r»oanl TORT AVALON MOTEL. BEACON GIANT Phone 3X6-3X7 after 5:30. hardtop. Automatic, rebuilt motor. OLDSMOBILE *;TY. Price,-from ............$2688 62 FALCON. BEAUTIFUL CONDIPHONE >6-7096. . . Hill Park, first class, days, weeks,

p p p p p p p




Phone EV 4-5128.

SMALL DRAGSTER. NEEDS work, Ford VS-60 engine. EV 3-9729.


•58 RENAULT DAUPHINE. GOOD emdltion. >425. 3S3-7S90. A 3958 FQRD FORDOR SEDAN. •tick. What offers EV 2-9552 3957 ZEPHYR SEDAN? RADIO. RE-


liable. 477-17M


CirifPACT. REAL NICE TAKE trade or best offer. 3SS-3OI. 1 AUSTtS A-«. <7S-tOM.

$ Ey


3030 Douglas St.

Over a century “The Most Respected Name} in the Automobile Industry.’’


At Finlayson



Test master cylinder 1996 METRO P O L I T A N NEW tion, ideal for lady, will finance inspect and clean out brake drumi HAVE ROOM FOtt 7 MEN TO E\TyM'j«WCab»ev!s!l?’ Ava'r*’ paint, dean Interior. >385. Ph. EV 2-3758. tbar-* Rea>nat»ie ri-ae ki. Jirnrhes •-,---------- ------------------ --------------------GR 9-1719. 1953 FORD SEDAN. GOOD CONDJm> Ad lust brakes •parked, laundry and hnme privll- 3, ROOMS. SECOND FL5e- EV 6-9918 1959 OLDS SUPER 88 2-DOOR applicable —--------------------------------------------->15ft~ hardtop. A-l shape. Will take small trade. EV 5-0145. ALL CHHYCO PARTS BACKED BY P ANO B->AR[, IN PRIVATE . CHRYSLER NATIONAL ’ * park ’d BACHELOR Nt TTE. DOWNTOWN 1957 FORD. 6-CYLINDER RELI 101 FOREIGN IMPORT AND WARRANTY t?ndI>r a?miwphere Phone Tdrs W-<-k >». .utilities included Careable transportation. Must sell. Phone V3.0-J77 taker ai EV 2-9616. SPORT CARS 3*0634. For f’ut Efficient Service TEACHV.R WAJ9TED NEW PAN 3 LARGE ROOJfcl UPSTAIRS. 63 ACADIAN. STANDARD SHIFT. TRIUMPH TR-3 Jb3-5()49 after ; 'aiweie home Firyplac* Hr>me CT»jkmt.1 «-'derri fotk or workmg omple NATIONAL MOTORS one-owner car. 382-4804. 6 p.m. , .ng. Brer’^Kd Ba>. 652-1644 EV S-9WQ a/ier 6 (Victoria) 52 BUICK SUPER. GOOD CONDI ! 61 VOLVO, MOfrEL 133A WH. * >\f TTe7 S» rf~X~>Q5^ PH «3> XA1ES ST. EV 4-1174 tion. What Offers- 479-3493. offers- GR 9-3025. t ruch.. HcM and cuia water. EV 5^03L >83-



apartments to

RENT FURNISHED LARGE - MODERN . SUNNY 1 TWO - BEDROOM APARTMENT Suitable for couple with one or two young children.



Re all S apartments listed above:' Walking distance JubUee Hospital Automatic heat and hot water. Fridges. Automatic electric stoves. Central, quiet residential district. EV 2-1371 BEACON HILL PARK - Luxurious aivhllect-designed town hmse du­ plex. Cathedral celling, fireplace, aundeck and garden Everything automatic. Furnished by Interior designer Available Sept. 1. $250. BOORMAN INVESTMENT CO., LTD.. • __ ___ 3S3-7124 large 3-ROOM SUITE WITH electric stove frig. TV. laundrv. near schools. stores and bus. Kea sonable winter rates. Brig O* Doon Court. 1830 Island Highwav. GR 8-1921





I. ONI - BEDROOM APARTMENT. Fireplace in llvingroont.




NOW OPEN Spacious Living Rooms Luxurious Bathrooms.

1-bearm suites from $112.50




’bone now for appointment Walter TTiome- 384-4832


Manager tnd Sola agent Westcott Rentals.

PHONE 386-211)

OCTOBER 15th OCCUPANCY THE PARK ROYAL Corner Pakington and Cook Streets. YOU’LL ENJOY the benefits of

P. R. BROWN & SONS LTD. 762 Fort Street





T H* Y

U0 DOUGLAS STRKET kANGEilRD .FURfiUSHED, 5 RMS M MODERN SUITES $75. GR 8-3826. TO BEACON HILL PARK SMALL SUITE $54 PARKING. HANDY AND WATERFRONT. 1 AND 21486 Fort St.. EV 4-4004 BEDROOM DE LUXE SUITES. COZY BACHELOR SUITE. SINGLE • Elevator girt utilttiee. $57 50. OT2-4M1. • Cable TV • Balconies BACHELOR SUITE NEAR ROUND • Control I I'd entrahhes about EV 3-4506. • Drapes all windows OVERLOOKING CADBORO BAY. • Wall-tQfWall carpets pressurlird | Flame-proof dropm. 3 room furnished apartment. 471-6030. (2 ftoorsi n -wall rarpeis. ,*n halls. wall-to-walT cable• Many more features vision. ventilation fans in kitchen OAK BAY~ BACHELOR SUITE, and bathroom, heat lamp In balhnice, quiet. $35. EV 5-6092. RESIDENT .MANAGER IN AT- room. elevator. aonLrolled entrance. TENDANCE OR PHONE RENTAL lnd/vidual heat control in Using i and. sleeping . . ■ areas, laundry -fatal129 APARTMENTS TO RENT AGENTS. it*e

SALESMAN'S OFFICE. Vancouver. 383-8548.


2-bedroom rafts* from 1185. All two-bedruom suites have twu bathrooms Fruitwood Kitchen Cabinets Self defpjstlag fridges SO” Automatic Ranges THREE ELEVATORS Year-round »*wfmmlng pool and saunas Cabtavutfun Free laundry fack’tles Covered parking 15 Open parking Free Colonial lounge and Roof Lounge. with observation deck ADULTS ONLY - NO PETS


BACHELOR. SUITES from $79.50 ONE-BEDROOM SUITES from $1«5 TWO-BF.DRXXIM iuiTES from $125.00

BACHELOR SUITES J Large, Bright, New Apart­ ments at 1181 Esquimalt Rd. ONE and TWO-BEDROOM!


The Daily Crossword Puzzle 1 Egyptian month 5 Young animal 9 Science ■r or sort management i abbr. i 14 Vitality 15 Caln's victim IS Miss Bordoni 17 Clockwot k pendulum 19 Highland Hl ng 20 Card 21 Cushion 22 Freed from —fault* 24 Pronoun 25 Elementary • abbr » 27 Enlarge lha magnitude 28 Color 3U Fly high 32 Litter 36 Sea going commercial vessel 39 Kpack 10 Architect­ ural pier 41 One in the know 43 s„K 45 Short letter 46 Idle fellow «sSang > ’ 48 City on the Yangtze 49 Miss Verdon 50 Eastern name ® Quadruped 53 Question 55 Consid­ erable 57 Marble game to Little pies 6t Three: Il 65 Silkworm 66 Answer the purpose 67 Underground wurkei <2 wds. > 7ft Joyful hymn 71 Preposition 72 Skin disease 73 - Canada Hijhwat 74 Hammer 75 Meial


‘RENTAL WITH OPTION* Recently widowed owner wishes to I we her home to. desirable middle-aged couple who would enjoy the garden and quiet ' location. ” Option to purchase gladly given to the right party. The rent, $85 per mo. and worth it, CaU Don Haney Ltd.. EV 5-0167.



$200 GONZALES HILL AREA. With view and seclusion. 4 bedrooms, den, large living room. dining room. 2 oathnooms. Full I basement, automatic oil heat. Available first October. I


- C G. Heisterman 383-4161

DOWN 1 Egyptian dawer 2 Fragment 3 Lingering sensation 4 Through 5 Welland - - • 6 Dwellings 7 Man s nick-name 8 Insect 9 Helped 10 Newfound­ land slmal 12 wds i 12 Dne time only 13 Require 18 Went on first 3 Mrs Washington 26 Ratlte. bird 29 Diversion (tt affection


31 Part of circle— S3. Urgency 34 Wm. Pitt s Alma Mater 35 Sounded iveunantty 36 Hum 37 Enough ■ archaic)

38 Rescind 42 Battering device 4,-Garland 47 Joke 51 Revolve • 54 Window parts 56 Synthetic fiber 58 Sports palace 50 Ft;led for sound 60 Agreement 61 N Caucasian language

62 Rome in’ "Gone With the Wind,'' 63 Anglo-Saxon Answers to Pre\ Ions Puzzzla

Co. Ltd. evie. 363-6685

BC. LAND RENTALS j985 Admirals Road—Picturesque set­ tling with views. Gracious living room 14 x23', open fireplace, dining I room lO'xl.l',. 2 bedrooms, newly - decorated throughout. Oil hot-water heating and separate garage. $125. Immedislte. • 1922 (tovemment Street 388-5555

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nnunaonro (Released by the Bell Syndicate Inc.)



YOU HAVE SOLD YOUR HOME with “a dmm payment —' anti are ----- ----------— oaiTslng the liaJance orr 'aji agreement-for-sale. a Lst mortgage or a 2nd yiortgage with monthly- pa\ments, and would now like to re­ ceive y


1061 hV«l St. 386 21111 ____t-------------- --------------------$8000 1ST MORTGAGE REQUIRED WATERFRONT PROPERTYJon $18,000 property. Excellent aweBazan Bay, from November 1. 2 nan1 Will pay 7V*%. Call Pat bedrooms, living room, separate j Mun>hy. Metropolitan Realty Ltd. dining room, rumpus room, oil hoi EV 6-3j65. 1320 Government SL water. $125 monthly. 656-2330. j_________ _________________________ ’ MtGE 3.i:ki»room_homf.. ' BK.' “wAnS' muuL. *!Sm » lMp,'.,rwd

‘?,1an< #

»,«r wh»M..

purrh.Md lor

dosvntown. $80-1 cash See us for top price __________ _ A BERNARD A CO. LTD. SMALL. OLDER TYPE kY>R RE- 155 Fort Streel EV 4'9SM llred nxiple. Close to bus and store $5(1, water Included. Phone 142 WANTED TO BORROW ' 477-2991. 6 to 8 p.m.


13432 HENDERSON, AVAILABLE Sept. 15. 3-bedroom house, near ' si hool. Triple plumbing, double j garage. $165 a month. 384-7497. 1 MM EDI ATE POSSESSION. 2-BEDroom home Oaklanda district. $75 a month w-ith option to buy on year­ ly basis. GR 7-4986.


Warm Elegance in the Spanish Tradition

$67.50. FAIRFIELD. 1 BEDROOM side-by-slde duplex, garage, near bus. stores, achodl and park. C. N. MontAgue Co.. EV 4-9318.




THE I.ORD SIMCOE 4">0 Sinicoe Street ‘'Victoria’s Prestige Address!”







For those who require a STRATE­ GIC business location, INVESTI­ GATE this property. Located oq the corner of BURNSIDE and DOUGLAS you will find a fina MORTGAGE LOANS frame and stucco building, wired,’ First mortgages available up to any plumbed and oil heated, with liv-T amount ®t current Interest rates; tng qunrti irtera PLUS a large OFFICE; Quick decision*. or STOR] ---------IRE area, or the purchaser can alter same to his requirements. Ample off-st;reel parking PLUS BROWN BROS. room for building expansion. •AGENCIES LTD. FULL PRICE ONLY $29,500 1125 Blanshard SL EV $-8771 See Uila exclusive listing by calling . ERIC DAY KEN HOWARD EV 4-JH26 PEMBERTON. HOLMES LTD. . . WHY PAY TWG MORTGAGE) when one will du? Refinance, Second mortgages, agreements for sals purchased. Maximum amounts wits OUTSTANDING minimum dt'ay. Call

SOUTH FAIRFIELD. LARGE 4bedroom older home 5Sdth auto ml heat and double plumbing, ffldge and stove. Immediate- poaseasiurphy, $110 month. Call Fat F.V 6-35S5. Metropolitan Realtyr Ltd., 1320 Government St.


•WEDGEWOOD TERRACE’ Pandora at Chambers


Thursday, Sept.

Spotless and well established cafe with steady clientele. All . modern In first class condition 2nd MORTGAGE LOANS equipment and very centrally located in City. FROM PRIVATE FUNDS Centre. Owncf w-lll consider trading for equity in house or may’accept WITHOUT BONUS paper. Be sure to Investigate this At a fully disclosed and reasonable sound Investment at a PRICE FOR. interest cost chargeable only from QUIC^SALE OF the data of loan to the day of Mr. Clare Belcher. pfiyoff — may ba paid off anytime EV 4-9335 Rea EV 2-2841 without penalty. I CAN USUALLY OBTAIN A HIGHER PRICE for jrour second SALT SiJfUNG ISLAND mortgage or agreement. VICTORIA V . OVER 5 ACRES and U.P-ISLAND. Your document can be appraised for immediate sale One of Salt Spring's most popular for cash without obligation oc I will RESORTS on beautiful ST. MARY arrange a loan against the document LAKE. About 300 ft. of lake front­ to save you money, if this plan at age. Lge., modem living quartern consisting of 15x24 paneUed liv­ best for your circumstances: ing room with fireplace, cab. elec, I REFINANCING A SPECIALTY kitchen. 2 bedrms. 4-pce Pembroke 1 COUNTRY MORTGAGES GULF ISLANDS. SALT SPRING bath and lge. utility rm, plumbed SIDNEY. SHAWNTGAN. SOOKE. for washer and dryer. 12x24 office. Auto hot air furnace. Year-round IaANGFORD, METCHO6IN business from 8 cabins, miniature 9hol'e golf course and boat rentals. • VACANT LAND AND Boat house and float. The best bass LAND DEVELOPERS’ fishing in N. America. Very good revenue and can easily be handled LOANS ANYWHERE by man and wife. Clear title. Owner will take good terms to' reliable Please call Mr. Thomas at Cabins fully furnished and DOUGLAS HAWKES LTD. party. equipped. .. »17A Fort <3t 384-7138: res. 479-6382 Full Price $61,000 "The more unusual the loan the EV 4 9335 Dirk Okker res. GR 8-4501 more likely I can handle IL” A BERNARD A CO. LTD. .

BROWN BR(K. RENTAJA , $85 1696 FORT ST. - 3-BR duplex i Range and fridge. No steps. Good MONEY TO LOAN bus service !$«». GAKKIL RD. — 2-BR. nice FOR ALL TYPES jkitchcn wired fine range Full baneor ment. Drive-in garage. OU furnace. MORTGAGES Oct 1. — $75. VICTORIA WEST -- 1-BR upper EASY REPAYMENT CURRENT RJTES I duplex Gas "artge. AiTutKltMea mcl. $». 21S OSW EGO ST. - 2-rm. ate Gas range. P. R. BROWN A SONS LTD. Brown Bros. Agencies Ltd. 782 FORT STREET EV 6-3435 s 1125 Blanshard Street. EV 5--S771 anytime

1653 OAK BAY AVE. Renting now for Sept. 15th. Spacious $112 00—OAK BAY TOWERS. Span-'for APPOINTMENT TO VIEW OR brand new ultra-modem —ROYAL NEWINJET. Spa Don't miss this opportunist clous; modem, sea view, 2-bed CHARTER HOUSE | room suite. Immediate. FEATURES: Phon, 1. B Mctvs. SO.1?. 435 Michigan Street , Call EV 5-77177 • Swimming Pool 80 degrees I Mears & Whyte • Vanity Bathrooms Oak Bay Realty Ltd. • French Provonnal Kitchens REGENT TOWERS Overlooking scenic S t r-a 11 • Individual Thermostats • Excellent Television of Juan de Fuca, the Clym2 Bedroom Suites • WestinghoUse Equipment pic Mountains and beautiful • Large Balconies 1 Bedroom Suites • All Modem Features I Victoria. Parkside location -PONDEROSA” Bachelor Suites • Drapes supplied -two tiacks

Rental enquiries from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Phone 384-8923

office space, esquimalt Plaza, excellent- business opportuni­ ties The Royal Trust. $85-4311.


MARINE OAKS - 1725 Beach Dr. Ocean view with heated swim­ $125 ATTRACTIVE 1-BEDROOM ming pool and elevator, l-bed­ modem apartment. Ground floor. TWIN HOLLY APTS. room suite, large sundeck. $150 Immediate possession. Armas from I month: 3-bedruom suite, sundeck, Beacon H11J. Park. References re­ 476 LAMPSON $175 month. Phone EV 3-5786. quired. Apply Victoria Press, Box 321. _______ ' UNIVERSITY GARDEN HOMES Take the time to visll 1* only. 3-bedrm suite. Available CASA LINDA >MOTEL WELCOMES lovely spacious apartrnf illding Sept. 15. Washer and drver tnNaval |>reb co course personnel and situated opp. the famous Olda Eng­ r eluded. $151.50 386-6235 families. __ __ -Furnis _mlshed 1- and 2-bedrm land Inn. in. The ulumaie In [nmily OCEAJi VIEW APTS 3707 c,„van. and bathroom suites. All electric living. I Spacious de luxe 2-bedruom suite kitchens — Linens — Utilities. TV 2 tied rooms, from ......... $120 with double plumbing, wall-to-wall Included. Phone 478-1581 carpets Tappan range, fridge and 3 bedroom^, from ............... $135 REASONABLE. BEDSITTING dishwasher Private balcony The Individual Heat Control room, kitchen. Utilities. ISIS Rich­ ultimate in Comfort and appoint­ Coloured Fixtures mond. ments Elevator, $225 382(1577 Automatic Ovens SHERWOOD ClAlRT. 1240 NewportVanity Bathrooms $ ROOM UNIT ALSO SINGLE 2-bedruom suite near Oak Bay Automatic Laundry light housekeeping room, all found, heach. with sea vi.-w. $125 and Pull Drapes on all windows garage, working persons. 388-4858. $130 a month. 3tC C7s8. pressurized Halls 'MODERN STUDIO SUITES Mf.A PACIFIC SHORES 2181 Hsultstnaonabie weekly, monthly rates. Close These are LUXURIOUS apartments 2-bedrm- suite, large foom». $115. and well worth viewing* New resi­ 182 0571. In. 388-4021. 3854761 dent caretaker tn ’ attendance. HIGH RISE park studio-oneTOURISTS, IS NIGHTLY. CHILD two-bedroom suites, every luxury* Brown Bhw. Agencies Ltd. welcome. EV 3-5655________ convenience Rents $55 to $190. 1125 Blanshard SL 4—«T JOHNSON. GROUND FLOOR. ' EV 5-87TJ anytime 8 RoomiW i850* MONTREAL TRUST isi 2 ROOMS, SHOWER. OW’N K«i »

$5,500 AGREEMENT We offer a choice Agreement for Sale (the only charge ... no second finance involved). Property value is $10,000. On basement bungalow on Ascot Drive. Saanich. $5,500 agree­ ment payable at $75 per Including 7% Interest. No discount offered as this is a FIRST CLASS, NO-RISK INVESTMENT. Please call Mr Harry Foster, EV 2-2101; Evenings EV 3-9325. Harry Foater Ltd.


1. "FAIRFIELD CLOSE TO TOWN ST. JOSEPH'S A PARK 23 SUITES GROSS. $36,000 P A. I’RICE $225 000 $61,000 DOWN 1 YEAR OLD 22 SUITES FULL PRICF $165 000 $52,000 DOWN Further details on request from Jack Mears. F.V 5-7707 anytime Meara A Whyte Oak Bay Realty Lid.

SERVICE STATION AND FORESHORE LEASE Here Li a gin ng concern that tha owner is selling for reair'na <>f health Lots ot room to expand with bulk ruel stataon to go along with this service and repair business Oil Compan? will finance to suitable purchaser. 3-bedroom living quar­ ters on the premises. All modern. $’0,000 DOWN WILL HANDLE Fof further information call Kllworkl. \ault at S82-60J7 or 388-4150 Newstead Realty Ltd.

MODERN APARTMENT BLOCK 4 SUITES Only 10 yeara old and In excellent condition throughout. Oil hot water heated. 4 Ear’ll, rangea, refrigerator* nnd washing machines included in each suite 2x2 Bedrooms. "2x1 bed| rooms. Grosa revenue $3,828 00

The (Kstlnrtiveiy appointed lobby BUS STOP AT DOOR From $H6 per month Is your Introduction to a very j $65 a month. Garage and oil stove. 1 and 2-BEDROOM SUITES pleasant way of life. Mail 386-3737 topp. the Esquimalt Plazai I BEDROOaM suites SUITES boxes: 'There aren't . any FEATURING: $60 A MONTH. E58 JOHNSON. I_____________ ____________________ I Asking Price $31,500 Lovely large rooms From $125 per month mail is delivered directly to your | Clone to town. EV 5-6041, EV 2-5211 7 Exclusive Rental Agents WITHOUT ADMINISTRATION' Individual heat control suite EXCELLENT TERMS evenings. !or worry? Victoria Mortgage 5-year Rental Hours Vent tans • Spacious rooms wall-to-wall 2-TEDROOM SUITES NORTH WEST TRUST Board either of the two high­ .---------------------->--------------------------debentures! One year 7%. Pressurized halls rarpetx. Please call exclusive agent. Mr. Leu 10 AM to 8 P.M speed elevators, step out seconds From $154 per month NEW, 3 BEDROOMS. OtL HEAT;-------------------------- ----------------------717 Fort SL Electric kitchens * Drape.*—Individual heat control. later at your floor and as you ; toil basement. 1110 per month. BUSINESS WANTS TO BORROW Wright,. EV 2-2101, Res. GR71669. Lots of cupboards. •' ^Balconies—Cablevision. FEATURING walk down the hall, listen. The harvY foster ltd. 151 Dorrance, Brentwood. EV 5-3742. 1*3.000 Good aocuritv Will pay Resident caretaker. Sett-defrosting fridge. thick aquamarine carpeting la |—------------------------------------------------ lnt~---------------- -------------GOODACRE TOWERS • Large heat’d swimming pool De luxe range with hood fan. COL WOOD. 1-BEDROOM. OIL COR R.ENT seen but never heard. Call and view these one or two• Private tem ?es Elegant bathroom—heat lamp. stove. $35. water included. GR 8-1086 1-Bedroom suites start at low OAK BAY bedroom suites today, 350 and 360 Douglas Street ! • Two automatic elevators 145 BUSINESS Exhaust fan. j as $120 per month, APARTMENT BLOCK 1 large ground floor suite, containing • Large br • carpeted hallways Custom Renta from $92.50, floor kitchen and bath- ! 2t and 3-bedroom suites are also, 2 BEDRxX»1 HOME”WITH~FULL OPPORTUNITIES 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living • Electric range and refrigerator 8% RETURN basement. $75 a month. EV 8-4730. room mi Side-bs*Nlde Duplex Bob Heath 656 2863 ontrols—Resident UNFURNISHED I . • i’ark ------- . .^.^..xom. main fl.xn |B E D R O O M with untibstrueted^sea views. This 1125 Blanshard St. EV 5-8771 anytime ual free heat 435 Michigan Street One of the last duplexes to bp built caretaker. Atbus. Up to Rate Adulta. lst ot >*»use. Dutch family, large garden apartment offers discriminating FEATURING or Fr,’*‘“''* Fairfield preferred Up.D. F. Hanley Agencies Lid. 1,1 ,thlg,P°Rular area. aide la October. EV 2-7405 Bay nr tenants more value and more living For further Information, call Phone 384-8923 nonth by October 1. Phone (Parmer,, s^nmb P^lty Ltd > ""St. T?” tXu. -------- — ------------- --------- to $95 a month krea fur their rental dollars. These $70 PER MONTH IN NEW APART BROWN BROS. AGENCIES LTD 1 bedrooms. 2 bathi-ooms, rumpus • De Luxe 2-be*irn«n suites. 901 SELKIRK-GROUND FIZkYR J86-1992 spacious two-bedroom suites include ments. Colored appliances, play 385-7761 H25 Blanshard St. j room. etc. The owner lives on ora* • Swimming pool. suite, $75 per month. All utilities j -—----------------------------------------ExcIumv, trf.HRI Accnta two bathrooms, all General Electric ground, outride clotheslines in back EV 5-5771 anyUme. side at present and Is fairly anxi-ms • Carpeted IraJlUays. included roil hot air>. Suitable for WANTED TO RENT —FROM OCT NORTH WEST TRUST cokred appliances. For appointment plus automatic laundry. Across from ' to sell. Tlie other side is under • Drapes supplied. couple. 386-6191, 11st. by adult family’, unfurnished school on quiet street. SPECIAL to view please contact at $140 per mo. >Yill price • Cfcrjx*ts in living room and HVATvn nri»i v v " 4-om xiv hotne fn ,nR to rpnt Phune Mr- i FVS7191 ’ * O,Q established meat business, i • Panoramic viewa. apt Including heat, light and hot . range Utilities included. $45 ”* Ph. GORGE VALE ' lmem blocks, now , mg nice garden. Floor to ceiling •nipleted. Cabetdu L’d man investment Co. Ltd.________ kxtated on one of Victoria's bum-1 EV 5-3155. water Adults only. Avail. Oct. I. fireplace. Elec. Kit. Spac. dining • On transportation APARTMENTS exepenae has been spared, ''J , 1 BEDROOM $xi| mo. I PSTAJRS SUITE I EA.MH.Y DESPERATELY NEEDS ; leaturitw 800 sq. ft |----• Elevator Fort st. - craigwood apts providing tbe finest m apart: 1180 Colville Road. 383-3139 router, corn• Oak floors JH-5. PARK BOULEVARD 1020 I self-contained. redecorated. Close 3-bedroom homejty September^!3. j'Walk’in Spacious 2 BR apt. in modem De luxe 2 and 3-bedroom suites, APPROX. 5 ACRES in a nice district, near school. I’’f • Draw drapes J’ark Blvd. Spac. 2-BR apt. Close accommodation. block. $11ft m<. controlled e n t r a n ces. balconies: Reasonable rent. 383-8469. [2-pce w^Aroom. Owner will leaae I • Ca'ble TV to Beacon Hill Park. Elec. kit. • ZONED LOW RISE • ESQUIMALT Clean and quiet 1- Wall-to-wall carpeting, drapes,* built---------------------------------------- -—r - or gpn premuica • Direct to door mhil Auto laundry . NORTH WEST TRUST DR apt Oil range On bus line in china cabinet, colored appliances: 130 APARTMENTS WANTED SUALb | n,CK JAMES. KV S Jts, TN. to..,M t. torn.,M Air-conditioned cornd-ra $105 PARK BOULEVARD 1020 and cloae to shopping. Adults. tree cablevision and laundry. Exclusive Rental Agenta. wanted ummajATEtLY. j or ntpyir. km — uu mt. maS*] *»*»««. i. -t J?*Sft 5£S Many more features. Apply rental j Ihuk Blvd. Spar. 1-BR apt. Cloye $35 mo. a^er^s. ‘ .. . —. — Phone 386-3534 Bekcon Hill -Park. Elec. ... kit. Auto ESQUIMALT — 1 BR and 2-BR HEDINGLEY APARTMENTS .. tiedroom furnished auartment WANTED TO RENT 2-BEDROOM from Dallas and three blocks we«t apts in new block. Available i laundry. 2150 Haul I* tn< near Lansdowne) MaT Am^Trtnrt?m. drive-in garage, wash tubs. PRINCESS CHARLOTTE Apply resident caretaker oi phone' ROYAL RAMADA | indiv. heat control. Resident care-) 3x2 -J 626 Fenced in garden, 1351 Mitchell. 1 aker. Bus at door. COOK AND BURDETT up to $100. EV >581? upper suite Included. Upper auiie' 17.18 NEWTON ST. 467 Ltmpson-St. 1-uiiy funrtshed, $105 unfurnished, roediaic ----- —---- ---__ cuntinuuusly rented to same ten ) ROYAL LANCER Have you seeriCTlie lovely, spacious,, flt;5. REGENCY APT ltKi I.r • Heated Swimming Pool Available Sep’ 6 477-3957 Near Spac. 2-BR apt. APARTMENT BI .OCX Close I ant over tour years Reasonable • Free Blacktop Pat 1527 Cedar Ihll Crossroad lobby or tbe ROYAL P.AMAD.V •p'- Jubilee Hospital. Eloc. kit HALLS, STORES AND «»'■*•»» payment a<-ceptaNe on prtc! Royal Jubilee Hospital 1 - BEDROOM DUPLEX, STOVE 137 • Free Automatic Laundry 6 SUITES. 4 GARAGES j New and s|»a< ious, well equipped s “les are iusl ** n,cc: laundry. Close to bus. shopping esrpiz-rr vex DtSJT ' S10.7.«(»(M» Phone P Si vert sen. I anti [ridge supplied, attached) gar­ • Wall-to-Wall Drapes with colored fixtures and appli- I Elevator EXCELLENT L< CATION $8j. REGENCY-APT. 1975 Lee Ave. OFFICES TO RENT CITY BROKERAGE LID. 3k6-3547 age. $x5 per monthPossession • Patios and Balconies '•LOSE TO T**W\ FEA TURING: antes, controlled entiance and ele^Individual H87.50 GROTON MANOR — 550 playgrounds individual heat control, CARNARVON ST. DF. LUXE 4 ------- Mean & Whyte Oak Bay Realty Ltd. } One Bedrooms from $95 00 era! office „ spaces from 1 on 20" ACRFXS PARKtJtxn bedroom. 2 bath. $130. Available Fm apartments.! ,./f^ H25 Blanshard Street rue. l-B.R »te. Private entrance other buildings. Property suitable OO.. LTD. NO PETS Immediately. Dnwntnwn suite. ftflly/^^.. EV S-796X. able now, 997 sq. ft. of modem-;<,UF8t ranch nr ? Good revenue! $70. BENJAMIN APT -1711 Duchess, with no car. $45 per mrotli. Call tar parking. 5 Min. walk to down lred office space with southern, ^' (told-mina pomdWlttles. Ph SPORTING GOODS 1-BR apt. -Fridge and stove. 1 ■1' --- —--- ..... 1 tt'tf.T CUIM Fat Murphv. EV 8-X585. Metropoli- bw\ n. 385-5080. exposure. Centrally located with i " THE POPLARS 132 HOUSES TO RENT WALKING DLSTANCE—NEAR ST. S*0?*1", H«wpitol. Oc.. ,. ton Realty Ltd.. 1330 Gnvemrpent adjacent parking. Tight, water, i Here Is? an opportunity to get Into <10145 Third St. ln-oue Atso additional . Mixed atmo«pf»ere .< a croliances etc BEACON TOWERS hc*"*d and- •,®v* ' >110 SOOLLARD P.I.DG Sp.ce available < h ’ice d.»wnf«»wn location. Steady, pu'i price $351X1 for’ hlOUlfwa and Apply Suite 19 or r>>me 656-2526 6 nv«. from Oct. I, CHILDREN WELCOME! 9ne " heilroom suite overlooking' K€W * mo' 256 v, fl j Douglaa alao znmmg eatabhahed buaineas. $2.V01 X” MOW ' r or 656-2622. L$125 ASCOT DRIVE 2 BR I.R ------------- —-------------------- ---------------- Beacon Hill Park. To view piionv FAIRFIELD—Com ft wt able bachelor , other office space consisting of *irt_ handle thia, fill today for de- «t,x4c Call Fawned N'auH a’ 382-8117 Children welcome. ! with FP. Lovelv home. Av ailable 1 sbKit Call ! _ $65 - ONE-BEDROOM. GROUND EV5 1IS7 nUrt*' .1?* *nd **U he"!rd ’ LARGE HEATED POOL. 381 RMAN INVESTMENT OO., ten«. Available Sept 1 ONE sundeck $9.50 dr $»i «i lease ;rvc nK»m. ___________ bedroom, ___ kitchen and DRYERS IN EACH SUITE v 1125 Blanshard SL EV 5-K771 anytime tor and elevator sendee pro­ VAXMEARK MANOR LTD. vided • PRIVATE ENTRANCES. COURTS X »£,7 S? By™, “,hri»rt «" R'"‘ W v ARXA 2 BEDRLXAIS B\IXtiN,lES AMPLE PARKING X ____ ------,------ 21—------ Quadra. Apply genial Dept ANTIQUE AND anta signing a two year lease v rx.,i , 7?i' * Vacam v x Living room with fireplace, • DRAPES. VENETIAN BLINDS, •'ilYAI. ANNK 4 CO. LTD her the Srollard Jonea or FURNITURE BUSINESS 2' UFDKOOM BEDRtX>M ’ APARTMENT APARTMENT. \ i u S53 AFortBERNARD Corner Quadra and Burdett St. __ EV 4-9335 •siuvt. ANU r RIDGE. JMUVE IN Bldg,, will receive one light —-------------sts-se—[• FREE TV HOOKUP. Large penthouse 2-bedroom suite ,'”b!aincd • Own heat ano free ‘ "*;k "5 hen» Pa nna ------------------------------------------—— ’ HEAT HOT WATER INCLUDED 58? All outside rooms with excellent entrance. 350. 2600 Doug WM corr»» bar on mni thu, Intnness. VIKTOR APT 976 Humboldt St * ADJACENT TO SCHOOLS. SHOP X EV J-08M EV 2-V7M X tcjjrh___ view. $135 per month Adults, See !*# Sl. EV 2-2159 or EV 5-4375. 1OT) GOV’T ST—Greenwood Bide highway owner wants to retire *" Very good •umnv««r and route ba tn. Modern 2-bedroom ant., kitchen PING BUSES caretaker. Suite No. 3. vrvn. I Newatead Reatty"Ltd.______ ---- 2.......................... ............. ............. :---- jdren welcome, oil heat and water ■ ■ ■ , , , tl.' i^ALT AT DOMTIWE TO- grounds EV MCll ----------------------------------------— beach with .interest' GROUND FLOOR. 3 - BEDROOM included $40 and $65 EV 3-3182 $55 ESQUIMALT RD NEAR ate pers-.n 5 mi! from cry Small store and living quarters quick sale. 344.5(11. revenue lt.sflb asute; 2 bathrooma. very large atorCOL» MB1A APARTMENTS Super-Valu. Nice, eotirdy self c 36.1 after 5 p.m. block, i ’h-me KV 2-561-1 furnished 2-tx-drtsrtn .’-batn-pWfl< pf^r^rent tn thia new; , , Enjoy sea view and sea air at the -------------------------------------- , • Fully —*-«««,-, BUILDING FOR SALE A $2 SftO Investment for »tork win * J ■ parK Elevattr serxlce BPACIOUS ONE-BkD-ROOM"7rifE. SUITE. HEAT ELEC barge m'*«*rn I and . bedroom i^, pai,ur lirge. heated swimming suite All utilities, cablevlakm In- • iJirge LR with open fireplace. Drive ing KeaBwwhlp. rates, from, free washer and dryer. Tb pod Comfortable, m.idern one bett- dividual thermoatat No children or In Bkrage. All utilities. Ph 47A-1331. , BOORMAN INVKSTME Central. Self-contained. $65. $88-584^’. •150 sHf,)Cd Street. 38M574._ toonnuchfares Gr«a over $22,500 aetling and di’dr.bufea '"Ftewingh her C-anmercial tenant* under Product*. For frfdrmatlf« wnle to • -en.AT,, • tq8 ’ MODERN 3-BEDROOM HOME. r.25 _____________ ________ k™ 1 - — - - — lease Price $15fi.000. W^iuid consider Rawtetgh Producta* 4694 Main St. 383-7724 '■<.« an? APARTMENT TN CADBORO BAY A MONTH As^ilaVe on 1 year 324 AND 128 BUSHBY 3 RM ™ 2^,,'"** rrwto 1£eaL . VruverwUy Realty Ltd. 477 1855. smaller property a* wart payment • Vancouver BC. and set youraetf mo. See Superintendent. Ste, MH area with very reaaanabte rent tea*4- EV >7379.' •elf-contained auitea Gas for aa*- J ,pw?un«-_’w. *\ KV 56811 Victoria Press, Box 323. up In business. La P&loma Apt., r or Pnj.r*r l“Ur«U4 »n»l-------------------------------—-----------------I OkTJUJVUfTNG Prefer m»tnr» mature woman 477-45H4 after 77^7^”\ Ing included In rent $5c Clarke 2 BEDROOM WATERFRONT EXCEPTIONAL LARGE S-ROOM J-WIDM W.-rm»rvCOTTAGE OIL mt a f*Rh Contact Rental Dept. 5 M LARGE COTTAGE. its pUmqai eaa Music mtw i' .' --------------Fullv funuahed' Ground t"rf» or ***>*’• 6 Wallace Rcalu- EV 5-8791. 1'Ph£e —•—•— ------------------f^CC' — v 1‘b*drnr*n ««“<• •»t &XS1XUIKAMAM ' unTrr, — - — ----------- ' dove *nvS Suit Suit adulta. adulta. Fully farm shed. 1? runy urn.shed. Kv-adory. parkw« avarinoks estji/cLshcl osF“r 20 -ears. Witt FOOD MARKET one 2 L-FH KER * ^IJ-MITED URWRM^CrTE. MAIN^JTLOn^ ah> MAIN FIX >OR GRR A P A R T M EX T I b■ ne afhr 5. E^- i9S3 large kitchen and living room 1029 tn, EW ROYAL. MODERN DUPLEX water and light. $90 I > Agencies, aJT'«yw« Very profitable taitenem. Land equipment. _ Clean alack. No Fridge and Ahwe. Separate entrance GROUND FLOOR 1 BEDROOM pea. balcony, wall-to-wall drapes. •^Toirrtie, svwitofe.'e Sept. 1 $50 ph. t a«l $25 Encia re HW7 BartetL ‘'c' W«r«a. EV 2-4312 e'?es - Inveatment leas than »000 living quarters. Rent on lease Urt) and bath Hea* and light Included apartment, fireplace. $90. 1057 etc - EV4-SR27 on > j EV 3-3MB EVJ4W aft*- t p nv pe- nv-nth. F»n pricy $23 «m tjy' 388-5984. 212 Wildwood Xfpaa Si EV 5-73H9 EL EtA.MINGO A^T BERWICK MANOR ffanSS * «uaran,'**l •*-<*« Twa arte - -------------t^.t— P 2-ROO.M SUITE AND KITCHEN 133 HOUSES TO RENT 532 Dallas VACANT - VERY NICE 2 ROOM 3-ROOM SELFr n-» children. EV 5-5253 I---------------- ----------- -------•«--------------. ErOoy sea shew and sea air at the 3f3-«J0 After 6 P*m... .^-"SSiSSt UNFURNISHED renovated. Oil EV 3-2904 hw « W FW «!»'_ W>»«ni Haw 144. EMERAUDE APARTMENTS El Rammgo Apr. or have a drp ",,»~ M HOC,Mur “ ■ msryict Cl-KARAT EW APT 12flS YATES suite /<«■ lady. $65 3M-3846 2-bedroom suite on third n.«ir C«mf rtable and m-dern bach suite <>««d. Jistrif EV2 7<4»7. $70 - Bachehsr f«u*te, rrvxlcm coq------------- --------------------------------*' ‘ v we______ LEASE mo unflirnrsbed or $9* v a»ne\ «*i< «i t,» >,ww .!’♦> .iti LARGE WARM I -W d R» OM modern apartment in Esqu stwaoo .1 P.EDR- " Af HOUSE L CC>RNEII QUADP. 3 i*-XNTE£, ACTIVE PARTNER 5 Mne», from ’y Leutro fjr rna-a suite, stove, fridge $65 X‘^.5629." jmiUl furru-sh/d _ See Super,n BEACH DTUVE EV 3-5651 < EV 2-79IS 2-BEDROOM nc X«rt-544i •tai ^rMed Victoria P"»“S< 'tox .llq p«v»ne EV electric range. Pembroke twth. tiled Contact Rental .>epi EV 6-1756 GR A191K after 7 EV 6-2777 Haya! GR? fl-jors. No dogs Adulti ml.$55 KER A STEPHENSON 1J.M1TED ‘BLUE WATERS .ARGE STORE WITH LANE ATI r W FISH AND CHIP CAFTE 'SMAIL BRICK COMMERCIAL MODERN 7 BEDROOM. NEAR 3' ROOMS OU. HEAT. ALL t TILT month. Apply 714 Kelly Rd j ssp Broughtmt. Sl. r*«Mcefu' living by toe sea m Sidney. 3 Fto)M HOUSE ' J-’' >R RENT. -"a- -TX) Broad St. $290. Phone Rent <56 - Svea- lease btetemg $K 25fl with terma 382-3761 4 Naden. EV 3 0965. ‘ties included, $40 a month. 382-An». GR 3 4264. EV S-Mll I Pb na. 656 7520. GR 9-3575. ' t-V 4 ;>O. >GR 3-AV. F.V 4-4077. «v«f> « CriJUt

* K





flatly Colopist





, • •


1 hav, revcrel Client, I*4rtn< hr 2 • 3 - bedroom home with l - 5 acres, especially In the Colwood; Metchoein and Langford Area. ERIK A RRl’HN. J»-T134 BOORMAN INVESTMENT CO- LTD





HOW cowe?j




TRADES ACCEPTED Call N. Hyde -- 385-3411 Ker A Stephenson Ltd.

.Modem atx-r^om bungalow. Newly decorated. Three good-aize BRs, attractive kitchen, separate dining room, fully panelled heated rumpus room, basement garage Completely landscaped and fenced. Positively immediate possession. Only >15.500 with very good terms. Call Mr. Shaver. EV £8794 or EV 2 9444 eves.


Quality la the keynote of thia out­ standing apartment block, consisting «»f one and two-bedroom apartments with private sundecka. Strategically located to guarantee full occupancy. Insure your future by Inquiring now Owner selling because of other busl Bess commitments.

4 BEDROOMS $100 PER MONTH For this excellent located tn



SOUTH QAK BAY consisting of large living rm. family site dining room with beamed ceil­ ing. cosy den. each with fireplace. Modern cabinet kitchen, k'ull high basement. O-O-M hegt. Plumbed for automatic washer. >3.000 will handle BUT SEE THIS AND TRY YOUR TERMS. Foe appointment, please call Mrs MacWUliam 'or Mr. Pigert. EV 5-8794. IV 4-0898, or EV 5-5632.









3579 Douglas Street EV 2-7278

OPEN HOUSE 1716 CEDAR AVE. SAT., 1:30 - 4:30 P.M.

OPEN HOUSE 1646 CEDAR AVE. FRI., SAT., 1:30-4 P.M. Family home — 1,433 sq. ft. on 2 large lots. Good growing soil on extra lot. Family kitchen, dining room, expansive living room. 3 bed­ rooms. Could be suite in partly finished basement. Only 7 yr». old. Asking >17.900 with terms. Phone F. COLOMBIN for previews EV 2-7276. Res. 658-8077.


FULL PRICE $202,500



1002 GOVT. 384-8126 Ltd.



CLARKE & WALLACE Thu fine residence t* operating at Realty Ltd. ftili capacity all year round and EV 5 3794 • iow* an excellent return. Fully 620 Broughton St. Across from Eaton's Car Park furnished and equipped it la showIni a aet Income ot over >700 monthlyl Price OWNER MUST SELL







TH£V WENT AMP sruFFep mini!


Tliunday. $•»!. 2, IMS 141


Here Is one of the smartest, cutest bungalows on the market with a Exceptional 'terms available. Call 88-4150. Newstead Realty Ltd^ Comer of Marigold. Do not disturb prime condition, this very attractive tenants. This beautiful, unusually home is loaded with charm and designed 12-year-old bungalow of character. Consisting of pleasant 1.310 sq. ft. with full basement. living! room with fireplace, large MAIN THOROUGHFARE O-O-M heat, exceptional 16x28* fin­ separate dining room, two goodished room. Sundeck and sized bedrooms, very modem kit­ CENTRAL RETAIL AREA attachedrumpus garage. Located on two chen with lots of cupboards plus a This city property with 60-foot front­ high treed lots OPEN VIEWS AND cosy eating nook overlooking the age on main shopping street and SECLUSION. Then phone R. Bussey, back garden. A very nicely land­ depth of 130 feet, is fully covered 388-3776. C. Baird. 384-0483 , 385-87M. scaped lot with several fruit trees. Low taxes (>11S net). Automatic by a solid concrete and brick build ln« easily adaptable to many retail heat, stucco exterior. Ideal for nr business Uses. Pricing It realist i retired couple or small family. Full GOOD HOME «aHy at the City assessment level. l»r«ce onK >10,900 A new -exclusive * g YEARS I he owners are nevertheless pie listing with tf. Lawless. To view pared to consider any reasonable Clone to town and yet far enough jcail 2-7278 or £V 2-6223. offers For further particulars and ___ appointments to look over the build­ out. 3 twdrooms Modern. quiet. * MR. EXECUTIVE * ing please contact' the exclusive paved and curbed end street. Own eft going north Exclusive with' listing salesmen. Hancock and the price is only This two-bedrunm. "prestige’ clear J -H Fnrd A. t. W.picr J. for this quality home Terms. title home is situated well back on EV 1-186# GR 7-3989 112.500 Bus. 385-8794; Res. 385-7884. nearly \-acre. beautifully landsi aped. site • frontage 150" 1 with KER STEPHENSON mature trees that provide a park LIMITED like setting. Located high on 214 mile circle; Quality wall-to-wall carEV Mttt| AavUm. VICTORIA REALTY LTD. iwtsng thniugtb>ui drive-m garage. Pftioe: imposing entrance, etc. 716 View SL EV2K4S This resldeQfig„4>n< ed at >22.500 is DUPLEX - TRIPLEX •wie I shall be proud to show you and. your wue. wife. i-iease Please can call twnniq Ronald — ---ij .u, k. ; him»wS5i«S4»m. "■’* Have 2nd Mortgage Y Cannon at SW-T-TO or Rr, E,L<____ V. * A.. «’**-■« " >-« Interested 1K M<>ney For Our 6u,,t

This attractive stucco bungalow, built 8 years. 23' living room. 14* dining room, all oak floors. Vanity Pembroke bathroom, beautiful tab elec kit with hood and fan. Full basement with extra, bedroom and rumpus. Pkg. oil furnace, plumbed far wswsher and dryer. «5xl3cr lot Low price la only >17.950. For preview call Bill Sudbury. GR 9-1908.

DONCASTER 4^ ROOMS A really lovely atun-o bungalow built leas than 10 yeahi. Large living room with FP. oak floors. 2 good bedrooms, thru hall. Pemb. bathroom, good-size dinette and cab kitchen with oil range Large util­ ity with tuba and oil HW /urn. At­ tached garage and large lot 277’ with fine soil. Asking >12,000 with good terms. Mr. Sudbury (Night GR 9-1908)




J. H. wHirroAiE & CO. LIMITED



ot Victoria Ltd. 909 GOVT. ST. EV5<’41

“WE TRADE HOMES” QUICK POSSESSION GORDON HEAD Twoiywu'^ild. three bedroom, family home. Most attractive living room, separata dining room, quality wtIL-to-wall carpeting. Two sundecks (off kitchen—other oft living room). Full basement i-umpua room area with fireplace. Large cabinet, electric kitchen with built-in oven and range top. Owners may consider older house in trade. Jubilee area. Price >23.500, terms. Appointment to view. ph'Xte BILL SQUTRES, EV M74lVasyUpe.



• '




E3TD. 1898 Victoria-Duncan ChemnJnua 714 FORT STREET

IDEAL FAMILY-RAISING HOME Close to transportation and shop* School on one side and parkland at rear ki a quiet street just «>uth Cedar Hill X Road. 17 years old with over 1X0 sq ft., 3 liednxwns plus room to live. Full basement with extra toilet. HJQxl5O ft lot wah d«»uble garage. Reassnahte taxes. A solid home at >16,950 with terms and immediate possession. To view call BILE PALFREY, or STAN MITCHELL. 388-4271.



. FULL PRICE W950 M'^rtgage ran- be assumed

Set on • Urge nloely treed lot Irwt trees, and aedualon, shopping and bua. future dlviaton poastwutj. Low taxes, terma.

with near aubeasy

ASKING $9900


• 3160 POLSON TER. ‘ I BEDROOMS Separate Dining Room. Large Family Kitchen. 818.500

Dial EV 2-8117. eves. EV 5^896.

• 4938 SEA RIDGE DR.


3 BEDROOM EXECUTTVB HOME The lart word ln luxurious living.



la-x'ated on tha very ert.1 of « nothrough' au-eet. thia nvrtem 3-tjedroum, full basement hxne la utuated in one rt Victoria a BEST LO­ CATIONS. It otters yuu a bright kitchen with a breakfast nook, a guest size dining nom. attractive living room with fireplace and waii-to-wRii carpet aver oak. and- a 4-pieoe bath. In Ahe tmsement you’ll find a finish­ ed rec. room and plenty of additional space The well maantained garden is fully fenced, features »\cemeni patio and borders k i qule\park with majestic trees: 1. y3

OPEN FOR INSPECTION At your conrenlenc. lutrt rell EV4J<1?6 or EV M7M. uk tor MR. GREENE. 1 1. SEA VIEW PROPERTIES





Warren" 38S-71M anytime No one in Victoria can show you a better value on today’s market u'an uuxiem eye-appealing vine-covered bungalow. This spic and 8P®n spacious home with Its open a1 Gutlook from the expansive plcture


8-BMroom, IriMl tor cWtdr«A TRY TltTQ 3 bedroom, full concrete basement, Hilo ITLW0 , only 17 years old, located dose to FOR SIZE all your wants in the Mayfair Ian?* district on a quiet street of other .utM,”r.^lrxle.w or Si bi far^’ • 1674 ASH ROAt> In .fc?. ,ar«' llvln* r°°m easant homes, automatic oil heatand L-shaped dining room make It j BRAND NEW 4-BEDROOM g. 3 steps up to easy entrance. Spacious living rm. large master a pleasure to relax ln. It features, Over 2,L00 elegance. Well priced at «0.5fln. Call STAN^edr?on' "1th MijOininz g bathroom. a spotless cabinet kitchen with t-.-, MITCHELL at 388-4271. family kitchen and sunporch art on ing area and 3 Large bedrooms I the main flour. Upstairs there are Sitting low and long, it surprises, • 1731 ASH ROAD three more Ijedrooms and a bath­ you with its full 9-ft. basement with i JAMES BAY room. Panelled room in the base- rumpus mum roughed-m. Close to I 8-Bedronm, 1.2S0 sq ft. MOST DISTINCTIVE 4 ROOMS " ment and washroom. Up to date school and taw, it is priced for a 817.900 heating plant. Near Oak Bav Junc­ 3 OR 4 BEDROOMS A etunrn bungakav. living room. 2 TWO BATHROOMS Courtesy t» Other Agen’s. quick sale 81.000 Below Marked tion. Convenient to a park, shopping, t»edrooma. large kitchen with elec­ EXTRA LOT GORGE-ADMIRALS boapitiil. sobocMs and transportation. Value. Payments Including your tric range, hathronm and utility taxes are only 8107 per month. TTu« >2. OOti d7.950 paint THE FULL PRICE located near alt facilities. Two I can't deserii>e the beauty of this $12,950 3328 KINGSLEY STREET with reasonable down pa\ mem $15,200 good aiae bedrooms, separate .ivimb and, setting. It is so lovely Eric Graham, EV 3-7124. anytime Mr. Sudbury INight GR 9 i»M) Ca'H EV 2-8117 or EV 2-1988 tor SAT., 2 - 5 P.M. dining room and cabinet electric the qlvner won't allow a sign on the property for it will sell immediately. personal showing. kitchen with eating bar. Full NO STEPS LOVELY GARDE-N liasement with automatic oil Th s home has three bedrooms, plus Charming 5-room Bungalow with 3230 ADMIRALS ROAD FAIRFIELD furnace, large third bedroom or large utility ronm. kitchen with nook through Hall. Immaculate condition, MRS. V. ROBERTS area and in addition, a cute little rumpus room and second 3-plece l^u-ge Windows. Patio overlooking $14,950—TERMS Modem Immaculate 3 bedroom bath. Extra lot valued at >3.500. 9x8' bednxvn with finely built-in Park-like Garden, Fruit Trees, oil home. Oak floors, all the trim­ bunk txxi and matching*-closets and Immaculate 3-bedroom, full-cement Full price for whole property furnace. Separate 'Garage. Taxes mings of a brand new home. Rum­ cupboards for snene lucky boy. The hasement home. large lot. Close tn only >15,000. >294 Gross. CLEAR TITLE. TERMS pus room. Small lot, practically no living room is large and leads to a Catholic school apd church. TTsia IFwjlEQUIRED. Immciiiate Possession garden. Aaking price >12.950.00. Wide excellent family home is well worth separate dindng room. The large 8U.80O Phone LORIE WELLS, EV 5 6741. range of terms. 1 Block off water, workable kitchen ba*ks over a patio viewing. do not disturb oc­ CLEAR TITLE For previous appointment, please near Clover Point. <>ut to a peridike area enctoaed by cupants, but call call EV 4-8128. MRS. McLEAN. Xlenman. EV 2 4«« or LANSDOWNE Itaaket weave fence and studded Robert Mlkitka 3S3 7124 anytime. OWNER WILL CARRY EV 4-6867. EV 4-8109 days. with exquisite bordering shrubs «< RICHMOND THE BALANCE every description. Another larger inly taxii nnd Un. JUklim «3O5W. them# rmdm.. area is most suitable for a children *, $10,500 Modern S-room atucoo bungalow. playground and Incinerator aa’ea. Tills Reasonable kw down payment. CRAIGFLOWER DUPLEX - Side by side, good l > » 3 BEDRM BUNGALOW MOUNTAIN TOP “L” ahape8.250 Ins. wily. Price 113.500. couple would appreciate HP. no [ment bungalow. All otfera coraid-1 nX’aS FDR RM iREP CQI Piet- lb* rt.j MOUNTAIN TOP’ Beautiful lake Through hall plan. Rumpus room view from your large living room. Looking for elbow room’ We basement home at the realistic price iered high basement and driv. These properties are both excellent or 3rd bedroom. Oil heat, lovely late guest-stze dining n*»m. Spacious 7 TEARS O$4> J" ......... * ' This modem, immaculate, large have It In this 4-bedronm family e gerage WeU priced at >17.950. for return and presenth rented • secluded garden with barbeque. of >14,700 including low 5*4% NHA j en-nn kitchen with nook. Many extras. home, featuring large living mortgage. Rhone for details. WILLS i very low rentals. In excellent AU reasonable offers < In writing) «130) sq. ft.) home has utility room, fruit trees, awnings, etc. Fully A rea; « Jlf.OlMJ __ | such as fridge and stove and an with nook, dining room, room with fireplace, separata dition throughout This is define* . <■«« ewtd^red About >3 0)0 rash should kitchen OF WHITTOMES, 3fW-4271. landscaped Quiet area, g! 4,950 Immaculate 3 bedroom Iwme, good^bqndanre of fruit trees. h\ril priesfamily space, large bathroom and dining room and family kitchen, an opportunity to invert in r»>d «►*, otaadte Call Ronald Y. Cannon three Terms Call S, SPAVEN at area. Large d-»uble lot View by an.! >13.300 b?or more Information oall good-size bedrooms. Oil fur­ • full basement with automat io MB 7798 rt res. 479 8243 EV5-6741 or e\enlngs EV 4-7013 pound properties. See rartwrt ****** ** pomtmenl only. EV 2-8117 or 388-5042. oil heating, 2-piece bath on main nace and wired Iw 220 volt. Natural Hope Newton 383 7124 an >11 me. floor, pips 4 »>edrooms and 3rock gardens front, and sliding doirs J. M JOHNSON 232‘*£'*»* , LOOK WHAT I FOUND! REVENUE WANT A I aOVELY VIEW piece bath on main floor. Clous to patio spare In re»r. Sound ter­ BEVERLEY QUINN FOR ONLY 815.900 REAL ESTATE nEVELOPAIE'Tl ,» „ to school, bus and ahopa. N-w» rific? it is: Only 12 mins, from SWAN LAKE S BY S DUPLEX GARDNER AGENCIES I.TD, EV - •» When one Is faced with a generally reduced to >8,250. with terms. town. Low down-payment. >13.5(10 , WILLOWS AREA , WS-1M8 !-» .an, «n «« I inflated market it Is refreshing to Phone Cliff Anderson at 384-8128 full price. Immediate possession Hl M Chek si Bach A. Klenman EV 2-4693 (nites). And the surrounding countrv side if*1*! * home that Is UNDERPRICED, or 477 3994. FAMILY HOME ] surta rvuwists at 1 Bedrra, kitchen, from the large picture window what X011 can o'™ ~J™ onl>’ Bo murti haa been done to-make -i It small dining n»m and full are youra forever. Four bedroom a, 815.900 providing > i »u are wide awake ROCKLAND AVEMK OAK RAY RANDALLS LTD •.■enra'* '•semen' On large lot 737 Pandoia living room and dining room. and call me NOW. Living ronm Se’h*.‘"I YOUR HOUSE HUNTING 1711 FEL’IHAM ROAD Nine suites. Ideal owner operatic EV 4-8109 9 YEARS 9 Otm ner year gross revenue ‘VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT If a home with: HEADACHES • » double garage Located In apart baaempnt. Only 814,950. Dial in hasement. Rumpus room 18x30. No vacancies, one and two-bedr»*"n dbesst e<»~4-*-~* • *«• ONLY. PLEASE. BY PHONING Double garage, large eundeck In UP TO FTVE BEDROOMS ARE 385-6741 suites. Stone and frame cons’rV tpa<» f., —z»— ««• want roaed "key ' location or ! MR. SIMPSON. 384-8126 OR "like-new” emdition In district of DOUBLE PLUMBING' ALL UVE.K. Beacon Mil Paik Asking >18.40). lion. Shrubs and trees add l£*elv mec* La- situated in a low tax To view call EV 2-8117 or res.. location. Established business. Mini plus ’4 acre In raspberries com­ Ban on Sept. ]at. Immaculate TASTEFUL,,Y decorated II vt n rt .So cloae to Willowa Beach and scfiool area on a laige view lot. Included WAU^TO-WALL CARPET mum Investment, moderate rental condition Inside and out and be area including WALL-TO-WALL In and the popular Estevan shopping 479-3673. mercially wild fortover >l«M» thia LIMITED are such features as double On major- flow intersection. Phone FULL HIGH BASEMENT cause of the care and extras, it living room and bedrooms. Gracious aiva year. The homeA 1.300 sq. ft FV 5-8T84 plumbing, large, rec room, and should easily make "Better Homes PANELLED dining room and the 3S4-8102, after hours 384-0470. <>t 1710 Douglas Afreet main floor and Tull basement, PATRICIA SEDGER Ptiil Simpaon, 383-7124, anytime. 'Opp. Hudson s Bay Store) ' top notch swimming pool valued LARGE SUNDECK end Gardens” ax there Is only LATE.ST in modern kitchen decor write to Home Oil Distributptat -P.O offering 3 bedrooms and larg* at approx >4.500. Taxes only >202 one ln Victoria. Oll-O-MaUc heat with built-in range and oven. Phone rumpus, has qualities lieyond tha Box 427. Victoria. ASKING $23,900 $15,900 gross! Close to elementary school, Ing. full lAsetnent. small lot lo­ BILL PAL,FREY. 38H-4271 for in­ compass of advertising spare. Term® arranged. OAK BAY some shopping anti transportation, A TERRIFIC BUY. Nothing like It A DANDY. WELL - EQUIPPED cated in the best pail of Fair- formation or viewing. Priced at If vou like the land. If you ran grocery. Wife can operate. Fast A very attractive 8-room stucco For particulars phone F. Colombin, on today'a market. Situated on a field. Phone for Inspection cope with 125 acres. If you growing district. Sales approxi­ bungalow with full bamt. OOM beat EV 2-7278 or res. 858-8077. Lew large, beautifully landscaped lot. EV 5 8741 (A- evening EV 3-5684. >17,300. want a superb property and a ROCKLAND (COLONIAL) mately >19,00). 6 hours dally. 2- and n finished reereatton man MolUiet, IV 2 7278 or ics 858 5275. J. D. SMITH. Asking >14.701). Better than new. Immaculate 6very loveJy home, browse llO.Otw mortgage can be assumed bedroom living quarters. I^jw rent l.iafV* floor area. Convenient Io park, \ ear-old bungalow with NEW WALLaround this properly with me. BEAUTY AND CHARM ROWLAND HEIGHTS SHY AND RETIRING? Try your down payment on lease. Immediate possession. beach and shopping centre. A REAL TO-WALL CARPET ln the LR. DR At your convenience. QUIET SECLUSION 82,000 to handle Sickness forces BUY AT and hall. Bright cabinet kitchen. Retiring yes’ A PERFECT retiring PLUS HEATED POOL Just listed, a new home of 4 large sale. Reply Victoria Press. Box 54- j [ from the DR to aun- DRIVE BY home with NO steps, CLOSE to the bedrooms and an above ground $14,000 2.6 ACRES PARKLAND Glass doors You can’t miss finding these quali­ Room to build in the full. rYxrr,T.rr~ SEA and the BUS and the SHOPS. basement that Is truly unbelievable NEAR UNIVERSITY WANTEP. INTERESTEjTpk RS ) \ - ’ high basement Dnve-in garage «^o < VULA^Ul I a Mr J Pearson. FV V8784. This Is OAK RAY SOUTH on ST ties in this gorgeous 2^4-year-old in-4ize. I regret that space does not vi’r? tc-’V «, b Q\n Sunday. Monday phone 478-3385. 6 PLUS stucco 3-BEDROOM BUN­ prestige family home with sea view however the following may give s 1 ttlV-n .5io,?7.n7 care t»'at has gone into Wnd- CLUDED garden. Offered at >13.500. GORDON .MARSHALL GALOW comprising 21x15' L.Rm. features a 21-foof living room, slight indication of vvhat we are acaping of this double lot, sur­ Phone BILL PALFREY, 388-427L The unfortunate owners are FAIRFEILD JACK GLOVER LICENCED 9 - ROOM ROOMING WtTH OPEN FIREPLACE. 12 xl.’' family-size dining room, de luxe offering rounding a lovely two bedroom moving north and must pail 385-1448 house, near sea. >16.0)0 or take close a home for that energetic retired dining rm off m<»d£rn CABINET kitchen with built-ins, large eating L 4 large bedrms with a 5t.h that ! home. O-O-Matic oil furnace, elec­ with this beautiful, sparkling In cottage in trade. 385-4879. j gardener who likes to gn»w bis «* « SAVE > > bungaknv with full basement and | 3. Cathedral a'yle entrance, Apply Victoria Press. Box 345, PORT SITUATED ON A LOVELY IMMACULATE • Beautiful oak and maple par­ YOUR DOLLARS roughed ia rumpus room 1«-situ­ i 6. OOM heat next to workshop, LOT WITH OAK TREES. >3.000quet floors throughout. ARE WORTH MORE AT ated on a quiet street and ia F.aj|v occupancy can be arranged on i 7. Double carport with blacktop EXCHANGE REAL >5.000 DOWN' WITH >150 PM. PAY­ 147 SWINERTON • Fenced back yard with gar den. | driveway. close to transportation and shop*. this lovely 1040 »q. ft. home which GLENMANOR PARK OAK BAY REALTY MENT INCLUDING TAXES FOR If this brief description sounds ESTATE STEWART CLARK 18. Lovely landscaped grounds, Oil-O-Matic heating. garage, features large entrance, planter, APPOINTMENT TO VIEW. PHONE A rontrolled housing project at Col­ like the home you've been look­ FOR OAK BAY HOMES basement, large kitchen, dining living room with raised hearth fire­ t fruit trees, etc. LTD. wood. 15 minutes from city centre. ing fir don't hesitate, call me UP AND DOWN DUPLEX D. A. SMITH and living room. Phone now place and planter, sunny dining Close to schools, churches, shop ft.ft Broughtiej St. EV 5-2481 now. it may be sold before youi Asking Price Only $19,200 In g*xxf condition, off Gorge Road. EV 5-6741 or exening EV 3-5884. room, large kitchen with eating bar. 385 1448, Res. 384 7402 ng centre, golf courses and have a chance Io see II. STAN Total revenue 1170. Equity approx. J. D. SMITH. vanity bath. 2 good size bedrooms, 3 BR BUNGALOW aches? 7’reed lots, low taxes, With Easy Terms E A K I N. 384 8126 or Res. 87 300 Full price H4.000 Trade full cement basement with room for paved roads. How would vou like to 384-0406. j To view this beautiful home please for mtge. paper acreage or small Vi ACRES another bedroom. Automatic oil ONE OWNER READY TO MOVE INTO your ovyn Ideas Incorporated NEAR SCHOOLS call 382-8117 or eves. 479-3673. motel. For -trades, plenae caH G. in have One, of the nicest areas of Oak Bay v our home To Tit your socketheal, drive-ln garage. Nice kitchen SECLUSION St -Hesr at University Realty Ltd.. book? Entrance by Ridley or Lang$22,500 offer* this lovely 2-bedroom home. Thia two-bednxim home la Ideal garden. Pleasant outlook. This home 477-1855 anjttme. RURAL PEACE RON SEDGER 2b MILE CIRCLE holme Drive, comer of Sooke and Pleasant kitchen with eating area! This beautifully situated 3-bedroom1, for family living. Large living Is apottess and the oak floors separate dining room, full finished VICTORIA CONSTRUCTION LTD. Metchosin Rds. or phone anytime. throughout simply gleam. Priced bungalow lias had only one owner AND QUIET $13,900 room and kitchen. Recreation basement with extra room, nicely takes trades an custom-built houses. H. Blake EV 2-8719. extremely reasonable at >13.500 since It was built 12 years ago. started in basement. Drive-in NORTH QUADRA This older handyman's special 1s landscaped lot. >14.800, easy terms. Phone Mr. Jones EV 4-5112 or Its condition and the development OLYMPfC HOMES LTD. garage. All this fori onlv >10,200. with clear title. Ask for Mr. Fortune. situated tn a delightful location Call TED CHARTRES. 385-1448. CR 9-1508 for full particular* of the large garden reflect the An at tractive white stucco bun­ Call now to view. LORIE WELLS. Rea; 477-1229 for appts to view. close to all shops, schools and buses care and attention it has received. galow In a setting of emerald 32 FT SAILING CRUISER. WATER It features 3 bedrooms, large living In that time. There is a large green lawn, spacious grounds front property preferred. 384-6614 or DRIVE BY room, large electric, modernized living room and dining room, mod OAK BAY |arge kxs». oil hot water heal­ ATTIUrnVE QI’ALITY BI ILT . COSY 344-2T23. , ern kitchen and 4-pce. bathrooin kitchen, compact modern- 4-pee. ed ' greenhouse. Also a large 8 ROOMS PLUS SUITE THEN, PHONE to complete the main floor, ln SPLIT-LEVEL HOME bathroom. ‘i cement basement, RETIREMENT SPECIAL' aviary and a garage all in a 149 LISTINGS WANTED the basement is a rumpus room ; »jintrnTATE NEW OIL HEATING SYSTEM Your antique pieces — or mother-in- 1084 MARIGOLD •citing of roses, flowqrs and Just listed. Older but we . maintain­ with fireplace and additional spa* e , UUWISUIA 1 n 1 OSSCSSlon NEW WIRING NEW ROOF. NEW law - will all fit into this old-world IDEAL FAMILY HOME shrubs In profusion. cliarm. spacious home situated on a ed 2 liedrooms. Full basement. for further development. This URGENT REQUEST The house 'about 900 square COPPER PIPE nice street, l^arge lot with sliadv . ... ... Nicely treed property. Early ocproperty Is attractively priced at TIUs Is a Swiss Chalet type home feci) has living room with fire­ DICK JAMES. EV 5 2481. SSSlfi?.-*" ’ hin "1"’,«;rup«ncy can beCrranged. Clmc fruit trees, close to the sea. On the 822 590 00. For further informationHh*t offers over 1500 12.000-818.000. Is modem and con- Direct i hullder or will build ing room and spacious kitchen. Ltt^Ere.'ISSUES C'. *sk,„'orv,”r' dining room, thru' hall, large bed­ Shopping centre, achools. EV 5-77(17 anytime. New Oll-O-Matic hot air heal, tains 2 or 3 bedrooms and full base- for jou room. den and separate study, beaches within walking distant*. REESON A PINCH HOMES 3331 GIBBS ROAD new copper piping and new ment. located in any nice district.1 With fireplace, den. and three i Re8S 477 1229 to '7<>wPembroke hath, electric kitchen and Osll Charles Morris, Askitig Price $18,900 give me a call. Several genuine ‘ Duroid roof In a rural setting sun room. Upstair* there are’ 3 bed­ bedrooms. Heated with a new OOM | 4 BEDROOMS 479-2611 anytime. and only 3% miles from town. clients will make aubatential cash ' Terms available For more Inform furnace Asking only 88.500. To OAK BAY rooms and hath, loads nf storage AH this fir onlv >13 orp FXpayment* for the house that fills ati«n call EV 2-8117 or EV 6-KMI6. RUMPUS view pleaaa cAtl JESSIE OAK BAY •pace. F\j11 basement with laundry' BEAUTIFUL GARDF]N CLUSIVE LISTING FV 4 8124. their needs. McGRATH room and drive-ln garage Asking This Is a most attractive, well SOUTH W WOODLEY. EV 4-3916. CALL NOW IDEAL RETIREMENT FRED ZV.•IliON GLANFORD AREA kept home in a choice area. Just price 818,500. Ease financing. Please for prompt service If you are looking a family 6 years old. Living room 20'xl4'. call TED CHARTRES to new, ph. 3416 BETHUNE DON MESSAGE. 477 3715 Price 611 900, 2 bedrooms, living smart, fireplace. guesl-«i/e dining 386 1448. home ln a choice area this Is It. $13,200 CASH TALKS GORDON HEAD and dining room and also an extra room, good kitchen with dining 1,300 aq. ft. white aiding bungalow, A most attractive no-atep Bunga­ ). F. HANLEY AGENCIES 'tedroom in basemen?. Transporta­ area handy echools, shopping, etc. 14 x19’ low on a nicely landscaped Lot and patio outside kitchen door MORTGAGE $13,500 AT tion 1 block, school -2 blocks. Auto­ 4-pce. bathroom and 3 good-sized Good home between Mayfair and living room. 14'X14' dining room, ln a pleeaant location convenient .LTD. matic oil heat. Drive-in garage. bedrooms with large sundeck off Town and Country with basement ll’xli’ family room, plua 3 nice to transportation, stores, etc. This 6W%~ BUILT 1963 3N ftfeo. (Formerly Saanlrh Realty Ltd.) Age 11 years. Cell Frank Newton r i cum jrwpn the lower price range for the ln home c.insists of Living R »»m bedrooms and functional kit (hen. bedroom. DOWNSTAIRS A very lovely 3 bedroom home 477-1855 anytime. .................. University Realty master las-na LTD. small family. Hardwood flooring Full basement with boys' bedroom, with open fireplace. L-shaped Din­ there Is a rumpus-den with fireplace JOHNSTON on a fully landscaped 8Pfi. Ltd. JUBILEE ln living mom and throng room. automatic oil heat, drive-ln garage ing Room, bright Cabinet • Kitchen Realtors plus BEDROOM AND 2 PCE frontage W From the cathedral Price low for such at only 16.750. from rear lane. Asking price Is with breakfast area. Utility Room* Established 1903 BATHROOM, l-arge utility room entrance there is a charming LEACH ft Call GEORGE CHAN or FRED >16,900. Call Mr. Fortune at rea: IMMEDIATE POSSESSION •fwo Twin-aized Bedrooms and equipped for washer and drver, 1306 Broad Street living room and dining room BERGMAN. EV 5-6741. 4-pieee Bathroom. Automatic Oil 477-1229 anytime. HANDYMAN’S < SPARKS LTD. EV 3-4117 with oak floors, vanity bath- ' PLENTY OF CUPBOARD AND MODERN STI’CCO. Heating. Separate Garage Priced room plus extra roughed in STORAGE SPACE. Oil heat, large Real Estate and Insurance , SPECIAL to sell now at 813.200. Call A. Fe plumbing fic a second bathroom, DOUBLE GARAGE. Owners have lltt Blanshard St. >■ >9 100 — >H6 P I T. LESS THAN RENT ! Gower, EV 5-7707 anytime. 1228 Rudlln, this large home priced purchased another home and are provision fir family room and , Qualified Appraisals to at >5,500 offers many possibilities. anxious to sell. A PLEASURE TO D. F. HANLEY AGENCIES drive tn garage Thia la exeepSOUTH FAIRFIELD Spacious comer lot serves as a INSURE A SALE OR PURCHASE Exclusive Hating,- call Lome Atkins. tlonallv g16«»' SHOW. setting for thia attractive stucco! LTD. AT TODAYS MARKET VALUE ? Bedroom home, clean and bright «N(Se «»i% mortgage) 884-8126, Bus. 383-7174 MEARS & WHYTE bungalow dose to everything. 1m- i ASKING PRICE. >29 500. Close to bus and shops. >58 PER (Connerly Aureoh Realty Ltd.) ERIC DAY. 883-8727. Res. EV 4-8617 mediate poasesaton if desired >950 OAK BAY REALTY LTD. MRS. ELLIOTT. MONTH. 35.800 TOTAL PRICE with F. N. Caheldu Ltd. d-wn >ko per m-mth nvnetos die EV3 989S or EV 5-2481. >2 000 DOWN. No drive by». To 3293 DOUGLAS STREET, 2188 OAK BAY AVENUE taxes! ATTENTION VLA view rati STAN POLLARD. 385 2471 HARIjY VICTORIA. B.C. 100- WATERFRONT n.nno DOWN” anytime. APPLICANTS GORGE •'MODERN BRS’* EV 5-7761 FOSTER BOAT RAMP et me assist you to find a suitable Move SepL 1 into this 6-room stucco LTD. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION Tiding 1 have retired after 17 yrs. iMingalow. Situated close to schools, 'i ACRE SECLUSION QUAMICHAN AVENUE SOMEBODY’S DREAM MAPLEWOOD with V.L.A. and will not recommend FINANCIAL SURVEY Opposite "The Bay” and shopping on Quadra Street. ♦-BEDROOM MODERN STUCCO $21,950 >12 900 a property that will be disqualified bus JUBILEE AREA DOUBLE LOT Low taxes. No steps Corner lot. 1733 Douglas EV 2 2101 I JUTTED 1 FV 1-1962 D. L. Macdonell .W-5555 AH things you've wanted The I Modern home on comer Ini InriTipr *}eally situated to ^yervthir^. The A modest and appealing 3-bedrocm B C Land A Insurance Agency Ltd. Alt garage. Full price only 812.300. SECLUSION kind of home you have’ dreamed 1324. Government Street Roy Simth or Howie Craig. EV 2-2157 bungalow. The bedrooms are | a'wavs desirable, we.I-established h?«»‘ the family. Full of owning. Inrated on a beau” anytime. Western Home* Ltd. situated on the main floor that re­ Be the _ first to inswt thia new rea of Gonzales. Urge LR with /,rePl«’e - EV 4-9305 fully landscaped J,-acre lot. tired people could very easily use listing. L/ieated in the ever popular' ri l/vj rZ)\rv ton ar/Av-mj fireplace FOR PERSONAL SERVICE 2 twin size bedroom with many fruits arffl berries UNIQUE FAMILY HOME one room as a studio or den There and "" convenient- — • I M .electric I nc kitchen. kitchen Full Full hizh hi?h Maplewood district, SEE THESE NOW. . Large living room 21x?1. granite Entrust the Mie of your home Near-new l’j-storey 5is a large kitchen with utility plus thia quality modem home offers an HOME ment and dnve-in garage Clear. fireplace -dining room i8\i? GORDON HEAD NO WAITING. hedroom home on quiet lane Close large storage room. Spacious living attractive living room with granite QUADRA 4,’ITY LOCATION title home and the owner wilj Plate glass windows 4 or 3 to campus. 2.300 squat e feet of luxu­ MONTREAL TRUST room. Everything in firm* class fireplace and maple floors, dining A moat excellent home for some consider, low down pa\ ment and UNIVERSITY hedrooms and den Pembroke NO MORTGAGES TO rious living space with manv extra*, order. Insulated, automatic oj heat, room with built-m china cabinet, bath Glhammg hardwood floors Pl.EASE CALL 386 2111 evqa.a Finnish Sauna. Secluded See thia brand new 3-bedrm home flat lot with trees and shrubs. Close bright sunny kitchen 'with eating lucky buyer—In a high location and‘payments lower 'ban rent. Please ARRANGE Very high hasement - O-O-M garden with tenni* court and sum­ There is a 4-pce. bath up and a 2- to bus. Good value at >10.50n on a/ea looking- out to tHe secluded ideally located for w-bools bus, etc. do not disturb the owner because FRANK WHITFIELD. heat tool shed* A* this verv OR' mer house in beautiful parklike pce. off master bedrm plus « 2patio and bark gardens*, two apaci- Horne has a large living room.: of Hl health, but phone me to ______ reduced price. For further ner EVES EV >051(1 setting. >32.0011. Substantial down pce. hath down. This ia a lovely terms. Call SI FLETT anytime. nus bedrooms, plus one in the full cabinet kitchen and dinette. 2 good, view. WANTED ticidars on this F.XcI.USlVE METROPOLITAN REALTY LTD , i payment required. For appointment i*«t and beam csistrui-ied home 38S3471. basenient Basement also featui-es bedrooms ,'3rd bedroom in base roll JACK BROWN at EV 4-4^6 1320 GOVERNMENT ST rumpus room with flreoUre OOMJ £t«lv Urt'S"uwn.*e£i^bI Mra. .T Waldron Two or three-had room older home, to view phone builder. GR 7-3728. Phone anytime to view at 1886 Ventura Way. Price 321.900 GR 9-7360 nf courw BreuHfullv UrulKCpert ! Kp ...2 *“ ” “ ' •hru“ cldiae to »chools arili transportation. with an .hundarare nf evregrerm.1 ,n“ Colony Home Sa'es, EV 6-3231. Substantial down payment available SOUTH OAK BAY — Larry Skinner. 3x5-1510; 384 9306 Near Jubilee Hospital FULL PRTOE >1! 5rt) trees. omamentaJs. etc . witn rea Call STAN POLLARD. 385-2471 any IMMEDIATE I*OSSESSION MODERN SXS DUPLEX PALL HERB HflDGSON ‘WIDOW MUST SELL’ I oonable terms time. Johnston A Co. Ltd 3 hedrooms. living room, full dindng EV 2-2101.- Rea EV 2-3835 roonK bathroom, all >n une Bon« ONLY $16,900 OAK BAY SEE THIS FOR VALUE: A rtallv Smiling wtate and happy tver.p ISUAXD HOMES LJT). LIST YOUR PROPERTY MTTH Full basement, oil hot-water heat $17,550 neat and attractive stucco duplex Call Don Message todav at Very attractive ME AND GET 499 SALESMEN. Separate garage ‘•n a quiet street l* V.WS f<« 2504 St. 3rt-2996 JUBILEE DISTRICT with 3 bedrms. each side. Wired for 477 3715 oioffice 3H5-776I R. deHAVILLAND SMITH gartten For quet+c sale priced at « m'xlext pr ice arxl' easy : WILL LANDSCAPE T'fSUTT I have an immaculate 2-bedroom range and oil healing. Rents easily only >10.900 To view pbwuNORTHWESTERN SECURITIES ■terms. Mom is moving to I retirement home in a very desirable for >75. lYill price only* >14,750. LTD. , C H. Holland Real Estate Over 1.2f» aq ft.. 3 bedrms. 9 xlT 88.V674.1 388-41M «2b View E-VMWM and EV 4 7659 district, close to shopping and trans UPLANDS 1 family. Dads workable* is .lh* as , SWAN LAKE dining rm. large eating area in portatim The flowers and lawns White-Shake Bungalow i» in the setwrate garage , 824 LESLIE DRIVE kitchen. Double carport All fenced A REAL HONEY IS THIS 3-BED- are lovely but n«8 too big to be a » PU.MINES — POPULAR GORGE Attractive white siding, m-storey Two bedrooms. Call Don Har ... ___ . ' Low d'wvn payment. McCandless realty bungalow, seven rooms Large living1 n«m no-step bungalow Checrv chore. Price 812.500 v.ey Ltd., and arrange to see: Dider S-bedrm h-nne with large LR room. 30 x21'. large dining room. •—i-__________________ _ _____ Real Estate and Insurance. W« will living room with FP and floor to and buv this Bargain — truly. wl’^ - Lxcettimt bright kiti hen, Larrv' Skinner. 3KF1510; 364 9306 IDEAL FOR RETIREMENT large triple plumbing. Estate sale. KuH be pleased to help you sell your ceiling window. Dining room with N.H.A. 6U%Interest EV 5-(H67 Z furna/e Three small greenliv. rm with~J\P.. 2 nice bdrms details from Fred NUrconi property . Just give us a call. LIST­ eas.v -to-ciewn floors. jESQI'INLNLT. LARGE FAMILY Step saving houeea and double garage. Can be 4-pr. l«ath and cab cabinet eiec. kitchen. INGS APPRECIATED. 830 Fi)rt kitchen. A secluded yard and large subdivided into 4 sewered lots Futl SEA VIEW I-ull hiitTlMremeni with pew 7rti Phone EV 6-3NU «l>Pme HOME. 2 LOTS PLUS REVENGE FRANK AN MS CONST. LTD sepantue garage Only J97i«' Mrs De luxe 4-bolnsim j**me with m furnace. Sew ---------------------------------------------------- price >15 ym MLR Mr Gaddes. «U„ phone EV 3-6111. Sea, garage HarkD to bus MARCONI REALTY 620 VTEW; Spacious, psoliess, m a quiet area EV 4-l») Jo>»«,«, 3Sfr»M! or JSB-JJK; Ctotonj- hathroims Large living room, sep- and stores.'roll LARGE LIVING ROOM. ITRE-| 3862996 or GR 9-5687. *■ ’-------.Main floor provides ampie living price only'810.250. WHY WASTE YOUR VALUABLE H»»me Sales. »Aace with raised hearth, den. two ■ OWNER—SUPER DE DE LUXE. LUXE. arpa .for lhat lar*e fni*- „ infixTuatlon ph. s.-xm Ha«"r * m old. Best of conmructiand finish- ** for te Wanted for client, a 3 bedroom 478-2076. A. H. Phelps. Ex/iuatve. Peter Gleava. JWhjRi. water heating. large -.rid* semiMust br seen to he appre­ Ltd S'S' pSi’^^'R.^ F“r |?5wS55rm5r-No nteini. c’c!e dr;v*way Probable VLA Im anytime. J W. fXReiiiy. QUKENSBURY AVENUE >595 DOWN” ciated. Parkiike- setting, fullv land­ NO CA8H NFEDED j 3-BEDROOM HOME FULL BASE med at* or-f-upancPrinciple* only. NO CASH HEEDED .... tmre. p- , r f L-WV d-wv-n tMiTnenl or «-«r»it>cr J'1'** M**’1-**''*• ' >75 .MONTH” scaped. >24,501) 3M-9723. 3266 Cook COSY. 1 BEDROOM. RETIREMENT GR ‘-32S* RANDALLS LTD . EV 4-8I08 cash offer. Bav St. F.V 5« »’»t FOR FAST SAR?? jLIST_WITH ; FOURjROOM HOME TEN MILFJLpnrt roughed m plumbing and res­ bus and stores. Price >7«»5n Mr SIDNEY VILLAGE-OLDER TO TRADE CLOSE IN NEW HIGH AND «F. i?VtRY lb CO.. 1010 ^LAN'SHARD, j-xi t. Open to oflera. Phone 47S6779 eaturt room In buejprtk.. Private Evans Western Homes Ltd. phone ^**troom stucco h-mje large cuinei ln on • new home. GR 7-IS08. - uded ism ft. m 2i*v«« Karen ard nun i;? Ph/GrViTO ■ ra ' r aOnart to "flaturday *Aer 4 prTk .r*9ftn EV >2215. ,382 2157. eves. 385-5M3. riot with fiuu trees. 6o6-268i | Gumour Const Ltd. i Cre*. >215

















— A



really superb home, featuring luxury and comfort. Plenty of room for fee large* tolly or ideal too for a.-roroteai tai in-laws. Fire bed­ rooms (5 Up. 2 ten), elegant living ate douag rm. Sen-wood cabinet. ‘ trie Ukhta. Mb

EV 4 9335

ftSS Fori Street

’ I ' Realtor! Since 1864 ’ IMMEDIATE POSSESSION LANSDOWNE SLOPE JUBILEE AREA VIEW Sitting on, « high, oak - studded corner lot, tills attractive. 10-year- 3 BEDROOMS

Thta suimv custom built three-bed- old bungalow is a little different. Panelled living room with free­ e nleavant lot In . standing flour-to-pelling fireplace ___ciuae to abunfees. Oak Bay dining area and 2 beditares fall school# and ahupe ... R has a with oak floors). Modem kitchen I through -hall, large living with utHity off, and 4-pce bath? ___ S With fireplace SEPARATE Part I weement. oil /healing and roum. utility/ double (fining loots. good family' kiuitre ‘ garage. A I Sfa* n»ai garage, canopied aavdeck. private with utility n»«n nud small sun- gage can Ibe assumed.' Asking price boat dock. Priced at replacement deck off ... the baaesnent U bug)l >12.500 dry with very g$»xl drtve-tn ga 828.990. Mrs. J. Thomson, gftaf Lars Wasttnan » which cauM be a kwely room EV 4 9335 Rea. EV 5-7319 da are included tn tlie price te 817.900


Please phone MRS. BAXTER BV

Goae to Uplands Coif Course with a panoramic view of the surroundins arae. Well planned bungalow. 11

Situktod In high, treed area, and dose to traneptrtatton and Merer Uoiy 10 vra old and over 1.200 ars old. Has a spacious LR. famsq ft or solid comfort. Wall-to-wall size DR. 2 good aiae bednns. crpeting in the spacious living 4-pce. bath, rtet kitchen with ample roten and bedrooms, separate cuhboarda and tLning area. FuM, QUIET CUL-DE-SAC utility plumbed and wired for high basement with extra ru waabrr and dryer off the large, HIGH CITY LOCATION bright kitchen with d.xr leading c-uld be extra bedrm rr <___ O-O-M heat and plumbed for wash­ IKK THIS BEFORE YOU BUILD! to patto «*1 aemlraecluaitin. er and doer and extra piumbtog. Aiwa •year ted weil-teMit anaciou* Tastefully deojrated. nh’ely landDrive-in garage. Situated on a KSbIm artual*d curmng other at- smjied and truly in nftmacuVate nicely landscaped lot with velvety haadbws i conditom throughout- Be the first lawns and a variety of fruit trees see thia lovely faane at the


822.500 with S^hL MU

terms to responsible call Len Knight or “

at SVMiA

LOVELY NEW HOME IN* COLWOOD This 8-bed room (plus 2 in basement)

Is completely delightful. Inane Finished with the greatest of care,

lt otters the best in living accom­

modation. fireplace. niag from sub deck,

Lge living room with vhding glass doors open Use dining rpom onto the large kttchm. 4-pce bath. wood panelled rec j

lovely bar. Sat ttda hosne. It’s special. >18.890 testantlal down payment req. Mrs. J. Thomson. »5-34».

lots' ot cupfa«rofa and breakfast LOWER rv- k. Wide attractive entrance hall with wrought iron railing leading LANSDOWNE-HILLSIDE to a lemfr basement as yet un ARBA devekgwd »mt “ready to go” tor rumpus room. 4th bedroum and 1—SIX-ROOM BUNGALOW hethroom—-whatever you need!! 2—IMMEDIATE POHSESSlGN Last, but no least. LARGE «fa* 8-a.l72 SQUARE FT. AREA MORTGAGE. Vendors are A—LOT SIZE 65x111 to sell and win listen to aO 5-AU.E 7 YEARS 8— AUTOMATIC OIL HEAT ASR15G sn oot T-FIBEPR0OF GARAGE . Ptoaae phone 8—OAK FLOORS ft—EAST TERMS MRS. BAXTER 3ft—MUST BE SOLD SOON EV 5-3485 anytime

THREE BEDROOMS COULD BE FOUR BATH AND A HALF $15,950 There is a •% mortgage which may

be assumed. Just Qve years old and better than new with complete landscaping. Close to schools, bus

and Shoppte. To view this spark

hag, clean-kept home call A W. Bridges GR 8-1436 EV 5-3455

BRAND NEW QUICK POSSESSION This lovely no step home consists of 18x15 ft. living room with fire­ place. 3 spacious bedrooms and a very attractive vanity bathroom. Also a dream kitchen with built-in Tappan range. Large dining area and utility wired for washer and dryer.

PRICE $13,750 Call Mrs. Hartt. 38^3433 anytime.



tod compact home. Llvtog roomi with fireplace, .. .. dinette, modem electric kitchen, full high banewort, OOM teat. Ex­ cellent terms available To view call W. RAVEN HILL. eves. 882 9908 or H. ATKEY eves. 89^6802. A neat

picture No. 104 to our Broad St. winders. One irf the most beautifulnovel, exiting homes to be hadJ bathrooms, 3 itedroonv. Ju*eT lounge, elegant In style. Uvable in design. 83.100 harvlit*. Pbone fur appointment- to "lew

$24,750 Gordon Seheni-k FV 4-9335. Res. EVMW



Full Price


$508 DOWN place. dining room. 4 bedrooms. ROYAL TRUST COMPANY Oder 3-BR home wife lTxlT LR 5-«tar kitchen with eating area, den with fireplace and triple plumbing. with firepiarv, Lge cab Double garage with automatic hours. Delightful English Tudor. Situated utility rm. atiacted jparage Secluded patio. Excellent value. FULL PRICE $6ja PRICE $29,500 To view either of the above homes, Call Pat Hope, S88-5S65 anyUra. lse call AL VICKERS, Res 2266. office EV 5-843A


JAMES BAY Zoned light Industry


Solid 2-storey home on aoned lot with side Lands. Located at 13j Kingston 8t. oppnetw McKay-Cormack Shipyards. Exclusive listing PRICE 88.4W CaU Mr Hope 38X-5565 anytime

$1500 DOWN atogle working girt or a couple. Live in one side and let the ..ther 4 1JEDRMS AND BSMT aide help build un your equity. 8RELBOURNE - MT TULM1E Fully modern, full basement, pack­ Spotless condition throughout New age oil beating, single bedrooms pfcg. OU-O-Matic furnace. Redecor­ each side. To Inspect please call ated from top to bottom. 8. W. Bridges Full Priop $9950 GR $-1455 EV 5-3435 C. Carpenter. 3*$-5556 adytime

amongst tlie oaks. Owner fa trans­ ferred. Entrance hall with at­ tractive quarry tile floor, large living room with open fireplace, dining room, master bedroom with expensive wall-to-wall carpet, de­ lightful kitchen with countertop laimers and wall oven, den wllh open fireplace, 3-pce bathroom on main floor. Open stairwell to bed­ room upstairs and 3-pce bathroom, ana bednxxm with wall-to-wall car pet. extra room for one more bed room. Full basement with large unfinished rufhpus roim with open fireplace, roughed in plumbing for extra bathroom, drive-in gaiage. Oil hot air furnace. PRICE. $24,500



/• CLOSE UNIVERSITY tbedroim. sto'co bungalow, OO.M I MOUNT TOLMIE it and modem interior. First e offered for sale. Only I14.2U0. 7-Room ultra modem bungalow with large den and rumims room in gar Leonard Yeo. den-lerel" *basement, 2V* baths. “ To EV 53436 (34 Hr. Service) view ua!l _ EV 8-5555 Len Cook EV 2-7777



Ideal tor young Doctor.'’ Near two hoepjtaJe to Fairfiekl. 1 EV 4-9316 1 BEDROOMS. t BATHROOMS I 4 FT REPLACES Beautiful living r»«m. 23x18, dining HIGH QUADRA hjura 13x14. gracious entrance tell, den. ALL WITH GOLDEN OAK BEGINNER'S DE1.IGHT FLOORS or wall In wall carpets, VACANT IMMEDIATE terse famUy size KITCHEN WITH fljxitless 5-yr-oM, large living room, DINING AREA Main floor UTILITY 3 bednoms. full cab Idt Pembroke plumbed for AUTOMATIC LAUN­ hath. Drive-la garage. Full l«ae- DRY. LOWER LEVEL IS FULLY > ment. OU-O-Matic teat 8L500 down. FTNTSHED. Ironmen furnace and GAMES Asking price.......... ................ . 812.8 >0 workrtejp on une side ROOM and FAMILY ROOM with Guy Seymour. EV 4-9318, 479-4036. fireplace Small KITCHENETTE AND DEN WITH FIREPLACE. Tills wsadd make am ideal IN-LAW SUITE ROCKLAND COLONIAL gnamd level. MRS. SIMPBOW WIU. I5E HAPPY to sb<»w you TNI IS DOCTORS, EXECUTIVES HOME. PLEASE CALL 4-1 bedrooms. 4 baths, LR. FP. LOVELY EV 547H. DR. De 'uxe kit. dining area. h«o Family room, FP. rumpus room. FP. lull basement. 4O'x2O’ swim­ LAND!'. ming pool, filtered, heated, barteque patio. 2'a years new. treed GARDEN !! M2S B! anshard at Fort

rel-de-sac. Mati<




TREES !! acre, ’’s-acre

Full Price____ $39,000ipoccr m or Ruth E. Hutcheson. EV VK18. 1.CRI

THE YORKSHIRE T37 Fort Street 384-0514

an TO BUILD ON. WORTH M OTO, Good -bediYmm t4ider- hroe M HEAT, can be teught FULLY FURNISHED. 812.800. onen to OFFERS FOR CASH Immre borne. MOVE IMMEDIATELY. ____ SCHDOl-S AND BUR Be the first to see THIS WITH MRS. SIMPSON EV 5-674L NtTrthwretern Secwitie* Ltontted.

MOUNT TOLMIE Unique renefi-typa 7 BYRON PRICE utiltiy and studto; half-acre beau tifrt grounds; fine vtew; ctoae to 1814 QUADRA STREET EV 53456 ■rtversity. PRICE

$2,700 DOWN

OAK BAY Oliver near Shuai Bay



Gracious living room and dining room' In • line affording 27’ of view Winter Wall-to-wall carpeting, 5star kitchen with large adjoining utility rooan. Just one bedroom. 15x12. double closet*. Built 9 years ago fur present owner the beat materials. Eaallv maintained ter­ raced garden. Just 15 mins drive to downtown victoria. Situated In very pleasant surriAindlng*.



1212 Broad Street EV 3-7174 EstabUshed to 1930

Call Stuart Criekmay or Mr. Hid

Located In the most desirable part of Fairfield an immaculate 2 bed­ room 'plus 1 in basement) humefireplace in Living room, oil heat, full baaement. drlve-in garage. Close to 2 bus lines and shopping plaza. Ail this for only $11.8W) including 10 fr-Llit trees, pjaes arid well-kept shrubs. Exclusive listing. Call Lornr Atkins, Res. EV 4-8837. Bus, 8S3-7174.

One of the most delightful bunga­ lows we have seen for a long time. It consists of living room with dining area and corner fireplace, very attractive and convenient kit­ chen with counter-top range and high oven. »rx>k with built-in table and beats, large master bedroom and smaller second bedroom or den. very well equipped bathroom with separate shower, spacious double garage and workshop. Pretty, se­ cluded garden. We have been re­ quested not to give out tha address. 819,500 Call Mr. Blenkinsop.

GORGE-4 bedrms $2600 DOWN Good family home only 21 yrs. old. featuring pleasant LR with nice FR, oak floora. dining area. elec, kitchen wiui with uuurv nook. run Full cement baaemen1. oil HA heat Net taxes $16L (Ex elusive). Price only $12,600. R. F. Harris. EV 3-7174 or GR 7-2998


kfler Office Hours

382-8752 GENTLY SLOPING SECLUDED WATERFRONT SOUTHEAST EXPOSURE Moot piatureaqup beach property. Eyecflent Mjb&vidinK possibilities, tins of the UA truly proni; in­ vestments mi Suanlwi Peninsul*. For full details and plans orntact

ERIC SALM Local 46 After Office Hours

386-1616 ROYAL TRUST COMPANY 1205 Government St.

$2000 DOWN LANSDOWNE 2931 QUEENSTON IMMACULATE 8 BEDRfXLMS 816.5(10 (BOTH TEAMS' Here is a very well-built, modern fame with L13t) sq. ft. of bright liriwt apace. Good high basMnent with roughed-m plvmbmg and k


Built foe the preaen’ owners, this lovely hesne. beautifully landscaped both front and back has teen put up for sale tor the first time by these jieaple, who have it looking a.s good t<«iay on when they Just moved In. Enter toto - nice lanw '------ car —neted entrance hall with Ivge masbedr -/m on the ri*rh’. large enaigb tor twin bed*, and just a few steps from the other lari room and cloe to the large bright te th­ rown with Pedestal l*amn. A dream kitchen wfth built-in breakfast nook. Plenty of cupb>a.rds and plumbed tor automatic washer. Extra large living room with dining area and gleaming floors. Tte basement is the cloaneet I haVe sere with large finished room complete with bar­ becue fireplace, or can be used as third iMrirown A 81.200 Auto Oil fun wee fa installed for ectonmy with comfort. There fa a separate garage with paved driveway. You’ll never believe that y»tt can buv all this tor 81*500. View orty Another "EXCLUSIVE” -wife. FRANK CARR, phone EV 541741




VIEW ACRE Fine view with .privacy from this Cordova Bay lot on paved street with services. Bargain at 35.0U0. Call Mr. Hamilton, GR 7-1555. \ F. N. Cabeldu Ltd. PRIVATE SALE - APPROX. 155 am ps near Victoria. 812 500; at least half cash. Easy term*. Victoria Press. Box 334.

SAANICH PT.NINSUL4 j Near Airport - Cleared Mid tevel 1 A45 acre*. Complete Irrigation sys­

tem with pipes, nuinp and ahmdant water supply. Fruit trees and two



LTD. 479-7151

Please call 856-1154 Mr. Elwell 477 3868 GORDON HULME LTD., Sidney


180 ACRES SALT SPRING ISLAND With s* mile of waterfr.«tage on the Sansum Narrows. Lovely beach. Excellent holding lor hunting rebin as lots of game In area. Price 810, Odd. Mrs. Johnston. EV5-S7K GR 9-1568. Clarke A Wallace Realty Limited.

. I

PLAN NOW TO SAVE $500 • Barry Squirrell • Building Consultant

FARMERS WANTED TO LEASE 476-2255 Would like to lease right to build small summer cuttage on waterfr.nt (sea or lakei east cost Vancouver Island. Prefer secluded location with WATERFRONT small beach. Freeh water must ba PROPERTY available. P.iwrr optional. If totetv csted write Victoria Press. Box 339. 23 scree of choice waterfront with a lovely, sheltered, sandy beach. Thia treed property with its own plentiful I WILL BUY YOUR SMALL FARM supply of water would te Ideal for or aorege tf It to within the t! mile a resort or Just live to .seclusion. drete. For my taamediate cast offer Asking only fcO.OOO. For further in­ phone my agent Mr. H-ifarsun, formation please call JESSIE MC­ EV2-8U7. Newstead Realty Ltd. GRATH. EV 5-6741. Northwestern Securitiea Ltd. GULF ISLANDS


MARIGOLD AREA NEAR CATHOLIC SCHOOL TWO SIDE-BY-SIDE LOTS. Each lot 66 feet by 132 leet. 82.200, and one other—66 leet by 132 leet. di­ rectly across the street from the above two for 82.000. For further information call KEN HOWARD or ERIC DAY. EV 4-6126. PEMBERTON. HOLMES LTD. SEA VIEW LOT 83.200 TURGOOSE POINT - Prtminic view, 127 ft. frontage on Arthur Dr. ve. Level lot. water. 20 minutes from victoria; bread, milk delivery, ga- bage oullection. Actress to beach cloae by. acluul bus sorvioe. Phone Frank Newton. 477-1855 anytime. University Realty Ltd.

Asking Price Only $16,500 Please enquire at Newstead Realty Ltd. 382-6.117 or eves. 479-3673.


PROPERTIES SALT SPRING ISLAND Prompt. convenient real estate aer4,«je available for Salt Spring and tte other Gulf Islands, through DOUGLAS HAWKES LTD., »7-A Fort Street. Please contact Howard B\ run. telephone 364-7128 (or ra*« Ganges 5S7-2O54K SALT SPRING LANDS LTD. Largest Gulf Island Realtor Established 192S Box 69 Ganges — Phuna 987A8I8


WATERFRONT Coz>- white, stucco bungalow Two bedrooms, large living room 15x24. fireplace, c.nbinet electric kitchen. F'ull basement, rumpus room with fireplace I^irge patio with Bar-liecue 72 feet uf waterfront.. Must )«e seen to apprertate value. Price $21.95h. terms. P«sessl«i can be ar­ ranged to suit purchaser Appoint-, ment to view, BILL SQUIRES, ph. EV 5-8741. Northwestern Securities Ltd.


One of tiie l»gat building lots left on Tuwnaend Drive: Owner agree* to carry terens. Drive by and see for yourself. Sign on prboerfa'. Call Ron Sedger. Newsflead Realty' Ltd.. 382-H117. or r\nungs. 478-3673.



SIDNEY Ttires excellent protected building sites on sewer, water aixi storm draining clo»e to -the beach. Make vour offer on


; ffc-autifulJ wooded propert; SOUTH j erk EXPOSURE, expansive view Her sights are -set on and lovely b___ beach (hundreds of feet . .. SHAWNIGAN L\KE ! of shorellnei city water too' Ex- school and outdoor fun in OVER 1/3 ACRE I pensive BUT exclusive. Phone i r footer. 656-2852 and, this pleated dress with its JI^ST A STONE'S THROW FROM 382 7276 V.L.A. town cool-weather pullover. THE LAKE. FULL ASKING PRICE Town A Country Realty Ltd. . 8AXJ0 SAANICHTON Sew the pair in piquer'SharkDICK JAMES. EV5-24W Twenty minutes from town, a Swinerton, Stewart Clark Ltd. skin lovely. 7-yr-old. 2-BR, full base­ SEA FRONTAGE ment home. : Beautifully landscaped Printed Pattern 9040: SIDNEY AREA and fenced. Double garage and workshop. Only >15.950. To view Fine modern bungalow to<-ated on Girls’ Sizes 6, 8. 10, 12, 14. APARTMENT LOT phone Kay Davies at 388-4294 or 2 tots with ipioa private beach. Size 10 dress takes 2% yards 383-4387 anytime. Sundeck off the main floor, pan­ elled basement with fireplace and 35-ineh fabric; pullover 1% Approx. tOO’xJOn'. Street exit on 3 sides. Must wlL open to offers. extra plumbing. To be sold at bar­ yards. gain price, with termsr nt J27.5OO. FAIRFIELD BAY1.ES CONSTRUCTION Call Mr. Hamilton GR 7-1555 Fifty cents (50c) in coins 5 BEDROOMS SX5-9909 — 4784228 F. N. Ca)>eldu Ltd.. 1212 Bix»ad St. Older, large family hume. New (no stamps, please) for each furnace, new roof, new wiring and TO INSPECT PIERS ISLAND LOTS pattern. Print plainly size, SIDNEY - TWO SIDE-BY-SIDE plumbing. Cahtoet kitchen. Make CALL R. FRASER BISU'-F F.R 1 . an tffer. Only $9,500 with terms. Rl -RO 'PTER8 ISLAND RES1- name, address and style SEWERED LOTS - ON REST HAVEN DRIVE. ONLY 86.000 (tor C.ill Kay Davies 868 4294 vr i PENCE. 676-3282) OFFICE: 750 both lots). Call STAN EAK1N ot number. I PANDORA AVE.. 383-9413 383-4387 anytime. KEN HOWARD EV4-8126. Send order to Marian WATEREItoNT. TEN MILE POINT. PEMBERTON. HOLMES LTD. — I 2994 Phyllis St. Would sell or build Martin, care of The Daily XXXXXXXXXX XI to suit. 4774208. 3H4-3363. EAST SOOKE FOR HUNTING AND X ROCKLAND DISTRICT Colonist. Pattern Dept.. 60 fisbtog. 3 tots at 1 acre. Each X SEA AND MOUNTALN VIEW X One at >4 .acre, 81.400 Each Front Street West, Toronto, ri.MMi. WANTED TO BUY X 1256 REVERCOMBE PLACE X 15 3 lot has 100' blacktop road frontage. X -Ont. Terms may be arranged or will ac HOUSES X Thus qualitv 8-yr -old one-owner X 86 000 cash for .all 4 lots. Please Discover the secrets of a eept X home l«us 3 bedm*. view from X phone owner at 384-8725. X living room and dining room X well - dressed woman! Dis­ X Well appointed kitchen and X URGENT REQUEST ROYAL OAK LOT X utility room. Double bathroom. X cover 350 flatterinp. new 82 400 X large rumpus and double gar- X your home is priced between X age and many extras. This X 812.0fl«t-$l«.<)bb. Is modem and con- design ideas in our new Fall- High lot with a view. 73'XJ8O' Lovely X home must te s,»id. Open to X tains 2 <>r 3 bediooms. and full b«M- Winter Pattern Catalogue. building site Mr-. Vining, EV 2-2101"; GR 9-3786 Hjsrry Foster Ltd X offers. 821.800 with trams. X ment. located m an> nn> distn. t. X give me a call Several genuine All sizes! Coujxin for free Phone EV 1L-3341B 'rill iiinisr make substantial7 earii i eriih 'sin . ,, , KKouiniAll RiJd. lommerriaJ X X XXXXXX XX X •bents lot ymenis (,,r ihc house ihat [ills ] paltem in Catalogue. Send , rice 37.000. Call their neAi SAXE POINT park Frank Kewtop. 477-1855 anytime. 50<. University Rertt] Ltd and the bus at your dxjrstep. Cosy j CALL N< AV retirement home consisting of living! for prompt service LOTS. MARIGOLD AREA TERMS room with fireplace, bright cabinet! DON MESSAGE. 477 3713 trade. GR 9-33TM electric kitchen, one twin sire bedA/~.t KU"TE'c room, and large utility- (that could D. I. HANLEY AGENCIES he 2nd bedroom) Easily main j LTD. 155 PROPERTY WANTED tained grounds. Down payment and th® owner will carry the balance , (Formerly Saanieh Realty Ltd.) $8,500 385-7781 DEMAND IS HIGH!! NELL A FRASER S83-9M8 750 -Pandora Ave. i SUPPLY IS LOWj!











TWO PROPERTIES 10 arres each, exeellent commerrml location on Pat Bay Hw/. 1 Mock from beach. 1 mile from airport.



; wl>. want 2 HR 3-BEDR'xiM home with view 2 -LARGE 4 R E I) R OOM home, split level 1 - OLDER 4-B E DROOM fa>me m Oak Bay

ANITA CULLEN 386- 2084 Colony Home Sales, 386-3231


CASH FOR YOUR ACREAGE OR LOT8 We promise business if the price is right Phone Kasspi Oanstructian. 386-6191


PEXSIOXTR. RETTKED. WOULD like to buy a small piece of land with cottage or cabin, in
Client arriving from Vancouver Tues. Sept. 7. would tike" to see t-i ne hi sire rtfatrif and r pr •>, eit.'y .n market. Average time tor pfMweasHjn would be satisfactory. . 'I Clare Be'ch-i EVtiei «.(-.. EV2-2W8 A BERNARD & CO. LTD

DEVELOPMENT L A ?Cd aVd building lota required imfnediate!; Urgent need for city 1-A EV5-9b69 ar EV5 5U65. i McLaren oomstruction


WANTED APARTMENT SITE IN l locatite tn the city Phone ate Construction Co.. Ltd.. 3WE6l!)L

Do you have a 2 or 3-bedroom home In a nice district that you tfranl to sell quickly.' If so. ptvme me NOW. I have many many clients Just waiting for me to find them a good home. Mrs. Browne. 383-7124 anytime. BOORMAN INVESTMENT CO., LTD.

PRICE DAVIES AGENCIES AT BRENTWOOD, This 1‘m acres with older h'lmc. Sea view. 432 feet in depth. Asking SIS.500. OOM heat We have lhe home Ior you. Give Posscasion Immediate. u, • call to ahow you the # bed rooma. 2 bathrooms (up and down) 14i acres. Nice retirement bunga­ with separate entrances. A modem, low. myriad fruit trees Modern URGENTLY attractive, comfortable, best built heating. 2 bednxwna Terms to REQUIRED fa new whthe *substantial 814.50ft J«ne. ~ It to *HA mortgage *t 6A% Jnterest Among new homes and close to all Drive by 1073 Steilys X Road. We A fair i v modern teme In the conveniences. Phone 386-SI91 -----.^Kasapt r-x ,• offer exclusively u.u, this .rucwuMMi 3-bedroom Ctewi**1 -tehgTbrd-Metchosih area. Construction Co. Ltd. ~ 2030“ Douglas yjew beauty, plaster, oak floors., - te 3 bedrooms, basement If pos dble carport, low ta_\es. Dble garage sibie. Call H HEGEN of Newstead Street. Ideal for b'latbulider. Rec room1 Realty Ltd», EV 2-KU7. or residence and den Asking price 82L«W) Open 'EV 5-8895. VICTORIA WEST to offers.


1— Vacant Lots-Any district 2— Small Acreage 1 to 10 Acre* 3— Large Parcels Undeveloped tend Call An. time For Immediate Service DON MJkSSAGE. res. 477-8715. D. F. Hanly Agencies Ltd.. 3)6-7761 (Formerly Saanich Realty Ltd.)





Two or Uirve-tedroum older bunga low with ete’tnc taktoen. some new ooppt>r ptombtog. a small gar-, dm Excellent r-m«l area near city centre. 17.91*) with term*. Electric | «u«e included. MRS HELEN WEBB. Johnston A Oo. Ltd. 385-2471. re*. 477 *4)3.


Byron Price EV

AS LOW AS $900 DOWN For further ’information


477-1606 ANYTIME THIS HOUSE MUST BE SOLD TO CLOSE AN ESTATE Qooe In. tidy 5-ruom buhgal*» Living room with fireplare,



W ANTED OPEN SATURDAY. 1-5 .'irfiteroom bungalow with hsu*ement New 3-Bedroom Home. Any gdod area, trade frr modern ITS-IJXIICAL 1731 Teakwood. 2-bedroom stucco bungalow, od 'Frfr property in North Saan- beat, no at ►*;>», curtveruent loraBob Quigg. Builder. , i ti»o. Call Mrs Knoj»e. EV icn and Sidney, call the BrentWooB Pn>periies Ltd.. 652-U41. GR 71731 Realtor who is on the spot. NO IFS. AND OR BITS—I WILL

154 /I

6-time rate and aava

money —as soon aa

you get results just

pnone and you pay toi only the n umbel of times

the ad



(no stamps, please) for each 19.22 ACRES pa’tern to Laura Wheeler, 5-MILE CIRCLE care til Tlie Daily Colonist, Pnrforn T'tor.t "fif) Kmnt A 60"4 °*fcr S-bedroom home With ranerp uept w r rom, ba>eroent 5 m market Street West. Toronto, Ont. 'gardening Exreptijnrtiy gte ouv Pnat plainly pattern numabaw OBORGE ber. your name and address, j fred bergman. evmwx. Needlecraft Spectacular UdOver 200 designs, 3 free pat-1^ vaatbp toms in new 1966 Needlecraft Catalogue. Knit, h<-mes- farms, lots, etr (sack GEORGE CHAN or. crochet chiffas snin.s, ssheila n e i j s. i v R E n ONbergman evxmi

ilr. 3 ‘ bedrixtms. through hall. Living Sidney 656-1154' ot* Hodgson at EV 8-6563 or EV 34*117 BTUATED DI UNIVERSITY Vflte dining room, elec kitchen with and utility rooms. Also ttnrage rm . Uteay for' fast action. Newstead fage on quiet cul-de-aac Otereial Incl Entrance »and through hall, off kitchen. 1 Step drawn to roteed-1 ------- -— Realty Ltd. family home, S-b6droam. living finished rec room with fireplace in jn patio from dining area. Close to! *ck. Large fenced yard. 817,900. DONELL. EV 4-4962. B C. LAND A Sunny private spotless. 3 bedrooms, acre bottomland in East So ike Ellwote Nauit at Newstead Realty c ......................... -x--, ------ --«n-4T?s.____ ._____________ __ HOSPITAL. ASKING AGENCY LTD. 3?te5555. fi.x.r ftenace teectriC stove wash- ',rea950. For further ;n- Lid.. EV 2-S117. anytime brrilderk , quilts, mOTP ’ Send -WALL ACREAGE WITH ALLuoor n*™ formation rontate or —;-----------tr I .rer Creek or near fron’ at BY OWNER. BUILT THE WAY--------------------------------------------------$7500. CALL DEL ing nwhiut*. approximately fa acre. ' y Fleerher, EV 8-4294. Morey A —v i “”>C 1 > >’ftaa River area Can be off ’breten you want It, 1 bedroorm. all lyge. j r> n0o DN _ OAK rxy Near srhote« **>ri bus. Easily J EV 5-9765, hiiikt j Johntt*sie.-Ltd. PROGRES...!^ E I R» ERTY ''Oecomt^ with highway Pieas* pbrna vArwtv** •n’Ttdinine roJn & irg for shidio <>r a-ocksfaip. Imme-1 •aft" faixiious *book. 25 ^rTn“r™» ** CR FAIRFIELD REALTY SOOKE CABIN am description, tf {airly pr.ced. I craff ’ * diate occupancy. 86 9tei. Terms On \i
• Ask far our special

WANTED -2-8 ACRES. GORDON Head acea. Private. 477-22WL

Long road frontage, on city w»ter 2 BATHROOMS and but line, mostly bottom land Ideal for market gardening. Includes Truly a magnificent home at a A little girl will be proud an older 2 bedrm home on adjoining price that cannot be approached If separate lot rented at $45 per month. construction were started today. A to whirl out in this ’ smart Good terms available at only $14,700 $10,500 better colonial home in the Gordon Seven lovely sea view lots on Pal WANTED — Head area featuring many dif­ TEN MILE POINT A-shape coat with cableBa>. all nearly hafr acre. Piped OAK BAY OR MUST BE SOLD NEW ferent and attract ive building ma­ WEST, BURNSIDE AREA wa(pr and prw-ci from 82.750 Gate TEN MILE POINT WATERFRONT trim. Gordon Head Area terials plus a targe sundeck rim terms. PREFERRED 10 ACRES nsiw the full length of the house dito'ni •",i. o'1”4 PhyWa Road. Srt-rwm bouse. 1.! Knit coat or jacket from . “ MOVE IN NOW l.Ufl square feet of finished floor Mature home wfth seclusion and aq. ft. ud *■ 01 h«v‘h' Before School Starts nrarn »nd >*rs» Xl 7ton Hian R,»n. Rmu«ra,t An _ ..chaaacter. two or three bedrooms neele necK awn, neIuo mgiamidins, 2.aon w ft. coreMructeA y! n'jme.I five years. rttotot. rc touen mt. Excrttont manor the growing family wtneti will ac­ .exclusively-listerf executive manor and 'den. Up to 824.®*) all cash, sleeves. Purled side is right •J’*'* VP- Cement foundation and I 4 BED—2 BATH ASKING PRICE 8») WO g:.nften w«h aewurre frts commodate ? addttionni bedrooms bf ultra modern design. 2X0 square Your reply will be treated In con„ i j __ floor, frame and toureo. aluminum; 1 378 Umsted Sq. Ft and a rumpus room. Tte house u so H GROO6. 884-0614 23664 fideare Please pbone Mr Simp- Slflft. Collar. DaOQ, garter , roX. Building* vacant. Opportun e desgned tha’ the enhance will also “mi tiL.*'siltn*"•*«* st*L 3M-W36 or rrt. 885-7369. _ stitch. Pattern 749: sizes 4. ~ J lead to these rooms without enter­ LOW DOWN PAYMENT J Pemberton. Holmes Ltd. to choose from, ing the basemen! It ha* a targe Several derung. Full price with g-xxl terms, . us >n, lJfne. - , feer and locate m. -----living room, ftbang room and fam Different row,. Adjoining --------“9 arret afao FAIRFIELD lly sized kite ten. Thirty-five cents in coins I only -1"’’ 1820.— Schools, shopping, etc. very close. 652 1412 652-1893 — 656 3151 for x. Mpnrete garage. PRICE 810,900








Just listed 1
Excellent 3-BR located on a corner lot Hardwoud flours thru-out. Lots of storage and cupboard space. Fireplace. Full basement Automatic oil furnace. Just 7 yrs. oid. Among new homes and cl->se t” schools and bus. We can arrange terms and give fas, po«a. Cali C, Walsh, 3»-42i>4 anytime.

front 1-jL >8500. For furthi'r information TED BARKER,


SHAWNIGAN LAKE PURE SANDY BEACH YOUR OWN BOAT DOCK SACRIFICE PRICE And tids la tlie first*time on the market for this mote sparwxis cabin. Partly furnished. The 1
LOGIE DUNN 388-4294



. 2, 1t45

THE ROCKS AND TREES Axdmore Jvicinity Slomng and Would add distinction to any home beautlfully treed, wild and secluded. built an this large 130* x§ff lot. »a acre, $i.5oo. Glengarry. EqiMmalt duplex icaned. My client needs a 3-bednxim home. $18 per week. Deep Cove — Sloping and treed,
NORTH SAANICft WATERFRONT Thia lovelv home on Bazan Bay with lta aeml-f »rraal garden, good beach and panoramic view over sea »nd falanda is truly a delight to own. Enjoy the large living and dining room with fireplace, tfie spacious kitchen, 2 bedrooms the drive-in garage and daylight' basement. Fur a retired sea captain or yob.

NEW HOMES FOR SALE, DIRECT FROM BUILDER. Various local bins MOVE IN NOW ! in Victoria and at Maryland. Priced from n« 900. Contact TED BARKER 811 950 - 1.150 SQ FT Wow! Here's a terrific family home -385-S6O3 o< In a good area with only 81.500 SLEGG BROTHERS down! Payments like renti. Hux’e tiring-dining room <'ak floors*.! CONSTRUCTION LTD. bright, roomy kitchen. 2 TWIM479-71jd SIZED bedrooms, full basement I oil heat, dr-in kaiag-'. !2 .seal's olfi. i h >I R-ROOM EU.VIALOW AT 8034 hut clean as a pan' Cioae^to teM and East s.uinirh H,,ad to BetIke an maj8,000-cash. Mr. Heath, ONEdlEDROOM STUCCO~ HOUSE 5111/__ D. F. Hanley Agencies Ltd. After 6. phone EV >5111. tFormerly Saanich Readtj) •56Office 3H5-7761 1S1 COUNTRY HOMES AND



...c« rtby R4. ............. 82560 1SS N. Quadra MARI iarAand artKfivteon-Many

37 *






THE BUY OF THE WEEK Drive By ThenJ-Phone 1055 Empress Avenue


EV 5-tm anytime



ated on oak-treed lot ctoae to Uni­ versity. Living room with open fire­


UNBELIEVABLE VIEWS Ocean afld Gulf Islands Perfect Retirement Home $20,000 (terms if required)

This 3-year<4d NHA built home MOREY fa situated in the Dak Bay Schi>4 district. Foul Bay and Kings Rpnd & area Large living Foam, dinnic JOHNSTONE LTD. nwan, mah<«0anv cabinet kitchen with dtoinc area on main level. 3 large bedrooms and 6-plece 1136 Gort opposite Eaton’a vanity bath on upper levri. I-arge 8SX-42W day or n.gbt rex- room, den or 4’h tiedn»»in. utility with 2uMe car­ port. Full price 817.900 with at­ HIGH GORGE tractive NHA nv»rtjjage. To view o^r‘ vlCe clean 2-bedroom luune with full yj- W. P AVPXWTl.I. _ . Lot has fruit .trees RAVEN HILL. 1W5-WIH EV 2 9303. I L.*k high u_____ basement. and room for small garden. Separate 883-4181 garage, OOM heating. 220 wiring. 1.123 Blan>t^rd Street 4-pce. bath. Close to schools, buses and shops. Immediate possession, $1,500 down, low monthly payments. Full price J10.900.

Dirit Okker. EV 4-9335, res. GR8-43U1


This email cotlage I* situated ,

tolio of the “waterfront lots on Roberta Bay. The|house ilidf has living room. tw-> bddrooros. kiichen and 8-pce. bathroom, and fa prei ently rented. Totalling 100x185. tha Iota are beautifully situated, and are level to this fine beach. As the house 1a in a poor atate of repaira thia property ia offered at


gaj(y (ft





PLEX or VLA lot,

West Saanich Rwd — Treed and unimproved, 138x240. % acre. $2460.




Attractive 5-room home. Close to scriool and traraq»ortauon. Large liviiw rm witn\ fireplace, dinette OFF FOUL BAY ROAD and nook. Full ent — bamL to Pleasant, eomtorfaiile well main-1 y<"*t rumpus tamed two-bedrom plus one in $lb.riW the bajr-nx-nt’ bungalow on amall with terms and balance arty 399 attractive treed lot <«
lately beautiful landscaped 'lot end si-uba. ^.xlC LR with fire place.
MAYFAIR 3 BRS—$11,000



built and excellent floor plan this centrally touted duplex. iSEP UNITS WITH FULL BASE­ MENTS. Drive-in garages and oil HA heating - Attractive entrance hall to spacious living rm with fireFULL PRICE ONLY piat'e Two large bedrooms, cab ty’4.950 elec kitchen. Large lot In lawns 656-1154 K DROST 656-M27 and fruit trees. Terms available. To v*gw cad GEORGE THORNE Gordon Hulme Ltd., Sidney. LOE, EVMrm any time.

Modem. 2-bedroom bungalow. Few steps. Package od heat. Immediate possession. P^rf^-t condition. Call MR. SCOTT at EV 4 »M23. eves.

| 154

ALSO JW acres WATERFRONT. S Urgently Required for Service Good sheltered boat anchorage., S Personnel newly arrived In S Victoria. Any good location. wooded, tine View, seclusion. Pleaae call Patricia Sedger ■ y ' ,. ..I. I Hill . „ w S NOW. EV2-8U7.



SS. SSS88S HHA building tot.


11-y ear-aid home tb _ quickly. The Th< lovely should sell quit living room wfth wf. dinin_ In-line, bright electric kitchen will appeal to you. Open stair­ way from entrance hall to f>n:«heri playroom and 2-piece bathroom in full high basement. Treed, secluded garden. Reason­ able price of 817.800. 5ti% NHA mlge. Exclusive listing. To view call MR. SCOTT, eves. EV44M23.


EV5-3C5 anytime

CentrMly- located andf solidly built, this spacious- duple.'^jffers separate aeir-dutitained nuMap. Through hall plan on mum Boor with large 1,R and fireplace, guest-stee dining rm. Two tearooms and large family kit­ chen. Upstairs suKe has bright, front ltving room - large bedroom and cabinet elec, kit Beautityl pak (tool*. Full hasmt. with automatic hot air heating and drive-in garage. Garden lot with fruit treRNELOK at EV 5-8771 time.


Mr. Roy B Hills Rea. EV 3-6818 EV 4-9385




LOOKING FOR SPACE AND ------- -jTaTELINBBB? CHARM AND PRIME LOCATION HERE IT IB! Presently a family home of 5 large (cnuM be T!> bedroom. 3 bathna. apaoous living room, bani-fltze dusog room, panelled en­ trance hall with fireplace, (ten and room. MODERN WIRING. COPPER PIPING. HOT WATER OIL HEATING. high dry basement NEW ROOF, newly dec­ orated Inside- Some repairs needed but the prior 822.500 allows gener­ ously for ftiis. Please phone


SH Arm a SEA VIEW property ai CURTIN POINT. Nicely wooded. excOTeimub, div. possibilities. City water toot Well worth $13,500.



8M.9Q0 Qare Belcher Re*. EV 2-2848




lust Tide attractive home luts , •ket. 7 lie been placed an the market, spacious entrance hall leads to LR With bay window and view situs* to Olympics, DR, 3 good Bits and -kpjece bath. Kitchen has built-in nook with laundry room-off. -Full basement with reiTeafion nwan Nicely land­ scaped lot with fruit tnaea. For aop tntiraen* to v -w this ex­ clusive listing ml] M BLANWIN. eves. 3H5-11D5. *ull price >21.710.


This won’t lass in this much sought t area — See lt now!

LTD. 1125 Blanahard Street EV 5-8771 Day or Night









-- ---------- -


It's a weD-known fact, Classified







rent or hire.


Tha Classified Ada.


. .. -xl


6A Labor of Love9


Toronto on Line

fiatlii Colonist

Thursday, Sept. 2, 1965

Population Centre Pin-Pointed centre just east of Highway, scribed by Rudy Kogler, a •By drawing north-south and The population centre was de­ 11, the northerly extension of' statistician who undertook the east-west dividing lines in the termined first on the basis qf TORONTO (CP) — Using Yonge Street, Toronto’s main job under the direction of Don general area ot where it was the 1951 census, and then on (he 1951 and 1961 census figures, basis-of the 1961 census. A com­ economists have determined thoroughfare. Stevenson, director of the eco­ indicated the population centre parison showed that Eastern and for the first time the exact I Canada's actual geographic nomics branch. jwould emerge, and by tabulat­ Western Canada are growing geographic population centre centre is far removed In the To divide Canada's popula­ ing populations on either side of evenly. The line dividing east' district , of t the of Canada, pinpointing it in Keewatin tion precisely in half for north the lines and comparing them, from west was almost unchanged Ontario's Parry Sound dis­ Northwest Territories at longi­ and south, east and west, the 'the researchers were able to over the 10-year period. trict 40 miles south of North: tude 96 degrees, 48 minutes shunt the lines backwards and Bay and 145 miles north of west and latitude 62 degrees J economists began by taking 'forwards until the populations on large population chunks at op­ Toronto. 23 minutes north. posite ends and cancelling either side came out equal. Its co-ordinates are longi­ PAINSTAKING them off against each other, | Where the dividing lines inter­ Southern Ontario tude 79 degrees, 20 minutes, Determining the population' narrowing down the working sected each other was the popu­ 130 seconds west, latitude 45 centre was a painstaking, trial- area. lation centre of Canadas Boy Drowns | degrees, 47 minutes north, and-error task for economists SALMON ARM "(CP)—Three Then it became a matter of The line separating east from PITT MEADOWS (CP)—Pe­ establishing it at a point 4% in the Ontario department of dealing with populations of coun­ west runs right through the heart public meetings to explain the ties, townships and areas only of metropolitan Toronto. 'The line benefits of amalgamation of ter Raymond White, 9, drowned miles southeast of South River economics and development. More than anything else, it a few blocks in size — the small­ separating north from south Salmon Arm and district will ba when lie fell into a slough while near the north shore of Ber­ nard' Lake. was a labor of love—an ‘‘inter­ est geographical population units skirts the northern parts of Mon­ held before a vote is taken Oct. attempting to recover a tele­ 2. That puts the population esting exercise,” as it was de­ provided by the census reports. treal. , scope from the water. By BOB EXEI.L

Salmon Arm May Expand

Canada's population note Centred in

Gladiolus Awards

Mum Raisers Win Top Honors At PNE Showing

Now's the time to

4. Mrs. Anne Steers. PinkVictoria and District Chrys- j Pederson. L Mrs. Anne Steers. 3. W. Kempster 5. anthemum Society won first, Mrs. Anne Steers. IMrk red-2. Mrs. Anne Steers. Rose-2. R. A. Pederson prize at the Pacific National! Lavender—1. R. A Pederson. 2. W. Exhibition for its competitive Kempster. 4. Mrs. Anne Steers. 500. white-1. Mrs. Anne Steers. display o f chrysanthemums 2. Size R. A. Pederson. Groen or cream—1. contributed by members of the R. A. Pederson. 2. Mrs. Anne Steers. Orange or salmon—3. R. A. Pederson.' society. Scarlet or red—1. W. Kempster. 2. Mrs. In former years this event Anne Steers. 3. R. A. Pederson. Pink— Anne Steers. Rose or lavender was always won by mainland 2.—2.Mrs. It A. Pedersongrowers. Size 400 and 500. black, red—1. R. A. Pederson. Purple 2. Mrs. Anne Steers. GLADIOLUS SECTION Vlolfil-1. R- A. Pederson. Smoky, tan brown—2. and 3. Mrs. Anne Steers. Victorians have also been or 5. R. A. Pederson. outstanding this year in col­ Gladiolus seedling, size 400—2. , Mra. lecting honors in the gladiolus Anne Steers. Size 500—2. Mrs. Anne Steers. section of the PNE, showing. Three spikea open, size 300. white, cream, yellow or buff—1. Mrs. Results of the gladiolus com­ green, Anne Steers. Salmon, pink, rose or lavender—2. Mrs. Anne Steers. petitions are: Size 400 and 500, yellow—3. Mrs. Anne Special gladiolus show, open, one spike. Size 100 and 200, white, green or cream Steers. Buff—3. Mrs. Anne Steers. Or­ —1. W. Kempsteg, J. R, A. Pederson, S. ange or salmon—L Mrs. Anne Steers, 3. R. A. Pederson. Pink—2. Mrs. Anne Anne Steers. Size 100 and 200. yellow, buff or orange Steers. Scarlet or red—3. Mrs, Anne Steers. Rose or lavender—2. R. A •~2. Mrs. Anne Steers. Size 100 and 200. salmon or pink—2. Pederson. Amateur, one spike, size 400 and 500. Mrs. Anne Steers. 3. R. A. Pederson. Scarlet or red—2. Mrs. Anne Steers. white—1. W. Kempster. Green or cream Rpse. lavender, purple violet, smoky, —1. W. Kbmpster. Yellow—1. W. Kerapstw. Buff- i. w.' KFffipster. Ofahgfe w tan or brown 3. R. A. Pederson, Pink—2. W. Size 300. white. green or cream—2. Mrs. salmon—L W. Kempster. Anne Steers. Yellow, buff, orange or 1 Kempster. Scarlet or light red—2. W. •Simon—1. and 2. Mrs. Anne Steers. • Kempster. Dark or black red—3. W. Pink, rose or lavender-1. R. A. Peder­ Kempster. Lavender—1. W. Kempster. son. Scarlet or red-3. Mrs. Anne Steers. Purple—1. W. Kempster. Purple. vkHet, smoky, tan or brown—L I Amateur, three spike, size 300. any 1 color—1 vy. Kempster. Size 400 or 500. W. Kempster. Size 400. white—1. R. A. Pederson. 2. white, green or cream—1. and 2.-W. W Kempster Green or cream 1. W Kempster. Scarlet or red—1. W. Kemp­ -» Kempster. 2. Mrs. Anne Steers. Yellow ster. Vase, size 100. 200 or 300. seven spikes —1. R. A. Pederson, 2. Mrs. Anne Steers. Buff—3. Mrs. Anne Steers. Oranze or —3. Mrs. Anne Steers. Size 400 or 500. aalmon—1. Mrs. Anne Steers. 3. R. A, seven spikes—2. R. A. Pederson.

HOT WATER BOTTLE. Seam­ less. $3.69 value only $2.99


LOTION DETERGENT. Silque. Fordishes, lingerie. 32 oz. 890



SPRAY STARCH. Convenient time-saver. 24 ounces. 890

HEADACHE TABLETS. A-Sa-Rex. 500’s . 99
ALL PURPOSE CLEANER. Cleans everything. 32 oz. 890

MINERAL OIL. Heavy American. 40 oz.... 990 SUPPOSITORIES. Glycerin. Adults’, children's 24's. 790 COUGH SYRUP. Triple Action. 4ounces770.Child’s.3oz. 660

FABRIC SOFTENER. Over 30 washes. 32 ounce size. 650



LATEX GLOVES. Curved fin­ gers for non-slip grip. pr. 690

Seamless mesh, rein­ forced heel and toe. Blush-Tone shade.


3 pairs S|OO

REFILL PAPER | 525 sheets, 854-x 11». 3 holes, narrow ruled.



PASTE WAX. Clear. 1 lb. 470 WINDOW SPRAY. Non-streak formula. 14 oz. aerosol 590

Wecanbarrely waif to show you our FIRST-AID



SAVINGS FIRST-AID SPRAY. Helps fight Infection. Relieves pain fast. Regular 89^. Now for only 690 300 COTTON BALLS. Conven­ ient jumbo bag. Only. 990 TWIN PACK THERMOME­ TERS. Two in one case. Now special at

Hop quality aluminum in cutter box. 12 x 300’ roll. $2.00

THROAT LOZENGES. 12’s Reg. $1.00 box. Now 2/$1.00


■» j

QUIK-BANDS. Flesh-coloured. Plain or mercurochrome. 31's offered now at only. 390

COLD DROPS. Analgesic^ Child’s formula. 15 cc. $1.19


Champions Return


Dahlia Competitions May Start Again The former International Dahlia Show, which has notibeen in operation since 1916. may be started again next year, ac­ cording to Saanich dahlia grow­ er Patricia Pierrt. Mrs. Pierrt will represent the Victoria Horticultural Society and the Vancouver Island dahlia growers at the Seattle Dahlia Conference this weekend in Seattle, and will try to make arrangements to again start up the annual international show. The show used to be held with Canadian and U.S. cities acting f as hosts on alternate years. Saanich dahlia growers last weekend brought home four championships as well as numnotice or AerriCATioN ' FOR CHANGE OF NAME NOTICE Is hereby given that an ap­ plication will be made to the Director of Vital Statistics for s change of name, pursuant to the provisions of the “Change of Name Act," by me: — ELSIE BEATRICE BORTON of 401J Carey Road ln Victoria, ln the Prov­ ince of British Columbia as follows:— To change my name from Elsie,. Bea­ trice Borton to Elsie Beatrice Cairns. Dated thia 30th day of August, 1963. ELSIE B BORTON " NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER of the Estate of GLADYS HODSON MAHOOD. late of 1310 Richardson Street, Vietorta, B.C., DECEASED. NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVEN THAT Creditors and other# having claims against the estate of the above-named deceased are hereby required to send them to the undersigned Executors at P.O. Box 580, Victoria. B C . before the 1st d»y Of October 1865, after which date the Executors will distribute the aaid estate amongst the persons en­ titled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which they shall then have received notice. BERYL OLIVE ROWELL and THE ROYAL TRUST COMPANY, Executors. by A- Company, their solicitors.

erous trophies and ribbons from the Snohomish County Dahlia show at Everqjt, Wash. George Wiggan, Lois Free­ born, Gordon Bentham. and Harry’ Parker all won champion­ ships. Harry Parker also col­ lected, 11 first place prizes, seven seconds and one third at the show.

ANTISEPTIC, Blue Oral. 8 ounces. 590

ANTACID GEL TABLETS. 100’s, special $1.30, 50’s 790







After Injury VANCOUVER

(CP l


elderly woman struck by a car Tuesday night died in hospital early Wednesday. Mrs. Susanna Neelands, 85, • was struck alorlg with her 77year-old sister as they walked across an intersection. The | sister, Mrs. Jessie Reynolds, is in satisfactory condition in hos­ pital with minor injuries.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS ESTATE OF WILLIAM GEORGE PARRISH Notice Is hereby given that creditors Snd others having claims against the •state of the above-named deceased, who died at Victoria. B.C.. on 7th Jan­ uary. 1885, are hereby requested to ■end them, properly verified by Statu­ tory Declaration, to the undersigned at 302 Royal Trust Building. Victoria, B.C. before the 4th day of OctobT. A D. 1965. after which date the Admin­ istrator with Will Annexed will dis­ tribute the said estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to t'he claims of which he then has notice. * And all persons indebted to the said •state are required to pay their In­ debtedness to said Administrator forthwith. Dated at Victoria. B C. this 27th of August. 1865 OFFICIAL ADMINISTRATOR __ FOR COUNTY OF VICTORIA. LAND ACT NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPLY TO LFASE LAND In Land Recording District of Vic­ toria, B.C.. and situate in the Oak Bay area and bounded on. two sides by the Oak Bay breakwater and Block B of Lot 114. . Take notice that Saltaire Products r Ltd. of Victoria. B.C . occupation vari­ ous Including the operation of marine tourist attractions. Intends to apply for a lease of tha following described lands:—

Commencing at a post planted ap­ proximately 83 feet north west of a _promlnent rock ln the Oak Bay break­ water which contains the following mar Kings. 1863-WT-L114-285. thence 330 feet N83* 03' 40 thence 400 leeu N47* 28' 30 ' 1: thence 330 feet S42 31 30” I: thence to loin corner post and containing three acres, more or less for the purpose ot floating a marine tourist attraction SALTAIRE PRODUCTS LTD, A. 8 Walls. Business Manager. Dated August 3, 1865.

KILSHAWS 1115 Fort St.

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Sxllu Oolimirt. Virtmi. Thur«day,-4«pt. 2, 1965

K»ng Fisherman


39 ‘Bofaoite'Biig Gomjhitw.

Entries Piling Higher, Break Many Records More and more King Fisher­ man Contest entries keep piling into the Colonist office and for the third time this year entries received yesterday set a . new record lor a one-day list. The contest got off to a slow etart thia year and at the end ot July was down 1,000 entries over last year in all six categories, with spring salmon accounting for a drop ot 690 entries. Michael Boykos, Loa Angek LI START SOARING spring, Brentwood. Tomick plug. Bill Bolton. Uoydmlnster; 5:6 But in the latter part of Trauck plug. R. Harris, 8875 East Saank . >:« August entries started to soar. ■ring. Bamberton. Tom Mack spoon. , 5885 Old West; 5:4 Good oartches of coho and pinks T>«m Mack spoon. ’W (which are entered as springs) , London. Ont; 5:3 Bamberto Krippled Minnow, off the Sooke to Victoria water­ spring. G. Notte, 6878 1 ena Vista: 5:0 spring, front afe providing a big chunk amnenon. anpoied K spoon. G. Robinson, MU6 Oldfield: 5:0 sorina. ot the action In the past few 6:13 coho. Cher^i Point. T-enlck j4i coho. days, but fishing there has been spotty, although pretty hot at J. W. Grieve, IffM Marigold; coho, Bay. Strip Teaser. times. It hasn’t been anywhere Gwlctwi Eleanor Charlton. California; >:2 coho, Boulder, Krippled Minnow. near as spectacular as the 1963 Robert Fait, 4245 Dougtas: 7:0k 6:13 season. v ooho. Boulder and Bamberton, Krippled K spoon. The Sooke to Victoria water­ R- Harris. 8875 East: 8:13 coho. Stone Krippled K sooon. front is providing the bulk of ouee. E. Speller. 8780 Central Saanich; 6:6 Brentwood, 1\»m Mack ana entries, but fishing seems to be Fred Akrrs. 7856 East Saanich; 8:8 holding up pretty well all over coho. Willis Point, . Ihck Myers. 90S North Park; 5:18 ooho, the Island and that accounts Bamberton. Minnow Teaser, snoe cove Store. Sidney for the rash of entries. Ina Rooke, 3415 Amelia. Sidney; »:0 spring. 8:8, 7:0, 5:0 ooho. Coal GOOD SPOTS Strip Teaser “v BrotoMe Ledge and Macaulay W R Halbert Vancouver: 6:0. 6:0 boho. Sidney Spit Bucktall fly and Point have been hot since the Minnow Teaser. A. w. Savage. 9R6 Ridgeway; 6:0 ooho. weekend. Cowichan Bay is giv­ Sidney Spit Strip Teaser. ing up tome good spring salmon EMnhnatt Angler* Association C E Clarice. 989 Parklsnda: 10:7 fishing. Qualicum and French spring. Macaulay Point Minnow Teaser. Creek are producing plenty of W. Carpenter. 5012 AuaUn: 8:7. 7:0 springs, 8:10 coho, BrotcMe Ledge entris and Albemi Inlet is giving Macaulay Point. Strip Teaser and up more and more tyee every Ken BendaU. 448 Admirals: 9:6. 7:ft 6:8 springs, 6:5. 5:L 5:1 ooho. Fleming day. Beach. Minnow Teaser. Leggett. 556 Paradise; 8:15 The Tyee Pool at Gold River Albert Head. Minnow Teaser. has been closed by the fisheries _ Jksoh, 28 Helmcken: 8ri4, 5:8, 5:3 Bmtchle Ledge. SirtFTeaser department. The closure stops springs. Wayne Cox. 539 Davida: 8:12 spring, fishing in Muchalat Inlet for an Macaulay Itotnt, Minnow Teaser. Ted Bradshaw, 1766 Christmas; 8:1ft area starting half a mile west T:l. 6:11 springs. 10:5 coho. Minnow of McCurdy Creek and about l.J "msec. J. H. Cox. 1157 Lyall: 8:4 spring. Brotmiles west of Gold River. hle Ledge, Strip Teaser. Iain Hooey, 534 Lampson: 8:0, 6:8 Latest entries: ’ “ ' ' ‘ Ledge. Strip Teaser,



RMk iab Onrt. OnipMI River WUUom Moosey. Ocean Folia; 46:0 S2:ft Tyee Pool, plug, rototw'e Lode*. Campbell River George W. Plercy. 3344 Beach; 44:8. Tyee Pool. Gibbs Stewart aptxxi. Dr. Gavin CWohrtm. >971 Smugglers Cove: >7:8, Tyee Pool. Gtobe Stewart Mrs. Gavin Chtahnim. >971 Smuggler* Cove: >6:0, Tyee Pool, Gibb* Stewart ttpoun. • Frntortl Court, Campbell River Herman Rauch. Stockton. California; 36:0, Campbell River, tiny Louie. Fort Boat House. Fort Albemi O. R. Shular, Portland; 49.9. E. D. Sonmer. Port Albemi; 43:8, Underwood Owe, herring atrip. L. Walbeft 48GB Proepeot Lake; 48: a

Franklin River. Norman Bienkinap. 534-12th North. Pori Albemi; 42:2. Notontot, Alaskan

n, :1013I BewtHev; 8:0. 6:5 Norman Martin, ■prtnge, 9:9, 5:1 cuho, BrotcMe Ledge and Fleming Beach. W. Kingcott. 728 FVnnt: 8:0 ■pring. Fleming Beach. Strip Teaser. A. E. Hawkins, 3® Klnver: 7:2 spring. Macaulay Point, Krippled K «nr W. J. Irving, >W1 Fortea; 7; Bmtchle Ledge, mlnraav. C. Bellinger. 901 Dunsmuir: 7:0 spring, Bmtchle Ledge, minnow. M. L. Brown, 4S8 Fraser: 6:12 spring. BrotoMe Ledge, Minnow Teaser. F. Zurowski. 505 Macualay : 6:6, 5:10 springs. 5:1 ooho, Macauiav Pant. Min­ now Teaser D. A. Ptolemy, 391 Anson: 6:4 spring, Brotehle Ledge, Strip Teeser. R. Mclktoon. 11® Lyall: 6:2 spring, Macaulay Point, Strip Teaser. Art S. Hall. 1012 Cbok; 6:0 spring, Macaulay Point, minnow. Mrs ft Moeckl, 925 Arcadia: 6:0 spring. BrotcMe Ledge, minnow. Ken Buohanan, 6T2 Grenville; 5:12 springs, Macaulay Pitot Strip Teaser. C. Casey, 471 Klnver: 5:7 spring, 6:5 ooho, BrotoMe Ledge, Strio Teaser. “ J E. Clarke. 869 PorWands: 5:6 spring. BrotcMe Ledge. Minnow Teaser. R. McDonald. 3151 More; 5:4 sprtrw. Kinver Beach, Sirip Teaser. Don Benda 11. 462 Burnside: 5:0 spring, Fleming Beach, spw»n. Al Bow-byes. 1052 Cralgfkiwer: 5:10 -----Ledge, auring., 13:7. 7:1 Coho, Brotehic Strip Teaser Jim Duncan. 720 Sea Terrace; 10:4 ooho, Kinver Beach, minnow. R. E. Bousfieid. 656 Kent: 8:8 ooho. Weir’s Beach. Strip Teaser. D. F. 1bm.s. 812 iAmpaon: 8:9 ooho Allx*rt Head. Tom Mack spoon. D. Ferguson. 3828 Wascana;,. 7:0 coho. Fleming Beach, spoon. F. Durkee. 1455 (’raigflower; 6:11 ooho. Macaulay Point, Strip Teaser. D. Heasrnan. >46 Island Highway: 8:0. 6:10 coho, Macaulay point. Tom Ma^k sp«m G. Jones, 2® View- Royal: 6:8. 6:5 ooho, Bmtchle Ledge, worm. H. P. Williams. 750 Lavender: 6:2 ephet Macaulay Point, .Strip Teaser. v s . M. Will, Mnr«h North VamtrenKt Fleming Beach. Minnow Teaser. R? 'J. CVmeau, 2
* I. R. MacKenrie. Penticton; 11:10 spring, Sooke. minnow. Max Rudiger, R.R. 2; 9:8. 6:7 springs. Sooke Baj., minnow. Mrs. L. Sulevea, Washington; 8:0 spring. Otter Point, minnow. Jean Preston, 423 William; 7:14 spring, nunnow. Marvin Berry. 3SU Rooe; T:ft 6:8 springs, Secretary Ittand and Otter Point minnow and Hootchle Koc G. Crosier. >80 Zealous; 5.14 &«*e Bay. Henry Smith Special, Stan Glover. 435 William; 5:1 Secretary Island, Hootchle Kootc K. Pleaowockl. 1(06 Pemberton; 1:10 coho. Otter Point

Strip Teaser. Greg Wadman. Vancouver; 7:4 ooho.



Ricky Lineker, Richmond: 7:2 coho. Qualicum Beach, flasher and fly. Susan Lineker. Richmond; 6:12 ooho. QuaUcum Beach, flasher and A?David Kalman, Oalitawia; 6:8 coho. Qualicum Beach, Strip Teaser. Qualicum Beach, flMhri* and needle fish. S. Carabetla. North Vancouver: 7:2^2 6:8 coho. QuaUcum Beach. Strip Teasef ' P. KHlIngton. 5215 Rutledge; 6:7, 5:2 ooho, Qualicum Beach. Mrs. Mary MacKay, Vancouver: 6:1 ooho. Qualicum Beach. Tbm Mock »pc«>n Alex Burton. Vancouver; 6:8. 5:2. 5:0 ooho, Qualicum Beach, flasher and strip. J. Carabetta, North Vancouver; 6:0. 5:8. 5:4. 5:0 ooho, Qualicum. Strip W. T. Kkhoe. 2370 Wartdowne; S:7 ooho, Qualicum Beach, Bucktall fly G. W. Hawkes, Qualicum Beach; 5:2. 5:1 ooho. Qualicum Beach, herring. The Storing Sondv. Ixmc Bench Chris Scott-Simons. Toflno; 82:8 gprlng, Toft no Tom Maok spoon. Deep Bay Auto ( onrt and Flvhtn* Camp Jean Ford. 130 Adelaide. Albemi; 5:8 spring, 7:8. 5:8 coho. Deep Bay, Koho King. PhtfHo Guild. UOO Rrui-e. Pbrt Alberni 10:1 ooho. Deep Bay. Alaskan plug. R, DesJardins. 7525 Tomlinson; 9 ? 8:8. 5:4 coho. Deep Bay. minnow. Athur Hegan. 1905 Fairfield; 7:12 coho. Deep Bay. Tnm Mack spoon. Sadie Hill. 1018 Walema; 6:13 coho. Dt~o Bay Strip Teaser. George Weet. 708 Eighth North. Port Albemi: 6:13 coho, Deep Bay, Tom Mack spoon. Richard Jackson, 3168 Jackson; 6:8. 5:6 coho, Deep Bay. Strip Teaser Marlon Holmes, North vanoouver; 6 4 coho. Deep Bay, candleflsh. Elsie Boothby, North Vancouver: 6 2 coho. Deep Bay. Hootchle Kootchie. P. B Htdmea. North Vanrouver: ooho. Deep Bay. candleflsh. Ken Bratvold. 1024 McClure; 5:10 coho. DJAck^ki>-d. 6310 Rudolph; 5:8 coho.

Deep Bay. Tom Mack spoon. Keith,Muir. Lacombe; 5:6 coho, Deep Bay. Bucktall fly. A. W. Boothby, North Vancouver; 5:0 ooho. Deep Bay. Hortchie Kootchie. Arthur Began, isns Fairfield; 5:0 coho. Deep Bay. Tom Mack spix>n. v Norquay Genrt. Qpallcnm Rny Ralph Parker. High River; 90:IX 6: springs 7:2 coho, Qualicum Bay. Lucky Louie plug Douglas Ean»n SancBra Parker. High River: 5:14 v, Buckl ktail fly. Quebec; 7:0 spring. : spring, _............. Uicum “ Bay, .. Cowlrtien Day. | Art Justason, Port Kells: 8:14, 5:12 T Zaccarelll, l(M Burnett: 8:4 soring coho, Qualicum Bay, Bucktall fly. R. N<~ W«tmh>«(ack sp>»m. CT2A U Tom Fishwick. Vancouver; 6: ft 5:10 C^haZ’B^' hiSi!Jn: ’ ” *nrin*' coho, Qualicum Pay. herring strip. R. Fawcett. 1541 Cedar Hill; 6:0, 5:12. Salmon miSSn"HeMllp. TH DonMm: 10:S. «:10.: W- 5:4 coho. Qualicum Bav. herring strip Bucktall fly. Clover Point Anglers 5:ft ft S5:8« «orings, Sooke. minnow. | Glen Perlstrom ’’’JlK nurUwrvwt. a s and I-en Dickens. Vancouver; 5:8 coho. J. ChunhiU. 31 Maqulnna. 9:0, Clover XUAS, >119 Donald; 10:0 7:8 Spring. Cfiwichan Bav S7 C. E. Qualicum Bay. herring strip. point, minnow. 1ngs. SfMce. mloniw ! M Smith Red nnd Reel Motel. Campbell River 5. Strom. 967 Vincent: 10:ft 7:0. 5:8.1 Cowichan 51 *Trin«f Al’s Esso Service 10:0, 5:8.' C^ilchan ‘Ttov'TfripTeSTer H. A. Hushhy, N-Wh Vancouver; 12:3 Stuart Kennedy. 5877 S^aoloh. 10:0. 5:9 springs. Sootop. minnow. F. p Hlnwnort-Smlfh Hu,I Brazier. 219 Suzanne: 9:8. 9:4. 6:9 7 n mho P^rirhan R^v^strl^J^ 8:4, 7:11 coho. Shelter Bay, Bucktall 9:0. 5:2 springs. Becher Bay, Strip fly. prints. Sectary Island, minnow. N Birkenshaw Vertin Tors. California: 8:4, 5:6 coho, A P. MnWhirter. 122 Ontario: 9:8, 9:0. Cowiehan Bav ft»rin Pnh°' A. Griffin. 1649-Edgeware: 7:4 spring. Bav. Bucktall fly. 6:8 o>iv», Becher Bay. Strip Teaser. springs, _S< _ Peter K.«vn. Dunrom S-fleto e*n Shelter George Bayford. Campbell River; 7:0. J. M. larson. 3RJ6 Fifth: 9:8. 9:4. 7:8. «>m Dunlslde Rase Service _ mt Narrows ,fttn ftfri*. Teaser * ’ 6:5. 6:0 coho. Shelter Bay. Rucktail fly Fred A. Petersen. 1015 Tattersall; 21:9 6:8 6:4 airings. Secretary Island, Strip W»roms Wee. cmrtean Bav Orville Richards, Campbell River Spring. 8:0 echo) Beeehey Head. Strip Teaser and minnow. . S 820 riaradlse: N-l R *» 7:0, 6:8. 6:8. 6:0 coho. Shelter Bay Evelyn lMriro, Vancouver: 9:8 spring. Teaser. Gowtchan Bav herring strin" Lucky Louie' plug. R. Mercer, S50 Admirals; 10:0 spring. Sooke. mlnpwv. IA. Colhan. New Westminster; 6:4 coho, D. J. Earl. 3B53 Hatley: 9:5. 8:8, R:0 Becher Bay. minnow. Shelter Bay. Buektail fly. H. Hemus. 2090 Foul Bay; 8:0 spring. springs. Otter D4nt. Hootohle Kootchie. Nahmlnt I cd re W. D. Lane. 4<»io Cedar Hill: 9:0. 6:0. Becher Bay. Strip Teaser. A. J. Houle. 2880 Wyndeatt; 28:13 S. Karitam. 28 Helmcken; 6:0 coho, 5:8 springs, 9:0 coho TMok Owm. 1(00 Awh- in-« /nrlnff spring, Nahmlnt. herring strip. C. Douglas. 2968 Sro Point: 9:0. 7:8, Oak Bay, Strip Teaser. e-Hrtw-, IMV. Stop Tenser '”r"KDr. W. E. Merrill. Seattle; 28: 7:5. 7:2. 7:0 springs, minnow. Anglers Anchorage Vlarina. spring, Nahmlnt Bay, Alaskan plug. A. Fisher. 3KR Maplewood: 9:0. 7:8. 7:0 BrentwtMXi Bay ArtrnWlr 5:0 coho, S«ike. minnow. Seeerati™, p,rint <;,rtD Tenser 9:2 eehn. John A. Johnson. Seattle: 22:4 spring, Rert Acres. 1821 Belmont; 13:13 springs. OnirrtT J Nahmint Bay. Alaskan plug. E. F. Ellis. lUfl Lyall: 9:0. 8:1. 8:14. 9 Spring. Cole Bay. Tomick plug fX"’”"’ B-'- mlenrnv ' Ferndell Court. Campbell River J. Edge Every-Clayton. 2928 Orillia; 7:11 si«1ngs. S*»ke Bay. Krippled K ie S Herman Rauch, California*. 8:12 coho, ’TLv »» VW.<: »:n ""7 10:1,1. 5:15 springs. L-tham. Al- Campbell^River. tiny Louie. R. Pringle Washington; 9 .i spring. Strip Troset Homer Bean. Palm Springs; 28 Norfh West Bay. ap-ing. Cnvichan Hay. minnow McCormick. xwl Jack Davey, 950 lam team; 8:9 spring. A Robert® Wrtliprtnn- 9-'5 Freda Scjineider. Palm Springs; 14 Mrs. Wm Rose. HD7O McPhail; 7:13. minnow* , r':4 coho, Fresrh riroek Bill Brazier. 219 Suzanne: 1:8. 7:8, 7:4.*P"nr» Creek. Tom Mack spring. Willow Point, tiny L«.,n Strip Teaser. „ minnow and Strip Teai Lucky Louie plug. Thomas Zarelll, 7f» Wilson: 8:8, 7:8 R. Fonbtii. ,919 McNaughton; 7:8 J B. Hillis,^ Burnaby; 12;13 cofWi Cliff .Schneider. California; 11:8, 10: springs, 6:8 coho, Secretary Island, min- French Creek Bucktall fly. ■pring, Bamberton. plug coho. Willow Point. Koho Killer. W. J. Fulton. 2754 Bowker; 6:5 spring. Vancouver: 12:0 Ann Mueller, Long Beach; 10:8, 6 D. Fnntborpe. 1154 Greenwood: 8:5 Mill Bay Marker. Hootrtvie Kootchie. coho. Big Rock, Lucky Louie plug. alter Houston, Qualicum Beach; 9:11 Gerald McPherson. 7011 Brentwood: spring So,»ke Bay, minnow. F. Holmes, lflfto Burnside West: 8:4 who. French Creek Bucktnfl fly. 6:0 spring, James Island. "P™ Jim Rxibam. 4341 Cedar Hdl; 6:0 spring. Sooke. minnow. 9:2 cc*»P. Sherwood. 631 Seaforth: 8:4. 5:2 Creek. Nrokv Killer. ■pring. Bafnlti'rton. Twnii-k plug F. C. Sim. 2S76 BJartcwitiwl; 5:14 coho. Sooke squid s»« Vancouver; 8:3. Oliver L Harden, 5330 Parker; 8;4 J?*1!?Creek, herring strip. ■pring. Deep Hole. Strip Teaser. _____ Mrs. Marie Sldaway. 221 Nirbala: 5:5 spring S>»4ke. minnow. H. Burgrwme, Qualicum: 7:15 cohf*. Bessie Cnaig. 1292 Garkill; 5:5 sprtnf. springs. Howwrd Eames. 2116 KrottiMT 8:ft 7:81 French Creek, Strip Teaser Bamberien. Krippled Minnas. Furnaces ring*. Secretary Inland. Strip Teaser. I Jock Grove*. 4O9R Tvnda-U: t:13 ooho. N. B. Stokes. 15B Penf: 5:4 spring. Harry Earnes, 2,16 Keating: 8:0. 6:0 French Creek. Bucktall flv 6:3. 5:14 cohn. Bamberton. HnXcbie springs. Secretary Island. Strip Teaser Frank Rhodes. 2628 Eastdowne; 7 8 7 0 and Kootahie and spom. H«wv1e Eames. 2116 Keating: 8:0. 5:0 Pnwh Creek. Bucktall ' fly 'and P. F. Francis, 4k6 Cnstance: 5:4 springs. Secrotary Island. 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Janice Heaalip. 714 Duoovan: 7:8, 6:6 enho, Ricky's Ronat, Strip Teaser. spring*. Sooke, minnow. Gilbert's Beats and GnMe Service, Ronald Gtri.-rt 8ftN Rowland: 7:8. 7:0. ! Brentwood Jgay R. N. Mansergh. Brentwood: 27:12 6:2. 6 0 strings. S^ ke. minnow Gonkn Girton. 3ftN Rowland: 7:6. 7:4. | ■pring. Bambert-n. Minnow Teaser. Geared to Present Day Office Requirements Dr. J. A. Haws Calgary; 24:12. 8:12. 5:12. 5:8 springs, Smke. minr»*w. Russell Murrheem. Ttofi Wale; 7:0 Realistic training situation* prepare you for employment 6 8 springs. CVe Bay, Krippled Mkmo)v spring. 8:8. 8 0 cobo $*»ke. HriftcWe Kratohie by slower students—proceed at your own pace. Jane Charlt.wi, CAitfnmia; 6:9 spring. ; Harry J.vnro, 3029 Balfour: 10:0 CNjhO. McCurdy P^mt K ripped K sp»m. minnow Individual Instruction—Individual courses—individual help' Jim Bakri*. High River. 6:0 spring Judy Hroslin. 714 9.6 coho. :S>vke. minnow *I>miek pug. ► Placement 8ervice \ E Speller. 67® Central Saanich; 6:0 Bill Carpenter. .UH2 Austin 8 ft coho. REGISTER NOW to avoid driappeintment Apply to Mill Bay. Tom Mack sp^m A. R. Warren. <>99 Ridgeway, 7:0 Mrs. Betty-Jean Fair. 3121 Marne; 5:12 coho, Tom Mack spoon GREATER VICTORIA 5M HOOL BOARD Spring. Quarry Bay. Krippled Mfemow. James Johnstone. 3ri01 Cedar Hill: S Adult Education Division, Denis G. Tucker 5465 I’arker; 5:12 17:0 coho. ..Sooke. Minnow Teaser, Bov 700 spring. Deep Cove. Tran Mack spnra. | Jimmy Smith. 3254 Claremont; "P.8 VICTORIA. B.C. Hugh Zacharias. . Brmtwuod: 5:8, 5:0 coho. Minnow Teaser ■ For Information: Telephone 385-1411—ask for ’’Adult Education" Springs. Narrows. 'Tnrwk plug Stan Bell. 37 Helcken: 5 3 coho. Robert M. Iuee..AS8l7 Patricia Bay: 5:8 Sooke, minnow. Spring. CbesTj' Point. Kripole^ Minnow. >nnke Ray Ri-vort

D. Robinson, Port Albemi; 58:14. >3:10. Nahmlnt, herring strip. E. R D. RatoUfle. Abbutaford. 58: a pollv Point. Wonder spoon. Ken Waugh. 607-15tb North, Port Al­ bemi: 38:1). 33:3. China Creek, herring. J. M. Vaux. West Vancouver. 37:14, P tit Albemi. wee Ixjuie. J. E. Merry. Port. Albemi: 57:13. Albroiu Canal, herring strip. R. Pearsc. Port Albemi; 36:10; China Creek, herring. Donald Boyd. 911 Burde. Port Albemi; >5:00. China Creek. Alaskan piug. Edgar Briggs Port Albemi; 34:2, China Creek. Gibbs Stewart spwn. J. H. COBS. 1.197 Lyall; M:0. China Creek, Strip Teaser. John Shannon. Loa Angelos; 33:7, Lcne Tree Point. Lucky Louie plug. Wayne Schmitz. Port Albemi; >1:13. Polly Point, herring 0:2, Lone Tree IMnt. herring strip. J. H. Clarke. Port Albemi; 31:6. Underwood C<»ve. Alaskan plug. H. A. Lame Port Albemi; 31:4. Lone Tree Point. Alaskan Plug. Mrs. Hilda Clarke. P>wt Albemi; >1:4, Dick Bradley. ;r.JSSCr 4235 Cedar Hill; 5:8 coho, Franklin River, Kmmdile. £X,rHX,i M. Holman, Albern:; 30:1ft Nahmlnt, *Rm Reh). R.R. 7; S5:» rorlne. Sooke. Sirip Teaser.


Harold McCbmb. New Westminster 12: o coho. NanooM’. Kam lure. 2073 Renfrew; l/ll coho. Nanoose. Strip Teaser. B. Dieon. Qualicum; 10:0. 8:0, coho. Nanooe*. Hootchle Kootchie. Larry Faulkner. Vancouver; 8:6 coho. Nanoose, strip Teaser. Dif K. Beroon, 3075 Renfrew; T:< coho.

..anoose, Bucktall fly. David Golding. Burnaby; 7:1, 7:0 coho, Nanooee. Tom Mack spoon. V. Da vice. Parksville; 7:ft 7:0 coho. Strip Teaser. ___Rk-h.rd,. Lik, CewtchM; 7:0 cutvs Nanooae. herring etrip. Jr R. Pauereon. Calgary; T:ft 5:12 coho. Nanooee, BucktoH fly. Arne Hansen. Edmonton; 4:8, 5:8 coho, Robert Hale, Cot e HUI; 50:10, 25:3; 24:0. Cowichan Ba> herring plug. . . coho. Cliff 1R _ Heglln. _ _Kkg; Derby; 15:8. 1:4 Nanooee, Bucktall fly. > springs. Cowichan Bay, Strip Teaser. Gordon Savage. Calgary; 6:0 coho. Lome Mclnne*. 1683 Derby: 7:7 spring, Nanoose. Bucktall fly. Cowichan Bay, Minnow Teaser. W. Caldwell, Vancouver; 5:8 coho, “ ' ban Ray Anchor Marina Tom Mack spoon. — Napp, 3450 Evelyn; 39:6 spring, Nanooee. Betty G4dtng. Burnaby; 5:5 coho, NaCowichan Bay. Minnow Teaser. nooae. Tom Mock spom. Fred Schiller. Dunean: 38:8. >1:4, Barry Goldin. Burnaby; 5:8 coho. Na 30:0, 15:8 springs. Cowichan Bay, noose. Tom Mock spoon. herring. Dave Moore. 2817 Musgrave; 5:2 qqho. Waller Lachmanec, Duncan; 36:1 Namxae. herring strip. spring, Cowichan Bay, herring. Mualkunt Reach lloathiwve G. L. .Craig. Richmond; 28:0 Rodger Poet, Qualicum Beach: 8:12. 10:7 coho. Cowichan Bay. Strip 6:2. 5:1 coho. Qualicum Beach, herring. Jamee Boyle*. Cobble HUI; 36:6. 19:10. Russ Lombardo, Vancouver; 8:2, 7:6. 18:15, 15:13 springs, Cowichan Bay, 7:X 6:8. lift >;< W. eJ»». Quail cum Beach. Strip Teaser Terry Barry. Cobble HUI; 38:6 spring, Thomas Kublln. California; 8:3 coho, owlchan Bay. herring. Qualicum Beach. Bucktall fly. M. Carmichael. Duncan; 36:5 spring, Frank Collier, Vancouver; 8:2 coho. owlchan Bay, herring. Qualicum Beach. Strip Teaser. H. Heglln, 908 Dunford; 36:3 spring, C. Lombardo. Vancouver; 8:0. 7:2. 6 8. Cowichan Bay, Strip Teaser. 6:4, 6:4. 5:8, 5:0. 5:10. Qualicum Beach, T. W. Spencer. 2651 Femwood: 3B:1X Strip Teaser. 4:6 springs, Cowichan Bay. herring. P. Perrson, Seattle; t: 2 coho Qualicum George Murrell, 2184 Cadboro Bay: Beach, herring. 25:4. 21:0 springs, Cowichan Bay, Strip Mr*. T. A. Hay, Vancouver; 8:1 coho, Tt-----QuaUcum Beach Hootchle Ko-Uhie Colin Garslde, Duncan; 24:14, 15:13 Sophie Perrson. SettUe; 7:14 coho. springs. Cowichan Bay. herring. Qualicum, herring. Charles Lee, TOUbou; 24:1 spring, Mr*. D. Bick. Mercer Island; 7:8 coho, Cowichan Bay, herring. Qualicum, fly. BUI Burrows. 1966 Bm; 24:ft 21:0 Irene Lombardo, Vancouver; 7:6, 5:9. coho’ Cowichan Bay, Strip 5:4. 8:0 ooho, Qualicum Beach. Strip Norman McGeachy. Duncan; 25:10 spring. Cowichan Bay, herring. Kenny Reid, Cowichan Bay; 22:7, 6:1 springs, Cowichan Bay. Strip Teaser. Gordon Winter. Youbou; 21:8 spring, Cowichan Bay. herring. O. Glyn Jones, 1842 Emery; 21:1 spring. Cowichan Bay. Strip Teaser. June James, 1855 Cochrane; 21:0 spring. Cowichan Bay. Strip Teaser. R. Bowcott. 2243 Estevan; a:ft 13:5 springs. Cowichan Bay, Strip Teaser. Gordon Day. Duncan: 30:12 sprCowichan Bay. Strip Teaser. C Bell, Duncan; »:7 spring, Cowichan Bay, herring. Lloyd Talbot. Duncan; 20: S spring, Cowichan Bay. herring. C, T. Angus, 1640 Sheridan; 19:12 spring, Cowichan Bay, herring. Don McGeachy. Duncan: 19:1 spring, Cowichan Bay. Strip Teaser. David Boyles, Cobble HUI; 19:4 spring. Cowichan Bay. herring. Derek Garslde. Duncan; 19:5 spring. Cowichan Bay. herring. Guy Lucas. Oklahoma: 18:8, 15:ft 11:4. 0:8. 5:0 springs, Cowichan Bay, Strip Teaser. E. T. Hutchinson, Koksilah; 18:0 spring. Cowichan Bay. herring. Gerald Mayea. Duncan: 17:1 spring. 6:5 coho, Cowichan Bay. herring. Andy Bell. Lake Cowichan; 16:15 spring. Cowichan Bay, Tomick plug. ^CJJoylet’ C°bb*« HUI; 16:13 spring. Cowichan Bay, herring. Bernie Longpre. 2441 Mowat; 16:12 spring. Cowichan Bay. Strip Teaser. B1U Cameron. Cobble Hill; 16:7. 15:1 springs. Cowichan Bay. Strip Teaser. H. Curtis, California: 15:8 spring, Cowichan Bay. Strip Teaser. John Neff. 1255 Grant; 14:12 spring. Cowichan IMy. Strip Teaser * Glen Berkey, Duncan; 14:1 spring. Cowichan Bay, herring. Earl Reynolds, Duncan; 13:5 spring. Cowichan Bay, herring. N£lh Vancouver; 13:4 spring. Cowichan Bay, herring. Bert Caldwell. l«8 Princeee; 1>:4 spring. Cowichan Bay. Strip Teaser. ■n2^d Shakeepeore; U:4 ,prn*’ .Bay. Strip Teaser. AIilL.5rU* L5ke Cowichan: 12:14 Ray. Strip Trover. David Wince, Duncan; 12:8 spring. CowI chan IMy. herring. Bradley. C2 Lampoon; 12:4 spring, C0T^CJ'a? B** ?uper •<»trtP Teaser. Jack James, 512 Prince ■Rupert: llril stV2ng. Cowichan Bay. StK> Teaser. W. Heller. Idler. 2581 2591 Blackwood. Blackwood: 11*4 gprirec, c,,Awlch*n H*y. Strip Teaser, m 7n Van(,M' Kley. Shawnlgan lydie; 10. in spnne. Cowichan Bav. Strio Ti Lance Evans. Duncan; 10:6 ----- spring. Bav- hprrtng. Grange: 10:5 spring, r ro.n K xpoon Gllmour, 5277 Quadra: 7:2 spring. i

INCORPORATED »?• MAY 1870. Victoria'. Omt Star, at naaarti tad Doaffca Iraita DM MS-UU Opea Dally • u. ta paa. IMretajn aat FtUaya • *■ •

Gay brushed rayon

• Cosy wool flannel

Match Jumpers and Blouses at the Bay for her Back-to-School Wardrobe Now! Most popular wool flannel, brushed rayon jumpers at a 20% saving!

You save tt on girls’ cotton blouses, white and prints!


sale ea.

sale ea.

Cosy wool flannel in her favourite easy-to-wear shift style with scoop neck, patch pockets, bright brass buttons and neat saddle stitch trim. Colored to please her best in red, navy, chocolate brown. Brushed rayon with latest drop waist, pleats both front and back. Also shift style with patch pockets, gaily colored plaids in reds, blues ,and greens. Best of all, they're all hand washable!

1 99

Beautifully co-ordinated blouses that feature ever popular Peter Pan collars with detachable ties at neck, smart sleeves! Made of crisp, good quality cotton with workmanship that will really please Mum! Sizes 7 to 14. Reg. 2.95. Remember, the Bay'a first when school’s next.

Sizes 7. 8, 10, 12, 14. Keg. 6.95.

The Bay, girls' wear. 3rd

Wow! 3 floods of convenient parking for Hay shoppers!








tZ /







Admittance to each band


performance by ticket only, available FREE on the day of the performance

Terrific fvin! See the Wailers three

in the Go-Go ticket booth, third floor.

nights at the Scope! All your friends

All tickets are on a first-come, first-

will be there!

served basis.


Thursday 2 p.m. to 3

p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Thursday, Sept. 2—9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday, Sept. 3—9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The BAY. A-Go-Go, 3rd

Saturday, Sept. 4—9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

3 I


Put a “Tiger” in Your Wardrobe!

Tee Jay Denim Slacks are News

With a Reversible Tiger Jacket

on the Action Scene for ’65!


There Is no look as distinctive, there is no look that projects your image of good taste like the look of a quality tailored-tomeasure suit. Because with a tailored-to-measure suit you are assured of a perfect fit, a style detailed to your exact specifica­ tions and a cloth to suit your individual taste. During this sale we are offering the finest quality imported fabrics—wool worsted and rich silk and wools — in the most subtle shades otf brown, blue, grey and olive, plains, checks, stripes and herring­ bones. These suitings are immaculateTy~tailored by skilled


Young Men’s. 36 to 42, Sale.

ir. 13"

The “tiger” is big news across the nation— and here it is in an exciting jacket look ! The neatest reversible jackets with a tiger emblem are at the Bay ... on sale, too, in time for back-to-school! They're styled in popular hip length and have an attached hoodTr. great for football games and all your casual activities. One side is nylon shell —the other, warm orlon pile. Choose Green­ stone nylonforest green pile, blue drake nylon/Grotto blue pile, or bone beige nylonz Vicuna beige.

sale priced

workers into a fine suit lor your particular needs. Come in todav and choose yours . . . the savings are extraordinary.

Boys’ 8-16.


Young Men’s, 28 - 34 waist.


V 99 A’ 4

If you’re on the scene where the action is—• wear the “in” casual pant! Tee Jay denim slacks ! They’re slim, trim, long and lean— featured in the greatest colours, too: black, beige, dark olive, sage green and blue, to fit right in to your back-to-school wardrobe. Hardwearing? You bet! That tough, heavy cotton denim takes all the wear and tear you dish out

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The BAY, boys' and young men'a wear, main

Extra Pants, $26 Vest, $13


I. se ) our PBA' ASK FOR ACTON SHOES ... FOR A LOOK THAT’S PREFERRED FROM HEEL TO TOE The leading looks for young men .. . Acton shoes ! They’ve got all the style, comfort and shaped-to-your-foot fit that you demand and come in man-favored models that lead the parade of fashion.

And they're

created with the finest leather uppers and hardwearing neolite soles, too . . . black or brown slip-on or tie models featured with plain toe, toa caps and moccasirrtoc detail. See them, try’ them, buy them today. Sizes 6’3 to 12, D widths.


Island Edition *


Cloudy Cool

Duncan Bureau

(Detail* on Page 21

Phone 746-561! Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Vancouver Island's Leading Newspaper Since 1858 No. 223—107th YEAR



Hong Kong-Base for U.S. Aggression’ _*"

1 '



The United States has said it has used Hong Kong only as a place (or rest and recreation

(or military men on duty in Viet Nam. But ,this was swept, aside by the Cliinese in a note lo Britain. a * * •'The Chinese government has noted that in recent months, as tlie government of the United States (rantically escalates its war of aggression in Viet Nam, warships, planes and military personnel of the U.S. aggressor


Jets, Tanks


"All this shows dearly that llong Kong is increasingly be­ ing uset, by the U.S. aggressor forces as a base of operations for the U.S. t against Viet added. ■ , -* * * "FSr from checking these frenzied activities of the U.S. aggressor forces in Hong Kong, the British government has

/■ forces have increasingly fre­ quented Hong Kong and made extensive use of its as a base - for their war- preparations.” said the note broadcast by Pe­ king .radio.

The note charged the United States had acquired "large quantities of military supplies and provisions in Hong Kong for their use in Viet Nam.”

tried in many ways to shield and justify them in an attempt to evade its own responsibility.”



The note declared that if Brit-, ain allows Hbng Kong "to be drawn into the whirlpool of the U.S. war of aggression it must bear full responsibility for all ll*e consequences arising there­ from.” Continued on Page 1

Join Battle In Kashmir


Ottawa Power Wide, Needed

Anglicans Set Rate For Giving VANCOUVER (CP) — Anglicans should be dropping five per cent of their pay cheques into the collection plate, the legislators of their church decided Wednesday. »

B-52s Pound

KARACHI (AP)—Pakistani forces swept into Indian-held sectors of Kashmir Wednesday and fought a raging battle with Indian troops that con­ tinued into the night.


Tough Job Facing


* * *

Now Fall Election Not So Certain

"Why are tax investigations placed beyond this? Our sys­ tem of law says everyone, even the tax evader, has certain rights. Theoretically under the •ct income tax investigators can go into any office any­ where in Canada and take any­ thing they want. "I don't want to protect cheat■ ei-s .but how far should we go toward developing a police state which allows the government to go on fishing expeditions across Canada'" The section executive, headed by ehairman D. M. Clark of Vancouver, was re-elected.

By 1 BASER KELLY Colonist Ottawa Bureau

No Election Siivs Lesage

OTTAWA—In less than a week the nation will know whether or not it will have an opportunity to cast judgment on the Pearson government

The betting on Parliament Hill' that mauitanun« QUEBEC (C’P) — Premier is that Prime Minister Pearson steadfastly will announce his decision for or the Pnme M,n,s,er wlU declde Lesage said Wednesday he against an election in spite of, will be surprised if a federal i against a fall election the day his gift-giving tour of Western) election is held this year. He after Labor Day. Canada. expressed this view last Janu­ The odds still favor an elecYesterday Mr. Pearson reary, he said, and nothing has tion likelyNov. 8—but they affirmed his pledge to anoccurred since (hen to make are beginning to waver a little. ! nounce his final decision by him change his mind. Some ministerial aides arcnext Wednesday. But he added: “I would hope to make an announcement be-, lore that.” Governor General Vanier isi scheduled to arrive in Ottawa next Tuesday from Quebec Qty. I Continued on Page 10

Regional District Urged As Best Financing Plan “More and more the pub­ lic identifies hospitals with government, and is reluc­ tant to dip into its own pocket.” This assessment by Dr. Mur­ ray Anderson, medical adminis-" trator of Royal Jubilee Hospital, is probably the essential rea­ son why a new formula must he found for financing Greater Vic­ toria hospitals.


Bill Stavdal Surreys



If government is needed to do the job, then what sort? Our hospitals serve the whole re­ gion from Sidney to Sooke.' so a taxing agency ought logically to embrace the whole area

*. *

Last of a Series

Such a government body would then have the power to levy taxes on unorganized terri­ tories which have ' n^yer been obliged -to contribute: View Royal, Colwood. Langford. Metchosin anti Sooke. Together they contain about 1* per cent of Greater * Victorias pojailation and therefore utilize 15 pfcr cent of hospital services. * * * The idea of an area-wide-gov­ ernment for hospital services,) isn’t rxweL Two'l3W:ej)ts are’ currently being debated—a hos-‘ pita I improvement district and the provincial government s new regional district system. ,A hospital impr vement dis­ continued ou Page 3

A Pakistan govern ment spokesman said the Pakistanis" captured two posts while the air force shot down four Indian planes. India claimed Pakistan at­ tacked with at least 3,000 troops and up to 70 U.S.-made Patton BOMBAY (AP) — Religion* tanks. An Indian spokesman in New Delhi said 28 air force riot* broke out Wednesday in Poona, • headquarters of Ihn planes attacked the tanks, de­ Indian army’* southern com­ stroying at least 10. mand. FIRST IN 18 YEARS Many mosque* and Moslem Never before in 18 years of houses were set afire by often bloody quarrelling had Hindus. Mohs crying “death ijhfr India or Pakistan used to Pakistan” fought police. air power in combat roles. Neither had they used armor on a large scale. It appeared the feuding na-j tions may be on the. verge ot all-out war in the long dispute! over the Himalayan state di-1 vided by a United Nations ceasefire line into Indian and 1 Pakistani sections. In New York, UN SecretaryGeneral U Thant appealed toj India and Pakistan to stop I. * shooting and'^qmll back their Miss PNE is golden-haired Lene Graaten of troops across the ceasefire line. Plant said tlie ceasefire agree­ Coombs, who went into the competition represent­ ment ot 1949 . had been "re­ ing Parksville. Lene, a 5 foot, 7y>-inch beauty born MUML Fla. (AP) — Hurri­ duced to little consequence.” in Norway, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kris cane Betsy, suddenly a mighty ENDORSES PLEA tempest, whirled westward Graaten. The new Miss PNE is a good speaker, tal­ U.S. Ambassador Arthur J. through the Atlantic Wednes­ ented painter, and was valedictorian at Qualicum Goldberg. September president day. aiming its 90-mile-an-hour I of the UN Security Council, en­ peak winds toward land. Beach High School in June.— (CP) dorsed Thant's plea. Squarely in the hurricane's I The fighting raged about 90 | miles south of Srinagar. Kash­ path were the s parse ly-jjopulated Caicos and Turk islands. mir's summer capital, and the'^ ti of the prime target for the Pakistani 75(MniM(mK Bahamas chain, infiltrator* who, India claimed; opened a guerrilla war Aug. 5. * * * India then attacked across j Ga|p, and wind, of the ceasefire line and occupied hurricane force were expected several posts. , to slam into them Wednesday SIEZE TWO POSTS night, then buffet Mayaguana A Pakistan spokesman said Island just to the northwest lr>Architect Busy the attackers Wednesday were day. Lighting Germans Pakistani - Kashmir forces! Forecasters expected Betsy * {backed by^Pakistan troops. He;p?ak winds to climb to 100 —Names in the News, said th^y seized the I nId i a n mile* an hour by morning. • Page 10 posts of Devaa and Chamb. The Beyond* Mayaguana on tlie * * * air force claimed its victory ttorm’s course lay most of th*» over the Indian planes in the I other islands in tlie Bahamas Cincinnati Beds Chamb area, saying they were!chain and the southeastern trying to cover a retreat of the coast of the United States. Inch Into First Indian army. # * # —Page 14 Tlie New Delhi spokesman, * * * denied tlx* loss of Devaa and! Swells of six to nine feet and Chamb. He made no mention! pounding surf wrt forecast I ictorian Wins of any planes being shot down, .throughout the southeastern I He said three* Patton tanks j ®a^amas an^ along the northBus Battle Iwere badly damaged. Prn coasts of Puerto Rico, —Page 18 1 One important question rising ; Haiti an^ the Dominican Repub* * * ! i out of the new battle was lie. whether ,fighting would Ix? lim­ Entries Pile High ited to Kashmir or would erupt Schweitzer In Fishing Contest elsewhere along tlie more than 1.000 miles of tense frontier Gravely Hi ' —Page 39 separating the two big nations Page of the subcontinent. Revered physician-philosopher 33 TWO-FRONT BATTLE? of AfHca, Dr. Albert Schweit­ Bridge It appeared certain the esti-i Comic* zer haa jrfen in a coma for mated 5.000 guerrillas roaming’ 35 OTTAWA (CP) — The Kor­ nearly a week in his jungle Crossword Indian-held parts of KashmirFinancial New* It would renew their attempts .toj eau hospital at- Lambarene, Gabon, rtatixtle* reported .♦ fight sl way into Srinagar and! Wednesday Canada* populawhere a spokesman said lie S Garden Note* |o is.eos.noo at Julr Social , 38. 39 •hat the hard-pressed India; tion seriously ill. The 90-year-old Army was in great danger of; from 14, 15 an increa*e of 333.1 Nobel Peace ..Prize winner suf­ Sport’ ’ having to fight on two fronts--. Theatre* 31 fered a fall recently.—(AP) Continued on Page 2
Mosques Hit In Rioting


Anglican national executives SAIGON -iCPi—U.S. Air Force have been charged with finding B-52 jet bombers today:pounded TORONTO (CP* — The gov­ ways to put the obligation ernment must have wide pow­ a suspected Viet Cong area only across. ers to catch fraudulent taxpay­ 20 miles north-northwest of Sai' The tithe works out to $1 a ers and the fact a few innocent gon, a U.S. military spokesman week per SI.000 a year of in­ reportedpeople may have inadvertently come. The 22nd general synod become involved in the process The area hit was in the Ho Bo of the church agreed it should woods in Binh Duong province. should not deter such activity. be up to the parishioner to de­ J. T. Thorson, retired president It was the 17th reported B-52 cide whether he would give on raid ot the Viet Nam Wat. The of the Exchequer Court, said the basis of his gross income Wednesday. explosion of the bombs shook or net income. , windows in downtown Saigon. The government always * * * SANTO DOMINGO (I PI) •MONEY IS POWER* proceeds after filing an affi­ There has been a stepup in davit in court of a need to — The Organization of Ameri­ “Money is p o w e r,” said seize, if necessary, documents can States Is preparing for Archdeacon T_ P. Crosthwait activity by B-52 bombers in re­ cent weeks and it is expected the installation Friday of pro­ and records. of Toronto. “It releases power that this role will be further in­ visional president Hector into the world for good or evil. TAX CHEATERS creased. There were two raids Garcia-Godoy after both sides “I’m sure when the l/>rd by . the Guam-based bombers 'There Is an absolute neces­ in the bitter Dominican con­ said ‘ask and it shall be given Tuesday night. sity to have this procedure to flict argeetl to peace terms. to you* he wasn’t confining us In ground action. South Viet­ catch tax cheaters," he said. It now will he up to Garciato prayer." namese troops clashed with a ‘'Some Innocent people have be­ Godoy to ready the country Archdeacon Crosthwait said Viet Copg con-'any 12 miles come involved, but they are for elections within nine few. Against this is the need months, arrange for the sur­ the church doesn’t tell its peo­ south of Quang t7!°d d e 1 e R 8 ’ e ’ a report on casualties. meeting of the taxation section lYair Americans and one of the Canadian Bar Associa­ have hit parts of eastern China >wlt 1,11 Lt.-Coi. D. S. Mitchell tof South Vietnamese soldiers were tion. while large areas in northern Sidney, B.C.. said tiiat wifii the killed Wednesday when Viet wheat-growing provinces con­ SEV ERE CRIME tinue to suffer a shortage of rain promise ot union between the i Cong guerrillas shot down a -’ J. Blair MacAulcy ot Winni­ after an abnormally dry sum- Anglican Church and United U.S. army helicopter—the sec­ peg suggested tax evasion is mer, it was officially reported! Ciiurch ot Canada laymen are ond fatal ’copter crash in two considered by many to be more Wednesday. l days. Continued on Page IA severe a crime than murder, rape or robbery. _ "When police seek search Warrants in such cases they are compelled by the Criminal Code to go before a judge and specifically detail what they want, whom they want and what they are looking for in a prem­ ise. RIGHTS CITED


All-Out War?

Red Chinese Hand Britain TOKYO (AP* — China de­ manded Wednesday that Britain deny the United States the use of Hong Kong as "a base (or their wtir ol aggression against Viet Nam.” It accused the Brit­ ish of shielding U.S. operations in the Crown colony

Hurricane Betsy Cuts Loose

Islander New Miss PNE


Canadians Ini'reusing

Nine Canadian Officers

UN Effort Crumbles

Powerless ‘Peace-Keepers’ Watch War By DAVE MCINTOSH In the high mountain passes of Kashmir, nine Canadian Army officers are watching a plodding, 17 - year United Na­ tions peacekeeping effort crum­ ble under tank, artillery and machine-gun fire.



The UN established a mean­ dering ceasefire line in Kash­ mir after, the 1947-48 fighting e over it between India and Pa­ kistan following partition of the Asian, sub-continent into the two Commonwealth countries.

Canada agreed in January. 7949, to participate in an 11-pation, 40-man UN observer .mis­ sion in Kashmir. Since then, nine Canadians have been living in that inhospitable territory to ob­ serve breaches of the ceasefire. * * * fXiring the summer there was an increasing number ot inci­ dents. The breaches now have developed into battles which have drawn in entire infantry battalions, tanks and howitzers, targe - scale war appears im­ minent.

Prime Ministers Shastri of India and Pearson touched on the subject of Kashmir during the former's visit to Canada in June.



But it is generally regarded in Ottawa as unsound to try to intervene in dispiites between India and Pakistan unless in­ vited to do so by both countries Though there have been peri­ odic reports that Canada might he qsked to mediate the Kash­ mir dispute, nothing has devel­

oped and. Ottawa informants say.-Mr. Pearson isn't going to suggest that he act as -a go-be­ tween.



There has apparently been no Canadian diplomatic initiative in the present circumstance* but Extfmal .Affairs Minister Martin and UN Secretary-Gen­ eral U Thant likely will discuss ■ the issue during Mr. Thant's Ottawa visit Sept. 9 Canada has the largest eont i n g e n t of UN observers in Kashmir.

Dodgers Dumped Twice


To Lead Chase Los Angeles Dodgers played their two aces in that torrid National League pennant race last night, got trumped twice by Pittsburgh’s charging Pirates, and dropped into second place, one percentage point behind Cincinnati Reds. The Pirates, in fifth place but only 2H games out, made their move by sweeping a, doubleheader from the Dodg­ ers, and they did it the hard way. ■*, First they went 11 innings to l>eat Sandy Koufax, 3-2. Then they took on theiother half of the Dodgers' onettwo pitching punch, beating DSh Drysdale.

2-1, for their 10th victory in 11 games. Koufax had one small conso­ lation, He struck out 10 men. giving him .113 for the year and breaking his own National League record of 306, set in 1963. Now he's shooting for the major league mark 8f 318, set by Bob Feller of Cleveland in 1916.



___ I'ltttborgt* ...............Philadelphia ...............S„ Louis 1............ -Chicago ........................ llctiston ........................ •Sew York .....................

74 58 .SO 75 » .560 K 57 .55S 73 00 .545 73 62 .541 68 63 . 519 67 FT .500 63 73 .463 58 76 . 433 44 91 .326

.. Minnesota .— ............ 85 50 .60 .. Chicaso --------76 57 .3U I ■> Baltimore __________ 72 S7 .558 10 2

2*4 5*4 8 13 17 31*4

< te'Haad


.Detroit ____ sew York Los Angeles . ............. Washington - ............. Boston ......... I..— City ________


30 .MS

72 66 62 59 51 48

60 .549 68 . 492 72 .463 75 .440 Sl .375 S3 . 306



1814 22t4 2564 34 35

Vernon Law won the second game—his 16th victory—with • seven hitter, and Bill Virdon, who had homered in tlie first game, scored the winning run for him in the eighth when Dodger shortstop Maury Willis fumbled a ground ball by Manny Mota. Meanwhile the Reds taking two from Milwaukee Braves, who have slipped to fourth by losing eight of their last nine games They won the with two runs ii the ninth inni Johnson hit two homers. And they took the second game, 2-0, on a five-hitter by Jim Ma­ loney and a home run by Tony Perez. GIANTS IDLE

Over Bat Incident

Roseboro Suing Marichal, Giants PITTSBURGH (AP)—Catcher because M a r i e h a J has "at­ John Roseboro of Los Angeles tempted to defend and justify Dodgers said Wednesday night his outrageous conduct” in re­ that he is suing Juan Marichal cent statements. Marichal has said he was and San Francisco Giants as a result of the pitching star’s bat- provoked into the fight with Roseboro. He has alleged the swinging attack 10 days ago. Roseboro, here for 1he Dodg­ battle was triggered when the ers’ series" against Pittsburgh catcher ticked him on the ear Pirates, issued a statement in with a ball in a throw back to which he said he had instructed pitcher Sandy Koufax. Mari­ his Los Angeles attorney to in- chal also has said Roseboro stltftte the suit against Mari­ threatened him. chal and tlie Giant organization “for the unprovoked attack made upon me at Candlestick By WALT D1TZEN Park on Aug. 22.” In Los Angeles, Roseboro’s attorney, Leo Branton, Jr., said a complaint had been filed in Superior Court against Mari­ chal and the Giants, asking 310.000 in general damages and 3100,000 in exemplary and pu­ nitive damages. In the explosive brawl. Mari­ chal struck Roseboro on the head with a bat-opening a twoinch gash. Marichal said "I wish I had that much, half that much, quarter that much.” Warren Giles, National league president, suspended., Marichal for eight playing days and fined him $1,750. Tlie sus­ pension ended last night. The Dodgers and Giants, in­ volved in the tight National league pennant race, have two more games this season in I -os Angeles Sept. 6 and 7. Giles has forbidden the Giants from taking Marichal to Lcs Angeles for the series. In his statement, Roseboro said he was bringing legal ac­ tion not only liecausc of the at­ tack, but also because Mari­ chal “set a bad example for millions of baseball fans" and




According to the Solwnor T»bl». rnlcolalcd tor thio orro, the he»t tiineo tor himtlns and llehlnt tor taidny and tomorrow will be ao ■ follow, i Time* Moiwn are Pacific, lhtlllcht Tlrnrl:

San Francisco Giants, who were ready to start Juari Mari­ chal for the first time since his eight-day suspension, had their game with Philadelphia Phillies called after a wait of almost two hours in the rain. They'll play twice today. The Giants are only half- a gam# out of tlie lead, and have lost rtrte game fewer than the Reds and two fewer than the Dodgers. In other National League ac­ tion, Houston Astros took two from New York Mets, 4-1 and 8-5, and SL Louis Cardinals blanked Chicago Cubs, 9-0, be­ hind Tracy Stallard’s three-hit­ ter. At one stretch, Stallard re­ tired 14 men in a row.

-William A. Boucher

Lunging goalie Don Wallis beats Victoria's Ron Zilkie (10) to loose ball S' 1

New Westminster Junior Lacrosse Champs

Series Over Except for Shamrock Protest


Meanwhile, Minnesota Twins NEW WESTMINSTER 11, junior lacrosse championships. the Salmonbellies will soon be Late last night Shamrock of­ swer for a club that moved cruised along undisturbed atop The beat Victoria Shamrocks, heading easL VICTORIA 7 ficials were still looking at the faster, checked closer and play­ the American League. 11-7, at Memorial Arena Iasi rule book. Tlie Salmonbellies ed harder. Shamrocks are basing their By JIM TAYLOR Tony Oliva, returning after a night to win the best-of-five B.C. protest on a call by referee Jim were celebrating the chance for Ken Winzoski and Wayne week's absence, hammered two New Westminster Salmonbel-'final, 3-1, and although the Falles at 13:10 of the first another shot at the Minto. Cup, Goss scored twice for Salmondoubles and a single in the lies are a formality away from:Rocks hqve protested the loss. period, when Pat Green of Vic­ and on the basis of last night’s bellies, tlie other goals going to Twins' 5-2 victory over Detroit, another shot at tlie Canadian [you can bet your last nickel tbit toria was thrown out of the game, they deserve it. Ray- Neimi, Wayne Goss, Ken But tlie Twins lost third-base­ They were ahead >1 before game. Henry, Ian Bull, Ron Pepper, man Rich Rollins “With a pulled the game was seven minutes Paul Slimyr and Roland JackGreen, enraged at a high leg muscle and catcher Earl old, and although the Rocks did son. check penalty called upon him Battey with a jammed finger. get as close as 6-5 late in the bv Falles, yelled something at For Shamrocks, it was Tej In Kansas City, Bill Bryan and him, shoved him, followed him second period, they had no an- Dhillon with two and Tom Wayne Causey smashed home to \tlie box and shoved him Churchill, Vem Black, Ken runs, lifting the Athletics to a agam. Falles assessed ft minor, Alexander, Ranjit Dillon and 4-3 victory over Clevelattd In­ a Kbniinute misconduct and a Ron Zilkie with one each. dians. matcli penalty, the match aytoDillon, the league scoring Bryan smashed one 440 feet malicajly putting Green out. champion, will be picked up by over the centre field fence with But Falles also said Sham­ New Westminster for thp series two on in (he second inning to rocks must play shorthanded as he was last year when Sal­ wipe out a 2-0 Cleveland lead, two minutes for tlie minor and BROOKLIN, Ont. CCP) - monbellies lost out to Oshawa and Causey homered in the an additional five minutes far Brampton Excelsiors edged:Green Gaels. New Westminster sixth. llhe match- The Rocks, thus jBrooldin Merchants, 10-9, WedWillie Kirkland's seventb-By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Last year, there were forced to pray short, for seveh j net.dny night before 1,000 fans inning single scored the tie-1 deatlis directly attributed Eight players have died in minutes, sa.v there is no time jo ta|directly penalty on a tnatch. breaking run as Washington .. lilt’ wave rtdvc of tragedy sweeping V xj-i. the ----- * seven Ontario Lacrosse Associa­ Senators beat Boston 'Red Sox, football practice fields in the s'”rt; according TURNING POINT ESQl IMAI.T tion Senior A final. 8-7, in a game interrupted by to the annual survey taken for United States—atl in the last six The sixth game will be played was the\turning point/ rain for 40 minutes. the American Football Coaches saidThat Shamrock c\ach Lew Lan- /n Brampton Friday. days. Association. Fatalities brought WILD ONE -------The latest three fatalities about by heart failures or heat dess. “We’d just scored two I ACTION-PACKED Jose Cardenal’s turn-out single WTre reported Tuesday—sophoquick goals (they Will trailed, TORONTO (CP) — Oshawa strokes for example, are listed' in the 12th inning scored Bob more end Bob Priester of the 5-3) and were starting to move, Gaels scored five goals as indirect, Direct deaths are Rodgers with the winn’ng inn University of Mississippi, and we have to play short for in each period to defeat Mimico ; thosi'"resulting'fo)m 'c in a Missouri Slate College, andj Roth 07 Ken Henry of New Westmin­ and take a 2-0 lead in the Ongame with nine errors. Tlie filled Yankees mnmit+oA James a freshman at the total of 45 were the third ster scored while the mirtpr was tario Lacrosse Association'! Junior A best-of-seven final. 1 lie lankees committed seven Howard College' of Birmmghighest since the survey started behind served, and the quarter errors, and in addition had two Aja ended 6-3. in 1931. The most reported was runners picked off. \ in 1931—31 and 49—^and the IN WRITING 7:00 P.M. ASTHMA ATTACK NATIONAL I.EAOCE 1935—28 and And an autopsy Wednesday i^cond highest in Shamrocks informed league Houston . .,----- 000 OOL 000-1 7 O'! hew York ........... 3)0 000 028—4 5 0 3 GAMES ihowed Art Willis, a 17-year-old 4‘president Art Daoust that they Coombs. ’0-2 Cuellar (1), Taylor '7> showed F?om 1931 throsyrf) J961. ex­ were protesting, and will file the and Brand: Jackson, 7-17. and Schaller. back at Las Cruces, N.M., high Setvi-Ai jfaine: 120 Top Stars cluding 1$42 when no report protest in writing today. Houston ...................5fQ 001 000—8 10 2 school died of an acute bronch­ was made, there were 587 They would seem to have no COURTENAY—Greaves Mov- ’ Nejv York .... 100 031 000—5 11 3 From B.C. Farrell. 9-9, GlusU «6» and Adlesii; ial asthma attack last Friday deaths directly due to fool ball ing and Storage, winners of the ,. chance whatever. Gardner. 0-1. Moatvhead <4>, Parsons during a scrimmage. Senior Amateur Baseball . Rlahards.Ni i7».— fellers (8) and and 280 indirectly in tlie U.S. Supervised By “Green got two minutes for Cannizzaro. Stephenson • ?».- Home runs: Mississippi suffered a fatal­ the high check,” Falles said League crown, will open a four-j, Hojwtm—Stxub (lOht. Ontike (13th and Head Coaeli ity on the opening clnv cf prac- later. “He got a misconduct for team double-knockout tourna­ PCL St. Louis .................OL? 000*13(^-9 11 0 ANDY HEBENTON tice this season for tlie second mouthing off at me. and he got ment against host club Cour-j tenay, at 11:00 a.m. next Sun-! Chicago ................ ooy 000'000-0 3 2 year in succession with Priest - the match for laying hands on Stallard 9-6 and McCarverf Jackson | day. 12-17. Hocft, <7», McDaniel . Koonce Admission er's death. Last year on the an official. The rule book says *9) and Bailey. Krug <5). Home run: Chemainus a nd Vancouver] first day of drills, sophomore there is an automatic major SL Louis—Skinner <3thi. will also supply teanis for the | Children 25<^ Rickey Ellzcy died of what penalty served with a match Milwaukee............... 003 030 000-6 8 1 !wx>day Labor Day weekend later was described as a con- penalty, so he got five minutes, Cincinnati in3 000 102—7 7 o event. Blasin^&me, Carroll <31. Sadowski (5). lenital heart defect. . i That’s all there is to it.” O'Dell 9-6 i9j. -Osinski «9» and Oliver;

Football Toll

Eight Deaths In Practice

Brampton In Lead




Greaves Try Tournament


Mounties Sweep

Ellis. Davidson (5). McCool 8-8 <8» and Pavletlch, Coker (31. Home runs; Milwaukee—Jones (2Tth>; Cincinnati John­ son <25th and 26thb Second game— Milwaukee ........... 00(1 (KO 000-0 5 1 TODAY Cincinnati ... 011 000 00x-2. 3 0 Lemaster 6-11. Niekro «4>. Osinski (5>. WESTERN DIVISION "* P.M. I A.M. LONDON (Reuters) — ClMe-otplM Olivo <8» and Oliver; Maloney 17-6 and Pet. OB4 ‘ matched? C-.ker. Home run: Cincinnati — Perez Minor Major •core* In Wednesday's cricket Minor Major tilth). U4, Middle- turn). rortl.xd for no wtckeL ------ Seattle 2:00 3:33 ■ex»l 20Maneheeter: 12:20 5:30 South Atrtc. 273, L»n An’.lel 761 000 OOQ CO-2 7 0 e 1 Pttt.burzh DO 011 000 01—3 8 1 Haeell TOMORROW . M.Th* Owl. Surrey 1J8, Suwex 25 g Aifax 21-7 and Roseboro; Sisk.) 7wwt 54 67 .3S3 34 ,*4..e»ter! Leirestendiire Ill Kml' nlWM> < » ,8' 'tn'1 P»«U»Tonl. Home1 «:’» 3:00 1:20 J no Wicket. re - Kpnl,run: I.j. Anreles-W. D.vl. (Sth). BRANTFORD, Ont. (CP) — iVancouver defeated Kitchener’s 27 ftr __ KASTKBN MV MON At Vid Hurti«m: Hamwhire 214. Not- . ■7 53 ,r.’« I Upsets were few and scores Ron Fraser, also on the 19th. Major periods. laslinz 1*4 to 2 huurs ion nm npO-4 7 It Oklahoma ( tty tlnrbyshlre 112. York,,,? convincing^ WcAicsday jn the| M WedncsHan IMeco ----Minor periods. snorter m duration ■hire nr**1,u lire 10 di for ror no rw wicket wicrct. „ Dr)*adal« ,-------- -- 1842. . Perrancski -A —. ,,<8) .. anl , ... ' « ” « »'«i first, round of match play for arp Jet ^yi, light type. *4 Uh-71 C«n.8Z» 1». E-ex 85 ^7^2^ .’(K^*’

O.C. Cricket

Few Surprises In Junior Golf

DAFFODIL CUP RACE WESTERN SPEEDWAY Sat., Sept. 4 and Mon. Sept. 6 ADVANCE TICKETS — NOW ON SALE — EATON’S BOX OFFICE Reserxed $2.50 Rush $2.00 Both Night* >4.50 (Reserved) Children—Half Price

____54 M -366 O',! the Canattan junior golf cham-j^ lwlnds wWch w,iH tUT VANCOUVER (CPI — VanConkp of Cnnkevillo eight conle 'wt ,or Friday's bvo! MountiM comnleted a Graham Cooke of Cooksville. ITKlnds A 36-bole filial is schedMo“ntlc’ complr„aiOnt.. who earlier carded 147. Sare-uv ^.1 Newspaper Advertising Stimulates ’weep of their *ree-game Pa-)^ Wcst score in the 36-lmle <12th>, Causey <3rd>. *" — as cific Coast ’League -senes Detroit ............. noo nnn ono-2 in i they trounced Tacoma Giants M'nrte«ita soil nor OOx—5 9 1 7-3, behind the steady five-hit rhnmpkmsbip Wldcprahara. 7-12. Lolich «4>. Sherry «7< and Freehan: Perry. 0-5. Worthing­ pitching of righthander Aurelio fpafed Ray Knd(1<>n of Toronto ton «9» and Battey. 21m merman (5). Monteagudo. > 6 and 5 on the fi,600-yard BratifHome run: Detroit-Oyter (3th». ns mi sio_7 7 ;i The win moved . . , ford Golf and County Club - Canada’s | suol. 21 - year - old guard, each * w^hinsten 400 im 2» k s 12 e, to within 3’a games of the leadCOU)^.r LIMA. Peru (API 1 scored 13 points to lead the I 4S?^rre?mS I >"8 Po,lland Beavcrs' " ho The 18-yearold OntarioTan’or. national basketball team deCanadian team. Both are from Kreutwr. ortera i7». Bridges <8>. Kline to Spokane, in the Western Dij champion's team - mates also tcated Regatas Lima 54-50 Tues­ Vancouver. Fred Ingaldson. 33- j ’ vision race 2-DAY TOTAL POINTS .. wfc,— -— --------------------- 1 __ . t „ were victors in individual comday night in the. first game of year-old Winnipeg guard, scoredSait Lake aty ... mxw-a u <» in InJkwup 4fs TOibn im-J » - petrtion.a South American tour. 10 points. I New Work 100 . 7 3. BurdeKe <8» and Grace; n-n . _ ovxbfppc amorr 136 The Canadians Dlav two more i Los Angeles 1(3 0?0 000 OOJL—7 ll 2 Boutifcn. Anderson <6>. H:?gms -9)' amcn-g lao Neil Willisctxrft. 19 - year - old ine Canadians ptay two more( Mkke!*m <9t jumo. m and Hentn.-Hon* nm; Son Lake City- m the qualifying round adSATL RDAY, SEPT. 4 forward who stands six feet, games here before going on to «T» and Howard. GIM>« : Sanford. Cuct GOOD. — . vzneed to match play. Cantiowi Coates (5\ Lee (81. Gatewood 2-4 (12) five inches tall, and Bob Baraz- Santiago. I and ^odeers JXSUr....... .. » 10 ! Richard BuU of Brandon. 50 LAPS ------- —----------------------------------------------------

4WFMICAX ..rnoir


(Mi tno-s w 7| k13’m, ‘’X I»1 noi 008-4 5 " sim.^T',. i?nJS^sJi7 cie>7ian.l

Canadian Basketeers Open Tour with Win



O'erton. mo. Punk (7> a:.! Hundley: Man..- fourth fowest qualifier wES With 150. lost 4 and 3 to Tor***’ ____ ionto’s Doug Ross, and John H.u»d _______ bi mo «u— » ii s, SoutteT of Calgary, low BahhvLi 3-1. Otaon (5). Lines >S« and for the third-place Alberta team FWh: ltuhux Maneff. 24. S'. Sutoa in the inter-provincial matches, <9i and Bates. Home runs: HawaH— Philips 'INthi. Seattle—SimpsiXi i3Wd. lost 1 up to Wayne Wiseman of Poland ............ O» am 010-4 C 1 Ridgetown, Ont. SD’kane 100 noj aw-5 10 0 Only three of the 32 matches Esquimalt Pontiac Chiefs came' A crowd ot about 600 saw matched by Steve Merriman and «•£!!»? t'iSuST i -a went into extra holes, up with'three straight goals in Chiefs get goals from WajTie An- Jim Middleton. ?' SSSh-er Terry More of Wimxpeg had n.1^4 .h™ an aH.'derson- Orv Coulter and Jim Veteran.NHL and WHL player • _ _ -----„ to go to the 21st hole to elinra> 1 7c • uiki, Bronson to overcome a 6-4 deficit Andy Hebenton scored twice for'Oly S !S sotl I ?! ate Ken Vennine of Toronto, star team, 7-6. in exhibition eaHy third period. all-stars. Fred Purvis got John Rule of Calgary downed! hockey last night at the Esqui- Anderson ahd Bronson had others and Gary Shall and Davelcrtniaksn.’Ttow Oktoti™ cuy-Gar Hamilton of Toronto on the rualt Sports Centre. I scored earlier goals for Chiefs, i Woodley also scored. Rzwri. -xai and kuv, Artaas»-

Ill Exhibition Hockev

Chiefs Edge All-Stars


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Port Alberni

Women Back Work With Mentally III PORT ALBERNI — Members of the Alpha Omega chapter of Beta Sigma Phi sorority in the Alberni Valley have organized a clothing drive on behalf of the local mental health associa­ tion. All the clothing and acces­ sories collected will be sent for use by patients of Riverview

Bassingthwaite Not Charged After Accident

Build Instant Town


Construction crews are racing ahead with work on assembly-line housing project at new town of Gold River, to meet the first occupancy date,

Oct. 1. Gold River has letters patent and is several miles from new pulp mill site.—(Don Huntley)

PORT ALBERNI — The Col­ onist was in error Tuesday in reporting that William Bassing­ thwaite, 819 Balsam Road, had been charged as a result of an accident between his car and that, of another man recently. The other driver was charged in connection with the accident. No charge was made against Mr. Bassingthwaite.

$ailtj (Monist Victoria, B.C., Thar*., Sept. 2, IMS

Stolen Property Brings Man to Court ' O ■ DUNCAN—A I’year-old Cobble Hill mu pleaded rulltj before Magistrate Lance Heard, Wednesday afternoon, to A charge of being in possession of stolen property. Rtrhard B. Rowlinson was remanded for sentence to Sept. 8. The stolen property included an assortment of carpenter’s tools taken from the residence of Ken Friesen, 311 St. Julian Street, Duncan,, about one week ago. Const. William Saunders of Shawnigan Lake said he had obtained a search warrant Jor the Rowlinson home Tuesday and the search resulted in the recovery of all the stolen property. Mr. Rowlinson was not represented by counsel. - I

Hospital, formerly known as care to give us new items they Essondale. have purchased or received as Mrs. George' Cole, 1526 gifts that do not suit them, Waterhouse Street, organizer they can be sure someone at of the sorority’s drive, says Riverview will be ’he happier they can use accessories such for it." as ha*ts, gloves, scarves, cor­ The sorority hopes to get a sages, lingerie and new cos­ big shipment off by the end ot metics too. September, and, a call to Mrs. On a recent tour of the main­ Cole at 728-9257 will provide land institution, Mrs. Cole dis­ pick-up service for donations. covered the ill-fitting uniforms of drab fabric, so, long associ­ ated with institutional life, no longer exist. CLOTHING CENTRE Direct from Hollywood the Ben Hur Chariot Race, the most exciting race in history. See it in the Empire Stadium Show. Patients who require clothing are issued with a ^requisition, Many more thrilling events too. , and go to the clothing centre, which is laid out like a regular store, and make their own | choice, from donated clqtliing. "Lots of the elderly ladies wore gay hats and pretty j scarves, or perhaps a corsage,' and they obviously enjoyed be-! Fng ’dressed up.’ "Cosmetigs are a joy to j many patients, and if people

A Thrilling Affair!


Government Provides Half-Fee Bonus To Island Students Nanaimo student Susan Mac­ The provincial government, kenzie. who topped the province announcing aid for top students, in Grade 12 examinations, has said it will pay 50 per cent of added another honor to her har first year university fees. Thomas B. Wardrope. Courtescholastic year.

Night School Courses

Dance and Golf? Tofino Tenders Permitted

COURTENAY — Nearly 80 adult classes are offered in tlie brochure to be mailed to 5,000 homes this weekend. New vocational courses this year include: Shorthand for beginners and dictation for advanced short­ hand students; farm business management; log scaling; re­ cordkeeping for businessmen; electric code and house wiring; radio and TV repair. Typing, bookkeeping, indus­ trial first aid. and auto mechanic refreshers are repeats from last year.

Tofino General Hospital re* eeived permission Wednesday to call tenders for construc­ tion of an addition to the nurses residence. Approval by the provincial government, which will pay a third of the costs, was an­ nounced by Health Minister Martin. Construcdon is estimated at ★ * * 815.000 and will provide staff Home arts again feature dress­ accommodation, lounge and making for beginners, inter­ storage facilities. mediate. advanced tailoring and bishop method of clothing con­ struction. Added are classes in making children’s clothes; knit­ ting and cake decorating. Shoe covering and interior decorating and hair styling and beauty hints are again available. Recreational topics are square dancing; modem ballroom danc­ ing and advanced dancing; golf and contract bridge. UCLUELET—Funeral service ★ * * for George Kendall Taron, 18, will be held at Saint Adam’s Other new subjects added this year include a "series of Church at 2 p.m. today. Mr. Taron was killed in a car talks on investments, with accident Sunday near Ucluelet. speakers on real estate, insur­ The Rev. J. Ware will con­ ance and Canada Pension duct the service. Burial will be Plan: stocks and bonds by Vancouver brokerage firm: and jm Ucluelet cemetery. ' Mr. Taron leaves his parents. a talk on banking services. Add to this landscaping: Mr. and Mrs. G. Taron. and four brothers, all of Port Aibion geology; law for everyday use; air ground school; natiire near Ucluelet. study; and conversational French and classes carrying on from previous years of buying and building your own home. * * *



For Taron

Thieves Steal Safe



Special School To Open Soon

nay. won first class grade 13l honors, and will get half his] COURTENAY—Officials and parents have waited] fees paid. others receiving this benefitIfor a long time ... the wait iss almost over. from the government: r retarded children] September 28 the new sch Susan Bates, Port Alberni; here will be opened. Alice Siddall, Alberni; Theo Dombrowski, Alberni; Brian Hie new building, donated by Pidcock, Alberni; Elizabeth A. the school board, will house the two regular day school classes, Whittaker, Nanaimo. on a five day week basis. Wendie Muir, Nanaimo; John Steenbergen, Nanaimo; James Kindergarten classes, also ex­ Bowman, Comox; Nelsena Mil­ tended to five days, will be held ler. Alberni; Charles Coleman, in the basement of the commun­ D u n c a.n ; Raymond Whitley ity health centre. „ u , , . I PORT ALBERNI — C. E. Courtenay: Robin Maier. Camp­ Eventually the retarded assoc.-, Sh of Secon(1 Avcnup bell River. ation hopes to add to the new South . who retircd thjs w(?ck John Lunam, Courtenay; Donn ’ChO0l'..tO a'C-7"?.Gal! aftpr eighteen years ol service Korbin. Nanaimo; Judith Sav­ dergarten class and to provide with tlie Somass division oi ory, Duncan; Judith Wearing, an activity room. MacMillan. Bloedel and Powell Ucluelet; K a r i Ingebrigtsen, River Limited, plans to start Chemainus; Susan Hemings, BUNNY BUS The ribbon-eotting ceremony his retirement with a trip to Sidney. Kamloops and other interior Helen Stuart, Ucluelet; Donna will be perforrtied by school points. Cuthbert, Jordan River; Claudia board chairman Brian Walker * * * Eckstein, Alberni; Glen Peace, and Kinsmen president Richard Mr. Sharpe was presented Lake Cowichan; Diana juriloff, Wilson. with a gun and fishing tackle, Malahat; Constance Landalc, Kin and Kinetics have been ac- and hopes to find lots ol time Duncan. five supporters of the work for to enjoy them, Anna Ehrsteln, Youbou; George handicapped children and have fn addition to hunting and. Heyd, Duncait; Merridy provided the Bunny Bus used to fishing, he and his wife find a pick up children daily. Murdoch, Nanaimo; Elizabeth lot of pleasure in tlie garden ! Shelling. Chemainus; Eric Among the special guests to which surrounds their Port AlWarda. Ladysmith: Jane Lake, be invited to attend, is the Rev. bemi home. Nanaimo; Joan Leaman. Camp­ Murray Henderson. Victoria, a * * * bell River; Stuart Loutet, Lake past president of the association —Sharpe began as a grinCowichan; Lillian Martin, Na­ and a man who devoted a great derman for Somass division in naimo; Margaret McKinnon, Al­ deal of time and effort to the 1947, then worked qs car berni. loader, and finally as mill-! work. wright for the. past ten years. OPEN MEETING The Sharpes leave Thursday ] Tlie association invites any for a trip to tlieir one-time member of die public and repre­ home in the interior, and will sentatives of all clq,bs and orga­ travel as the spirit moves them ! nizations to attend the opening. for the next few weeks, before ! Following the ribbon-cutting returning to the valley.

Somass Veteran Retiring

Charge After Crash

and tour of the classrooms, those present will be invited to attend Magistrate a general meeting in the Court­ enay Elementary School audi­ Takes Pity torium at 8 p.m. 'to hear Dr. NANAIMO — Magistrate Eric I Sven Jensen, director of mental health services, who will be | Winch took pity on old-age pen sioner Robert Sherwood, 69. of guest speaker. Extension on Wednesday and fined him only $50 on- an im­ paired driving charge in police! court here. Mr. Sherwood was also banned I from driving for four and a half months.

LADYSMITH — A Nanaimo man will appear in magistrate s court Friday on a charge of driving without due care and attention, following a car acci­ dent Tuesday-. Oswald Fleming Logan was the driver of the car which NANAIMO — Harvey Murphy struck two legally parked vehicles on First Avenue in Ltd., a men’s wear store on Commercial Street, was broken Ladysmith, about 9:20 p.m. Owners of the parked cars into Tuesday. were George W. Burton. South The crime was discovered Burnaby, and Harry H. Shuperj'wh<‘n emPlo5tees came t0 work in the morning. Ladysmith. Total damage was estimated “The thieves entered from the I at $800. No injuries were re­ rear and stoic $18.60 from the' cash register. ported.


Vehicle Rolls Strikes Parked Car

1967 Grant For Cape Mudge


DUNCAN — Police estimate damage at over $1,600 in an ac­ cident Tuesday afternoon on Ailenby Road near White Bridge. Drivers were identified as, Ronald Hanson of Duncan and Richard Rose of Chemainus. Police said the accident ocrured when one car swerved into i he path of the other.

All kinds of free acts qj-ound the grounds. See the Ronnie Lewis T4s>- sensational aerialists. foe Bodrie, the fastest gun alive and Denny, the world’s") smallest most lovable ’ performing elephant.

Teen-Age Fair — all new. Fashions, lads and

fun. Emoy the Miss PNE Con­ test ai.utheSportsChanipionships at PNE '65.

S90.000 Program Prizes. A brand new ’65 car will be given away every day oi the FAIR. Grand prize — a fully furnished dream home.


AUGUST21-SEPTEMBER 6 e Pacific National Exhibition

ztxctri \ (SUNDAY/




Hit Store

Public speaking; small boat TOFINO — Legion branch 65 was Illegally entered operation; film cavalcade; math Tuesday night and a sale was for parents and English lar new stolen. Canadians and 12 academic Police are investigating the courses in Grades 9. 10, 11, 12 theft. Amount in the safe and 13 round out a very com­ was 6165. plete program. Also an expanding arts and crafts program lists driftwood Delegates finishing beginners and ad­ vanced; pottery: elementary Attend sculpture; copper tooling: paint­ ing with water colors; elemen­ Convention tary drawing; photography and wood carving. DUNCAN — Several members CAPE MUDGE—The provin- i * * * of the local chapter ,of the cial centennial committee has! Women of the Moose attended Academic classes begin the PORT ALBERNI -A car owna recent three-day B.C. Moose "wk «f Sept. 20, announced approval of a grant convention in Kamloops. All others start, the week of ed by tourist Ernest Robson of for cenlennia| projcct of !Oct. 4. Tacoma rolled from its parking Cape Mudge. -----Attending were: Advance registration may be •Mrs. John Yeomans, senior, spot in the 300 block Mar, and The community plans to de­ regent; Mrs. Harry Pluckwell, Pluckwell. I "Y”,. ,<’ mail or b-v -Phoning struck a new car in Woodwards! velop a playing field .*1 a cost junior regent; Mrs. William adult ™ucat>on director Harry parking lot Wednesday Harris, 334-4046. or in person Hamar, former deputy grand of $1T®! ‘ The car on the lot, owhed by regent; Mrs. Gordon Murray, at Courtenay High School Sept. 23 and 24 from 7 to 9 p.m. Gordon Elliot of Port Alberni I The federal-provincial share All social service chairman; Mrs. William Dodsworth, graduate re­ Some 900 persons took part sustained $165 damage. The is $456. and local residents will rolling car was not damaged. iraise $644. gent. and Mrs. Jack James, co­ in the program last year. worker. NO DOWN PAYMENT—TERMS .Local co-workers who partici­ pated in. the exemplification for FACTORY CLEARANCE the ritualistic ceremony were Mrs. Hamar. Mrs. Yeomans and Mrs. Pluckwell. The next B.C. Moose conven­ Reg. $42.50. SOC95 Self-Storing tion will be held In Prince Ru­ pert in 1966. SPECIAL 4^ Storm and Screen

Damage High

See the Racing Arabian Camels in the Empire Stadium Show. An Arabian Madcap.

WHILE STOCK LASTS All sizes — easily Installed. See them on display or order by phone. 24-hour Venice ' ' ns. ’«

Aluminum Awnings, Windows, screens—custom-made ::.................. ■........ . Offer expires Sept. 15

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A Great Value Opportunity!




Open 9 to ,5. Friday ’til 8, Saturday ’til 1 p.m. 1930 YATES STREET (Next to PHmley*s>

Grilles and Letter Slots Extra



Phone 385-5777





H olonist

* •



(ESTABLISHED 18.58) i !'




North Cowichan

Zoning Board Backs Genoa Development

SKkL_ e


{ • -'


■ ■


Courtenay Adopts Parkland Project In conjunction with the adop-l


xociety still has to overcome a Puntledge Park. financial problem. It was suggested that considHe said so far this year, since. the May opening, 13,000 people eraUon »* 8iv'n ,he P°sslble purchase of Indian reserve area have paid to see the museum. Mr. Wellbum said much work adjoining the Puntledge, the has been done but it still will building of a native house and take several years before the development of trails, etc. museum 'is completed.


tion for preservation "as an his­ toric site, and other park proj­ ect proposals. The committee will have approximately $12,000 available from Courtenay and immediate surrounding area ot Sandwick and Arden.

W ATER SHORT He said another problem tlie society faces is the lack of good water and $3,400 in drilling to find th? water was in vain as salt water seeped in below the Somenos Lake water level. He said a pump, chlorination1 plant and filter system have | been installed for drinking water j from Somenos Lake. Mr. Wellburn said some visi­ NORTH COWICHAN — Coun­ tors to the area still have diffi­ culty in finding the museum, cil Wednesday supported in and some businesses at Duncan principle an application of were unable to direct them. Cryogenic Enterprises Ltd. for Director Will Dobson de­ a gas franchise to come before scribed Mr. Wellburn as "the heart and soul of the museum.” I the Public Utilities Commission soon. HORN PARTY Company spokesman John The directors decided to hold, ... a work party at the local cham- ’Montgomery of Vancouver said her office Sept. 12, and the! his company proposes to supply work will include oiling of ex- several centres on the mamlerior walls, repainting the trim , |an(j ancj Vancouver Island with and a building clean up. , .. ,, gas. and his company would Senior traffic engineer J. ILL . „ .. . .. , llarding of the highways depart-?he d,s‘Pbut,on. sys,tfi"’ orient will be Invited to dig^ without cost to the municipality,

PORT ALBERNI — A mill company driver lias l>een ad­ vised be should hire his own lawyer to proceed with tlie charge that n policeman did a rolling stop at a stop sign, The same constable had, earlier in the day, ticketed (he mill employee at the same corner for the same alleged offence. But Henning Skaarup says he sees no reason why he should hire a lawyer. Mr. Skaarup signed the charge against the constable in Alberni court chambers Tuesday, and says the magis­ trate told him that the con­ stable would probably he represented by a lawyer, and that he should have a lawyer too. "Like I said before. It's the principle of the thinge-I won't back down now!"

! 1

I .

Gas Franchise Bidders: Supported by Council Parkin c?tr

The decision was made Wed-!

by Capt. Wood.


Wainman- assurance that complete health control still rests with the coun-. commercial cil in regard to the development.

They said the zoning will spoil the character Speaking on the proposed | of North Cowichan's prime resi- Maybay marina-trailer village . , , „ development, to cost a total of dential area. .0™,™ « .u I $330,000. one of the four men. The property. consisting of 23 Albert Bishop of Calgary, safd I acres, is in the Bird’s Eye Cove the mobile trailer village wi" ' district. It is the site of a pro- have about 126 large house tracer units for retired people I posed marina and trailer village "with modest means," and for whieb would be developed byft)lhers wh() can af[ord a second four Calgary men if rezoned. home as a summer residence.

Space for 100 Boats

He said tlie marina’s initial. Mr. Bistapu^aid if no ade. capacity would |ie about 100 quate water supply ik available ! 35-foot cruisers. the development of the scheme I He said the entire scheme would have To be postponed for would be developed in stages some time. and in order to get a complete Speaking on behalf of the pro­ survey for sufficient, water sup­ testing taxpayers, Victoria lawply and sewer facilities, the re­ ★ ★ ★ zoning would have to be obtained j though Mr. Bishop had explained These doors, said tlie lire chief, will certainly increase first. very attractive development, the safety factor in the school, although he does want to see He said this survey will be! 1 he failed to* give any reason the job completed according to full regulations before be very costly. The area for the;' i which ‘ vyould make rezoning will be fully .satisfied. trailer village on the west side, The cost of bringing the school up to safety standards of Genoa Bay Road would be will be about 54,700, which will have to be provided from about 19 acres, and other feaHe warned the zoning board an emergency source, the school board spokesman said. tures of the village, which will 1 this type of "patchwork zoning” not be open for transients, would is very undesirable, because be a community hall and under- soon the entire a 10a might de­ Asked about safety in other valley schools. Eire Chief ground electrical wiring. ; generate to lowest zoning. Smith pointed out he is only responsible for Port Alberni, but had founcfonly minor points needing attention in other schools to date.

★ ★ ★

II' /tv Gold River

First Reeve Sworn In t

By DON HUNTLEY GOLD RIVER—The interim council of the newinstant municipality of Gold River has chosen Bruce Chisholm, engineer at the pulp mill, as first reeve. Mr. Chisholm was the unani- — mous choice of the council. He now works out of the Vancouver office of Tahsis Company, but will live in the town when con­ struction, of residences is com­ pleted. ’

Bay, because ol insufficient parking facilities. It was felt such a ramp would do nipre-jiyfrin than good.

The council’s general puriwse

nesday afternoon followiing a1 committee, meeting after the public hearing when the resi- hearing, decided to ask the medtdents objected to the application J cal health officer to give the

PORT ALBERNI Eire Chief Maurice Smith^says fire hazards at Alberni High School are being rapidly taken care of by the school board and the school should open as ex­ pected on Sept. 7.. The major hazard, according to Mr.,Smith, was the open s taii-ways. Large doors with double-meshed glass were ordered in­ stalled. but to date the glass has hot been available. However, it is -planned to use other glass temporarily, and replace it with the mesh glass as soon as it is available.

Til-ior-Tat Driver Carries On

A further suggestion was to

centennial com mittee wilh four other suggested projects, the establishment of a twill investigate a park proposal miniature railway in Lewis Park ■ put to the meeting by Keith as a tourist attraction; a social DUFCAN — DirectoiiSjof |£f Morton. centre for old age pensioners; Duncan-Cowichan Chaiirwer ncheont letter from Mr. Morton an indoor swimming -pool and Commerce at their land arts centre. meeting at the Cowichan Valley dealt with the development of a Also suggested at previous Forest Museum Wednesday'! park along the banks of the meetings was the removal of were told by museum society • Puntledge River to link -up with „ u w.uh.,n, 1k. the old S)rect elementary school from director Gerald Hellbum^ the the existing Parlt and Fourth ,o ^suitable loca-


- » •

Man-made dust storm rises in , white clouds as a scowload i of lime from Texada Island lime stone quarry arrives at j a wharf in Courtenay River. One load is brought in each year by Comox Farmers’ In­ stitute for Its members. i —(Agnes Mett)

tion of this project, it was also develop the project in stages on decided to investigate the poss- a five to 10 year basis, with Trttity of including the unor­ possible f i n uncial assistance I ganized areas, outside the Ar­ from the formation of a regional den and Sandwick water dis­ parks district, which would | make available government I tricts but adjacent to them, for the purpose of the Centennial Sran,s and a ha,f mUI lev>’ project grant. V—"s Aid. Stan Laver! Courtenay,

Safety Measures Now In Hand At Alberni High

Scowload Of Lime

^COURTENAY — Courtenay Centennial Com­ mittee has adopted a project for Canada's centen­ ary—the acquisition and development of suitable parkland.



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5. -


NORTH COWICHAN—‘Municipal council, meetihg as a zoning board, has decided to recommend approval of commercial and multiple dwelling development on Genoa Bay Road, despite protests from 95 Maple Bay residents. -1 ’

The council named its first and, at the moment, only paid official. He Is Dave Wilson, who . becomes municipal c|erk. trea-l

Another Marina?

He said the area in question agree vVith you, but only If was zoned as rural residential j ^1ere a necessity shown " in 1936 for a vtery good ..reason Speaking for the rezoning, lo cal lawyer Allistair Ma*cDonald IIP warned of a possible polbcha,f Ilf Cap| Wainmanlution problem, and stressed the! Wood pointed out there are not possibility that if tlie develop-' nearly enough boat launching ment does not go ahead, tlie j ^at'Hhics in Ibis area, and such . ,, . , . i facilities should lie available for property might be sold a8aln | pubii,. and if«rr zoned could be used for I . ___ . . . He said experts studying the a variety of purposes. , geological formation in lhat area Reeve Donald Morton, zoning i already indicated that there will board chairman, said as the be enough water available, and i area grows certain zoning as far as the pollution problem I changes will be required, and is concerned, no sewage would 1 Mr. McIntyre replied “Yes, 1 be dumped into the bay.

Parents Alarmed No Walk To Protect Their Children

COMOX "If people want dren .are leaving for school and and j sidewalks, they should live in returning home. I the city where they pay Taxes for The secretary resided that in used for the development of these things." correspondence last spnng with’ Mayo Park and for eontirigdn- HAIG-BROWN PRESIDES "This was the comment of Dan i the district engineer and Dan cies as they arise. First council meeting was held I Campbell, minister of municipal >Campbell, it was implied that HEALTH UNIT Wednesday night in the old; affairs, when he spoke to Mrs. Rvan Road would be pushed Coun. Mrs. Elaine Dobbvn'Goid River hall. Roderick Haig ! «. R. Van Den unna, Brink, secreiary secretary oi of mrougn through io to rAnderton Road. , ; I— r z. , i, van uen described the work of tha Brown of Campbell River pre- (he Anderton Rm(1 I sland sided over swearing in of .nun-' according to Mrs. Van >O , Centra l V ancou ver v cussed by members of the school Health Unit’s rehabilitation com-! cillors. Den Brink was wou^ alleviboard and representatives of ate some of the traffic load on mittee. as one of the "finest New councillors, beside the Ladysmith and North Cowichan things that has ever come to Anderton»apd cut down the danreeve, are Frank Grobb, man­ COMMTI'TEE FORMED councils at the Manana Lodge. this area." ager of the sawmill and servic­ The committee was formed ger to the children. Sept. 20. She quoted the example of a ing division here; Donald Kil­ last year to try and have a w’alk This was expected to be done A portion of Ladysmith school slightly Handicapped local girl patrick. assistant to the presi­ or footpath built along Anderton when the new ferry to Powell district overlaps with North who through the efforts of this dent of Tahsis Company; Mrs. Road. with the chamber various prob- - SCHOOL PROJECT ’ River commenced daily runs. A new school building and (Cowichan municipality. lems, including the need of a committee will be able to go to May Stewart, wife of the assist­ —The road* in question is the! To date no action of the road crosswalk near Brae Road, turn-;equipment referendum to put! Council accepted Coun. Gerry university to become a librarian. ant woods foreman: William main-firtery feeding the RCAF bas been taken, and parents are She said a number of people Tymchuk, woods foreman: and Station at Comox and traffic once more alarmed over the ing lanes on Trunk Road at Can- before taxpayers of Ladysmith Smith’s recommendation from ada Avenue, and the Trans-Can- school district this fall, will be the parks committee, not to have been helped by this com­ William Ford, logging super­ upon ft is heavy at all times of situation with s< hool .opening the day, especially when chil- next week. intendent. ada Highway. one of the subjects to be dis-' build a boat Tamp at Maple mittee.


I surer, collector, assesor, : approving officer.

Boat Romp

Fishing ‘ —Muchalat


CAMPBELL RIVER — The * department of flnheriea ha* closed until further notice salmon fishing at the head of Muchalat Arm. The closure is lo present overfishing of tyee that spawn in the Gold and' Burman Riv­ ers, which empty into the head of the arm. This is one of the few arms where a fishing licence is re­ quired, hut the licence is Issued free to sportmen.

■mien Hotitflit His Wares

Jones Started with $25

Deserted Cascade Island Was Once Busy Place Bv PETER ^AYI.OR NANAIMO — North of Port Hartly lies Cascade Island, a deserted knoll in Queen Charlotte Strait which at one time bubbled with life when Art Jones, Chestnut Street, Nanaimo, operated his store. Air. Jones sold out in 1949 and moved here.

The sea always called for Mr. Jones, and he has lived close to it all his life. He first settled on the West Coast in 1923. coming here from Australia. After taking a variety of Jobs on tugTWats-^and in tog­ ging camps he finally

bought a fishing boat of _his own, and trolled along the w est coast of Vancouver Island from Pachena Light in the south to Cape Scott in the north.


He labored on through hard times until 1935. He was down to his last $5 when he decided to plant his feet back on dry land. “I bought an island that I had my eye on to start a business. I applied for the 43-acre island and it was granted me." * ■ « * This still with the old ing the $25 Ijdy luctj

left Mr. Jones problem of find down payment took pity, and

just before deadline he managed to get in two days of good fishing. The island was now his, and the gov­ ernment gave him nine years to pay off the pur-, chase price. * * * Mr. Jones and his wife cleared the land, built a house, store, and 55-foot float building for handling fish and gasoline. * * a

commercial trawlers tied up at his dock. 0 "We got talking and I

told them of my idea and mentioned I was broke; "There was a discussion

and they decided to stock me up and I was in business without a dime in cash."


By the middle of 1936 hP was ready for business, but by now he was flat broke again. AH his cash had gone into lumber ' for the buildOn.te again fortune smiled. One evetjing six

Cascade Island stop far customers

From this shaky start, business exceeded the Jones’ wildest expectations. The trawler fleet, called every spring, and it was always welcomed like an old friend. * * * . The store on, the island-, stocked man/^artieles from groceries to clothing to , gasoline. The nearest neigh­ bors were six miles away, and all the customers were transients. * * * Mr. Jones insisted on a strict cash sale business . "I don’t think we had otie dissatisfied customer In the entire time. One man’s dol lar wa« as good as the next lie paid the same price !<» got the same quality, atten­ )

tion and service as anyone eiie. Who he was, .didn’t cut any ice."



In the spring whpn the fishing fleet passed through tQ Alaska it was like old home week. TheySkere a great bunch and they did all the advertising that was necessary." With a tinge ol sadness In his voice, Mr. Jones said he sold out in 1949 for cash " The new owners lasted IS months. Mr Jones sflTl has travel bug, and on Sep he takes off (or Austi and a visit to his home!; He is now more than



LOTT-Bdm to Mr. and Mrs, J. W. Lott, Mo Paradise Avenue. at the Royal Jubilee Hospital on August 29. 1966. a daughter. Debora Louise, 6 pounds 1 ounce.

11:30 p.m. to 7 «.m.


Sport* 303-7000

WYATTMn Vlotoria on August 31. 1965. Mias Alin- Maude Wyatt, formerly at 406 West Saanich Rd. She was born in Loudon, England and had been a resident



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5-day-* week, day off Wednesday. Permanent position. Sales experi­ ence desirable. Elevator experience not necessary. Apply National Em­ ployment Office. Order Na F-2746.


BUSINESS SERVICES AND Dnihj (Colonist 31 DIRECTORY Thursday, Sept. 2, 1965 Electrical Castractan

FtKJONALS HOMES REWIRED. AP- 3R connections. We .finance ANYONE KNOWING THE WHEREB.C. Hydro Plan, \ ELECTRIC EV 5-7666 abouts of Elizabeth Murray (or her relatives) known lo have resided in RELIABLE DAY CARE, CLEAN EXPERT WIRING ON NEW Victoria in 1906, please contact home, acre to play on. 2 blocks or older homes. . Hydro r financed. Helyn G. Hanson. 3051 Washington Royal Oak Shopping centre. Refer­ McCoy. GR 9-593 L St., No. 1, Red Bluff, Calif.. 96080. ences. 479-3131 OLDER pliance through EDDY'S

SEE THE BEAUTIFUL WEST Editorial 383-1300 or Coast through to Port Renfrew with Several of our men who started West Coast Trails Bus. leaving during the Last two years are 383-8309 C & C Defiot Sunday. 10 a.m. Re­ earning this! * Equipment Rentals PUBLIC RELATIONS 40 BU5INESS RERSONALS SPECIALIZE SPEEDY CLEAN -UP. ! turning 6:30, Special Return Fare, ng. Licensed and in house clexFing <5.50, including lunch at Jordan COME AND MEET Circulation 383-0733 ANONYMOUS MARRIAGE BUREAU CARDS OF THANKS River Hotel. Phone 385-1401 days, T7-IF1VT t' notch sales and public re- Ixinded. EV>9S49. S DEATHS AND FUNERALS MUTUAL EQUIPMENT ■ Post Office Box 337.. Victoria. , ArvcavA. nations g|ri required by expanding 478-2973 eves. We wish to express our sincere company. Top salary and fringe EXPERIENCED CLERK - TYPIST RENTALS LTD. VICTORIA MORTGAGE 5 YEAR part-time position, preferably LINDSAY—At the Valley View Hos­ appreciation to our many friends 20 We Do NOT Selfx I benefits. Car necessary. Age 25 to warns LOST AND FOUND debentures pay 7%%. One year 7%. 10 a.m. 3 p.m. 477-4518. for the kindness and sympathy ex­ pital, New Westminster, B.C., on ,, , , •" V . 35. Phone 386-3631 for appointment Complete Una of cranes, shovels., Aug. 39. 1965. Mrs. Elizabeth tended to us during tlx* illness and I/XST, BLACK AND WHITE MALE Vacuums, pots, brusites, books. SPEEDY CLEANUP, SPECIALIZE drag lines, back hoes;* air compres­ NURSERY FOR CHILDREN UP TO BOX BEPUES Lindsay. aged 95 years, widow tri death of our beloved husband and Persian kitten. 1-year-old. 4 white appliances, real estate, cemetery 4 years 383-29921 sors and accessoriea In house cleaning. Licenced and plots, oars, investments CLERK-TYPIST REQUIRED TO the late William Lindsay. formerly father. Special thanks to our wun- feet, long white whiskers. long tri­ _ All replies to private box Days 386-6155 Evening* 658-8278 42 lake cJtttrge of small office. General bonded. EV 5-9*»9of 1220 Juno Street. Esquimalt drt ful neighbors. the staff at Rocky angle under chin, vicinity of KingEDUCATION knowledge of office routine. Per- LADY WOULD LIKE LIGHT Mrs. Lindsay was born in Scotland Point, the Hampton Little League. ston St. EV 5-9670. I Members available from • WE DO Have nmnent posit ion and good working housework, Tuesdays and. Fridays, and resided In the Sangudo dis­ Dr.,G. A. May and the nurses anil FRENCH CLASSES FOR CHILExcavating conditions. Reply Victoria Pri Clean, dignified work 4 hours, <125 per hour. feV 3-3462 13:00 a.m. to 6:00, p.m. trict In Alberta for many years Matt at St Jon-ph', HospSal. LOST—STUDENT NURSES- OOl.t) dren and adults, register now. Linn, and sons Andy and engraved Wittlnauer watch. Vicin­ Box 338. Lifetime security income or to coming to Victoria in —Dorie Please phone Mme. E. Down. 4027 - Hastily to Friday in­ CHILD CARE IN MY HOME/HEAFreedom from canvass! ug ity of Jubilee Hospital. Reward? 2. She is survived by nieces ftririiy. ' 1965 CASE BACKHOE. EX­ Cumberland. GR 9-2277. EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER sonable. EV 6-1259. Pre'quahfled loads daily Phone ------------EV 2-4563. and nephews. ' clusive. lor rest home to live in. Must be IN MEMORIAM A large- national company PERIENCED OPERATOR. PRIVATE TUTOR WILL ACCEPT Funeral services will be held <emd by her husband please phone EV 5-4666. Rewanl. Mllliona, aged 66 yearn, of 1473 —Ever DIRECTORY Yimi’ii have a permanent pot home mornings. Yours rest of day Floor sanding and finishing. New or TOTTERY CLASSES AT GILMAR Jim, son Charles, daughters Irene, day inclusive. position preferred Tilllcum-lsland HighHamley St., a resident here for -Dorothy, LOST. SAN JUAN RENFREW You UIt with old floors refinished. Estimates. Pottery, 1700 King.. EV 5-8UX Phillis and grandchllsubstantial earnings nine vearx, formerly of Edmonton. way area. EV 3-2339 after 5. area, small black and’ white dog. EV 5-7824. 3S5-5&23. Bricklayers CLOSED SATURDAY Alania. She leaves her husband Phone Victoria. 382-1643. 40 FUEL Arthur; one son. Kennolh of Win­ WOMAN OR GIRL FOR GENERAL FIREPLACES. CHIMNI WE REQUIRE Furriers • • • nipeg: one daughter, Mrs. J. vy. 10 funeral directors work in rest home. Also woman to LOST YCMJR PET? HOMES WANTTwo ambitious men Cool (Elizabeth) Baldwin of Toronto, live in and assist with cooking for repalra, etc. EV 2-1391. ed found SPCA EV 3-0514 • FUR RESTYLING Investigate this chance to step TELEPHONE HOURS tour grandchildren: also «n« holiday time. Could be permanent Will call with NEW PATTERNS for into select group who have Cabinet Making brother. Carl Tomlinson of Ld 21 MALE HELP WANTED 638-5070. jackets, stoles, cajjes. collars, hats, found the JUST-RIGHT. ONCE8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. monton. VESTA IN-A-UFETIME JOB dyeing, cleaning, lining, glazing. McCALL BROS. WANTED. EXPERIENCED HOUSEEUROPEAN CRAFTSMAN, CABI ' Funeral services will be held in Monday to Saturday in­ 18 years same location. keeper. Must be good cook. Excel­ net making, rumpus room and McCall Broa. FLORAL CHAPEL. Furnace and Stove Coal PAUL. 306 Beach Drive. EV 2-3380. For cmfidential Interview see Mr. Funeral Chapels lent wages. 1 In family. Would con­ Johnson and Vancouver Sts. on Satclusive. Dick Bateman. Ste. 614, Scollard sider 2 sisters or mother and daugh­ alterations. 3S3-9227. From Alberta . WANT TO BUY A NEW FUR 1TP. SX. Bldg.. 1207 Dxigku Street, Victoria. ter. Victoria Press, Box 326. Carpenters 1400 Vancouver Street coat or a shortie? Trade-in your $19.60 per ton Thursday. 10 a m. to 1 pm. and REAL ESTATE lowed by cremation (Flowers grate­ old one on a new one. Up to <50 a p.m. to 7 p.m. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS FOR EV 5-4465 EV 5-4466 EV 5-4467 CLASSIFIED COPY fully declined.) VICTORIA FUMT SHOP OPPORTUNITY allowed. ’Paul's Restaurant Ltd.. 1900 Doug­ ROSE FUEL CO. LTD. fix and repair ail sorts of lte DEADLINES Foster's Furs las SL Full time, shift work. Apply One-level convenience, alr-eondi A NEW DEAL " None too big and none too sn 720 Yates EV 3-2514 383-1185 Honed, fitted with aids for the hard12 noon to 8 p.m. 1700 Douglas Regular classified advertise­ also carpenters, painters, pa. INSTRUMENTMAN. MAINLY MUNMORRIS—In Victoria. B.C.. on Aug. of-hearing. Ample convenient parkA BETTER DEAL ments may be placed at the sera. Lowest rates. 24-hour aerv i«pal work. Retiiwl man accept­ JEWELERY STORE REQUIRES 31. 1965. Mrs. Alice Maud Morris, Ing . . . McCall Brothers, Funera' ~ Glass and Glazing counter. 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PRES-TO-LOGS able. Give detail, of experience. Vlc- experienced salesladies. Full and Ice. Ph. EV 5-5015. 701 Coi aged 83 years; born in England, Directors on the day prior to publication. l.^s <19. to driveway, part time. Please give age and ex­ Road. torla Press, Box 329. and a resident of Victoria for the NEED GLASS WORK DONE? CALL 1 unit,'i 240 MuniU, to rnd»> tnduatva. By unit, 120 lugs. <9.50. perience, Victoria Press. Box 231. THURSDAY sl 14 years, i^te residence. 3521 s A-l at 386-3761. GENERAL REPAIRS Slephone, 8:00 am. to 5:00 MESSENGER BOY REQUIRED. 8 Sacks Kindling. <3.90 . chmond Road; formerly of Che­ Additions, alterations, free SAUNDERS. Rev. B. W. p m. Monday to Saturday ipbe under IN and supply own RELIABLE PRACTICAL NURSES Williams Coal EV 2-9395 mainus and Ladysmith. B.C. Site Accompanied to Saskatoon for! Whether you are a TOP-PRODUCER Must Hairdressers Bob Marshall, p h Appfti National Employ, for private hospital, morning and mates. elusive: with a LONG TIME Real Estate, Wcyrle leaves her son and daughter-in/ ..... .. services and interment. ___ SUMMER DISCOUNTS, TOP afternoon shift. Fringe benefits. Ph. EV 5-6396 anjtime. career—a MEDIOCRE producer ment Service, 1®9 Johnson. All classified seml-dtspiay copy law, John Wesley (Wes) and Mar-, REYNOLDS. Mm. Anastasia M. HALF-PftfCE PERMS. NEW RAY grado rad Richard Hall and Sana EV 3-9011 before 4; EV 3-6448 aftpr 4. must be in the possession of wanting to REACH THE TOP-^or GENERAL REPAIRS, ALI garet Morris. 3521 Richmond Road. Beauty. 920 Pandora EV 4-3644. STATION ATTENDANTS, Since 1882. 7i« Fort Street EV 4-ltJl Mass, 10:00 am.. St. Andrew’s if you feel QUALIFIED to enter SERVICE Victoria Press Ltd.. 3631 Douglas Mrs. Morris was predeceased by experience preferred. Call In per­ iBLE WOMAN ^TO /CARE tlons. Additions. Fast, com Street, by 4:00 p.m. on the day Cathedral. Blansliard St. this HIGHLY PAID and WORTH­ son. Bay Street 66. Government at RELIABLE Jewellers her husband, John Wesley Morris, ildren, my home, Monday to service. Free estimates. Oil for children. prior to publication, with the WHILE PROFESSION, you will IN­ Bay. W. Earl Eby X on Aug. 31. 1951. CROSS. Mrs. Florence Georgina Friday, 8-5 p.m. <85 a monih. Ph. exception that copy tor Sunday CREASE your earnings—become. Services -will be held in the Sands BIRKS JEWELLERS 1:15 p.m.—Floral Chapel STOVE AND FURNACE OIL. gs. 479-2106. / Colonist must be in by 4:00 p.m. ENGLISH CABINET - MAKING MORE PROFICIENT and receive EXPERIENCED USED CAR SALES- evenings, Mortuary Limited. “Memorial Chapel Complete guaranteed watch repair metered, delivery Ideal Fuel Co. Friday. HIGHT. Mr. Harry Perry FULL CO-OPERATION and IN­ man required for used ear sales. PRACTICAL NURSE FOR MORN- Kitchen cabinets, general carpentry service. 706 Yates. EV 2-424L Of Chimes." on Thursday, Sept. 2. Ltd. EV 2-4622. EV 2-2S32 2:15 p.m.—Floral Chapel STRUCTION thn.»ugh associating with Call Jack Weatherbee at 3S8-5R-J;— ing shift for Royal Oak Private Free estimates. G. Coultas, 479-1663. 1965. at 3:do p.m.. Rev. Canon George the new Real Estate Department at WANTED. OIL BURNER MECH- Hospital. Phone GR 5-1641 between QUALITY WORK AT REASONABLE Wood «»d Sawdu,l Landscaping Biddle officiating. Interment In the EVANS. Mr. Arthur Wellesley 3:30 p.m.—Floral Chapel. Hagar & Swayne. CONGENIAL rates. Additions, renovations, etc. Royal Oak Burial Park. guaranteed year-nxmd woric 10 a.m. and 4 p. SURROUNDINGS. ' I N D I VIDUAL anic, Estimates, plans. Glover. 658-5320. LAND SCAPING - FOR PROFESVictoria Press. Box 3U. TO BE ANNOUNCED FULL COVERAGE WOMAN TO BABY-SIT AND SOME DRY CORDWOOD FIR OFFICES-FREQUENT. WHOLE­ Sional landscaping see Fred Hulgaard light housekeeping. Live In or out. RENOVATIONS. REPAIRS. ALTER- at Royal Oak Gardens, 4660 Pat CLASSIFIED RATES MILLIONS, Mrs. Vera SOME. POSITIVE and ENTHUSl! Expectant girl taken. Glanford ations, carpentry of any kind. Bay Highway Phohe ©S-5685. 25 Houffla, 1007. nr. be,t qual.ty. . ASTIC SALES MEETINGS Close 25 line REYNOLDS - In Victoria on Tues­ PEGLER. Mr. Norman I MALE OR FEMALE 27c per line perdav: 76c per Big load*, all hand-split day, Aug. 31. 1965v.Mrs. Anastasia area. - Phone GR 9-6331. Phone D»n, 384-1473. 382-0653. CO-OPERATION between al! staff for three days; <1.42 per line tor years of experience. 2^i cords <18 5 cords <34. M Reynolds; born in Wisconsin > HELP WANTED six days. Above rajes apply to and salesmen. MONTHLY GET-TO­ MIDDLE - AGED LADY WHO RENOVATIONS, RUMPUS ROOM, cords dry peeler logs STL residing in San Francisco most of consecutive insertions. Minimum GETHERS with husbands and would like good home, plus wages, floor and ceTIing tiles. Bob Mac­ VICTORIA’S LEADING, NURSERY DRYLAND FIR SAWDUST ner hie, a. resident of Victoria for advertisement two lines only. Con­ in every respect. Free estimates and wives. CAR-ALLOWANCE, ADVER­ to keep house, also help a litlte In kenzie. 388-R191, 383-0W42. For kitchen and Furnace the past two years. She leaves Budget plan available, tract rates on application. planning. TISING ALLOWANCE and com­ THREE FUNERAL REAL ESTATE store. 3S3-9701. Dryland mlllwood. 2’a cords <16 ro mourn her passing, her sister. missions up to HIGHEST RATES FOR FRAMING AND FINISHING, Lavrltz Nurseries.l. GR 9-3434. wood. 2 ft. mlllwood. <16 Mrs. E. C. Buckie or Victoria. CHAPELS DEDICATED TO PAID IN THE INDUSTRY. Come and 2 EXPERIENCED KtTCHEN HELP- available now at O.A.K. 477-3402. AVAILABLE NOW. AT REASON- Fireplace 3 units dry shavings <8.95 Mass will be celebrated in St., An­ Birth Notices. <1.90 per Insertion. ers (one full time and one 4 hours and TALK IT OVER" with John THOUGHTFUL SERVICE able rates, experienced at landscap­ Kiln-dry planer ends. 2’? cords <16 . tjEW CONSTRUCTION drew's Cathedral. Blanshard Street, dally). Shift work 6 days a week. Carpets and Linoleum Bishop—Real Estate Manager any ing. rock work, patio, lawns. Ph. Bone dry kitchen woxl. 2(a cords <18 up Thursday. Sept. 2, at 10:00 am. University School. EV 4-9197. SALESMEN morning ■ from 8:30 lo 10:00 a m. Dry cedar blocks. 12”. 2(i cords <10 Marriages, Engagements, In Me- Interment Royal Oak Burial Park SANDS MORTUARY LTD. A DOMINION OIL Slavko. 479-3272. Fertilizer sawdust 3 units <3.95 -Training classes tor new Salesmen. URGENT: RELIABLE BABY-SIT- ARMSTRONG'S moriam Notices. Cards of' Thanks, McCall Bros. Funeral Directors u» Cloth's latest in Inlaid and Corlons. LANDSCAPING - Free waste for filL —Large Modern Office Facilities. ,ter. per ,Iav. 2 children. 1 of latest tn tiles. Qualified experts on Rock BARKER Memorial Chapel Death and Funeral Notices, not ex­ charge of arrangements. Work. Patios, etc. Lawn spe­ 1-Day Delivery PM.k. "8 "T" o,tlcv age. My home or touts It our carpets and linoleum floor. Sup­ cialists. Terms. EV 2-S333. ceeding 12 lines. <2.80 first insertion HAGAR & SWAYNE «LTD. of Chimes -N.H.A. Mortgages available at close by. Weslall Ave. EV 54BS3. and <1.95 subsequent Insertions. plied and Installed. Standard Furni­ 610 YATES STREET all times. DiriLLON FUEL CO. Each additional line. 27c daily. ROBERTSON—At his late resi­ Victoria, B.C. EV 3-7511 GARDEN MAINTENANCE FREE ture Co 737 Yates SL EV 2-5111 CLERK FOR DRUG STORE. —Secondary Financing to assist dence. No. 3. 225 Dundas Street. EV3-38U and EV 2 0459 EV 4-0531 Driver's licence. State age. name, HOURIGANS CARPETS AND LINOS estimates. EV .V6S4-I. GR 7-4169. sales. Victoria. B.C. on August 31. 1965. Births, Deaths. Marriages. Enaddress, phone number, sales ex­ CHAPEL OF ROSES —Oui own contract and specu­ Masonory Ltd.—Carpets. arpel Linoleums. CeramicJohn Robertson, agetl 72 years, a igements, In Memoriam Notices, perience. Victoria Press. Box 340. plastic lation house sales. Tiles. supplied and installed. native son. He is survived by his Sidney, B.C. 65b-2932 men wanted for TOTEM - LOGS ards of Thanks not accepted by DYNAMIC —Our own housing developments. «. 715 Pandora. Phone STONE AND BRICKWORK. WORK wife, two daughters, Mrs. Don«tliy PROFESSION WITH slephone. \ BRIGHT —70% Real Estate and Procura­ STENOGRAPKBR FOR LAW OF- Free estimates. 240 LOGS $15.50 Gaspard of lAjweil River. B.L., nae. preferably with »wne mortgage EV 6-2401. guaranteed. EV 2-8028. FUTURE. tion Fee Commission. CHAPEL OF HEATHER SALESMEN who Mrs. Jean Gregorasli. Victoria, experience. Incase phone 3S2-724S are unhappy with TERMS OF PUBLICATION opportunities through diver­ for appliniment. Cement one son John Ci of Pine IVsnt, Colwood, B.C. Painter* and Decorator* GR 8-3823 their present income or MEN in all —More Delivered to basement sification for a successful sales The Victoria Press Ltd. shall not N.W.T., eight grandchildren, three walks of life who would like to career. RELIABLE PERSON TO CARE ALL KINDS OF CEMENT FINISHbe liable for non-insertion of any l«\ythers.' Geotge of Brentwood, truly prosper In a satisfying and storage. Sacked kindling advertisement beyond the amount Established 53 years Dan and James of Victoria, one excellently paid profession, should -For appointment phone EV 5-2458 for 2 children while mother works ings. Albert DeGendt, cement con­ SPRING CLEANING? nights. Live in or out. Town And tractor. Free estimates. Call eve­ paid for such advertisement 12 sacks $5 delivered sister. Mrs. Lillian McMlUon of rontact us Immediately. More than BYRON PRICE. 1314 QUADRA. Country. Ph. W6 2361 4 p.m. nings 385-5584. Victoria. several nieces and 90% of our successful Sales Staff Let professionals do it and are men who never sold before, In the event of an error occurring nephews. THOMSON & IRVING PART TIME DAY SITTER FOR ANYTHING IN CONCRETE SOTbt- avoid the mess. Satisfaction HARKNETT FUEL < but who are now earning more than Fimeral services will be Iveld on the liability of Victoria Press Ltd. 8-year-old boy. starting Sept. 8. mi ng oools, pre-cast septic tanks, Funeral Chapel they ever thought possible. This is WANTED — ELDERLY COUPLE, Preferrably Hampton-Wascana St. etc. - “ not exceed the charge for the Fridav. September 3 at 1:30 p.m. 384-9381 Painting and 233 Gov't St. Cement mixer for rent. Rock guaranteed. job but1 Handyman for gardening aqd wite NOT a "flight by night’ » actually occupied by the item in the Thomson 3331 Concert Pianist who had studied Calgary come. Its sole discretion to classify, reject your community. .Apply in confi­ 2:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Reply Victoria CEMENT AND DRAIN WORK many years abroad. She was a Spray Painters 734 BROUGHTON ST EV 6-3505 or insert “copy furnished. dence to Victoria Press. Box 237. Blrkett GR 9-2885 WANTED: MESSENGER FOR CITY Press. Box 332. member of a very prominent Chi­ Plaster Repairs cago family, and a gifted linguist. deliveries, full time employment. RELIABLE WOMAN TO CARE Fertilizer-Sawdust Claon-Up Service CHAPLIN'S FUNERAL Imperial Opural, 817 Fort Street. Survived by her loving sister. Mrs. While every endeavor will be for 2 children, my home. 5-day CAR SALESMEN Double screened for tarns and Ruth Colboume, Vancouver, and a made to forward replies to box week. Sims Ave. 382-0505 after 6 J. A H. HANDYMAN SERVICE, Convenient Time Payments gardens. By bulk or blown. CHAPEL MIDDCE-AGED COU PL E TOR dear devoted friend. Mrs. Charles numbers to the advertiser as soon NEW AND USED Eves EV 2-1479 Prest-to-logs Pick up or delivered janitor work, 16-suite apartment p.m. basements and yards cleaned, cor- EV 3-9059 Kindness—Courtesy—Service A. H xlgetts of the Empress Hotel, as possible, we accept no liability Dry shavings —« Special WAITRESS WANTED IMMEDI- pentry work, odd Jobs, grass cut and 1155 Fort EV 4-5512 Olson Ford. Victoria's . progressive Beach Drive. Phone EV 4-1361. in respect of loss or damage al­ Victoria. Two weeks only ately. Apply .Brenta Lodge. Brent- hauled. Rototilllng. Free estimates. Ford dealer.- are increasing their Funeral services in Haywards leged to arise through either fail­ CLARK A PATTISON 3 units <495 Jim 383-0343, Howard 479-5760. MONUMENTAL new and used car sales staff and 26 FEMALE HELP WANTED woad Bay. ure or delay in forwarding such Chapel on Thursday at 11 a.m., 11 PAINTING CONTRACTORS LTD. will Interview applicants for this replies, however caused, whether by Rev. Dr. J. B. Rowell officiating. Brush or spray. Paperhangers Tex CHAMBERMAID WANTED I Im­ RUBBISH HAULED. BASEMENTS Interment In the family plot at position. We ive particularly - Inter­ negligence oi otherwise. Ideal Fuel Co. L(d. mediately. Apply Brenta Lodge, cleaned. Have commercial vacuum ture and vinyl work. Will do all or MORTIMER’S View Burial Park, Vanoiuver. ested in Ford, General Motors or -s<------------------------------- ;— Ocean Brentwood Bay . ” EV 2-3831 cleaner. Fences' built. Drains laid. part of any lob. Paint store and EV 2-4623 Supervised parking adjoining the MONUMENTAL WORKS Chrysler master .salesmen. But sales LADIES READ THIS EV 4-6713 anytime. Free estimates rentals of all painters' equipment SUBSCRIPTION RATES ESTABLISHED 1877 trainees will receive every consider? Chapel. WANTED. EXPERIENCED WAIT Terms If desired. Phone EV 4-0443 IF J C Van Nes. atlon. We offer the best commis­ OLD TIME DANCTNC. •The Finest in Craftsmanship” Wherever carrier service is main­ r<-ss. Apply 636 Johnson, from 11 760 Princes Avenue. You are dlssatisf»eld with YOURWOOD - WOOD and bonus plan in the industry, Wed.. Sept. 1. 9-12. Union Centre. 633 David Street tained. <2.00 per month. BASEMENTS' CLEANED, CHEAP. EV 3-6122 si-w SELF, ,__ JOB and youf plus MSA. group life insurance and Single copy sale price: 10 cents 2750 Quadra St. Music by Geoff insect* fumigated free. Ph. RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL DRYLAND FIR WOOD EARNINGS. WAITRESS WANTED. 81 ILL DR Moths, daily; 14 cents Sunday pointing and decorating. Furniture Venables and the Pioneers. Caller. STELTDR M'numSu^ ST® GR 9-5775. part time. Deep Cove Chalet. Phone By mail Canada and British Stan Commer. ivfiniahing. LoiTjuering. Best qual­ (Never been tn water) DON’T WAIT BASE ME NTS^ YARDS GLEANED ity materials used. Free estimates. 656-3M1. Commonwealth; one year. <18: six assays Join the unique and exclusive Clean Slabs and Blocks months. <10.00; three months. <5.00; and hauled away. Licensed. 478-6817. Omvenlent terms if needed. Phone 2',i Cords 114 95 Lady Home Sales Siaxlallats at WANTED. WAITRESS. FULL OR WILLIAMSON—Sudtienly on Aug. 28. single month, 12.00: Australia, VICTORIA MONUMENT LIMITED organization, selling North Amer479-2248. 636-2653. COLONY HOME SALES LTD. I«art-»ime wi>rk, starting after Sept. 1963, Nicholas Pierre (Peter) Wil­ ............. ................... «a s most sought after automobiles. month. <2.50; U.S.A., Foreign. <3.00 “Memorial of Distinction” Contractors BEST FUEL CO. 6. Tire Dutch Latch. WEBB A SON liamson of 1233 Bidwell Street. There la a future for you with us. per month. EV 2-5834 PRESTIGE. POSITION. PAY. EV 4 6827 Paperhanging, painting ____ EV 4-5324 Contact Pat Delaney, used car man­ all Authorized as second-class mall. Vancouver. Dearly beloved son oi DIETARY AIDE. 8-HOUR SHIFT. yours by Uialihg' 386-3231. ager. 1060 Yates'SL EV 4-1144. Quick, cieatk reliable Ftrst-ciLj«a Post Office Department. Ottawa. Nicholas and Charlotte Williamson. 12 FLORISTS FARMER 23-50 age group.. Apply personnel Shirley Phdps. Ail enquiries BUILDING SUPPLIES workmanship. Thirty years' experi- tl Member of Audit Bureau of Cir­ 951 Austin Avenue. Ci>quirlam. director. St. Joseph** Hospital confidential I!! CONSTRUCTION LTD. culation. enroU)er< SALES MANAGEMENT CAREER BABY-SrrTTO FOR 9 GIRLS? 3 In Victoria It’s Lloyd Paul arwl Neil Evan, and Are you a district sales- manager, EXTERIOR - INTERIOR Repair Dept. and 4. my home, K to 5:15 p.m., <70 two sisters Michele Marguerite, “SHAWNIGhN” sales supervisor or field trainer? BALLANTYNE’S CIRCULATION Special low prices Cali for free per month. EV 5-5209 after 5:30. at home, and Mrs. Stuart Eastman. Age 27-37 and earning <6.000-39.000 REPRESENTATIVES and estimate, Douglas. 388-5761 for For Flowers (Nicola). Coquitlam; his grand­ DISTRICT 0^NORTH SAANICH BABYSITTER. MY HOME. MON- Alterations, concrete, a reentry, per year with future promotion Duncan. P. j. Rogers 746-5611 sewer work. Phone 3S8-5T5t father. Nicholas Willlamsbn, West PAINTING. PAPERHANGING, BLOCKED? We Itave an unusual •‘SERVICE” day to Friday* 8:30 to 5:30. 479-1838 Port Albernl. Mrs. A Nllson 723-8312 --------- stucco painting. D. Smythe. Ph. EV 4-0555; Night 478-2873 ojjportunlty. Vancouver, and his grand m> 4 her. In a growth industry, Applications are invited for the after 6 p.m. ^paimo. R. Lakey_______ SK 3-27M Mrs. Marguerite Meuse, Half ^Ioon e leading to full sales management position of derk-Rtenographer for 652-2251. 652-2522. A. J. BARR LTD. . “Flowers By Wire” responsibilities — starting salary the District of North Saanich. Ap­ BABY SITTER WANTED. MON. TO AND DECORATING Framing Lumber and Shorts United Stares representatives: . Memorial service was held Wed 479-1440 PAINTING <8.000 - $10,800. unlimited future plicants to state age', experience, Fri., 8 to 5:30. my home. Call 479-2581 900 Douglas St. Reasonable rates, satisfaction guar De CLERQUE SHANNON nesday. Sept. 1 at 2:30 p.m. In the career with potential annual earn­ salary expected and date available. EV 5-2040 after 6 p.m. anteed Terms EV 2-7885 GR 9 2473 Plywoods - Panelling — Wallboarda CONTRACTORS New York. Chicago. Detroit. Cleve­ Unitarian Church. 49th and Oak, , Opp. Strathcona Hotel ings from <25.000-<30.000 including District of North Saanich. P O. Box YOUNG GIRLS FOR CAR CLEANBuilders* Hardware — Paints ROCK BLASTING land. Atlanta, San Francisco. Los Rev. A. Phillips Hewett officiating. cothmlssion. Victoria Press, Box 748. Sidney. B C. TOMMIE HARKER YOUR DECCabinets - INxjts — Windows SEWER WATER MAINS Angeles. ing. Five Minute Car Wash. 847 Cremation. (No fkjwens by request. 310 —/ orator, on vacation. Back soon. Ceilings — Floor — Wall Tile* ROAD WORK - DRAINS Pandora. Donations may be sent to the Uni­ BROWN’S Aspenlte — Arborlte — Formica EXCAVATING tarian Service Committee. 919 W. YOUNG MAN TO WORK AS Ap­ DUNCAN BUREAU Pawnbrokers BABYSITTER, GARNET RD. MY THE FLORISTS prentice serviceman for large busi­ EVERYTHING FOR THE MARKERS Duncan Chamber of Commerce 49th Ave.. Vancouver 14. B.C.). Ar­ home 8 to 3. S children. 1 school GUARANTEED HOMES rangements through the Memorial ness machine company. Good start­ HOME HANDYMAN BMg.. Post Office Box 182. Office age. 477-4927, after 6 p.m. WE PAWN MOST THINGS— In the “Heart of ing wage with regular increases. Woman required for casual employ, and telephone hours 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.. Society of B.C. and First Memorial INCLUDIWYOUR WIFE WE ARE OPEN Factory training and other benefits ment marking merchandise. This HOUSEKEEPER WITH DRIVER'S Monday to Friday Inclusive. Phone Services Ltd. you ran can'tt Victoria’’ for 54 years % 1 Add that new kitchen, bathroom. , For money in a hurry 6 rULL DAYS PER WEEK provided. Must meet the following would be approximately one or two , licence for widdw. Reply gj a I familv room or bedroom now! I beat Victoria's best - known PAWN per week. Please apply per-; per­ Press. Box 165. i Flowers Wired Anywhere requirements: 19 to 22 years of age. days 9 ; FUFF ANTI FQTtUATirs BROKER. 617 Johnson Street. Phom FREE DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES EV opposite Pet Shop. tondable. pass a medical and. apti­ sonnel office, 4th floor. Hudson's Convenience • Quality INDEX TO WANT AD HEADINGS KIND HOUSEKEEPER. OVER 25. Bay Co 618 View Street tude test. Good appearance, single, dasstftcatl*n to live in. 6 months eld baby, and Satisfaction LUNEY BROS. Photo Engraving Classification school graduate. Si»me elec­ Na 388-5545 •ar-old. EV 5-8948. EV 4-3521 Nights high trical or electronic l>aekgn»und help­ 'No Deaths. Funerals and Lodge REGISTERED GRADUATES & HAMILTON PHOTO ENGRAVING ful Apply National Cash Register RELIABLE BA BYTsF r T E R "SILAWNIGAN” AND PRACTICAL NURSES Acreage for Saia and Wanted ...156 Notices ................................—— J Repairs, alterations — EV 421A_ Half Tone Line and Color (’••mpany, 730 Johnson St., Victoria. 3-11 shift and relief. Good "ages wanted .immeMiately. References pre­ ANNOUNCEMENTS Announcements .............................14 Education ........................................ 42 14 Engraving Commercial Art Building Supplies Ltd. ferred. 385-9902 before 2 p.m. • Antiques .------- 83 engagements ............... .. MAJ< )R LOGGING COMPANY RE- and fringe benefits. Phone 3S6-7771. ISLAND ENGRAVERS MYERS & HILL-TOUT ’000 GOVERNMENT <82 1261 Apartments to Rent. Furnished 128 Exchange Real Estate .............14 NOTICE: THE WESTERN HOME quires office assistant. Essential ABERDEEN PRIVATE HOSPITAL NIGHT GRADUATE REQUIRED 619 Pembroke. Just below Douglas ' 1450 Hillside Guard Patrol wishes to say thanks Apartments to RenL.,Unlurnished 129 Farms for Sale and Wanted ........ 158 qualifications Incllude: taping speed for modern private hospital. Phone Phone- EV 2-8S31 SWIMMING POOLS Apartments Wanted .............ISO Farm Implements .....................— 71 to their many customers and to 60 w.p.m., age 20-35. ability to meet 383-2323. Auto Body and Painting ........109 Female Help Wanted ............ 26 advise them that the new address public, and some office experience. 383 1813 OR 388 4625 Piono Tuning GRADUATE AND PRACTICAL EXPERIENCED CASHIER - HQST31 will be 320 Room and tward provided at <2.50 R. A. GREEN Auto Repairs and Service ............. 108 Florists .................... 12 after August LARGE ORSMALL Auto Financing and Insurance ...110 Foreign Import and SportsCars .101 Bessborough Ave.. View Royal, as per day. Excellent starting salary Nurses needed for Oak Lodge Hos­ ess and waitress. Apply Strathcona TUNING. REPAIRS. REBUILDING. LUMBER CO. LTD. tlie company needed larger grounds and promotional opportunities. Ap­ Dining Room after 5 p.m. EV 2-4941. Ronds. Musicians and Orchestras 32 Fuel ........................................ —« Scott Plano Service. 382-7321. pital. Good working c-mdithms A better Job by experienced trades­ Blcydea ..................... 68 Funeral Directors ............................ W for their patrol 'logs and cars. ply National Employment Service, with fringe benefits. Ph. GR 9-2151 2891 Douglas St. men. Phone EV 5-1285 or EV 2-2613. ................... 62 Same phone: 383-7344. Births ...................... 1 Furniture Plasterer* 29 SITUATIONS WANTED 1039 Jv‘s'^aged4rnan bovs a„. _ Business Personal ........ 40 Housekeeping Rooms to Rent ...125 Plumbing and Heating FORESTERS’ BINGO FACTORY SERVICE • comfortabw natvenient home. Re­ 15-18 years, in dormitory and recrea­ cleaned up. Lawns prepared and Business Services andDirectory 36 Housekeeping Rooms Wanted .— .126 LAING A CLEMENTS CONST. tional activities, one experienced ply to Victoria Press. B«A- 314, stat­ seeded. Tree service. Rockeries, "htFa holtTtd Cards of Thanks ............................. • Houses to Rent Furnished ........ 137 Thurs., Sept. 2 Repairs, remodelling, additions. Hi-grade'lumber and in games and cadet training prefer­ ing age and salary expected. rock walls, cement w-rk. Patira, 60 vrs. com toned experience jn ronst J WELHAM. Prop Houses to Rent Unfurnished ....133 Cars for Sale . ... ............... red. IJvp In. Anply giving references pnds. fences. EV 24827. ______ Houses Wanted to Rent- ...——.134 7:45 P.M. Cars and Trucks Wanted —.132 GR 9-ttU .Sheet Me’a) Work, Plumbing. Heat ’ building materials to principal. P.O. Box 60. Lytton. WORKING COUPLE DESIRE MIDInstallations. Houses for Sale ................................150 Chicks. Poultry. Hatcnmg Eggs. dle-age widow with some Income to EXPERIENCED OFFICE MACHINE CEMENT WORK. PATIOS. SIDE- 602 Lsquirnalt Rd Oli Burners. BC. ev J-7«u Boat builders’ supply centrs Supplies .. . ...................91 In Memoriam ............ 9 mind m-year-old baby. Live in. Do mechanic- D BAY - HOU8E- work, Miscellaneous to Rent ........... .. 317 Fort Strwt EV 13B ' ■ ?uol> «kx:k of Rough security, maintenance, super­ Always Use a Member of the toria Press. Ftox 317. Victoria' Home Builders’ Assoc. _______________________ cedar Dimension. V, anted to Rent Miscellaneous .. 87 keoper required for waterfront him# intendent . 3S3-5077, 16 LUCKY NO. Monumental El LL-T1ME CARHOP DRIVER’S and to care fr»r 2 children. 1 at EXPERIENCED ”MAN WILL-TOP, J B W CONSTRUCTION. AS LOW PARKER, JOHNSTON nu e*dar’«nd n’r umber. Mortgage Loans and Insurance ..141 BINGO GAMES I licence required. Students neM* q.4 nursery school. Munday to Frlday.- limb and fall tre-s Licensed and as 8U.25 per square foot N.H.A.. Motorcycles ......... 13H Broad LTD. EV 3-9IS11 ROUGH, CEDAR PO3T laopfy. Interview* after 6 p.m. 7:30 a.m. io 5:30 p.m. Prefer per- Insured. Phone EV 3-2653. evenings. V. L. A. Renovati ng. 65£ 2,512 NOT LESS THAN Moving and Hauling .....................115 4 ft. S ft. S ft. 7 ft »fl. ROOFTNO. tSS'XATIOR »l iu wy Paul's Restaurants Ltd. 1900 D-ug- son living in vicinity, 63.*-2343. Musical Instruments ............. 63 J. WHITCROFT $10 PER GA&E cars' romblnetJ » £-» £ 10 <140 GENT REQUIRES WHOLE OR BEST. Over er “ -e / ‘ ‘ ’•±_______ _____________. LADIES Music Teachers ------- -—..........63A 5\5 .83 <1 05 <123 <1-4 <1 RT ' * - — partAime work. Victoria Press. NHA homes, repairs, alterations. experience to’ stand tne TEST. HAVE YOU EVER TH'HTGHT PHONE {MAJOR DISTILLERY REQUTRF.S New Car Directory ................. . P1 4x4 .. .51 M JO « !s and Supplies ................... 9t' 1-GAME $100 j EXPERIENCED WAITRESS RE- RETIRED ACCOUNTANT AVAILing. removal. Large shade, and fruit Draperies USED LUMBER Places to Visit ....................... 1B PART-TIME DOORMAN APPROXI-1 qulred for private club. Permanent able part time. GRS-l£S2z . trees. Power stump chipper, In Professional Services .......... 37 tjuired. Chaa. A. Cowie Tree Sur Lmntely 30 h-7164 or EV 6-23M. DRAPERIES. BEDSPREADS, CUSTOM DESIGN PLAN SERVICE. NHA and VLA <>e>O3 hand, take charge office. Per­ my home. EV 3-1065. lmber ............................... n LANGFORD BUILDING ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS manent Phone 386-8000 for inter- [WILL BABY-SIT. «MY HOME. FORMALS. WEDDING OUTFITS Tourist Accommodation .................119 OUR MAIN CHARITY CLASSIFIED REG iTAK TAXI DRIVERS. FTLLy t-’.ew. Having trouble with y>jr drinking* Travel . ... .................... 39 SUPPLY matching headwear The Fashion ContaxX Alcoholic* Anonymous at Jdaya, Fairfield area .>3-3754 nent Atwriv"EV 3RETARDED CHILDREN time empi«'ymei Trade Schools ............... 41 open seven days a week CARTER FOR40-texir WORK IN n>v nor \rv unxrF “L51057 rttmovt Craft Shop. 2S Burr^ide Rd. W Ph. EV 3-0415 or PO. Box L Victoria. m.LY QUALIFIED MECHANIC aCLERK Trailers and Trailer Parks .........113 mndern^xl market week 385-134. B.C. Confidential. yniM GR8-1726 [ wanted EV 5-5666. evenings, Good salart GR 7-1742 for appoint -1 P>nL 2?°?* 'Trucks AD ___________ 1_ COURTESY ALWAYS REFINED. SINCERE WIDOWER ----- — TV Radio Sales and Semes .... M Electrical Contractors BARBER W/kNTTED TAKE FULL ment. j CHILD CARE. 3- OIU4-YEAR-OLD Vacation Gqjde 50. roythful. good height and ionics. SAND AND GRAVEL ROAD .................... 119 charge 2-chair Shop. GR 8-362S EXPBRIENCT-n 'WAITRESS-^ ififi ELECTRIC^HEATING LOTS OF PARKING wishes to meet attractive un- gravel and rtay fill. Clean uvd Wanted to Borrow ................... 142 artarhrd lad> ; view matrin »m> . •brx'k* OK Tnx ktng Co*. 760 T -pax Wanted to Buy. House* ..........1531 WTRJNG HYDRO FINANCED W\tTER~«tf’ARE TIME 6-18 P M d-.ning room, morning idaft. 382-1568 RELIABLE BABYSITTER 1 BLOCK Vk-ona Press. Bax SIS. >6-3414 Waterfront Properties I’d1 Swuts Re^aurant: EV 3-







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Hong Kong* Base for U.S. Aggression’

Red Chinese Warn Britain X

TOKYO Zap I China dcmanned Wednesday that Britain deny the United States the use of Hong Kong as "a base for their war of aggression against Viet Nam." It accused the Brit­ ish of shielding U.S. dper.’.tions in the Crown colony

for military men on duty ini forces have increasingly freViet Nam. But this was swept | quented Hong Kong and made aside by the Chinese in a note | extensive use of its as a base to Britain. for their war preparations,” a ★ e said the note broadcast by Pe­ "The Chinese government lias king radio. noted that in recent months, as the government of the United The note charged the United States frantically escalates itFStates had acquired "large The United States has said it war of aggression in Viet Nam J quantities of military supplies has used Hong Kong only as a warships, planes and military [and provisions in Hong Kong place for rest and recreation ■ personnel of the U.S. aggressor | for their use in Viet Nam." t

* ★ *

Ottawa Power Wide,

"All this shows clearly that Hong Kong is increasingly be­ ing used by the U.S. aggressor forces as a base of operations for the U.S. war of aggression against Viet Nam," the note' added. < * * * "Ear from checking these frenzied activities of the U.S. aggressor forces in Hong Kong, the British government has

tried in many ways to shield and justify them in an attempt to evade its own responsibility.”





Tough Job } Facing


Reds Save

Anglicans Approve Divorce I

VANCOUVER (CP I—The An­ glican Church of Canada took the first step Wednesday night : -- toward permitting the remar-! riage of divorced persons. Delegates to the 22nd General Synod agreed to a proposal that( would place applications forj remarriage before tribunals: headed by bishops. The new canon, if confirmed! by the next General Synod in! 1967, would change the church's interpretation of the marriage bond. It would affirm that the Chris­ tian doctrine of life-long mar­ riage can' (best be upheld by providing for carefuly-defined exceptions to the rule prohibit­ ing remarriage of Anglican di­ vorcees.


• j

• tf/lll)

Now Fall Election^ Not So Certain Colonist Ottawa Bureau

QUEBEC (CP) — Premier Lesage Mild Wednesday he will l>e surprised If a federal election is held this year, lie expressed this view last Janu­ ary, he said, and nothing ha* occurred since then to make him change his mind.

OTTAWA—In less than a week the nation will know whether or not it will have an opportunity to cast judgment on the Pearson government. The betting pn Parliament Hill is that Prime Minister Pearson will announce his decision for or against a fall election the day after Labor Day. The odds still favor an elec­ tion-likely on Nov. 8—but they are beginning to waver a little. Some ministerial aides are

Regional District JUrged As Best Financing Plan

BOMBAY (AP) — Religious riots broke out Wednesday In Poona, headquarters of the Indian army’s southern com­ mand. •< .Many mosques and Moslem FIRST IN IS YEARS Never before in 18 years of houses were set afire by often bloody quarrelling had Hindus. Mobs crying “death either India or Pakistan used to Pakistan’’ fought police. air ixiwer in combat roles. Neither had they used armor on a large scale. -It appeared the lending na­ tions may lx? on the verge of ail-out war in the long dispute ocer the Himalayan state di­ vided by a United Nations ceasefire line into Indian and Pakistani sections ■J* ■ •/ In New York. UN SecretaryGeneral U Thant apiiealed to India and Pakistan to s to p Shooting and pull back their troops across the ceasefire line. Thant said tlie ceasefire agree­ ment of 1949 had been "re­ MIAMI. Fla. (API — Hurri­ duced to little consequence." cane Betsy, suddenly a mighty ENDORSES PLEA tempest,, whirled westward U.S. Ambassador Arthur J. through the Atlantic Wednes­ Goldberg., September president day. aiming its 90-mile-an-hour of the UN Security Council, en­ ! peak winds toward land. dorsed Thant's plea Squarely in the hurricane's The fighting raged about 90 path were the sparse!y-po|>uMiss PNE is golden-haired Lone Graaten of miles south of Srinagar, Kash­ lated Caicos and Turk islands, Coombs, who went into the competition represent-' mir's summer capital, and the on the southeastern tip of the prime target for the "Pakistani 750-mile-long Bahamas chain, ing Parksville. Lene, a 5 foot, TVg-inch beauty born infiltrators" who, India claimed a ★ ★ in Norway, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kris opened a guerrilla war Aug. 5. Gales and possibly winds of India then attacked across hurricane force were expected Graaten. The new Miss PNE is a good speaker, tal­ the ceasefire line and occupied to slam into them Wednesday ented painter and was valedictorian at Qualicum several posts. night, then buffet Mayaguana Beach High School in June.—(CP) Island just to the northwest toSIEZE TWO POSTS A Pakistan spokesman said I day. the attackers Wednesday were! Forecasters expected Betsy s Pakistani - Kashmir forces 1*^ winds to climb to 100 backed by Pakistan troops. He; miles an hour by morning, said they seized the Indian! Beyond Mayaguana on the posts of Devaa and Chamb. Tlie storm's course lay most of the .air force claimed its victoryiother islands. in the Bahamas over the Indian planes in the|c^a*n and the southeastern .Chamb area, saying they were!coasl United States, trying to cover a retreat of the * * * Swells of six to nine feet and Indian army. — I>ouhding surf were forecast The New Delhi ’spokesman Architect Busy i denied the loss of Devaa and throughout t h e southeastern Fighting Germans Chamb. He made no mention Bahamas and along the north­ of any planes beiAg shot down. ern coasts of Puerto Rico, —Names in the News, Haiti and the Dominican Repub­ .Page 10 (He said three Patton tanks lic were badly damaged. ★ * * One important question rising out of the new baltle wasCincinnati Beds jwhether fighting would be limInch Into First iited to Kashmir or would erupt —Page 14 (elsewhere alqng the more than 1.000 , miles of tense frontier \1 * ★ ♦ •separating the two big nations 'of the subcontinent. I ictorian IF ins TWO-FRONT BATTLE? OTTAWA (CP) — The bur Hus Battle It appeared -certain the esti- eau of statistics reported | mated 5,000 guerrillas roaming —Page 18 Wednesday' Canada's popula­ i Indian-held parts of Kashmir tion rose to 19,601,000 at July * * * iwould renew their attempts to I. an increase of 333,000 from Entries Pile High j fight a way into Srinagar and tbe mid year figure for 1961. Schweitzer that the hard-pressed India In Fishing Contest Army was in great danger of —Page 39 ) having to fight on two frontsGravely III Continued on Page 2 Page Revered physicians philosopher 33 Bad Weather of Africa. l)r. Albert Schweit­ Bridge *3 zer ha* l»ecn in a coma for Comics LA JOLLA, Calif , — Hurri­ PEKING (Reuters) Floods .35 have hit parts of eastern China cane Emily posed a potential nearly a week in his jungle Crossword Financial News 1* while large areas in northern threat to the Sealab 2 projeci, hospital at Lamharene. Gabon, -»<» wheat-growing provinces con­ but aquanauts wept ahead with where a spokesman said he is Garden Notes Social *S. *7. 59 tinue to suffer a shortage of rain installation of the first underseriously ill. The 90-year-old after an abnormally dr\ sum- water weather station to gauge Sport 14, 15 mer. it was officially reported J conditions man must endure m Nobel Peace Prize winner suf­ Theatres 51 Wednesday fered a fall recently—(AP) I exploring the world's oceans.

Hurricane Betsv Cuts Loose

Islander New Miss PNE


steadfastly maintaining thal the Prime Minister will decide against an election in spite of his gift-giving tour of Western Canada. Yesterday Mr. Pearson re­ affirmed his pledge to an­ nounce his final decision by next WedneSlayv — But he added: "1 would hope to make an announcement be[orv thal." Governor General Vanier Is icheduled to arrive in Ottawa next Tuesday from Quebec City. Continued on Page 10

Storm Threat To Aquanauts

Nine Canadian Officers a

"More and more the pub­ lic identifies hospitals with government, and is reluc­ tant to dip into, its own pocket.” This assessment by Dr. Mur­ ray Anderson, medical adminis­ trator of Royal Jubilee Hospital, is probably the essential rea­ son why a new formula must be found for financing Greater Vic­ toria hospitals. * * * If government is needed to do the job, then what sort? Our hospitals serve the whole re­ gion from Sidney to Sooke, so a taxing agency ought logically’ to embrace the whole area.

Bill Stavdal Surveys OUR HOSPITALS ♦


Last of a Series

Such a government body would then have tlie power to levy, taxes on unorganized terrh lories which have’ never been . obliged to contribute: View Royal, Colwood, ' angford, Metrhosin and Sooke, Together they contain about 15 per cent of Greater Victoria's population and therefore utilize 15 per cent of hospital services * * * The idea of an area-wide gov eminent for hospital services ish't novel. Two concepts are i in rently being debated—a hos­ pital improvement district and the provincial government's new . regional district system. A hospital improvement dis­ continued nn Page J

I Mosques Hit In Rioting

Canadians Increasing


No Election Says Lesage

A Pakistan govern ment spokesman said the Pakistanis captured two posts while the air force shot down -four Indian jaanek. India claimed Pakistan at­ tacked with at least 3.000 troops and up to 70 tJ.S.-made Patton tanks. An Indian spokesman in New Delhi said 28 air force planes attacked the tanks, de­ stroying at least 10


Anglican national executives SAIGON iCPl U.S. Air Force have been charged with finding ,, . . . ... ways to put the obligation bombers today ixxmded ■ L. | a suspected Viet Cong area only Thn «’ ih» wneb. ta ti „ 20 milesiTr, north-northwest The tithe works out to 51 •’•a .... __. of Saigon. a U.S. military spokesman week per $1,000 a year of in- j reported. come. The 22nd. general synod ... . , , .. , ,, i The area hit was in the Ho Bo of the church agreed it shouM Binh provlncc. ?‘p ° L ^nsh'°"er tO *- It was the 17th reported B-52 whether he would give Qf thp vjet Nam War the basis of his gross incomeexplosion of the shook or net income. [windows in downtown Saigon. TAX CHEATERS SANTO DOMINGO 111*11 * * ★ •MONEY IS POWER' "There is an absolute neces-i — -,|le organization of AnieriThere has been a stepup in "Money is p o w e r,”, said sity to have this procedure to ean g|ajea j, preparing for activity by B-52 bombers in re­ catch tax cheaters, he said installation Friday of pro- Archdeacon T. P. Crosthwait cent weeks and it is expected of Toronto. "It releases power "Some innocent people hitve have be­ be- visional president Hector that this role will be further in­ come involved, but they are Garcia-Godoy after both sides into the world for good or evil. creased. There were two raids "I'm sure when the Lord few. Against this is the need in the bitter Dominican con­ by the Guam-based bombers to catch fraudulent taxpayers flict argeed to peace terms. said ask and it shall be given Tuesday night. and the need to protect the to you’ he wasn’t confining us It now will he up to GarclaIn ground action, South Viet­ whole of the public." Godoy to ready the country i lo prayer. namese troops clashed with a I Archdeacon Crosthwait said His comments were made for elections within nine Viet Cong company 12 miles during a wide-ranging exchange months, arrange for the sur­ the church doesn't tell its T>eo-south of Quang Ngat City early pie how much they should be t(Xjay on the need for broad scarrfh render of thousands of rebel they puta 25 oc cents or Quang Ngai is 80 miles south and seizure powers granted the weapons and plan for the with­ giving, so at government under the Income drawal of the inter-American 50 cents on the plate “when they of Da Nang and 330 miles north I should be giving $20 or $25.” Tax Act during the annual peace torde. of Saigon. | -Lay delegate D. C. Mackinmeeting of the taxation section I tosh of Toronto warned the of the Canadian Bar Associa­ church is "shooting far tool tion. high and “it e won't get tt.” but no one else among more than) j ATHENS (UPII King Con­ 300 synod delegates agreed 1 IJd/USII a stantine today summoned politi- with him. Lt.-Col D. S. Mitchell of LERWICK, Shetland Isles I cal leaders to another crown council session on the govern­ Sidney. B.C.. said that with the (API—The Soviet tug Ramment crisis which has crippled promise of union between the binas towed the stricken Dan­ I Greece for six weeks. The coun­ Anglican Church and United ish freighter Birgitte Frellsen cil's session Wednesday failed Church of Canada "laymen are j safely into Lerwick harbor Continued on Page 10 I Wednesday | to make headway.

Greeks Fail




TORONTO I CP» - The gov-j eminent must have wide pow-j ers to catch fraudulent taxpay­ ers and the fact a few innocent people may have inadvertently become involved in the process should not deter such activity. J T. Thorson, retired president j ‘of the Exchequer Court, said Wednesday.

The note declared that if Brit­ ain allows Hong Kong “to be drawn into the whirlpool of the U.S. war of aggression it must bear full responsibility for all the consequences arising therffrorh." Continued on Page i

Anglicans B-52s Set Rate Pound For Giving I Saigon VANCOUVER (CP) — Anglicans should be dropping five per cent ofxlheir pay cheques into the collection plate, the legislators of their church -. *' ’ . decided Wodnesday. '




UN Effort Crumbles ■

' .

Ppvyerless ‘Peace-Keepers’ Watch War By DAVE MclNTOSH In the high mountain passes of Kaihmlr, nine Canadian Army officers are watching « plodding. 17 - year United Na­ tions peacekeeping effort crum­ ble under tank, artillery and machine-gun fire.



The UN established a mean­ dering ceasefire line in Kash­ mir %after. the KH7-48 fighting, over it between India and PaZ kistan following partition of the Asian sub-continent into the two_ Commonwealth countries.

Canada agreed in January. 1949, to participate in an 11-nation, 40-man UN observer mis­ sion in Kashrrlir. Sinee then, nine Canadians have been living in that inhospitable territory to obsei>’e breaches of the ceasefire. * * , ♦ M During the summer there wad an increasing number of inci­ dents. The breaches now have developed into battles ’which have drawn in entire infaritry battalions, tanks and howitzers. I^arge - scale war appears im­ minent. ” -

Prime Ministers Shastri of India and Pearson touched on the subject of Kashmir during the former’s visit to Canada in June. * * *3 Bui it is generally regarded in Ottawa as unsound to try to intervene in disputes between India and Pakistan unless in­ vited to do so by both countries. Though there have been peri­ odic reports that Canada might . be asked to mediate'the Kash­ mir dispute, nothing hds devel-

o|»ed and. Ottawa inform ant» say, Mr. Pearson isn't going to suggest that he act as a go-be­ tween

♦ There has apparently been no C&aadian diplomatic initiative in the present circumstances but External Affairs Minister Martin and UN Secretary-Gen­ eral U Thant likely will discuss the issue during Mr. Thant's Ottawa visit Sept. 9. Canada has the largest coof ,i n g e ft t ’of UN' observers m Kashmir.

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